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It's An Eagle Attitude 

Hinds Community College plays host to many different types of people. Each 
person who attends Hinds is unique in their own way. Each person has their own 
goals, wishes, beliefs, ideas, and dreams. All those aspects combine to give each 
person a different attitude. When you puf the attitudes of each student, ad- 
ministrator, and staff member together you get the "Eagle Attitude." 

The "Eagle Attitude" is one made up of studies, living with others, having fun, 
and involvement in campus activities. It does not take much to find a Hinds 
person who has the "Eagle Attitude." It is displayed at every function on campus 
and is a part of everyone's day to day existence. 




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It's An Eagle Attitude 

The "Eagle Attitude" is carried on to generation after gen- 
eration of Hinds students through the different organizations on 
campus. There are organizations and honoraries to suit all 
students, whether they are a vocational major or an academic 
major. There are also organizations that compliment the hob- 
bies of the students. 

The organizations range from service oriented organizations 
— such as Hinds Connection and Circle K — to religious based 
organizations — such as the Baptist Student Union and RUF. 
The attitude of all the students demands that there be a variety 
of clubs and activities to allow for a pleasant distraction from 
their studies. 

It's An Eagle Attitude 

The athletes that participate in the many sports programs at Hinds 
carry the "Eagle Attitude" to another level each time they walk on the 
field or on the court. 

The Hinds teams are always well supported whether playing at home 
or on the road. The Eagle supporters are always willing to go where 
their team is in order to cheer them on to victory. When it is time to 
start the game — it is time for the Eagle fan to get rowdy. 

In the fall we followed the success of Coach Gene Murphy and crew 
on the football field. In the winter we traveled to Utica to support 
Coaches Lester Owens and Joe Nelson and both basketball teams slam 
their way through another season. In the spring our attention shifts to 
Coach Deborah Nichols and her softball team and the baseball team led 
by Coach Rick Clarke as both teams battle through a tough schedule in 
hopes of a winning season. We also showed our support to Coaches 
Polly Rabalias, Mike Smith, and Cleon McKnight as the golf, track, and 
tennis teams soared through another successful season. 

Whether we win or lose our "Eagle Attitude" demands that we take it 
in stride and accept the final score. GO HINDS!!! 

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I -'r/'i' 




It's An Eagle Attitude 

Hinds Community College is a comprehensive, associate-degree granting 
institution which offers a wide range of learning opportunities and growth to 
its students. With an enrollment of over 12,000 students Hinds is the second 
largest Mississippi institution of higher learning. Hinds offers both academic 
and vocational-technical programs. The "Eagle Attitude" is present not only 
in the students but also in the administration, staff, and faculty of the college. 
Each employee does his best to make the student feel comfortable and to give 
him the best possible learning environment. It is the goal of each administrator 
and faculty member to turn out students that are capable of performing the job 
that they have been trained to perform. The attitude of Hinds' administrators 
and faculty demands that its tradition of excellence — created on the basis 
that each student can be what he wants to be without regard to his economic or 
social environment — continue from generation to generation. 





It's An Eagle Attitude 


The activities on the campus of Hinds Community College are 
numerous. From September to May there is always a good time to be 
had by everyone on campus. In the fall there is Homecoming, the 
"Beauty Revue," movies, dances and many other fun-filled events 
sponsored by the Student Activities Department. In the spring there 
is Hiney-Ho Day, the Miss Hinds Community College Pageant, the 
Mess America Pageant and numerous other activities to capture the 
attention of Hinds' many students. 



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■ ^BH 



It's An Eagle Attitude 

The many campuses of Hinds Community College — located in 
Vicksburg, Raymond, Utica, Rankin County, two Jackson centers 
(one at Sunset Drive and one at Nursing/Allied Health) — spring to 
life at the beginning of each semester with bright-eyed and eager 
to learn students. These students, some dorm students and others 
commuters, along with the faculty, administration, and staff are 
what gives life to our college. Whether it is a group of friends 
gathered together to discuss the nights activities or a commuter 
jockeying for a parking space in the early morning hours before 
classes start, they are all contributing to an attitude that has 
caused people to proclaim Hinds as "The College for all People." 



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klA&X-tf M^^tii 

14 /Opening 

It's An Eagle Attitude 

Friendship. What is it? It is the strongest bond that can be formed between two 
people. Once a friendship is formed it will grow stronger until the bond between the 
two people is unbreakable. Many friendships have been formed at Hinds. Whether it is 
between roommates, faculty members, students, or just between classmates. Many 
times these friendships flourish for a lifetime. As a faculty member once said, "I met 
some of my oldest and dearest friends while I was a student at Hinds. I also met my 
husband while attending Hinds." The "Eagle Attitude" — friendship is what it is all 

Opening / 15 

It's An Eagle Attitude 

The campus of Hinds Community College is 
filled with conveniences that help students and 
faculty members make it through those long days 
of each semester. Whether it is browsing through 
the Campus Supply Store or attacking the Con- 
venience store for a between class snack there is 
always a convenient way for a person to spend his 
time. Hinds has many conveniences that other 
colleges do not have — such as the Deli, the 
Convenience Store, or the Hiney-Ho Cafe. The 
Hinds Community College campus is filled with so 
many conveniences that there is always a place to 
spend time and money. 


The "Eagle Attitude" of Hinds Community College began in 1917 when 
the college — then known as Hinds Junior College — opened its doors for 
the first time. As time passed by the "Eagle Attitude" grew and affected 
everyone that was associated with the college. The faculty and admin- 
istration nurture this attitude until it exudes from every student on campus. 
So do the alumni by instilling into their there the "Eagle Attitude" that was 
embedded into them when they were students at Hinds. The alumni also 
encourage their children to attend Hinds — because of the friendly en- 
vironment and the many learning experiences that are available here — 
because they know that Hinds thrives on an attitude that demands all 
students be the best that they can be. Now 74 years later Hinds has grown 
to be the second largest college in the state. The "Eagle Attitude" has also 
grown. The attitude demands that students be the best that they can be in 
all aspects of life. It demands that they excel in academics, sports, 
politics, and all other aspects of a person's life. As the "Eagle Attitude" 
prepares to enter a new century we can all look back and say that we — 
the past students, administrators, and staff members — had a part to play 
in the molding of one of the most powerful forces ever created — the 
"Eagle Attitude." 






Opening / 17 

_^.^ .. , — 





Student Government 


Circle K 




Hinds Connection 




Stage Band 


"Eagle" Band 






Lendon Players 


Phi Beta Lambda 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes 


Student Medical Records 


Delta Epsilon Chi 


Alpha Beta Gamma 


Phi Theta Kappa 


Art Club 


Association for the Hearing Impaired 


Agriculture Club 






Afro-American Cultural Society 


Association of Legal Students 


Chess Club 


Criminal Justice Club 




Landscape Management Club 




Nursing/ Allied Health Center Clubs 


Sunset Drive Center Clubs 


Vicksburg/Warren County Branch HOSA 


Rankin Campus Clubs 


■ --J?*S% ■ Organizations 



ASG — First Row, From Left: Eric Mills, Brandon Lingerfelt, Lori Moore, Nanette Grey. Second Row, From Left: Vicki Cole, Patricia Martin, Marcus Goodloe, 
Jack Hite — advisor, Zenobia Hart. Third Row, From Left: Dee Dee Adcox, Debbie Ware, Tara Serio — advisor, Gina Payne, Tracy Kirksey, Percy Brooks. 
Fourth Row, From Left: Mary Nell Lewis, Mary Ellen Reeves, Steve Dyer, Sonia Burlison. Fifth Row, From Left: Dee Westbrook, Trey Cox, and Wayne Taylor. 
Sixth Row, From Left: Darren Lazarus, Diana May, Joelee Sessions, Brent Manasco. Not Pictured Are: Michael Hasty, and Dr. Barbara Blankenship. 

ASG Officers from left are: Brandon Lingerfelt — President; Eric Mills — 
Moore — secretary; and Nanette Gray — parliamentarian. 

The Associated Student Body consists of all 
enrolled students. The Associated Student Gov- 
ernment serves the student body by presenting 
student input through elections, special activ- 
ities, intramurals, clubs and organizations, sen- 
ate and ASG committees. 

The ASG Executive Cabinet is composed of 
the chairman of the committees. Chairman of 
these committees are appointed by the ASG 
President. The committee members are select- 
ed by the committee chairman, the ASG officers, 
and the Director of Student Activities. 

The Public Relations Committee notifies stu- 
dents of ASG sponsored events through news- 
paper articles, the electronic sign, posters, etc. 
The PR committee produces and distributes a 
semester activity calendar which is given out at 
registration. They work with College's Public Re- 
lations Department and the Printing Coordinator. 

The Disciplinary Committee represents the 
ASG on the College Disciplinary Committee. 

The Traffic Appeals Committee hears ap- 
peals brought by the students for traffic vio- 
lations, occurring on campus, under the direc- 
tion of the Campus Police Department and 
Student Affairs. 

The Programming Activities Committee is 
made up of committees that plan and schedule 
activities on campus. The committees are: 
Homecoming, Entertainment, Alcohol Aware- 
ness, Performing Arts, and Speakers Commit- 
tee, and the Electronics Committee. 

20 / Organizations 


Organizations / 23 





J^s Hap 

Left to Right: David Mooney, Tung Le, Marty Boyd, Lance Clay, Chris Lewis, Steve Dyer, Michael Beasley, Trey Cox, 
Chris Pepper, Chris Libbey, Ray Sweeney. 

The Circle K Club is a service organization sponsored by the North 
Jackson Kiwanis Club. The objective of the club is to provide for its 
members good fellowship and high scholarship; to serve the College, 
the community, and the state; to give primacy to the human and 
spiritual rather than to the material values of life; and to develop 
within its members a high degree of serviceable citizenship. Mem- 
bership in the club is based on Scholarship and citizenship, upon 
approval of the Board of Directors. 

f-?* :■ 


ADVISOR — Bob Hodges 


Organizations / 2 


Not Pictured: B. Hunter McGee, Cartoonist 



/ Organizations 

Bob Hodges, Advi 


Hinds Connection is the official public re- 
lation and recruiting organization that rep- 
resents Hinds Community College. The pur- 
pose of the group is to serve as a host or 
hostess for any interested persons visiting 
the campus. They assist in the recruiting of 
students and also in serving at official Hinds 

Steps in selecting students for member- 
ship are as follows: 

1. Completing a Hinds Connection Applica- 

2. Having an overall grade point average of 

3. Completing an intensive training week 

4. Earning points for assignments completed 

5. Completing a successfully written exam- 
ination detailing the policies and procedures 
and knowledge of the administration of the 

6. Completing a successful interview by the 
Advisory Board of Hinds Connection 

Students meet twice a week — Mondays at 
3:30 for regular meeting and on Friday morn- 
ings to handle tours during Friday Visitation. 

Officers — First Row, Left to Right: Dr. Clyde Muse, Suzanne Staten, Secretary; Dee Dee Davidson, Social 
Chairman; Allison McRae, Rep. to Advisory Board; Susan Hartness, Vice-President; Jackie Granberry, 
Sponsor. Second Row, Left to Right: Reggie Harris, Chris Laughlin, Intramurals Chairman; Jay Allen, 
President; Beth Byrd, Public Relations Chairman; Mary Ellen Reeves, President-Elect Senator; Bebe 
Garrison, Sponsor. 

First Row, From Left to Right: Jackie Granberry, Advisor; Suzanne Staten, Toni Thompson, Kim McCauley, Vicki Cole, NaTasha 
Haynes, Susan Hartness, Reggie Harris, Advisor. Second Row, From Left to Right: Emily Dungan, Stephanie Austin, Dee Dee 
Davidson, Tobi Sisson, Susan Knuckles, Andrea Bullock. Third Row, From Left to Right: Bebe Garrison, Advisor; Mitzi Lawrence, 
Leah Stokes, Suzanne Magee, Mary Ellen Reeves, J. J. Worrell. 

Organizations / 2. 


8 / Organizati 

anizations / 29 





Boules Sixth Row, From Lett: GwenTurbvlUe, Amy McDonald, Angela Terry, Bern Eastland, Robin Mahattey, Amy Husbands, Amanda Caldwell, Beth Ann King, Belinda Keiium, 

The third oldest precision dance team in the nation are the Hinds 
Community College Hi-Steppers. They have performed such events as the 
Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, the Miss America Parade in 
Atlantic City, and at the World's Fair in New York City, New Orleans and 
Toronto. They have performed at the Neshoba County Fair and the New 
Orleans Mardi Gras for over 25 years, and also at all major bowl games. 
Their performances with celebrities over the years, include Mary Ann 
Mobley, John Glenn, Danny Thomas, Michael Dukakis, Jerry Clower, Mi- 
chael Landon, Bob Hope, Polly Bergen, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley. 

The Hi-Steppers are known throughout the South for their half-time 
performance at College football games as a precision dance and drill 
team. A companion group to the Hinds Eagle Band, the Hi-Steppers have 
won acclaim at such events as the National American Legion Convention in 
St. Louis; the Junior Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California; the National Junior 
Chamber of Commerce Convention in Colorado Springs; and numerous 
parades, state conventions, and civic programs. The group has also 
performed for Congress in Washington, D.C. 

Organizations / 31 


32 / Organizations 



The Stage Band on the Raymond Campus of Hinds Community College is an organization for students who 
want to excel in music. The members of the Stage Band are chosen through tryouts. They perform two 
concerts during the spring semester, a Christmas concert and a spring concert. Their director is Robert 


page Band — Loft to Right: Regina Brammfot, Tammara Smith, Phillip Moak, Jeff Williamson. Second Row: Micheal Polk, Angela Blister, Reggie Taylor, Clay 
)ldham, Joel Minyard. Third Row: John Alford, Bobby Baugh, Steven Smith, Ted Sanchez, Richie Burchfield, Freddie Van Cleave, Sherry Beard, Eric Smith, 
Marvin Milner, Charles McLendon. 

Organizations / 33 


1990 Eagle Band — First Row, From Left: Mark Ratcliffe, Lisa Robertson, Jeri Haver, Francis Cooper, Shara Warnock, Deanna Glascoe, Gerl Benson, Shae Mannery, Roma Roberts, Tammy Sherwin, 
Pam Cotten, Roxanne Gould, Tracy Crosby, Director. Second Row, From Left: Rebecca Ray, Bobby Baugh. Third Row, From Left: George Hicks, Mike Higbee, Shannon Ogerly, Richard Burchfield, 
Steve Gardner, Tammara Smith, Missy Davis, Tracy Haynes, Crissa Roberts, Carla Core. Fourth Row, From Left: Freddie VanCleave, Sean Palmer, Steve Smith, David Marler, Lisa Cagle, Ramona 
Tucker, Shelvis Patrick, Philip Moak, Paula Whalen, Jeff Williamson. Fifth Row, From Left: Ted Sanchez, Stancy Orr, Paul Emory, Michael Polk, Caroline Tinney, Marvin Milner, Sherry Beard, Charles 
McLendon. Sixth Row, From Left: Danny Cleveland, Ann Hogue, Angela Brister, Joel Minyard, Clay Oldhom, Jamie Patrick, Kevin Garner. 

The Hinds Community College Band is an organization whose objective is to enrich 
the musical interests of students. The HCC Eagle Band of Hinds Community College 
has been distinguished in size and quality of performance under the leadership of 
Tracy Crosby, Director of the Band. 

Many long hours of practice are needed from the dedicated members. These long 
hours are payed off with their excellent performances. The HCC Band performs 
halftime shows at Eagle football games. They also participate in festivals, parades, 
and concerts. This is the first year for Tracy Crosby to serve as band director. 

"."'■•■.■■.-'; '"'.'■. ■ / '™: 

Captains — First Row, From Left: Charles McLendon, Brass Captain; Mike Higbee, Drum Captain; Chuck Coale, Brass 
Captain; Danny Cleveland, Brass Captain. Second Row, From Left: Deanna Glascoe, Guard Co-Captain; Angela 
Brister, Brass Captain; Mark Ratcliffe, Drum Major; Reginald Taylor, Brass Captain; Shera Warnock, Guard Captain. 

1990 Eagle Band Council — First Row, From Left: Missy Davis, Librarian; 
Charles McLendon, Secretary and Treasurer. Second Row, From Left: 
Tracy Haynes, Vice-President; Shera Warnock, President; Susan Drake. 

38 / Organizations 



Choir members are: First Row, From Left: Melodi Griffith, Joie Fulton, Lynn Simmons, Patricia Martin, Lori Valentine, Laurie Dickerson, Vivian 
McKell, Djuna Ward, and Andrea Bullock. Second Row, From Left are: Christina Johnson, Shea Fox, Monica Stack, Carla Core, Amy Albritton, 
Wendy Robinson, Susan Drake, Melissa Luna, Glennis Spell, Tracy Haynes, and Pam Boatman. Third Row, From Left are: Clay Oldham, J. C. 
Terry, Dale Townsend, John Turner, John Alford, Steven Barnett, George Williams, Brent Manasco, and John Clarke. Fourth Row, From Left are: 
Damian Bell, Todd Carter, Kris Koenig, Michael Rail, Greg Austin, Charles McLendon, Jason Roberson, Gilbert Luna, Steve McQueen, Steven 
Smith, Joseph Baylot, Randy Fortenberry, Larry Bufkin, and Michael Cumberland. 

38 / Organizations 


Madrigal Singers 
— First Row, 
From Left are: 
Steven McQueen, 
John Alford, Jef- 
frey Wicker, and 
Steven Barnett. 
Second Row, 
From Left are: 
Amy Albritton, 
Cedric Robinson, 
Beth Jones, 
Laurie Dickerson, 
Greg Austin, Viv- 
ian McKell, Kris 
Koenig, Robin Ba- 
ker, Todd Carter, 
Christine Irwin, 
Lori Valentine, 
and Kim Young- 

Organizations / 39 


The Lendon Players are the 
drama organization at Hinds 
Community College. They en- 
courage attitudes and ideas in 
all aspects of the theatre both 
on and off the stage. They are 
an active group of students 
which perform community ser- 
vice projects every year. Their 
plays can be seen in Brooks 
Theatre during each semester. 
They also host an annual 
Lendon Players awards ban- 
quet where awards are given 
for outstanding performances 
and for significant contribu- 
tions to the organization. 

Lendon Players — Bottom, From Left: Kimberly Youngbiood, David McHart, John Turner, Tessie 
Gregory, and Robin Baker. Second Row, From Left Are: Montie Moore and Karr Wiggins. Third Row, 
From Left Are: Wendy Robinson, Karen Nucketls, and Ricky Rausa. Fourth Row, From Left Are: 
Brandon Lingerf elt and Alison Kreuger. Fifth row is Larry Buf kin. 

Officers are from left: 
John Turner, Dertise 
Haiibach — sponsor, and 
Karr Wiggins. 

40 / Organizations 

Organizations / 41 



Phi Beta Lambda is an educational student organization that plays a vital role in a college's business 
education program. PBL members are planning for careers in the business world. Members are provided the 
opportunity to develop strong, aggressive leadership qualities and civic responsibilities through the 
activities and projects of the PBL chapter. 

First Row, Left to Right Linda Bath, Advisor; Susan McCormick, Laurie Salers, Kathy Rogers, Teresa Alliston, Missy Johnson, Jennifer Carr. Second 
Row, From Left: Barbara Clayton, Margaret Kelley, Merchell Pittman, Joie Fulton, Richell Martin, Rhonda Morris, Julie Sylvester, Shirley Ellis, Jane 


The Student Ministry of Hinds Community College's Baptist Student Union revolves around nine tacks: 1. to help keep 
students in their spiritual growth and Christian outreach, 2. to lead students to worship, 3. to involve students in Bible study 
and Christian faith, 4. to guide students in making life decisions, 5. to build Christian fellowship, 7. to witness to persons 
about Christ, 8. to involve students in missions, 9. to develop ministries to individuals and groups, and 9. to involve students 
in world affairs and social concerns. 

BSU — First Row: Jody Gousset, Roddy Reed. Second Row: Dawn Moseley, Kathy Jenkins, Amy Harris, Andrea Smith, Sandra Coulon, Vickie Smith, 
Stephanie Miles, Third Row: B. J« Frew (advisor), Steven Parman, Lance Clay, Suzanne Mayes, Tony Bryant, Tanya Shows, Jamie Yates. Fourth Row: David 
Brasell, Dale Townsend, Michael Parten, Charlie Parkerson, Kerry Dukes. 

Organizations / 43 



• " " .• 

■ " - v - < . -\-\-\ - - • 

F.C.A. — First Row, Left to Right: Tracie Parish, Vice-President; Ginger Bagwell, Melissa Fant, Secretary; Regina Smith, Allison Sylvester, 
Treasurer; Brigitte Cliburn, Lori Newman. Second Row: Coach Nichols, Scott Hoseman, Jerry Walker, Michael Darby, Scott Huskey, Troy 
Nelson, Jim McGowan, Lynn Ross. Third Row: Wayne Walters. Pres.; Chris Bankston, Gilbert Hardaway, James Oobson, Samuel Archie, John 
Copeland, Earnest Marshall. 

The purpose of FCA is to 
present to athletes and coach- 
es and all whom they influence 
the challenge and adventure 
of receiving Jesus Christ as 
Lord and Savior, serving Him in 
their relationships and in the 
fellowship of the church. They 
accomplish this through Bible 
studies, State Conventions, 
special music groups, rap ses- 
sions, guest speakers, and 
special projects. 

44/ Organizations 

F.C.A. Officers — Allison Sylvester, Treasurer; Tracie Parish, Vice-President; Melissa 
Fant, Secretary; Wayne Walters, President; Deborah Nichols, Sponsor. 


Members are First Row, From Left: Judy Moore, Nola Redden, Lauree Anderson, Carol Odom, end Terasa Bridges. Second Row, From Left 
are: Virginia Kopf, Lisa Shelton, Melissa Perkins, and Mary Neil Lewis. Third Row, From Left are: Janet Ingram, Kim Chapman, Kesa Alien, 
Betty Pharr, Sponsor; and Legretha Harris. 

The Student Medical Records Association was established in 1988 to provide Medical Records Technology 
majors with a means to communicate with each other and to provide them with an opportunity to share 
information on related topics and job opportunities with local professionals. The group meets several times 
during the year with student leaders responsible for organizations of events providing the opportunity for 
development of leadership skills among the group members. 



Organizations / 45 



First Row, Left to Right: Missy Johnson, Amy Litton, Scott Wallace, Cindy Goza, Cynthia Edwards, Frances Diggs, Tiffany Strickland, Sherelondia Young, Debra Stevenson, 
Shelita Craft, Gail White, Alvin Guice, Paulette Jennings, Missy Griffin. Second Row, From Left: Kwesi Groves, Rock Pittman, Liz Wilson, Daphne vlck, Darlene Buckley, 
Deirdre Taylor, Michel! Jackson, Stacie Cutrer, Dewayne Bloodsaw, Inetta Burks, Renetta Kinds, Mrs. Susan Kendricks, Advisor; Donna Welch, Kimberty Young, Mrs. Jerry 
Roberts, Advisor; Mr. Kyle Mize, Advisor. Third Row, From Left: Kyle Churchill, Shane Walker, Greg Adcock, Jim Hood, Mark Crook, Scott Wallace, Mitch Mitchner, Larry 
Lindsey, Marc McGee, John Neal, Steve Dyer. 

Officers are Front Row, From Left: Donna Welch — Secretary; Steve Dyer — 
State President and Senator; Cindy Goza — Treasurer. Second Row, From 
Left are: Jim Hood — Parliamentarian; Marc McGee — Vice-President; and 
Greg Adcock — Chapter President. 

The purpose of Delta Epsilon Chi 
organization on the Raymond cam- 
pus of Hinds Community College, Is 
to promote the value of education in 
Marketing, Merchandising and Man- 
agement. Delta Epsilon Chi is de- 
signed to develop future marketing 
and distribution leaders, A sense of 
respect develops for education in 
Marketing and Distribution. Mem- 
bership is limited to students en- 
rolled in Distribution and Marketing 



Members of Alpha Beta Gamma are: Elizabeth Anderson, Sandra Banes, Renee Berry, Martin Boyd, Karen Brantley, Dana Brown, Gwen E. Brown, Cathy 
Grena Burden, Judith Colburn, Christy Collier, Charles P. Crisco, Dana Crotwell, Mark Cameron Davis, Verna D. Davis, David J. Garner, Cindy Goza, Mark 
Guillory, Doris Magee Harris, Pam Harrison, Susan Hartness, Carl A. Hayward, Janette L. Hester, Steven Houston, Staci Hoffman, Melissa Hughes, Dana 
Jackson, Melissa Johnson, Kent Jolly, Pamela Lee, Elnora Lewis, Jacqueline Mallett, Diana May, Lisa Mize, Rhonda Lynn Morris, Jamie McFarland, Todd K. 
McLellan, Therese Placer, Mildred Polk, Amanda Ray, Regina Rae Searcy, Geneva Shaw, Dusty Smith, Margaret Smith, Kathi Statham, Catherine Stevens, 
Charlene Tate, Hezeline Thompson, Kim Townsend, Tonya Vance, Alan Wall, Debbie I. Ware, Melissa Lynn West, Greg White, and Jesica Jo Wilkins. The 
sponsor is Ms. Renee Summers. 

Alpha Beta Gamma 
officers are: First 
Row, From Left: Di- 
ana May, Dana 
Crotwell, Tonya 
Vance. Second 
Row, From Left 
are: Greg White 
and Mark Guillory. 


PHI TUFT A KAPPA f"^^^®p^i 

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmM ■ 

First Row, Left to Right: Matt Rowland, Lori Moore, Kristie Bunting, Beth Byrd, Leslie Morgan, Diana May, DeeDee Adcox, Michelle Newsome, Scott Thaggard. Second Row, 
Left to Right: Cliff Nelson, Carol Nelson, Deanna Glascoe, Sheri Rayburn, Julie Dick, Geneva Shaw, Suzanne Mayes, April Carter, Helen File, Angela Greenwall. Third Row, 
Left to Right: Melody Worrell, Michelle Jacobs, Sana Crotwell, Leslie Ross, Laurie Tillman, Turner Luttrell, Jr., Mary Lou Ainsworth. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Melissa Cook, 
Sharen Barry, Laura McCain, Sandi Coghlan, Tonya Jones, Judie Smith, Sandra Banes, Sonya Williams, Joe Lee Sessions. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Annie Williamson, Sandi 
Coghlan, Mike Braband, Kathi Statham, Doug Bradshaw, Julie Bagnall. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Carol Moss, Sheri Bayburn, Evelia Cambell, Carile Brewer. 

Phi Theta Kappa Gamma 
Lambda Chapter on the Ray- 
mond Campus is a non-secret 
national scholastic society for 
community /junior colleges and 
is composed of students 
whose grades are in the upper 
ten percent of college enroll- 
ment. Membership is based on 
scholastic and citizenship 
qualifications. Local chapters 
participate in regional, state, 
and national activities. 

48 / Organizations 

Officers — First Row, Left to Right: Lori Moore, Kristie Bunting, 
Leslie Morgan, Diana May, Dee Dee Adcox, Michelle Newsome, 
Scott Thaggard. Second Row, Left to Right: Matt Rowland, Beth 
Byrd, Carol Nelson, Cliff Nelson. 

Organizations / 49 



Members of the Art Club are First Row, From Left: Emelie Herbert, Cindy Lambert, Kelly Wallce, Kristy Shelton, Tamara Rushing, and Sonia Burfison. 
Second Row, From Left are; Gayle McCarty — sponsor, Rebecca Berry, Chris Shannon, Vickie Knight, Jim Turberviile, Brad Smith, Eugene Chapman, Lee 
Havard, Jami Saunders, Jennifer Price, and Russell Schnieder — sponsor. Third 

The Art Club on the Raymond Campus of Hinds Community College exists to encourage the students to strive for 
excellence in their fine arts studies as well as other academic courses; to promote the visual arts on campus, within the 
community, and throughout the state; to provide the members opportunities to see historically significant original art 
through participation in field trips to art museums through the community. 

50 / Organizations 


Organizations / 51 



HCCAHI — First Row, From v&k ^5fii^rjaW,<femHy Dungan, Susan lj(ic£ormtck, Suzanne Stateri, Barbara £feytenM^n?$i§ura^^ 
Row, From Lef t_ Dianne &a^^ Salte/.jrh|rdtR«wj Fftoffe feflshe^e^V^elltlly^Jiopo^S 

Cowffi^^M^&m^^fi CefcsStra Austin, %n1a%awan, Theres§X^asjk. Fifth RowfFrbrft Leffj Mike Beaucjtamft PettcWe. Sixth &ow> ttrom Left:Tyrofm 
Blackman, Scott Bailey, Mitchell •Hj^efcKate-D^i'roargh, David Buret** Seventh Rowfffotb tfeffe S^I^W#o«ya Reiver, Selby Parker, Ronald BroWfrf 

The Association for the Hearing 
Impaired is an organization at Hinds 
Community College that exists to 
help hearing impaired students 
learn and improve themselves. The 
group holds fundraisers in order to 
take trips. Selling M&M's are one of 
their best fundraisers. The main ob- 
jective of the organization is to en- 
courage hearing people to learn to 
communicate with sign language 
and to make hearing people com- 
fortable around the hearing im- 
paired. The Hearing Impaired serv- 
ices of Hinds Community College is 
located in the red, brick office build- 
ing behind Greaves Hall. 

HCCAHI Officers — From Left: David Shaw, Emily Dungan, Suzanne Staten, Susan McCormick, 
Barbara Clayton, Lam Nguyen. 


The Agriculture Club on the Raymond Campus is a student organization made up of students 
interested in some field of agriculture, forestry, or veterinary medicine. This includes students in 
Academic Transfer Programs, as well as, Vocational and Technical Programs. The club is very 
active in the campus and fund raising activities. They help support the HCC Livestock judging 
team, Landscape Management team, and others. 


Members are First Row, From Left: Chad Waltman, Marcus Goodloe, Jason Robbins, and John Miles. Second Row, From Left are: Chad Stocks, Sandra Banes, Freddie 
Rowell, Wesley Dunn, and Wilson Harreld. Third Row, From Left are: Ronnie Thomas, Matt Woods, Lear Depeaux, Keith Givens, Brad Banes, and Sonya Williams. Fourth 
Row, From Right are: Tommy Holcomb, Ric Henderson, Jeff Jennings, Alvin Woods, and Steve Hamilton. Fifth Row, From Left are: J. D. Davis, Tal Jackson, Dr. Roger 
Jones — Sponsor, and Heath Cannada. 

Organizations / 53 


Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) club is an organization that exists to help motivate 
and develop an enthusiasm for learning that will help trade and industrial, technical, and health education 
students take their place in society. The students in VICA are given an opportunity to achieve a sense of 
accomplishment and recognition for skills and abilities through practical competitive contests on local, 
state, and national levels. 

ViCA — First Row, Left to Right: Eddie Carson, Advisor; Mike Berry, Mike Cothrew, Anthony Chiplin. Second Row: Justin King, Ed Peatross. 

54 / Organizations 


«— « 

Members are First Row, From Left: John Freels, Brandon Bailey, Sharon Evans, Amanda Wilborn, Kristi Garner, and Christie Harmon. 
Second Row, From Left are: Jim Grey, Thomas Wilson, Alan Ashcraft, David Sebren, and Steve Anderson. Third Row, From Left are: Kim 
Shedd, Mark Gill, Derek Jones, Mark Hankins, Randy Chappel, Greg Seale, Ricky Romines, Sherman Dukes, Clay Robertson, Gary Moss, 
Don Thornton and Lonnie Harper — Advisor. 

The Home Builders club 
on the Raymond Campus of 
Hinds Community College is 
an organization to acquaint 
the student with the Home 
Building industry and be in- 
volved with the local, state, 
and national Home Builders 
Association. Home Builders 
are also closely affiliated 
with the women's auxiliary 
branch of Home Builders 
who also provide scholar- 
ships for the student chap- 

Officers are From Left: Kim Shedd — Secretary/lreasiwrar; John Freels 
Thomas Wilson — Vice-President; and Lonnie Harper — Advisor. 


Organizations / 

Members of the Afro-American Cultural Society are — From Left: Carl Hayward, Eric Mills, Darlene Stringer, Vicky Harbin, Sandra MaGee, 
Vicky McBeth, Tonya Nelson, and Mrs. Carol Robinson. Second Row, From Left Are: Mrs. Rosia Crisler, Marquis Roberts, Tonya Tucker, Ronda 
Luther, Monica Bell, Marie Henry, and Mr. Charles Hubbard. Third Row, From Left Are: Tony Patrick, Demon Spann, Kojo Tate, Debbie Ware, 
Dawn Thames, and Timmy May. 

Officers Are — Carl 
Hayward — President; 
Monica Bell, Vicky 
McBeth, Tonya Nel- 
son, and Eric Mills — 



The Hinds Association of Legal Students is sponsored by the Jackson Legal Secretaries Association of 
Mississippi and the Hinds Community College Secretarial Science Department. 

probers From Left are: Ethel Lindsey, Dorene Harris, Nicole Cox, Dawn Whitley, Tonya Jones, Pam Simmons. Ann Hogue, and Joyce Shivers. Second Row, From Lett Are: Celeste 
fodders, Ada Chambers, Laura McCain, Tammy Martin, Tiffany Knight, Kitsy Vickers, Khristie Robbins, and Susan Wilbanks, advisor. 

The Chess Club on the Raymond Campus of Hinds Community College was formed to give students who 
are in chess a chance to compete with other students who also enjoy playing chess. The club meets several 
times during the year. 

Members are Seated: Jessica Wilkins and Anastasia Schellinger. Standing are, From Left Stephen Williams, Mark Whalen, Kojo Tate, David 
Mooney, Michael Black, and Mr. Louis Stokes — advisor. 

58 /Organizations 


The purpose of this organization is to promote the science of Criminal Justice and foster 
professionalism within the agencies of Criminal Justice. 

They also work to promote understanding and better communications between agencies of the 
Criminal Justice system through club contact and greater understanding between institutions of 
higher education. 

First Row, Left to Right: Thembi Lake, Cynthia Burrell, Cynthia Burns, Kattie Bennett. Second Row, From Left: Ann Hogue, Gregg Starnas, Larry Mayo, Mr. 
Garner, Advisor; Michael Martin, Wayne Taylor, Bo Barnes. Third Row, From Left: Steve Geyer, Danial Swilley, Jon Traxler, Patricia Maher, Amy Mixion, 
Connie Rogers. Fourth Row, From Left: Vernell Sanders, Shawn Mitchell. 

Organizations / 59 


The purpose of Reformed Universities Fellowship is to provide every student, regardless of affiliation, 
with opportunities for spiritual growth. RUF has group sessions with weekly devotional programs and is 
represented in other campus, community, and convention activities. This organization introduces non- 
Christian students to the claims of Christ and trains Christian students through consistent exposition of 
scripture. Personal Bible study, prayer, and involvement in local churches are emphasized. RUF advisors 
are Cathy Lancaster, Jeffrey Lancaster, Reni Bumpas, and Wally Bumpas. 

RUF — First Row, From Left: James Williams, Michael Moortey, Jennifer Mahaffee, Shondra Bass, Joetee Sessions. Second Row, From Left: Shirty 
Taylor, Janice Jones, Gina Payne, Spring Hefiin, Jeffrey Lancaster, Nanette Gray, Allison Sylvester, Monica Bell. Third Row, From Left Teresa Bridges, 
Cathy Lancaster, Rent Bumpas, Wally Bumpas. 

60 / Organizations 

First Row, From Left are: Heath Hall, Steve Hamilton, Lear Despeaux, Marcus Clark, Angela Armstrong, Chad Waltman, Wesley Grimes, Keith Givens, 
Ric Henderson, and Martha Hill — advisor. 

The Hinds Community College 
Landscape Management Tech- 
nology Club is designed to pro- 
mote professionalism in the field 
of landscape management. Its 
membership is open to all stu- 
dents preparing for a career in 
landscape management. 

Officers — Heath Hall — Vice-President; Wesley Grimes — President; Keith Givins — 
Secretary; and Martha Hill — Advisor. 

Organizations / 61 

;;■■-,.-■•■' ... •■■'■ ■ •,■■-■...■......-'■.■■■■ 




First Row, From Left: Shantai Brown, Shandra Bass, Jennifer Mahaffey, Vice-President; Gina Payne, Secretary, Publicity Chairman; Michael Martin, 
President. Second Row, From Left: Nanette Gray, Timmy May, Janice Jones, Terasa Bridges, Marty Boyd, Alundis Brice. 

The purpose of the Students Against Driving Drunk organization is to 
promote alcohol awareness. S.A.D.D. is new to Hinds, and membership is 
open to any student. 

Organizations / 63 




The Alpha lota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is located at the Nursing/Allied Health Center. Membership is 
based on scholastic achievement and citizenship qualifications. This is a national scholastic society for 
community/junior colleges composed of students whose grades are in the upper ten percent of college 
enrollment. Members participate in state, regional, and national activities. I B 

Members are first row from left: Alicia Brown, Sharon Lee, Nafie Hudspeth, Joan Cox, Cathy Lum, and Vickie Donnelly. Second row from left are. Dorothy 
walker, Jane Nelson, Diane Sherrod, Suzanne Vaughn, Lynda Byrd, Kathryn Elmore, and Cathy Walker. Third row from left are: Nanette Sullivan, Earnest Graves, 
John Westmoreland, Angela Swart*, Al Latham, Dale Thomas, Sonya Wood, Heather Crawford. 

64 / Organizations 




Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is a national organization of students enrolled in health 
occupations. These programs and activities help individuals develop their physical, mental and social well 
being. Members strengthen their leadership and citizenship abilities through interaction with professional 
business organizations and other student organizations. They have the opportunity to share experiences 
with others in the health field. 

HOSA - Rr»t Row, From Lett Sandra Freeman, Advisor; Angela Newton, Karen Thompson. Second Row, From Left Jo Ann Bowen, Janie Lee McCabe, 
Sandra Martin, Yvonne Simcnona, Advisor, Kathy Kahl, Oebra Martin. 

Organizations / 65 

SOADDN — First Row, Left to Right: Ron Gregg, Joyce Keen, Vickie Donnelly, Randall Childres, Kathryn Elmore, Robin Neely. Second Row, From Left: T 
Pearson, Wanda NiWett, Bill Off, Paula Smithhart, Anita Martin, Eva Carpenter. Third Row, From Left: Bonnie Greer, Peggy Lawrence, Stella Weorfold, Nai 

&6 / Organizations 



;t Row, From Left: Gina Blackwelt, Sherry Morgan, Diane Sylvester. Second Row, From Left: Missy Craft, Silvia McDaniel, Pat Matthews. 

Organizations / 61 

: I 

The Alpha Zeta Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is located at the Jackson Campus/Sunset Drive 
Center. This organization is a national scholastic society for community/junior colleges composed of 
students in the upper ten percent of the college enrollment. Membership is based on scholastic achieve- 
ment and citizenship qualifications. 

i*J »■■♦ « * **,%* » i « >y> ,*% **'■ 


Nil f > * # <ir ;'%' 

From Left: Jerri Hamilton, Beberiy Course, President; Stephanie Gray, Secreary; Ramona Fontenot, Ben Farmer, Mrs. Mary Robinson, Sponse 
Karelia Simon, Co-Sponsor; Jackie Hail, Treasurer. 

68 / Organizations 

Phi Beta Lambda 
Sunset Drive Center 

Phi Beta Lambda — First Row, From Left: Cindy McGraw, Ora Williams, Davada Hoiliday, Dr. Dell Broadway, advisor; Mary Miller, Valerie Berry, Janette 
Hester, Cheryl Carr, Advisor; Angela Griffin, Advisor. Second Row, From Left: Belveria Bingham, Brenda Laster, Karen Magee, Coretta White, Tonitia 
Barnes, Tambourine Hicks, Shondell Bullock, Victoria Anderson, Sherry Powell, Catherine Knight. 

Phi Beta Lambda is made up of students pursuing careers in business or business education. The purpose of 
the group is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. The national organization 
offers programs and services that create a form in which students and business people may learn about one 

Organizations / 69 


The purpose of the Delta Epsilon Chi organization on the Sunset Drive branch of Hinds Community College 
is to promote the value of education in Marketing, Merchandising, and Management. 

Delta Epsilon Chi identified the program of youth activity relating to the Distribution and Marketing 
Technology-Distributive Education Clubs of America, and is designed to develop future marketing and 
distribution leaders. 

Members are First Row, From Left: Larry Richardson — Instructor, Wendy Cowden, Pam Holly, Tauanda Mills, Velma Williams, Angela Smith, Debra 
Hicks, and Carrie Montgomery. Second Row, From Left are: Trina Beechem, Joe Garland, Kelly Littlefieid, Ben Farmer, Bobby Parker, and Tracie 

Mcinnis. - ■■ *>i*>. - , 

70 / Organizations 




First Row, From Left: Shirley Turner, Catherine Knight, Beverly Course, Clinton Olive, Roberstine Collies, Gregory Taylor, Patsy Bozeman, Sponsor Leola Bracey, 
Pam Perry, Sponsor; Jeanette Brown, Vice-President. Second Row, From Left: Cindy McGraw, Jackie Waite, Sponsor, Valerie Berry, Secretary; Jackie Hall, 
Victoria Anderson, Jeanette Acey Strauss, Myrna Stanley, Lillian Lee, Yvonne Sims, Bobbie Farmer, President; Cathy Gee, Karen Chandler. 

■■•■■■-' ■-■ : '- -■'■■ ■■ ■■■'■■'- ;: '-- -'- : — '■■■-■'■^■'■- ■■■■ ■■^■■■■- ■: : "■■-"'■■■ '■■■■■■'■ 

-'■■■■■■ ■■•■■■ V ■■ : - :: - ::: - : - : "■<■-■■ ■^ : :^•■■■ : ■■•■■■■ 

.V,, i^^i. ! .^-..v- ,,■■:,»■- -^ : .- l ,-—^»- ^.ii. ii-,..! ■ I iii„^Wi..ii-. 

The Hinds Association of Legal Students serves students interested in legal work and/or the legal affairs of the 
community. This organization helps acquaint the students at the Sunset Drive Center with the function of the 
judiciary and other departments of the court; and to sponsor workshops and seminars in the legal field. 

Organizations / 71 





The purpose of the American Dental Assistants Association is to share in the responsibility for quality 
dental health care, advance the practice of dental assisting by encouraging formal education, to ed- 
ucationally support the dental assisting profession, and to communicate effectively with all members of 
health-related professions. 

Membership is open to any full-time student in a dental assisting program or to a graduate of a dental 
assisting program enrolled full-time in either a program related to dentistry or in a college degree program. 

5:^:J;:>v ':::.:::.: '.:. ,:«:'1$:-..:.^.'::^ ,:■■ ,...., ::-^.:r:2.h. .::■■ :..' : :. ■....■ ;■. 

:S^S:^:r.:.:..^::. ...:.. I. l...^;;.:;^ 

First Row, From Left Richard Gavart, Keisha Coleman, Shelia Jones, Sherry James, Janeca Johnson, Kathy Dudley, Stacy Neely, Leigh Ann Foster, Pam Robinson, Tammy 
Taylor, Michelle Renfroe, Charley Brown, Janet Richards, Dawn Stevens, Ms. Arlene Shelby. Second Row, From Left: Becky Odom, Amy Phillips, Donna Ivey, Kiera Funchess, 
Leigh Ann Ray, Diane Weils, Brenda Strong, Tammy Gray, Leigh Ann Davis, Kathy Benton, Angie Mixon, Mallory Morgan, Sandra Coulon, Tiara Hughes, Cindy Childress, Mrs. Pam 

72 / Organizations 





VICA — First Row, From Left: Charles Thornton, Advisor; Wesley Garner, 
Patrick Hall, Quinton Lynn, Al Collier. Second Row, From Left: William 
Collins, Marcus Mason, Bruce Chapman. 

v ■} v 


Amarican Institute for Design and Drafting — First Row, From Left: Phil 
Wright, Gary Windom, Porter Wells, Alex Sivira. Second Row, From Left: 
Bftn Watts, Sharon Williams. : :^^^^^^»» 

Organizations / 73 




BSU — First Row, From Left: Chunta Armon, Secretary; Kevin Patterson, Presidi 
Hicks, Financial Secretary; Venita Edwards. Asst. Secretary; Tara Jones Evangelistic; Sentoria 
VeaL Mrs. Dawson, BSU advisor. Second Row. From Left: Shannon Reed, Connie Lee, Valarie 
Berry. Tawanda Mills, Boris Wilson. Antssa Hobson. Edward Henry. i^SS BWM 

74 / Organizations 

CSI — From Left: Donna Meeler, Advisor; Brenda Laster, Rene Smith, Jackie 
McGee, Karen Magee, Bobbie Welch, Advisor. 




First Row, From Left: Hazel Hoover, Lauren Bishop, Tanya Rawson, Lori Waldon, Susan Smith, Historian. Second Row, From Left: Debra Thomas, Paula 
Traxler, President; Pam Morgan, Sharon Williams, Reporter. Third Row, From Left: Elnora Smith R.N., B.S. — Advisor; Tina Rowland, Lydia Williams, Nicole 
Alexander, 2nd Vice-President; Teresa Fontenot, Ruth Lowery, Treasurer; Marilyn Windham, Sherry Gary, Aima Alexander, Kay White, Adrienne Johnson, 
1st Vice-President; Charlene Moore, Secretary; Jan Whatley R.N., Instructor. Fourth Row, From Left Margaret Morgan, Carol Wilson, Patsy Martin, Paula 
Matherne, Pat Jackson, Jo Ann Smith, Juanita Carter, Chaplain; Peggy Thomas, Parliamentarian. 

The mission of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is to enhance the delivery of quality health 
care to all Americans. HOSA is an organization for students enrolled in pre-vocational Health Occupations 
Education Programs. The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill 
competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health 
Occupations Education instructional program. 

Organizations / 75 



Members are: Seated, From Left to Right: Teresa Bennett, Deborah Jones, Sharon Pickering, Stacie Huffman, Cherie Edwards, Judi Lane, and Cassandra Knotts. Standing, From 
Left are: Audrey Singletary — Advisor, Stephanie Blackwell, Kristi Kelly, Sybil Edwards, Tiffany Waggoner, Lynn Reid, Debi Holmes, Lois O'dell, Denise Mason, Carol Johnston, 
Susan Brewer, and Brandy Lambert. Third Row, From Left are: Kim Dickerson, Nancy Griffing, Dawn Huffman, Tracy Warren, Kristie Simmons, James Reid, Don Broadhead, 
Chuck Busby, Elaine Barr — Advisor, and Jo Adcock. 

Phi Theta Kappa is a na- 
tionwide organization which 
recognizes excellence 
among two-year community 
and junior college students. 
Members of the Alpha Om- 
icron Omega Chapter are stu- 
dents from the Rankin Branch 
and from the Universities 
Center who have compiled a 
cumulative grade point aver- 
age of 3.5 or better. The 
chapter encourages scholar- 
ship among community col- 
lege students, provides an at- 
mosphere for the 
development of leadership 
skills, and provides opportu- 
nities for participation in var- 
ious school and community 
service projects. 

76 / Organizations 

PTK Officers are From Left: Nancy Griffing, Recording Secretary; Susan Brewer, Publicity Secretary; Teresa 
Bennett, Vice-President; Jo Adcock, President; Elaine Barr, Advisor; and Audrey Singletary, Advisor. 



Members of the Rankin Student Senate are First Row, From Left: Jo Adcock — 
President, Adam Diehl, Monica Bennaar, and Jeff Hughe* — Sponsor. Second Row, 
From Left are: Renee Goodin, Teresa Pead, Monica Parkman, end Lynne Reid. Third 
Row, From Left are: Don Broadhead and Anthony Prestage. 

Members of the Rankin Drama Club are First Row, From Left: Tim Mong, 
Melissa Fant, Mike Speer, Stephen Baker. Second Row, From Left are: 
Anthony Prestage, Candace Mamourich, Gary Fox, Advisor; Becky Tumls 
Bene* Goodln. 

Organizations / 77 

I * I 

78 / Events 




Year in Review 80 

Lendon Players 82 

Operation Eagle Pride 84 

Beauty Review 86 

Homecoming Festivities 88 

Mississippi Arts Week 90 

Miss Hinds Community College Pageant 92 

Mess American Pageant 94 

Hiney-Ho Day 95 

Campus Entertainment 96 

British Studies 97 

Arts and Lectures Series 98 

Events / 79 




On Aoril 22 an estimated 200 million people all over the planet celebrated thej 20th > anniyer I 
Earth D P a> ' m I activists pleaded tor the rise ot a new "conservation generation-' to care |; 

^1rf\«MhtaSS5In e Earth Day founder Gay lord Nelson urged more than 10,000 people massei j 
foSof theCroKd I ST workto Motivate politicians and corporate leaders to environmental t 

" do?t wan?to cwne back here 20 years from now and have to tell your sons and daught.l 
you did" VSo your S™," said Nelson, 74, who originated Earth Day when he was a Sena* L 
Wisconsin "We've got to raise a conservation generation, «.«« ..«.«. -U 

"SSTSi, wVc&bra.ed in more than 3,?00 U.S. communis and .n 140 other r,, 
according to organizers. . 'i.,*/* ■ -"^i*.i.V «?vJ 

. ) « 


The Cincinnati Reds, given no chance to beat the Oakland Athletics, needed only four quick games to win the 
World Series in one of the biggest upsets in baseball history. p,_,,:„ 

The Reds completed their improbable sweep on October 20 (1990) in spite of losing two star ptoyersj Eric Davis 
and B% Hatcher to injuries. Cincinnati relied on Jose Rijo and rallied for two runs in the eighth mmng to win 2-1, and 
that was it 



The Athletics' third straight trip to the World Series ended with yet another disappointment. In 1988, they lost to 
>s Angeles, last year's championship overshadowed by an earthquake, and this season, the Reds. 

James "Buster" Douglas wore a world 
heavyweight championship belt after his stun- 
ning knockout of Mike Tyson m Tokyo earUer 
this year. At 1:23 of the 10th round, Douglas 
knocked Tyson out with a five punch com- 

The title was m limbo during three days of 
bickering over the long count. Two ot boxing's 
governing bodies undertook an Investigation of 
whether Douglas, the underdog, was knocked 
out first The final decision was in his favor. 

f"He pulled the greatest upset in history," 
said Douglas' father. "Just call it a victory for 

World leaders welcomed a united Germany into the international cornr 
October 3 (1990), but concerns about the balance of power temper i 

E "' A P new era is beginning for Germany, for Europe and indeed, we r M 
world" Secretary of State James A. Baker III declared in New York . LjJ 

In a message to governments worldwide, Chancellor HelmutKohl ple< d W 
Ge?m\ny MK again pose the territorial claims that rnarked Ge^ fl- 
its initial unification in 1*71 to its defeat and division irT World War I 
future, only peace will emanate from German soil, Komsaia » 

^message came after Germany held a nightlong nationwide celebn £; 

" TheCtion d unld C at the stroke of midntoM when a giam German f lag> 
in front of the battle-scarred Reichstag building in Berlin. Kohl and ©the 

,0i T^unS.^n c^i^SSer the Berlin Wall fell in a peaceful 
cast aside Communist East German overlords. 

, *.'*V%- * \^^« ' "•' . ••l" *C ■■■'■ • 4 . ^y f%Jft ■ •: 
It was crude, even lewd. But this time fans were spared seem» wtj 

"stfflrmany people said that Roseanne Barr was a disgrace tor 
rendrtionof the national anthem at a National League basebatt doubte-h. ft 
a crude on-Held gesture afterward. 

>opular sitcom "R"P 
sed by the sound m 



As of mid-October (1990), more than 20 


3 U.S. troops had been deployed to Saudi Arabia, 

sources said. They are preparing to defend the desert kingdom from possible Iraqi attack. 


Iraq haa about 430,000 men in Kuwait and southern Iraq, according to the Pentagon. 
Among the latest forces to arrive in Saudi Arabia are elements of the 1st Cavalry Division, which includes 
a brigade of the 2nd Armored Division, from Fort Hood, Texas. The soldiers am being flown on commercial 
jetliners, meeting up with their roughly 300 Mi-Abrams tanks and other equipment which was shipped from 
their bases several weeks prior. 

lv ■- ;v^.- .:£•■■.. ^V*&:'- a*' 


il'nimiMiiiniHliI ti 


Celebrating the fruits of their summit diplomacy, President Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. 
Gorbachev shook hands and signed a sheaf of agreements, including a conditional trade accord. 
During the June (1990) summit, the leaders also embraced a preliminary deal to cut long-range nuclear 

arms. jfcu.v y* '" •#» \" !•*■-#* ••''"' ' •'*»>»*• ".** 'w^* *~j»V -*-j 

The centerpiece arms agreement, banning chemical arms production, was a foregone conclusion. 
But last-hour negotiating was necessary to settle differences on a framework for strategic arms cuts 
and a five-year grain deal. 

The two leaders also agreed to strive for an elusive agreement on reduction of troops, tanks and 
other conventional weapons in Europe. 

From twin lecterns, the two presidents spoke of what they had done and what they hope to do. "I 
think what is happening now . . . represents an event of momentous importance, not only for our two 
^countries but for the world," said Gorbachev. 

Defeating the Milwaukee Brewers on July 31, Texas 
ingers pitcher Nolan Ryan won his 300th game. "I feel 
ore relieved than anything else after all the buildup," 

said after joining the 300 club. 
A crowd of 51,533 showed up to cheer Ryan on at 
"ounty Stadium. "A lot of people have come in for this 
leme. It's inconvenient for them, but they're friends of 
nine and they want to be a part of it," he said before the 
lame. ; 

•-,»;>•.'* :w. Wfc'«. 


* * B* 

The Southern U.S. spent much of the spring wringing itself out after week of flooding 
turned entire towns into muddy lakes where buildings poked up like knotty tree stumps, 
and the toll of shattered lives was tremendous. 

While parts of the Mid-West dealt with heavy rainfall and floods, those states suffering 
the most damage were Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. 

In Texas alone, agricultural damage was estimated at $700 million and at least $60 
million to residences. 

*:-^ ^y v ^,?i.r\:w>e>'^r. : -.vif//' vJ! 

Gone Not 
^Forgotten ip&P 



„ world lost some |„. _ 

entertainment industry were Stevie Ray Vaughan, Leonard Berstein, Sammy Davis, Jr., actress 
Grata Garbo and Muppets founder Jim Henson. Legendary sports figure Rocky Graziano died as 
well as other noted figures such as Ralph Abemathy, Jose Duarte and Malcolm Forbes. The most 
'• ' "if f * heartbreaking loss of aft was the death of Ryan White, who succumbed to AIDS after battling the 

•"-:?£ 't. '-»"-■■■ *^' ' disease for 5V» years. > <-!/■ ..*.-•.- - *.«< 

■ 5'V • - 


Events / 81 

.•71. ~~*w. **- ^ . V -v 



•jv-<, •• •■ • - • *,*•'•■" **•; 


•St •«£■■•.• *«• .- J* * 

3b ■ v* "* ^ . ■ . • ■ •,%> , - 
» '-is ••***• *"•■*•»*» .1 

'*,«?; *.*-,.;*» -."31 

' • :-i *'■«'-■• • • 

v.: ■*•■■"* - 4 >* 

■yj.A* ',*■-«•'■ •' jjl 

|«i .?* >»«?»« UN**' "*"&fl 
. 'VW^j . ; •.■»-'"'4».''-*l 


B ^- 4v ^ - "■'■ VmJ 
■**« . iTlf * v 

^* ' ■** ■ ■ «. *; * JW 

• ^"#» V**- >#"•. •■ 


■% hi 

v?-- : ":*i!--'v ;tr ^^' 

The Lendon Players opened their 1991 season with "The Elephant Man." Tl •; 
play ran February 27 through March 2. The cast and crew, directed by Deni 
Halbach, worked together to create a very real and enjoyable show. 

<V».^r-.- ■'. .. ■•.*i'*' *»%> * 5 '■ •» ■ 

• ; ^ .ttk.-^ ■> '-* > v ."* . ■_•** 
*• % *" ™ * A »» v* 4- • 1 - - 

-'.'•IV «•- > L»1 

f» k ^_f: 


On the morning of January 16, 1991, Amer- 
icans awoke to hear the following message from 
President George Bush: "The liberation of Ku- 
wait has begun. America and her allies are now 
at war with Iraq." 

In the weeks after the war began, American 
patriotism began to climb. In demonstrations 
around the country, Americans joined together to 
show their support for the troops involved in 
"Operation Desert Storm." The "support rallies" 
were held in every town, from Mississippi to 
Virginia and from New York to California. Amer- 
icans turned out in record numbers, brandishing 
flags and dressed in red, white and blue. As the 
year continued, Americans prayed that their 
loved ones would return home safe. 


*> * **-».«»* .. «/j 

*2 S 

- - w n 



,. "? .m ••'W 

. -»* ■•*. -a. *" ' .* 



You don't have to live here; You don't have to 

be free ^^^^r^t^?% $*&$?& 
Before you start protesting, why don't you think 

about me/ >>< 

value my freedom; 1 value my life 
fou just don't understand our troops are fighting 

for ail of our lives 


_••• 'i**i 

••* ••'•■1 


thf PRirr 


t's not just their families; It's not just their friends 

They're fighting for us all and shedding blood with 

i their hands 

fhey dream every night; They dream about home 

3ut you have to give them a reason — just one to 

> make it home 

fhey don't have to be there; They're all volunteers 

=or you they put their lives on the line and I'm 

sure they shed many tears 
: or your children and more children to come 


Fhey're trying real hard to make this world calm 
J3o don't say it's for oil and don't say there's no 

' need $V- *« ■■"• - : k_ : -* '■•*;*'**►;*•** ^'T^ : '■•*' 
Because when it comes to our country 
»ou can love it or leave! 



_ _ j 


••/-.*vic-.- • 

■■•■>>■ •"'*& 

Tracey Myers was selected 
from fifty-three coeds as the 
winner of the 1990 Beauty Re- 
vue held November 7 in Cain 

Hall Auditorium. Tracey is a 

J*' .* 

v V*'-* 

1989 graduate of Central 
Hinds Academy in Raymond. 

The judges for the pageant 
this year were Mrs. Carolyn 
Cole, Mrs. Lynn Porter, and 
Mr. Danny Whittington. 

Hinds beauties selected in 
the pageant were: Becca 
Harvel, Shanna Hodges, Ka- 
ren Nuckolls, Gwen Turbville, 
and Stephanie Sullivan. 

Dr. Clyde Muse, president 
of Hinds Community College, 
provided the welcome to the 
pageant. The entertainment 
was provided by Daphne Out- 
law and the Hinds Hi- 

Mrs. Anna Bee served as 
pageant director and Bob 
Hodges served as an assis- 
tant pageant director. The 

ids Beauties — Six Hinds coeds were selected by a panel of judges as campus beauties with one being named m , 7_ ceremonies was 

ost Beautiful." The six were chosen from 53 contestants that entered the pageant which was sponsored by the A,on Bee > Jr -> Sound Coordi- 
lege yearbook, the Eagle. Pictured from left are: Gwen Turbville, Karen Nuckolls, Tracey Myers — "Most nator was Jack Hite, vote tab- 


'•■ .» 



Eautiful," Becca Harvel, Shanna Hodges and Stephanie Sullivan. 

ulator was Brad Moore, and 


• . 

The Eagles pushed their way past East Central Community College in 
route to another victory, and to cap a very busy week on the Raymond 

Dr. Clyde Muse, President of Hinds, crowns the new Homecoming Queen Orlala 

* 1 . ft*, ... \-. v,,- : 

Jinds Connection members were on hand to sell tickets to the prayer breakfast that 
iras held in Moss Hall Cafeteria. 

s* :■ f: 

V:' .;■ 

The Hinds Cheerleaders await the start of the big Homecoming 
game with the East Central Warriors. 

1*4: "1\. ■*»*%, 

>•■ '. -j s •.1 
»* •*•.%,-■?- • 'I 
"-*■■ *.<•;••*>" 
™_ » ' s -at 

•"■1>it- "C **"%( 

. ,, ■ -■ .■■■■ 



» > 

iS* »*• '■** 7 ♦?* 

.■««>f». '■»•.•,- /air, *• i 




The eighth annual Mississippi and the 
Arts Week was celebrated March 19-23, 
1990. Participants who made the event a 
success were Mississippi entertainers, 
artists, and authors. 

Events scheduled for the 19th included 
selected reading by poet Jim Seay and 
the Raymond Campus Speech Depart- 
ment; on the 10th Faye Angelo, Beverly 
Farris, and Betty Furstenberger present- 
ed: Reflections on the Civil Rights Move- 
ment and Russel Yeates gave a silk- 
screening demonstration; on the 21st 
The Utica Campus Choir performed in 
concert and Kathryn Windham told ghost 
stories; on the 22nd Dr. Jerry Ward was 
featured with some of his selected read- 
ings; and on the 23rd The New Stage 
Theater Acting Group presented a 
"Shakespearean Collage" and Walter 
Liniger and "Son" Thomas played the 
blues to end a busy week. 

: *4 

» «' 




:vems - ,-.,^- ^ — ■ — ■■■■■ ■■ 

• . * Jfc. s. 
V< '.^, a ™" 

'.' /'te '•>*' 

• ►•-««.• • . » 

Front, Left to Right: Jeannie Muse, Rosia Crisler, Ann 
From Left: Sue Pitts, George Kelley, Alec Valentine, 

« ' 



r;'.«\- • v' 



* .». 


Il ,1*- ^> * - * • 

IK* *'t-'* ***»«•* 


- : 

The 1990 Miss Hinds Community College 
Pageant was held on March 7 in Cain Hall 

Dr. Clyde Muse, president of Hinds Com- 
munity College, provided the welcome to 
the pageant. The entertainment was pro- 
vided by the Hinds Hi-Steppers and Miss 
Daphne Outlaw. The 1989 Miss Hinds, Tracy 
Yarbrough, also performed several songs. 

Mrs. Anna Bee, director of the Hi- 
Steppers, was the pageant's director. Bob 
Hodges, assistant director of Public Rela- 
tions, was assistant pageant director. Serv- 
ing as hostess of the judges was Mrs. Clyde 
Muse. The Master of Ceremonies was Alon 
Bee, Jr. 

> 4 ■ 

"■<Wit* >#r ^= *ir 


1 ••'.."« 



■•'# . ■'. •„ /,>.'. **.'" -.*^* M rl 
*■ '..J ? . .•''* »•_ ,4-., ■.' .♦- !l 

V W .. V » - » * • w 1 " * -,.~ **. ^S. 

: V-' -yV 1 


MISS HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE PAGEANT winners from left are: Helena Wade of Richland, 3rd runner up; Melissa 
'* Sanderford of Vicksburg, 1st runner up; Dawn Raybon, Miss Hi 
« Thornton of Brandon, 2nd runner up. 

r i in- Malices ?*-«;..•>,% 

\t, . *C#, •. -V. I*--' '. 
I ^**« "•*■*• * 

•it * $■» • * «* * * »' *■ v» - 

• -"•* til*' ' ■;■%* * * 

•as. ji *^W» 

;«,. i ;«.: t ^ 

I 5 


*'*r s'.v-..-.'4''-**-.4fc'i«i*-' 




"Mess America" — 1990, Rob "Anita Somebody" Abel was 
crowned Mess America in the annual pageant heid in Cain Hall 

Auditorium. The "Mess America" Pageant is sponsored by 



.* .rzf **«. 


■■■■■"■■■■ *—*— 

tudents really took advantage of the Hiney-Ho festivities 
A il 25 and 261 This event, held each spring, featured arm 
wistling and volleyball competitions, a dunking booth, live 


» •♦ - <■■■-*, V 

— *■*'» 

u! ^2. 


**# "' •*.' te i 8 "^''.*-^ '.-4" '*« 

Campus Entertainment 

<8 ' ... 

r 4* .:- 



"* . * at ^PT * ^ 

A"* ■ J * 

. *« • 

Student Morale was kept high 
with several dances throughout the 
year. These dances helped provide 
students with the rest and relax- 
ation needed to keep their minds on 
studies. Various organizations 
sponsored these dances such as: 
the "Street Dance", Homecoming 
dance, and the dance to welcome 
new students to the campus. 

pal HI l~Va^^* *v.-.,v-« 

: •<?.-. -:>-.* :-A~i- ■-..-'.*' 







i. ■» • 

# 4 *, 

British Studies Group — First Row, From Left: Britt Brown, Hinds Co- 
ordinator; Rick Harmon. Second Row: Pam Reeves, Kimberly Thames, 

Sabrena May, Eric Mills, Steve Brown, Sam Terrell 


'#■ . •■ 



«-_** y^t- 

*■ "^'/.i'V'* »^ •*"■./••.■ 


• • •• »i , - „; . .<♦ ,.«t, ; f 4 J 

, A -ilV«<V.-, V « i^: 4 


'•ft? 7 **>■'$ »*.«,."»%• «. * .••Z^ c ■ 



:: ji 

-v'^" : 

Throughout the year, Hinds conducted an Arts 
and Lecture Series that hosts guest speakers 
and renowned artists from around the United 

A few of the participants were Bob Fellows, Dr. 
John Perkins, Lt. Jim Bullard, Jane Boucher, Bar- 
bara Faulkner, Lynn Clough, and Becky Chat- 

The Arts and Lecture Series is a project of the 
Hinds Community College Special Activities 
Committee. The presentations are free and open 
to the public. 






^■^^ w * . ** ■* * * 


•**% *V. 


I v \* **. *%•*• • •■ 

w .»* * ■ •■ ""a*-- li.., 

> !*»»i- -*:."*• jv- v * 

(jting performances. *4;^*%^*/ 

Enthusiastic critical response has incku ^•'w •' 

jositv, "a real attraction, "the best cc >W 
mcerts, Hans Joreen Jensen and Fumiki 3i^:!*i*-'J ^ 

(vision and have made one record togetl 


' *i&$^ 


100 / Residence Life 




Residence Life 

Resident Advisors 










Open Dorm 


tesidence / 101 


What is a college dorm? 
A college dorm is a small 
community of people who 
live together during the se- 
mester and who form 
friendships with their co- 
inhabiters. It is the hope of 
the Residence Hall Staff 
that through interaction 
with other students that 
both individual growth and 
a sense of community will 

Your Resident Advisor is 
the staff person in your 
building that you may go to 
and discuss your con- 
cerns. He or she has the 
answers go your questions 
or will find out the answer 
of your question for you. 
Since the R.A. lives in your 
area, he/she can be your 
main source for informa- 
tion concerning all aspects 
of residence hall living, 
policies, and activities. 



102 / Residence Life 


•••..'•'• > " .. ' 


:1c, L- 
. ed residence hall, Al- 
ii Whitaker, houses one 
undred and eleven fresh- 
lan and sophomore fe- 
niaie students. The build- 
ig is arranged in suites, 
ccommodating four stu- 
jents, which have two 
bedrooms with a connect- 
ing bath. The staff consists 
of one Hall Director, Spring 
Heflin, and four Resident 
Advisors. .mKM Jp 
Allen-Whitaker Hall was 
dedicated to Lola Allen 
and Fleta Whitaker on Au- 
gust 15, 1982. Lola Allen 
served Hinds as an in- 
structor of accounting and 
in the business office from 
1922-1966. Fleta Whitaker 
served Hinds from 1929- 
1960 as an instructor of 

ome economics. 

>m Left: Cassandra Arrington, Jessica 
econd Row, From Left: Merchell Pittman, 
• "eynolds, Roxanne Gould, Karen Irby. 

esidence Life/ 103 


Davis, the largest of the 
residence halls, houses 
over two hundred and fif- 
ty freshman and sopho- 
more female students. 
One hall director, Cathy 
Lancaster, and seven 
resident advisors make 
up the staff. 

Each floor is adorned 
with lounges overlooking 
a court of natural light. 
Each lounge has a kitch- 
enette. Community bath- 
rooms are located on 
each floor. The bedrooms 
accommodate two stu- 
dents and are furnished 
with built-in furniture. Da- 
vis Hall was erected in 
1970. Davis Hall was 
named after Gertrude E. 

Above: Left to Right: Cathy Lancaster, hall director Cheryl Garner, 
Lisa Parsons, Nanette Gray, Monica Bell, Monic Ainsworth, Vicki 
Cole are resident advisors. 

Below: Left First Row: Sanya Hynum, Miranda Laty, Vicki Cole, Tammy A 
Second Row: Traci Killebrew, Nicole Newman, Melissa Sanderford, Doll 
Bryant, Kal Carter, Evelia Campbell. Hall council members. 

104/ Residence Life 




Council — Above: Left to Right, First Row: Dana Crotweil, Anne Hogue 
bitha Griffith. Second Row: Jeanna Jinks, Bridget Bell, Hall Director; Michelle 
en, Angela Brister. 

jue, R 
elle F 

The newest women's 
residence hall on campus, 
Hardy-Puryear, is four sto- 
ries high and houses two- 
hundred Sophomore and 
freshman, women stu- 
dents. The staff consists 
of one Hall Director, Brid- 
get Bell, and six resident 

On August 15, 1982, Har- 
dy-Puryear was dedicated 
to Anne Hardy and Nellie 
Spann Puryear. Anne Har- 
dy served Hinds from 
1965-1982 as an English 
teacher and in academic 
assignments. She also 
served as secretary of the 
Development Foundation. 
Nellie Spann Puryear 
served as the women's 
dormitory matron from 
1932-1950, and taught Lat- 
in and Math. 

R.A.'s — Below, Left: Left to Right, First Row: Patra Bickham, Olivia 
Foster, Mattie Walker. Second Row: Toni Murray, Evelyn Ross, 
Tammy Williams, Jackie Cunningham. 



■■ i 

, - 



■ ; ***** - -j8uB 


WL - , ...y m U 

JiH' ^^^B^^BflKK 

jf-« ajf" J 

% ^'PP^. 

m ■**■* 4^RH 

'iZs* i- dim 

i/ I *■ 




Residence Life / 105 

.,„ Hall, the , 
dame of the Raymond Cam- 
pus, is the only original 
building still standing. To- 
day the interior of Main Hall 
consists of a modern decor, 
but the exterior is identical 
to when it was built in 1917. 
Four, seven, and eight- 
person suites, arranged with 
upstairs bedroom/bath 
areas and winding stairwells 
that open to sitting rooms 
house ninety-four women 
honor students. Adjacent to 
these gathering places are 
kitchenettes equipped with 
a refrigerator, microwave, 
sink, table and chairs. Also 
located in the residence hail 
are two-person bedrooms 
with private baths. Reni 
Bumpas, the Hall Director, 
and four Resident Assis- 
tants are on the staff at Main 

Above Right: R.A*'s -~ From Left Melissa Below: Hall Council — First Row, From Left: Kim Ashley, Susan Cox, Kim Ellis, Kim McCauley. Set 1 
Williams, Marcia Crecink, Reni Bumpas, Hall Row, From Left: Shirley Taylor, Missy Steela, Kim Paterson, Donna Hilton, Kathleen Tipton, 
Director, Diana May, Shirley Taylor. BumfMBMroll Director. + HB fc, *-£J I*"* *' 1? *»*► * 2 

106 / Residence Life 



>ove: Left to Right: Christina Johnson, Dorlisa Hines, Rhonda Luter, Tabitha 
estwood, Sandra McGee, Keisha Ousley, Sharon Evans, Patricia Martin. Hall 
>uncil Members. 

Marshall, a two story 
air-conditioned brick 
building housing about 
one hundred sophomore 
and freshman students, 
is staffed by one hall di- 
rector, Shelia Terrell, and 
five student assistants. 
The building has porches 
parallel in length and is 
enclosed with solar 
screens of ceramic tile. 
The rooms are four bed- 
room suites, each with a 
foyer, bath, cabinets and 
closets. Marshall was 
dedicated to Fay Mar- 
shall on August 15, 1982. 

Below: Left to Right: Hall director, Shelia Terrell, resident advisors 
Kimberly Youngblood, Shannon Owens, Sandra McGee, Patricia 
Martin, Charisse Johnson. 

!S£5» a v$£ * • * * I J * * * **7r^l^ 

Residence Life / 107 





A three-story residence hall, Greaves 
houses one-hundred and eighty-eight 
male students. Greaves is arranged in 
four-bedroom suites which are complete 
/ith one bathroom. A remodeled lobby 
tits adjacent to the residence hall. Bob 
Hodges serves as resident manager and 
is assisted by four Resident Advisors. 

Greaves Hail was built in 1966 while 
Robert M. Mayo was President of the 
college. The dorm is named after former 
Board of Trustees President Frank M. 

Hall Council — Left to Right: Richard Norton, Jody Pitts, Steve Gardner, Tung Le, Richard Smith 
Not Pictured: Coreg Smith, Al Sheldon. fc^£_ 

108 / Residence Life 

A two story residence 
hall, Virden, houses sev- 
enty-nine freshman and 
sophomore male stu- 
dents. Three resident ad- 
visors and one resident 
manager govern each 
four-bedroom unit. The 
units are completed with 
a small foyer and one 

Virden was erected in 
1959. At that time, 
George M. McLendon 
was president of Hinds. 

V.'s — From Left: Allen Mitchell, J. W. Hoatland, Resident Manager; and Ricky Hall Council members are from left — Daniel Grace and RoShun 

Ison. mj^m mMM KemI mam ■if Mi mluM Palmer. BUS 


i - '//,- 

p. I 


Residence Life / 109 




Residence Life 

Williams Hall, a two story L shaped res- 
idence hall, houses 140 freshman and soph- 
omore male students. Each room accommo- 
dates two students with central baths located 
in each suite. There is a central lobby on the 
first floor. One hall director, Tony Serio and 
four resident advisors govern this hall. 

Williams was dedicated on August 15, 1982, 
to C. A. Williams, a former member of the 
Hinds Junior College Board of Trustees who 
served from 1921-1940. 


{Resident Advisors — First Row, From Left: Richard She'd, Joey Gusset. Second Row, From Left Perch 
Jrooks III, Mikhail Mooney, Tony Serio — hall director. 

Residence Life / 111 



uests o 

uring specific ti 
Study sessions, gr 
sions and movie w 
' a big part of open dorm in 1 

112 /Residence Life 



r • * 





114 /People 






Board of Trustees 


Faculty and Staff 




People/ 115 

Dr. Clyde Muse is serving in his 
thirteenth year as president of 
Mississippi's largest community 
college and Mississippi's second 
largest educational institution. 

His relationship with junior col- 
leges began when he as a stu- 
dent attended East Central Jun- 
ior College. Since those days, he 
has received degrees from Delta 
State University and Mississippi 
State University. No stranger to 
the public school system he was 
an educator and administrator 
before coming to Hinds in 1978. 

Dr. Muse's position as presi- 
dent not only involves him in 
everyday administrative duties, 
but he must also act as a liaison 
with the state legislature and the 
Board of Trustees on behalf of 
the College. He and his wife 
Vashti, also serve as official 
hosts for the college and sponsor 
many college functions during 
the year. They also show a strong 
support for student activities and 
athletic events and attend func- 
tions throughout the Hinds Com- 
munity College District. 

Dr. Clyde 
second m 

f^ JT\ I — >J I mmr Cm It! \J ImI ■ VmFLm mJ Em I w I V 1 |J ^— ■ 



♦ ♦ ♦ 

118 /People 

Dr. Michael Rabalais — Vice- 
President/Raymond Campus 

Dr. Terry Puckett — Vice- 
President/Jackson Campus and 
Branch Operations 

Dr. George Barnes — Vice- 

President/Utica Campus and 

Administrative and Student Services 



People/ 119 


Walter Bivins — Vice-President 
Hinds County 

Jobie Martin 
Hinds County 

A. A. Alexander — President 
Hinds County 

Dr. Leslie Johnson — Secretary 
Hinds County 

F. C. Fox, Jr. 
Claiborne County 

D. G. Fountain, Jr. 
Hinds County 

Charles Craft 
Warren County 

120 / People 

■ ■ 



Donald Oaks 
Warren County 

O. H. Simmons 
Hinds County 

Dr. F. A. White, Jr. 
Claiborne County 

Talmadge Portis, Jr. 
Representative at Large 

Dale Sullivan 
Copiah County 

George Wynne 
Rankin County 

Dr. Ora Stanton 
Copiah County 

Dr. Michael Vinson 
Rankin County 


M ■ i HH 


People / 121 

V A t 1 ! V A TTTTT TFir Q 

Dr. Conrad Welker — Exec- 
utive Assistant for Special 

Dr. E. R. Wall — Dean of In- 
stitutional Research and 
Management Information 

122 / People 

Louis Stokes — Executive 
Assistant for Special Proj- 

Ben Woods — Director of 

Dr. Barbara Blankenship — 
Dean of Students 

Norma Wall — District Direc- 
tor of Instructional Material 

Rene Warren — Athletic Di- 


Billy Irby — Director of Ad- 
missions and Records 

Dr. David Durham — Aca- 
demic Dean 

Jackie Granberry 
of Development 


Colleen Hartfield — Director 
of Public Relations 


K. P. Lewis — Director of 

Gene Murphy — Assistant 
Athletic Director 

Joe Loviza — Dean of Vicks- 
burg/Warren County Branch 

Bobbie Anderson — Dean of 
Jackson Campus — Nurs- 
ing/Allied Health Center 

10 (J 

( JQot 






Dr. Thad Owens — Super- 
intendent of Grounds 

Bill Wilson — Dean of Jack- 
son Campus/Sunset Drive 

Bob Mullins — Director of 
Resource and Coordinating 
Unit for Economic Develop- 

Dr. Wayne Stonecypher — 
Academic Dean of Jackson 
Campus and Branch Opera- 

Tom Smith — Director of En- 
ergy Conservation and Main- 

Clark Henderson — Director 
of Cooperative Education 
and Placement 

People / 123 


Albert Hossley — Assistant 
Dean of Vicksburg/Warren 
County Branch 

(38© mBMB 

Curtis Kynerd — Director of 
Media Center 

Mary Ann Sones — Assis- 
tant Dean of Nursing/Allied 
Health Center 

Charles West — Director of 
Computer Services 

Hilton Dyar — Assistant 
Dean of Raymond Vo-Tech 

John Perritt — Instructional 
Development Officer 

Mildred Lester — Assistant 
Dean of the Jackson Cam- 
pus/Sunset Drive Center 

Tom Wasson — Director of 
Auxiliary Services 

Ella Jane Putnam — Coor- 
dinator of Business and Gov- 
ernment Services 

Rick Hartfield — Director of 
Residence Life 

Dr. James Pettigrew — As- 
sistant Dean of Rankin Cam- 

Doug Fowler — Director of 
Facilities/Janitorial Services 

124 / People 


Thurman Alley — Industrial 
Services Coordinator 

Larry Coleman — Chief of 
Campus Police 

Zandra Nowell — Coordina- 
tor of Alumni Affairs 

Bob Hodges — Assistant Di- 
rector of Public Relations 

Bebe Garrison — Coordina- 
tor of High School Relations 

Gayle Senter — Assistant 
Dean of Raymond Vo-Tech 

Margurite Wall — Director of 
Small Business Develop- 
ment Center 

Wille Ealey — Assistant Di- 
rector of Public Relations 


126 /P 


& Staff 

Eugene Broadwater — Chief Dell Broadwa 
Accountant/Office Manager Technology 

phy/British Studies 

Sharron Burch — Nursing Reni Bumpas — Main Hall I 

Director/Housing Area Coor- Dra. 



Cheryl Carr 


Jerry Carr — English 






Wesley E. Carson 

Refrig- Sharron Cauthen — Busi- 
ness Administration 

David Chaney — Agriculture 

Dr. Shu Chang — Chemistry 

Wendell Deer — Mathemat 


rr — Counselo 

.argaret Gandy — Business Cindy Gant — Practical 
echnology Nursing 

Dot Gardner — LPN 

Godfrey Garner — Social 

Annette Garriga — Academ- 



' I nnM li h i m 

Denise fjiflftt, 

| IP* «; f i 




•k- - * 

Rebecca Jerrigan — Distri- Barbara Johnson — Nursing Bobbie Johnson — Custodi- Lucy Johnson — Sales Clerk Ken Johnston — Math 

button and Marketing Tech. an 


& Staff 

ui*' j , wv 



f £> ^ f 

«"■ .:: 

Patricia Matthev 
ratory Therapy 

istribution and 
Jng Tech. 

Carrie Montgomery — Hotel, Brad Moore — Public Rela- Majorie Mor 

Motel and Restaurant Man- tions Photographer 


ttitudes . . 



Ruby McMullen — Custodi- 

Nancy McMurtrey 
Care Development 

Child Hilda McRaney — Reading 

Mary Etta Naftel — Business 

Carol Nelson — vo-Tech 

& Staff 

Sylvia Redd 



Minnie Riley — Mathematics Jerry Roberts — Distribution Fred Robertson — Business Martha Robinson — Busi- Mary Robinson — English 

and Marketing Tech. ness Technology 

ci- Joyce Husseu 

mse scares — nistory 

ary Nell Scott — Counsel- Arlene Sh 
or/Single Parent Enrichment sisting 

ntal As- Tara ■ 

tive Tony Serio — Williams Hall 
■m. Director/Housing Area Coor- 

Beverly Sha' 

& Staff 


"■ ' "". M iiii i n . 

P*B^™*'** y **iiii 

c c 



Faculty & Staff 

People / 139 

Hinds Community College is called 
"The College for All People," because It 
offers a good education at the economic 
convenience of a state-supported 
school. Hinds is known for its strong ac- 
ademics. Hinds also has a more personal 
instruction advantage, due to the high 
teacher-to-student ratio. 

Hinds has produced many scholars, 
leaders on state and national levels, and 
prominent businessmen. The College is 
offering many new scholarship opportu- 
nities to the academic student. The 
Hinds Community College Honors pro- 
gram is known throughout the state as a 
model community/junior college pro- 

The academic excellence at Hinds 
Community College, with the rich scho- 
lastic tradition and new developments, 
makes the future even brighter. 

140 / People 

People / 141 

Ecujle Attitudes . * ♦ 

Julie Abney 


Deanna Acy 


John Adcock 


Renee Adcock 


Dee Dee Adcox 


Sami Adolphson 


Mary Lou Ainsworth 


Monic Ainsworth 


Stacy Ainsworth 


Christie Allday 


Stacy Alleman 


Jay Allen 


Teresa Alliston 


Bettie J. Anderson 


Stacy Anderson 


Victoria Anderson 


Toby Andrews 


Kim Ashley 


Kevin Axton 


Sharon Babbett 



- '' 1 


i •-. * - ., ^k U U j 

142 / People 

Hinds Students 


Ginger Bagwell 
Lee Bailey 
Amanda Ballenger 
Christie Balte 

Sandra Banes 
Felicia Bankhead 
Chris Bankston 
Dung Bao 

Tracy Barnard 
Cathy Barnes 
Thomas Barnes 
Robert Barnett 

People / 143 

Ecujte Attitudes ♦ ♦ 1 

144 /People 

Hinds Students 

I L *£ 

^K*!(E~j&* jl 

MjjL <"'Jr ■■■ 

^N 2 

1 '/ 

BBBHy ^^M 

1 .. '-"iSj 

t E|^ ^>KI* : f 

#»* v & 


^K ' :S; *'^ h m^fn iinMl 

Amy Bevill 
Suzanne Bicker 
Patra Bickham 
Leigh Biggert 

Shelley Bishop 
Yolanda Blanche 
Pam Boatman 
Carol Bos worth 

Martin Boyd 
John Bradway 
Chatty Brantley 
David Braswell 

Jess Brasher 
Terasa Bridges 
Trey Britt 
Tracey Broome 

Gwen Brown 
Jimmy Brown 
Shannon Brown 
Yevette Buck 


People / 145 

Eagle Attitudes . ♦ A 

Allison Buckley 


Darlene Buckley 


Andrea Bulloch 


Trey Bullock 


Sonia Burlison 


Sophia Burlison 


Gina Burnham 


Melanie Burnham 


Cynthia Burns 


Scott Burns 


Frank Bynum 


Beth Byrd 


Nancy Byrd 


Michelle Calton 


Evelia Campbell 


Scott Campbell 


Tracy Carey 


Jill Carruth 


April Carter 


Stephanie Case 



146 / People 

Hinds Students 



Alexis Caston 
Janice Caston 
Angie Channell 

Bradford Charleston 

Melanie Clark 
Barbara Clayton 
Brigitte Cliburn 
Kim Cliburn 

Vicki Cole 
Ericka Coleman 
Nikole Coleman 
Kelli Collins 

People/ 147 

• T 

Eagle, Attitudes ♦ ♦ 1 



148 /People 

Hinds Students 



Slf.. ..- r ' 

■ ■ 

IT 1 " 

* - 




Gina Craft 
Marcia Crecink 
Dana Crotwell 
Misty Cumberland 

Vanessa Cutrer 


Mike Darby 


Michelle Dardeau 


Dee Dee Davidson 


Shauna Davidson 
Ted Davidson 
John Davis, Jr. 
Penny Dawkins 

Zane Dees 
Brian Denham 
Melody Dhonay 
Jennifer Dickerson 

Tracy Dickerson 
Vickie Donnelly 
Kate Dorrough 
Susan Drake 

People/ 149 

Eagit Attitudes • ♦ . 

Kerry Dukes 


Jeff Dunaway 


Emily Dungan 


Stacy Eady 


Beth Eastland 


Christie Edwards 


Johnna Edwards 


Stephanie A. Edwards 


Stephanie Edwards 


Kimberly Ellis 


Lea Erwin 


John Eubanks 


Melanie Evans 


Sharon Evans 


Melissa Fant 


Murray Farrar 


Stephanie Farrior 


Wendy Finke 


Carla Floyd 


Kacee Foote 


150 / People 

Hinds Students 


, ... . .. 



f 4 



Randy Fortenberry 
Terry Fortenberry 
Toni Franklin 
Arthur Frazier 

Debbie Gaby 
Cheryl Garner 
Libby Garrett 
Kendrick Glover 

Oianna Gonzalez 
Tanya Gooden 
Melissa Gordon 
Roxanne Gould 

Mickie Graham 
James Grantham 
Nanette Gray 
Sharon Gray 

Paxton Green 
Angela Greenwaldt 
Karen Greer 
Melissa Griffin 

People/ 151 

Eagle Attitudes ♦ ; \ 

Melodie Griffith 


Tabitha Griffith 


Jacqueline Hail 


Trevor Hamilton 


Lana Hammand 


Toby Hannah 


Drew Hannon 


Wanderlish Hardaway 


Kristy Hardin 


Amy Harris 


Tiffany Harrison 


Becca Harvei 


Steffanie Haskins 


Michael Hasty 


Randy Hasty 


Sheila Hatchett 


Jeri Haver 


Kathy Hawkins 


Tina Hay 


Natasha Haynes 


152 / People 

Hinds Students 

People / 153 


Eagle Attitudes . ♦ ♦ 

Mitchell House 


Elizabeth Howell 


Leslie Howell 


Mary Ann Hubman 


Pamela Hurley 
Amy Husbands 
Gregory Ingram 
Kim Ingram 

Robbie James 


Melissa Janson 


Shannon Jeffries 


Janiet Jenkins 


^^ ■ . 


IB s^ *"""^ 1 



J Hfe H>| 

- p 

154 / People 

Hinds Students 

Kathy Jenkins 
Jeanna Jinks 
Kimberly Johns 
Christina Johnson 

Melissa Johnson 
Angie Jones 
Beth Jones 
Erika Jones 

Michelle Jones 
Quintus Jones III 
Rhonda Jones 
Twyla Jones 

Yolanda Jones 
Kristi Kelley 
Belinda Kellum 
Helen Keyes 

Terry Knight 
Kris Koenig 
Alison Krueger 
Traci Killebrew 

People/ 155 


Eagle Attitudes ♦ ♦ ] 

Douglas King 


Jenny King 


Keela Kirkland 


Tracy Kinksey 


Tracy Larson 


Chris Laughlin 


Melissa Launius 


Darren Lazarus 


Cindy Leach 


Brenda Lee 


Leah A. Lee 


Scott Lee 


Elnora Lewis 


Lesley Lewis 


Mary Nell Lewis 


Brandon Lingerfelt 


Robbie Lofton 


Tracy Lofton 


Denise Logan 


James Logan IV 


156 /People 

Hinds Students 

. '> 




k ^vv p^s 



Beverly Loper 
Bill Lott 
Peggy Lott 
Pamela Lucas 

Lisa Luke 
Cynthia Machen 
Susanne Magee 
Jennifer Mahaffey 

Robin Mahaffey 
Delynn Malone 
Michael Martin 
Michael 0. Martin 

People/ 157 

Eagle Attitudes . . . 


158 /People 

Hinds Students 

Merrick Moody 
David Mooney 
Holly Mooney 
Eddy Moore 

Kristie Moore 
Lori Moore 
Melanie Morris 
Rhonda Morris 

Dawn Moseley 
Kenneth Mullins 
Shelby Murray 
Toni Murray 

Angel Myers 
Vicky McBeth 
Tom McCabe 
Jennifer McCall 

Kim McCauley 
Susan McCormick 
Ann McCoy 
Cheryl McCoy 

People/ 159 


Eagk Attitudes . ♦ I 

Jena McDaniel 


Amy McDonald 


Theresa McGuffer 


Debbie McQuire 


Vivian McKell 


Felicia McKinney 


Jame McKinney 


Trina McLin 


Allison McRae 


Todd McRaney 


Stephanie McPhail 


Holly McWilliams 


Phill Nelson 


Tracey Netto 


Kristy Newman 


Nicole Newman 


Michelle Newsom 


Lam Nguyen 


My Anh Nguyen 


Phuong Nguyen 


■■ — — : - 


^^PjS ~^^~«?>~ ^^m Hp ; 

KX^ \ si^ | ■ hf 

. . m 

160 / People 


Hinds Students 

People/ 161 

Ecujfe Attitudes ♦ . ♦ 


Stephen Parnell 


Lisa Parsons 


Michael Parten 


Jacqueline Passbach 


Sue Patrick 


Wade Patrick 


Kim Patterson 


Paul Patterson 


Gina Payne 


Lisa Phillips 


Kristi Pigg 


Andrea Pigott 


Merchell Pittman 


Rockford Pittman 


Danelle Poe 


Cynthia Powell 


Anthony Prestage 


Tabitha Prestwood 


Meredith Price 


Shannon Price 



Hinds Students 

People / 163 


Eagfe Attitudes ♦ ♦ \ 

164 / People 

Hinds Students 

, ■: i 



F p- ^ 1 





Sandra Rucker 
Michelle Rushing 
Tamara Rushing 
Scott Saxnner 

Laurie Salers 


Keith Salter 


Anastasia Schellinger 


Dana Scudder 


David Seal 


Santosh Sethe 


Julie Shackelford 


Chris Shannon 


Catherine Sharp 
Chris Sheffield 
Mable Showers 
Al Sheldon 

Jason Shelton 
Kristy Shelton 
Tammy Sherwin 
Lynn Simmons 

People/ 165 

— "m 

Eagtc Attitudes . ♦ ♦ 

Pam Simmons 


Sidney Simmons 


Tobi Sisson 


Tricia Slack 


Sheila Slay 
Andrea Smith 
Chad Smith 
Dusty Smith 

Ellen Smith 


Minnie Smith 


Vickie Smith 


Richard Somers 


Kelly Spring 


Monica Stack 


Debbie Stapleton 


Suzanne Staten 


Curtis Stegall 


Ashlee Stephens 


Brian Stevens 


Stacy Stevens 



.■ <•-• , 

i, w 


166 / People 

Hinds Students 


People/ 167 

Eag(e Attitudes ♦ ♦ 1 

Angela Terry 


Scott Thaggard 


Lina Thanton 


Curt Thomas 


Jebba Thomas 


Sherrie Thomas 


Latecia Thompson 


Toni Thompson 


Tanya Thornton 


Jennifer Thwealt 


Kim Townsend 


Jon Traxler 



■'" _.;-. l - *? \ .'.'"* ■■'. 

.*•: * 





■ - 





^^M - mm 



' *m) 



aJ ^L 


"m co 

' ^ 



Bf m^^ 


r ' 





168 /People 

Hinds Students 

Lauri Trevilion 
Jennifer Tripp 
Phoung Truong 
Joseph Turner 

Wanda Tyler 
Kathleen Tyson 
Lori Valentine 
Tonya Vance 

Wendy Vardaman 
Kitsy Vickers 
Vanillife Vivians 
Larry Wade 

Michelle Wade 
Sandra Wade 
Katina Walker 
Mike Walker 

Lisa Wann 
Toby Watson 
Rita Watts 
Tiffany Weatherly 


People/ 169 

Eagfe Attitudes . ♦ | 

Maria Webb 


Don Weed 


Elizabeth Weeks 


Amy Wells 


Warren Wells 


June West 


Ronald West 


Dee Westbrook 


Lori Westllng 


Paula Whalen 


Cassandra White 


Christine White 


Greg White 

Gwenn White 

Laverne White 


Michelle White 


Susannah Wilder 


Jessica Wiikins 


Misty Wilkinson 


Melissa Williams 


170 / People 

Hinds Students 

People/ 171 

Logic Attitudes 

Hinds Students 

People/ 173 

$W: ■ 

















Men's Basketball 

Women's Basketball 

Intramural Sports 





Gene Murphy 
Head Coach 

Dot Murphy 
Assistant Coach 

Ed Jackson 
Assistant Coach 

The Hinds Eagles finished another 
successful season with a berth in the 
State Championship game. However, 
the Eagles lost their bid for the title 
with a 23-7 loss to the Indians of 
Itawamba Community College. 

This marked the fourth consecutive 
year for head coach Gene Murphy and 
his staff to lead the Eagles to the state 
play-offs. Three of the four years the 
Eagles have made it to the champi- 
onship game but only won the title in 

The 1990 season was great for 
Hinds as they finished with a 9-3 rec- 
ord. The Eagles had a total of 2,393 
yards rushing and 1,154 yards pass- 
ing. Leading the team in scoring was 
kicker Charley McGinn with 71 points. 

The Eagles had wins this season 
over Holmes, Southwest, Northwest, 
Pearl River, East Central, Jones, Gulf 
Coast, and Coahoma in regular sea- 
son play. Their two losses were to 
Mississippi Delta and Copiah-Lincoln. 

In the first round of state play-offs 
the Eagles defeated the number one 
North team, the Rangers of Northwest 
Community College, 16-11 putting 
them into the championship game with 
Itawamba after the Indians had beat 
the number one South team, Co-Lin 

176 / Sports 

p?L&£A l*jm, 




Pearl River 
Miss. Delta 




East Central 
Gulf Coast 


First Round State Play-offs: 
Hinds 16 Northwest 

State Championship: 

Hinds 7 Itawamba 



Hinds finishes at 9-3 overall and 5-1 in 
South Division. 

Sports / 177 

—— — ■ — — —— ■ w^wpip—i "WWW 

Albert Burks 

Graduate Assistant 


Donnie Dukes 
Student Coach 

Ron Mdntyre 
Student Coach 

John Cianton 

Jason Franklin 

Douglas Nelson 

Brian Stevens 

Jon Traxler 

Steve Geyer 

Tracy Parrish 

Jerry Walker 

Samuel Archie 

Kevin Axton 

Chris Bankston 

Christopher Bethay 

Jason Blakeney 

Jonathan Boone 

Jason Brown 

Tyrone Bullins 

Louis Carson 

Steven Clark 

Arland Cole 

John Copeland 

Zachary Crockett 

Roy Dampier 

James Dobson 

Scotti Frazier 

James Gayden 

Roscoe Griffin 

178 / Sports 

Trever Hamilton 
Drew Hannon 
Gilbert Hardaway 
Ryan Harper 
Randy Hasty 
Melvin Hawkins 

Frederick Henton 
Scott Hosemann 
Eric Johnson 
Vincent Lee 
Darin Lofton 
Efferin Macon 

Dwayne Mangum 
Earnest Marshall 
Curtis McDaniel 
Kevin McEntyre 
Charlie McGinn 
Jim McGowan 

Kenneth Miller 
James Morris 
Wayne Murphy 
Dante Myers 
Troy Nelson 
Marshall Pack 

Jeffrey Parkman 
John Perry 
Jody Powell 
James Robinson 
Lynn Ross 
Redic Smith 

SPORTS/ 179 

180 /Sports 

Sports / 181 


182 / Sports 



The Hinds Eagles have made it to the state play- 
offs four years under the leadership of Gene Mur- 
phy, Parker Dykes, Dot Murphy, Mike Smith and Ed 
Jackson and three of the four they made it to the 
state finals but have only been able to win once, in 
1988. Hinds lost their bid for another state title with 
a 23-7 loss to the Itawamba Indians. 

State Runner Up — The Hinds Eagles lost their bid for the 1990 State Championship title to the 
Indians of Itawamba Community College by a score of 23-7. Hinds president Dr. Clyde Muse, 
third from left and Hinds head coach Gene Murphy, fourth from left, accept the Region 23 and the 
State Championship Runner-up awards from Mac McClellan, left, the Commissioner of Activities 

| for Community/Junior Colleges and Region 23 Director Bill Ward, second from left The Eagles 

I finished with a 9-3 overall record. 

i jfi r ''w v 

EAGLE Cheerleaders 

■»-■ ' SA0^M .'.',' 

'"& . * 



I . * r^ 

1990 Kinds 
James, and 

The Hinds Eagles cheer- 
leaders attended the Uni- 
versal Cheerleader Associ- 
ation Camp at Middle 
Tennessee State University. 
The seven freshmen and 
five sophomores competed 
against thirty community 
colleges and universities. In 
the all-girl division the Hinds 
squad won eight superior 
ribbons, two gold ribbons, a 
third place in cheer, second 
place in fight song and first 
place in chant competition. 
The highest honor a squad 
can win is being named 
"Most Collegiate Squad" 
and the Hinds cheerleaders 
captured this title also beat- 
ing out national champions 
Southern University. 

sr 3^* 






Lou Anne Askew, Sponsor. 

184 / Sports 

Sports/ 185 



1 ■*■#'•* W *W 

I • "^ 




f fliSNi 

•w w 



Eagle Baseball — Seated, From Left: Jeff Showah, Shannon Pardue, Paul Guerriero, Chanin Gay, Tracy Maulding, Sam Temple, Jeff Tannehill. Nick 
Buchanan. Second Row: Dusty Smith, Mark King, Clint Sims, Jay Hill, Darren Dietrich. Steve Fisher, Robert Jackman. Third Row: Jeff Boykin — manager, 
Rick Clarke — head coach, Scot Cochran, Alanzo Burton, Harold Williams, Derrick Davis, Mike Milan. Van Reed, Todd Mardis, George McQuitter — 
assistant coach. 

The 1990 Eagles finished the season with a 28-18 record. 
They were 21-7 at home and were 7-11 on the road. Team 
leaders were Van Reed and Shannon Pardue with 39 runs 
scored, Van Reed with 58 hits, Todd Mardis with 50 RBI's, 
Reed with a 3.87 batting average, Todd Mardis with 12 
home runs, and Van Reed stole 26 bases and reached base 
93 times. 

Rick Clarke 
Head Coach 



86 / Spo 


East Ms. 5 — Hinds 4 

Hinds 5 — East Ms. 2 

Hinds 9 — East Ms. 5 

Hinds 5 — Meridian 1 

Hinds 5 — Meridian 3 

Southwest Ms. 7 — Hinds 5 

Hinds 18 — Southwest Ms. 2 

Ms. Delta 10 — Hinds 9 

Hinds 8 — Loyola University, LA. 3 

Hinds 10 — Loyola University, LA. 1 

Hinds 1 1 — Loyola University, LA. 

Kishwaukee, IL. 10 — Hinds 8 (9 innings) 

Hinds 3 — Kishwaukee, IL. 

Hinds 7 — Kishwaukee, IL. 2 

Hinds 13 — Shelby State, TN. 3 

Hinds 7 — Shelby State, TN. 2 

Itawamba 10 — Hinds 6 

Pearl River 3 — Hinds 2 

Hinds 8 — Pearl River 7 

Jackson State, TN. 17 — Hinds 3 

Hinds 4 — Holmes 2 

Hinds 5 — Co-Lin. 3 

Co-Lin 7 — Hinds 1 

Hinds 20 — Mississippi Delta 5 

Hinds 12 — East Central 5 

East Central 11 — Hinds 7 (rained out 

after 6 innings) 

Gulf Coast 6 — Hinds 4 

Gulf Coast 7 — Hinds 6 

Jones 14 — Hinds 1 

Jones 4 — Hinds 1 

Hinds 1 1 — Clarke College 7 

Hinds 6 — Southwest 5 

Southwest 7 — Hinds 4(13 innings) 

Delgado 13 — Hinds 3 

Hinds 9 — Delgado 7 

Hinds 8 — Meridian 4 

Hinds 3 — Pearl River 2 (8 innings) 

Hinds 5 — Pearl River 4 

Hinds 13 — East Mississippi 3 

Co-Lin 7 — Hinds 6 

Co-Lin 5 — Hinds 3 

Hinds 9 — Holmes 8 

Hinds 10 — East Central 6 

East Central 14 — Hinds 4 

Hinds 5 — Jones 4 (9 innings) 

Hinds 5 — Jones 2 


88 / Sports 


190 / Sports 

Sports / 191 



First Row Left to Right: Sommer Shanahan, Renee Adcock, Nikki Henry, Leah Lewis, Usa Cockrett, Allison Sylvester, A «f D a ^ ri 9ine Clltam. $m 
Ro« !,Lett^o Right: Lori Newman, Manager; Regina Smith, Bridgett Williams, Michelle Magee, Renee Rivers, Sh.rley Elhs, Donna Fortenberry, Ar 
Snowden, Misty Abies, Manager. 

The Lady Eagles Softball team at Hinds Community 
College captured their second straight State Jun- 
ior/Community College State Championship after de- 
feating Itawamba Community College 9-5 in the state 
tournament that was held in Tupelo. 

The Hinds team finished the season with a 34-13 
overall record and were 16-0 in the South Division and 
Coach Deborah Nichols was named the State Coach 
of the Year, Other teams the Lady Eagles had to play 
in the tournament before capturing the title included a 
9-4 win over Mary Holmes College, a 10-0 win over 
Jones Junior College and a 0-10 loss to Meridian 
Community College. 

After winding the state title Hinds again played 
Meridian for the Region 23 title which Meridian won 
with a 13-5 score leaving the Lady Eagles in second 
place in Region 23. 


192 / Sports 




Sports/ 193 

_ _ .,,,,. -:-.. 




ft i . Tto - i* iV, ii 'ft* 

* ' ' £ I p p 

^ *** ~>~ *~ *r **>■ ■** ** ■?** ^(&i 

Wiii ma—- T- i* v*Wi*A' '* '* 1r - 
r<#rj»t» --% «** <<#& /■«*» ^ 

194 / Sports 


The 1990 Lady Eagles softball team at Hinds Community College captured their second straight State Jun- 
ior/Community College State Championship after defeating Itawamba Community College 9-5 in the state tournament 
that was held in Tupelo. 

The Hinds team finished the season with a 34-13 overall record and were 16-0 in the south Division and Coach 
Deborah Nichols was named the State Coach of the Year. Other teams the Lady Eagles had to play in the tournament 
before capturing the title included a 9-4 win over Mary Holmes College, a 10-0 win over Jones Junior College and a 0-10 
loss to Meridian Community College. 

After winning the state title Hinds again played Meridian for the Region 23 title which Meridian won with a 13-5 score 
leaving the Lady Eagles in second place in Region 23. 

Leading scorers for the season for Hinds included Christ! Smith with a .592 batting average. She had 88 RBIs and 9 
home runs along with 19 triples, 18 doubles and a field average of .836. Next came Kim McKay with .440 batting 
average along with 55 RBIs and 9 home runs. She is followed by Jane Bell with a .446 batting average, 37 RBIs and 2 
home runs. Suzy Hawthorne rounds out the leaders with a .412 batting average and 52 RBIs and 2 home runs. 

Commenting on the season Coach Nichols remarked, "We only had two returning players this season but we should 
have seven of this year's team returning next year. The team worked together and did a good job and had a good solid 
defense but we were not strong enough on offense overall to win the region." 

State Champs — The Hinds Community college Lady Eagles softball team won their second straight Junior/Community College State Championship title 
with a 9-5 win over Itawamba Community College. The Lady Eagles finished the season 34-13 overall and 16-0 in the South Division. Coach Deborah 
Nichols was also named Coach of the Year. The Lady Eagles finished in the number two slot in the Region 23 playoff. Pictured First Row From Left: Jane 
Bell, Renee Adcock, Melissa Cook, Theresa Mullins, Suzy Hawthorne, Betty Hill, Bridgette Williams. Second Row, From Left: Alisa Purden — manager. Lori 
Newman — manager, Brigitte Cliburn, Christi Smith, Kim McKay, Misty Abies, Tracie Parish, and Coach Deborah Nichols. 

Sports/ 195 



Members are First Row, From Left: Michael Lawrence, Brad Baker, Compton Ross, James Barkley, Trey Bullock, Andy Cupples, Thanh Tran, 
Chris Thomas, and Robby Stabler. Second Row, From Left are: Steve Geyer — trainer, Andy Wogoman, Lee Davis, Arnie Hogue, Doud Damico, 
Ben Newell, Glen Brogan, Mark Daniels, and Tom Shephard — Coach. 

Sports / 197 


WINS STATE AND REGION — The Hinds Community College track team has won the State and Region 23 Junior/Community College Track Meet for 
the third consecutive year. Coach Mike Smith was also named the State Coach of the Year. Hinds Track members are: Seated: Tony Carlton. First 
Row, From Left: Joseph Curro, Greg Stringer, Jim McGowan, Vincent Neille, Michael Russell, Larry Cosby. Second Row, From Left: Issac Ceasor, 
Redic Smith, Thad Brrnfield, James Gayden, Gabriel Shack, Clay Currie, Coach Mike Smith. Third Row, From Left: Curtis McDaniel, Perry Johnson, 
David Stocks, Irving Williams, Willie Richards, and Coach Neal Atkins. 

Claiming their third straight title 
the Hinds Community College track 
team won the State Jun- 
ior/Community College and Region 
23 Championship with a total of 64 

The Eagle squad took first place 
wins in 9 events, placed second in 
five and third in two. Mississippi 
Delta Community College placed 
second in the state with 52 points 
and Copiah-Lincoln took the third 
place slot with a total of 40 points. 



Coach Mike Smith 

198 /Sports 

*■'*■■' , 

1991 GOLFT 

"■:■:.. 4;. j;.'- 

Golf Team — Left to Right: Rusty Crawford, Cade Ferguson, Ric Speights. Joel Edwards. Second Row, From Left: Steve Tuttle, Ken Smith, Dusty 
Smith, Steven Bailey. 

Student golfers at Hinds take to the College's 
own 18-hole golf course on the Raymond Campus. 
The golf team swung into action in the fall to pre- 
pare for spring competition which began in March. 
The team competed against other junior and com- 
munity colleges during the year. 

Polly Rabalais begins her fourth year as coach. 
She previously coached women's golf when the 
Hinds team held on to the state championship title 
for seven years, 1976-1983. 


200 / Sports 

* <rf.< 

I . «> 

Sports / 201 



The Lady Eagies tennis team at 
Hinds Community College cap- 
tured both the State and Region 23 
titles at the Community/Junior Col- 
lege Tennis Tournament played at 
Millsaps College. The Lady Eagles 
attended the National Junior Col- 
lege Athletic Association's Nation- 
al Tournament in Tucson, Arizona 
on May 12-18. Hinds coach, Dr. 
Cleon McKnight, was selected as 
the women's "Coach of the Year" 
for both the state and Region 23. 

Five of the women's team mem- 
bers were named to the All-State 
and All-Region teams. Included 
were: Angela Grey — #1 singles 
and doubles; Jacklynn Williams — 
#3 singles; Tina Hay — #4 singles 
and #3 doubles; Shanna Berry — 
#3 doubles; and Missy Nations — 
#6 singles and #1 doubles. 

Kneeling from le?t are: Coach Cleon McKnight and Angela 
Gray. Standing from left are: Missy Nations, Sterling 
Michel, Shana Berry, Jacklynn Williams, and Tina Hay. 

The Hinds men's tennis team fell 
short of winning the state and Re- 
gion 23 titles and took second place 
with 30 points while the men's team 
from Copiah-Lincoln took the first 
place titles. The Hinds team placed 
second at the Community/Junior 
College Tennis Tournament played 
at Millsaps College. 

Four men's team members were 
named to the All-State and All- 
Region teams. The four were: 
Brooks Luke — #3 singles; Brian 
Liles — #4 singles; Frank Bailey — 
#3 doubles; and Chris Laird — #3 
doubles. The men's team finished 
the season with a 15-4 overall rec- 

202 / Sports 

,;-„; ,2/.-.'' 

991 (Den's And IDomen's tennis 

Women's Ten- 
nis Team — 
First Row, From 
Left Are: Tina 
Hay, Brent Mon- 
sour and Kim 
Eliis. Second 
Row, From Left 
Are: Kim Yates, 
Angela Middle- 
ton, Mia Jones, 
Melissa Stierle, 
and Kelli Over- 

Men's Tennis 
Team — First 
Row, From Left 
Are: Scott Hus- 
key, Quintus 
Jones, and Jef- 
fery Williams. 
Second Row, 
From Left Are: 
Cleon McKnight 
— Coach; Craig 
Peacock, Bryan 
Liles, and 
Rainey Ashley. 
Not Pictured Is: 
R I c a r d o 


yy . : 

Sports / 203 

■HflPHP"***" 1 


Kneeling, From Left: Nickoe Whitley, Derrick Beals, James Charles, Randy Carter, Joe Milano, and Irving Williams. Standing, From Left are: Oracy Love, Robert 
Davis, James Robinson, Cortez Dunn, Tommie McGhee, Terrance Williams, Brett Dykes, Michael Thompson, and manager Leon Brady. 

Coach Nelson Is entering Into his 
thirteenth year as coach of the 
men's basketball team, the Bulldogs, 
on the Utlca Campus of Hinds Com- 
munity College. Last season Nelson 
served In his first year as coach of 
the combined teams that were 
formed from both the Raymond and 
Utlca campuses and they made It to 
the state playoffs and claimed the 
1990 Men's State Championship ti- 
tle and finished the season with a 
22-7 overall record. 

Nelson received his B.S. from 
Jackson State University and his 
M.S. from the University of Southern 
Mississippi. He has also done further 
study at Mississippi State University 
and Howard University. 

He is a member of the National 
Junior College Athletic Association, 
the Mississippi Association of 
Coaches, the Optimist Club, Kappa 
Alpha Psl Fraternity, Inc., and the 
Boys Club of America. 

Nelson has many honors to his 
credit which include being named 
Coach of the Year by the MJCAA and 
the Babe McCarthy Tip-Off Club and 
chosen as the National Alumni of the 
Year in Sports from Jackson State 
University. In 1979 the Utlca Bull- 
dogs won the Men's State Champi- 
onship. In 1982 they were the South 
Division State Champs with a 28-6 
record and followed In 1983 by plac- 
ing second in the South Division and 
In the state. During the 1985 season 
they won the South Division State 
title and were second overall In the 
state. He is married to the former 
Rosle Reed and they have two sons, 
Earl Joe II. and Daryl Ray. 

Joe Nelson, head coach 

Robert Strong, assistant coach 

Robert S. Strong, assistant men's 
basketball coach since 1971, Is also 
the athletic director, and head foot- 
ball coach and tennis coach of Hinds 
County Agricultural High School. 

He is a native of Vlcksburg. MS, 
where he attended Rosa A. Temple 
High School. He also attended T. J. 
Harris Junior College of Meridian, 
MS, where he received his AA de- 
gree. He received his B.S. degree In 
Industrial arts education from Mis- 
sissippi Valley State University and 
his M.Ed, degree from Mississippi 
State University. He also has re- 
ceived certification In Administra- 
tion from the University of Southern 
Mississippi, and has done further 
study at Jackson State University. 

His honors Include: Mississippi In- 
dustrial Arts Association — Advisor 
of the Year, 1982; Mississippi Indus- 
trial Arts Outstanding Teacher of 
the Year, 1986, and the Carmeal 
Chambliss Inspirational Teacher 
Award. 1988. 

He has affiliations with many pro- 
fessional organizations Including be- 
ing president-elect of Mississippi In- 
dustrial Arts and Technology 
Education and the Mississippi As- 
sociation of Coaches (Board of Di- 

As football coach, his team has 
won division championships in the 
West Riverside Athletic Conference 
in 1974, 1978, 1983, and 1984. His 
1983 team was co-champs of the 

He and his wife. Gwendolyn, have 
two daughters, Janice and Faith. 

204 / Sports 


\ m 


Derrick Seals 

Randy Carter 

James Charles 

Robert Davis 

Cortex Dunn 

)racy Love 

iU ■ \ 

fommie McQhee 


Joe Milan© 


James Robinson 

Michael Thompson 

Irving Williams 

ports / 205 






HINDS 111 




HINDS 118 










HINDS 108 









CO-LIN 74 






JONES 104 








CO-LIN 76 







HINDS 101 



OVER = 11-13 



BBH ■ ■ .- 1 I M 9! ■ '- : : :: - : -:4":.-\- - 

Sports/ 207 



Kneeling from left are: Zelda Bow- 
man, Nettie Tolliver, Gwen Spann, 
Youlanda Ellis. Standing from left 
are: Tonya McJimson, Chandria 
McKay, Susan Ransom, Shannet 
Mclnnis, Gwen Wilson, Donna 
Washington, Jennifer Grady, Tonya 
Graham, and manager William 

Lester Owens is serving in his 
tenth year as coach of the women's 
basketball team that calls the Utica 
Campus their home. Owens is also 
serving in his twenty-first year at 
Hinds Community College as a Draft- 
ing and Design technology instruc- 

Owens is a graduate of Alcorn 
State University where he received 
his B.S. degree and then he received 
his M.Ed, degree from the University 
of Georgia. 

Since becoming coach of the 
women's team Owens has compiled 
an outstanding record of 194 wins 
and 70 losses. His team has played 
in two regional finals, but both times 
lost to the National Champions. 

He and wife, Esther, have a daugh- 
ter and two sons. 





*FW* K„ 



I mm 81 


Lester Owens, Coach 

Zelda Bowman 

Youlanda Ellis 

William Moody, manager 

208 / Sports 

Tonya Graham 

Shanett Mclrmis 

Tonya McJimson 

Chandria McKay 

Susan Ransom 

Gwen Spann 

Nettie Tol liver 

Donna Washington 

Gwen Wilson 

Sports / 209 





HINDS 111 




HINDS 118 










HINDS 108 









CO-LIN 74 






JONES 104 








CO-LIN 76 







HINDS 101 



OVER =11-13 


210 / Sports 

Sports/ 211 


Steelers Win — The Stealers won the men's intramural championship when they defeated the Nasty Boys 19-6. The Steelers are, first row kneeling: Qaii 
Waltman, Dan Kyle, Justus Griffin, and Scott Davidson. Second row from left are: Robby Robinson, Chris Oakman, Shane Dickinson, Robby Brown, and Brook 

212 / Sports 


Women's Intramural Champions — The Marshall Misses defeated the Hinds Connections women's team by a score of 45-0 to go undefeated on the year. First row 
rom left: Keisha Ousley, Sandra Harper, Sherrie Thomas, Gloria Ingram, Sharon Evans, Devora Jenkins. Second row from left are: Coach Floyd Dozier, Vicki 
Warns, Jennifer Pope, Melanie Burnham, Wendy Finke, Terri Teague, Tabitha Prestwood, and Laura Tillman. 


#• V 

fir ^b 



. . f , 





* * 

' ^il 


**&■ '&>.- 



.14 / Sports 


Intramural Volleyball Champs — The 1990 intramural champs were the "Alley Cats." Pictured Front Row, From Left: Tina Hay, Michelle 
Coomes, Robin Bailey. Helen Roesch, Jason Jones. Second Row, From Left Are: Albert Burks, Tammy Taylor, David Seal. 

216 / Sports 

__ — _ 

^■B * 


* % 





Sports / 21 








Mr. Hinds 


Miss Hinds 


Most Beautiful 


"Eagle" Beauties 


Sports Hall Of Fame 


Who's Who 


Alumnus of the Year 


Miss Hinds Community College 


Employees Honored 


Sophomore Favorites 


Freshman Favorites 

Homecoming 1990 

1990 Homecoming Court — First Row, from left: Steve Geyer, Allison Buckley, Quanda Keys, Diana May, Paula Harper, Alison McRae, Chastity Burnhar 
Orlala Allen, Nancy Byrd, Melissa Fant, Amy Rice, April Carter, and Brad Stevens. Second Row, from left: Wayne Morris, Greg Stringer, Andy Wogoma 
Trey Britt, Jerry Walker, Brian Stevens, Terrell Grantham, Chris Moore, and Greg White. 

Is'-' iTt,V ■% 



fc :K& 

W$)i'-/,il . I iv<^i»«i'.sB&i ■ , 

1989 Homecoming Queen Lacy Luckett 
Escort Brandon Lingerfelt 

1990 Homecoming Queen Orlala Allen is crowned by Hinds Pres- 
ident Dr. Clyde Muse. 

222 / Features 

On October 6 the Eagles took on East Central 
Community College at the 1990 Hinds Community 
College Homecoming. 

At halftime the presentation of the Homecoming 
Court took place to the sound of the Eagle band. 

The student body elected coeds to be presented in 
the court, and from the eleven, Orlala Allen was chosen 
as Queen. 

Orlala was crowned by Hinds Community College 
president, Dr. Clyde Muse, and the 1 989 Homecoming 
Queen, Lacy Luckett, who was escorted by Brandon 
Lingerfelt, Student Body President. 

Features / 223 

226 / Features 




228 / Features 

Features / 229 



Features / 231 

' - 






,<t 5 -^ 


232 / Features 




Features / 233 


1990 SPORftfWl OF FAME 

C, J. Alexander, 1957-58, Donaldson 
High School's "Black Knight" was All 
State and All Southern United States in 
1957, Because of his legendary prowess as 
a running back, that nickname accom- 
panied C. J. Alexander when he joined the 
Eagles that fall. 

The '57 Eagles were undefeated, and 
Alexander made All State and Junior Col- 
lege All American, Playing in the Junior 
College AH American Game. 

He was MVP at Southeastern Louisiana 
University for two years on his team and 
for the All Gulf State Conference. He was 
Outstanding Offensive Player in the Con- 
ference, and Little All American for two 
years. He was inducted Into their Hall of 
Fame in 1980. 

After SLU, Alexander played pro ball for 
one year each with the Edmonton Eskimos 
and the New England Patriots. Currently 
he is head coach and athletic director for 
Plaquemine High School, where he also 
teaches physical education. 

He and his wife, Beverly, live in Donald- 
son, and have four children and 1 1 grand- 

Harlan Stanley, 1962-64, a systematic 
starting player who was termed "a good men- 
tal ball player," Harlan Stanley got his start 
in varsity athletics at Florence High School, 
where he lettered in basketball and baseball. 

As a Hinds Eagle. Stanley was Ail State in 
Junior college basketball in 1964; and that 
same year he was State Tennis Doubles 
Champion as well as Mr, Hinds Junior Col- 
lege. He was very active In student affairs, 
serving as president of the Student Govern- 
ment and the Baptist Student Union, and he 
graduated from Hinds with honors. 

In 1966, he graduated with Distinction 
from Mississippi College, where he earned his 
B.S. in physical education. He was voted Most 
Valuable Player at Mississippi College. 

Stanley coached high school basketball un- 
til 1972, and has been principal at Pisgah 
High School since 1 984. 

He is married to former Hinds Junior Col- 
lege Hi-Stepper, Cindy Taylor Bradshaw 
Stanley, Class of 1967. They have two daugh- 
ters; Nlckte, a senior at Pisgah High School, 
and Shay, a sophomore at Hinds. 

Bobbie Morris Geverd, 1948-50, 
played in two state tourneys during 
her four years playing basketball at 
Improve-Petty High School. 

Then she came to Hinds where she 
played on All State teams for two 
years and was Honorable Mention 
on the 1950 All State team, scoring 
28 points in the semi-finals of the 
state tournament. 

Playing for the State Board of 
Health team, The Healthettes, after 
leaving Hinds, Geverd was called 
"one of the most outstanding players 
the team has ever had/* by coach 
Jim Jamison. 

She and her husband, James Da- 
vid Geverd, live in Columbia, Mis- 
sissippi, where her main career, she 
says, has been in raising their three 
children. The Geverds now have 
three grandchildren. 

Minor Bines, 1953-54, a triple-threat 
combination developed on the Utica High 
School football team in the person of har- 
drunning back, Minor Hines. It was there 
that Coach Les De Vail recruited him from 
an undefeated team and brought him to 
Hinds where that winning streak stayed 
hot for Hines and Hinds. The Eagles went 
undefeated for two years, and pushed on 
to win the National Championship at the 
Junior Rose Bowl. 

Hines was All America to 1954, and in 
December of that year, his hometown of 
Utica claimed him with a "Minor Hines 

Hines was well known for leading with 
bis head, and for that reason his football 
career was brought down along with an 
opponent during spring practice at Lou- 
isiana State University, when a bad con- 
cussion pushed him permanently out of 

Currently Hines works as division man- 
ager for Circle, Inc. He and his wife, Dor- 
ris, have three children, and live in Gret- 
na, Louisiana, 

The Sports Hall of Fame at Hinds Community College 
recognizes former students who make outstanding con- 
tributions to intercollegiate athletics. Recognition is 
given to those individuals who achieve further dis- 
tinction in high school; or professional sports either as 
a coach or as a player. 

The Alumni Association, a part of the Development 
Foundation, was pleased to announce the induction of 
the following men and women into the 1990 Sports 
Hall of Fame: C. J. Alexander, Bobbie Morris Geverd, 
Harlan Stanley, Minor Hines, and Jim Carballo, The 
Coordinator of Alumni Services is Mrs. Zandra Nowell. 

Jim Carballo, 1944-46, was All District for 
four years, from the age of 14, when he played 
football for Kosciusko High School, He played 
basketball and baseball and ran track; and in 
1 94 1 , he won the State Championship in bantam 
weight boxing. 

He finished high school and junior college at 
Hinds, where he played halfback, preferring to 
play defense, and made All State for all three 
years. During this time, the Eagles lost only one 
game, and that by only one point. 

Carballo won an athletic scholarship to Delta 
State Teachers College, where he played football 
and ran track. 

After earning his master's degree in school 
administration from the University of Southern 
Mississippi, Carballo coached and taught for a 
year at Pearl High School. 

In 1955, he became a counselor with the State 
Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the blind, 
and after seven years, served for 20 more years 
as director before retiring In 1982. He has been 
called a national leader in vocational rehabil- 
itation services for the blind. 

He is married to Hinds alumna, Evelyn James 
Carballo, and they have three daughters and four 

Features / 235 

Who's Who Among Students In American Community/Junior 


I :*&-;K-', •>■£ • 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 



'Jib 4 


Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 


Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

236 / Features 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 




/ i JA 




Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 


Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 



ft J 

k /A 


Raymond Campus 

Features / 237 




Raymond Campus 


Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

m mm 

■ ■ 

! ■'■■■ 'v- 


Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

238 / Features 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Raymond Campus 

john Mchenry 

Rankin Campus 

Raymond Campus 

University Center Campus 

Rankin Campus 

Sunset Drive Campus 

Rankin Campus 

University Center Campus 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

Sunset Drive Campus 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

Rankin Campus 

Rankin Campus 



Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

Rankin Campus 

University Center 

Sunset Drive Campus 

Rankin Campus 

Features / 239 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 



Raymond Campus 

Rankin Campus 

■'* : .".* • _ '• e ' 

Rankin Campus 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

Raymond Campus 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 

Rankin Campus 

Sunset Drive Campus 

Rankin Campus 

240 / Features 

Nursing/Allied Health Cam- 


Raymond Campus 

Sunset Drive Campus 

Rankin Campus 

Raymond Campus 

Rankin Campus 

Sunset Drive Campus 

Raymond Campus 


Raymond Campus 

Features / 241 

— .-. 


Will Hickman, senior member of the Oxford law firm Hickman, Rayburn & Goza, and president 
of the Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher Learning, is the 1990 Hinds Community 
college Alumnus of the Year. He was honored on October 6 during an A!umni Luncheon on the 
Raymond Campus. 

Hickman played basketball for two years at Hinds. Off season he worked as a janitor for the 
College. After the basketball season in 1943, he left, and enlisted in the United States Army. 

Will Hickman actively participated in his profession, community and state. He is one of the few 
Mississippi lawyers who have orally argued a case before the United States Supreme Court 

The 1990 Hinds Com- 
munity College Alum- 
nus of the Year distinc- 
tion has been awarded 
to Will Hickman. This 
recipient has made sig- 
nificant contributions to 
his chosen field, and 
many professional suc- 
cesses reflect on his ac- 
ademic beginnings at 

Will Hickman is a 
leader in his respective 
professional organiza- 
tion and avid about ex- 
cellence in education. 

242 / Features 

Dawn Raybon of Clinton, 
Mississippi was the winner of 
the 1990 Miss Hinds Commu- 
nity College Pageant held on 
March 7 in Cain Hall Audito- 
rium. Dawn represented Hinds 
in the Miss Mississippi Pageant 
held in Vicksburg during July. 

Raybon was an ASG Senator 
while at Hinds. She is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray 
Raybon of Clinton. When asked 
what her first reaction was she 
heard that she had been select- 
ed as Miss Hinds 1990 Dawn 
replied "I was stunned." 



Features / 243 

Joyce Brasfield Adams, Nurs- 
ing/Allied Health Cent- 
er/Outstanding Vocational- 
Technical Instructor 
Geraldine Banes, Raymond 
Campus/Outstanding Staff 
Member for Clerical/Technical 
Minnie Battle, Utica Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Vocational- 
Technical Instructor 
Madelyn Bell, Hinds County Ag- 
ricultural High 

School/Outstanding Secondary 

Dr. Barbara Blankenship, Ray- 
mond Campus/Outstanding Ad- 
ministrative/Nonteaching Pro- 

James Brown, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Staff Member 
for Crafts/Trades 
Cheryl Carr, Jackson Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Vocational- 
Technical Instructor 
Loretta Caston, Utica Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Clerical Staff 

Grover Evans, Utica Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Staff Member 
for Crafts/Trades 
Annie Harper, Utica Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Administra- 
tive/Nonteaching Professional 
Dr. Linden Haynes, Raymond 
Campus/Outstanding Academic 

Charlotte Henry, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Staff Member 
for Clerical/Technical 

Dr. Shirley Hopkins, Utica Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Adminlstra- 
tive/Nonteaching Professional 


244 / Features 






Mary Kuhn, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Academic In- 

Hazel Lomirtick, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Vocational- 
Technical Instructor 
Thomas Lee, Vicksburg-Warren 
County Branch/Diversified Oc- 
cupations Coordinator, Out- 
standing Secondary Instructor 
Polly Marshall, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Academic In- 

Larry Moss, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Staff Member 
for Clerical/Technical 
Vashti U. Muse, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Academic In- 

Harry Partin, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Vocational- 
Technical Instructor 
Floyd Pearson, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Staff Member 
for Crafts/Trades 

Polly Rabalais, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Academic In- 

Telia Robinson, Raymond Cam- 
pus/Outstanding Staff Member 
for Crafts/Trades 
Charles Schaeffer, Vicksburg- 
Warren County 
Branch/Outstanding Staff Mem- 
ber for Crafts/Trades 
Faye Wilkinson, Vicksburg- 
Warren County 
Branch/Outstanding Secondary 



Shirley Williams, Nursing/Allied 
Heaith Center/Outstanding Staff 
Member for Clerical/Technical 

Features / 245 


S3*" -If* 

^ *t 

«P ( Mf I 

Ql/^llOP iS 

Distinguished Awards — Hinds employees receiving the "Distinguished" honor are, from left: Larry Moss, Cheryl Carr, Annie 
Harper, Faye Wilkinson, Vashti Muse, James Brown. Hinds President Dr. Clyde Muse is pictured with the group. 

3-E WINNER — Cliff Nelson was named the 1990 recipient of the 3-E Award that signifies 
"Emphasis on Excellence and Enrichment." Hinds President Dr. Clyde Muse presents the 


246 / Features 


Between the two of them they gave 73 years of quality teaching to Hinds Community 
College; and in retirement, Emma and T. T. Beemon are still giving of their time, talents 
and support to the College. 

The Hinds Community College Alumni Association honored the Beemons at the October 
6 Homecoming as the 1990 Alumni Service Award recipients. 

T, T. Beemon retired in December of 1983, after 37 years teaching biology. Emma 
Beemon retired in June, 1986, after teaching mathematics for 36 years. Through all of this 
time, both have been faithful and enthusiastic supporters of all Hinds things, while at the 
same time they have been very active in the larger community. 

Features / 247 



Dee Dee is a graduate of Raleigh High 
School, where she was a member of the Beta 
Club. Dee Dee is a business administration 
major and plans to further her education at 
Mississippi College. 

Alison is a graduate of Florence High School, 
where she was selected as Homecoming 
Queen her senior year. Alison is an elemen- 
tary education major and plans to further her 
education at Georgia Southern University. 

Nanette is a graduate of Carthage High 
School, where she was President of the Li- 
brary Club. She is a secondary education 
major and plans to further education at Jack- 
son State University. 

Jay is a graduate of Wingfield High School, 
where he was a member of the Honor So- 
ciety. He is a floriculture and ornamental hor- 
ticulture major and plans to further his ed- 
ucation at Mississippi State University. 


Melissa is a graduate of Madison Ridgeland 
Academy, where she was a member of the 
Drama Club. Melissa is an elementary ed- 
ucation major and plans to further education 
at Mississippi College. 

48 / Features 

Brandon is a graduate of McLaurin High 
School, where he was a member of the Span- 
ish Club. Brandon is a pre-medical major and 
plans to further his education at Belhaven. 



Michael is a graduate of Pearl High School, 
where he was a member of the Drama Club. 
He is a secondary education major and plans 
to further his education at the University of 

Joelee is a graduate of Brandon High School, 
where he was editor of the newspaper. He is 
a psychology major and plans to further his 
education at Mississippi State University. 

Lisa is a graduate of Forest Hill High School, 
where she was a football cheerleader. Lisa is 
undecided on her major and plans to further 
her education at Mississippi State University. 

■ -y£-^^ H 







Alison is a graduate of Byram High School, 
where she was selected Ms. Byram High. 
She is a physical therapy major and plans to 
further education at the University of Mis- 
sissippi Medical Center. 

John is a graduate of Raymond High School, 
where he was a member of the annual staff. 
He is a communications major and plans to 
further his education at the University of 
Southern Mississippi. 

Andy is a graduate of Brandon High School, 
where he was a member of the Key Club. 
Andy is a business communications major 
and plans to further his education at Mis- 
sissippi College. 



1991 Freshman Favorites 

: ' ::.-';^ 

^ ^ .v.„ 







Percy Brooks, III 

Percy is a graduate of Clinton High 
School. He is majoring in Chemical En- 
gineering and plans to further his edu- 
cation at Mississippi State. 



Nancy is a graduate of Pearl High School. 
She is uncertain of her major but plans to 
further her education at Mississippi State. 




Chris Laughlin 

■'^"^m.. ' 

Chris is a graduate of Raymond High 
School. He is majoring in Physical Ther- 
apy and plans to further his education at 
the University of Southern Mississippi. 


# 9 a 



Chasity is a graduate of Mendenhall High 
School. She is majoring in Pharmacy and 
plans to continue her education at the 
University of Southern Mississippi. 


Trey is a graduate of Natchez High 
School. He is majoring in Business and 
plans to attend Mississippi College after 
leaving Hinds. 

250 / Features 

1991 "Freshman favorites 



Features / 251 

252 / Locations 




Raymond Campus 254 

Jackson Campus — Sunset Drive Center 262 

Jackson Campus — Nursing/ Allied Health Center 

Vicksburg/Warren County Branch 268 

Rankin Campus 272 

Jackson Campus — Universities Center 276 

Utica Campus 277 

Locations / 253 


Bricklaying 255 

Carpentry 255 

Interpreter Training for the Deaf 255 

Office Machine Repair 255 

Automotive Body and Frame Repair 256 

Automotive Mechanics 256 

Diesel Mechanics 256 

Air Condition and Refrigeration 256 

Automotive Parts and Sales 257 

Drafting and Design Technology 257 

Commercial Design and Advertising 257 

Industrial Drafting 257 

Welding 258 

Electronics Technology 258 

Machine Shop and Tool and Die Making 258 

Offset Printing 258 

Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 259 

Medical Records Technology 259 

Landscape Management 259 

Animal Health Technology 259 

Business Technology 260 

Barbering and Haircare 260 

Meat Merchandising 260 

Electronic Communications Repair 260 


/ Locatic 

-J i 


This program is designed to prepare students for 
employment as brick masons. 


lis program is designed to prepare a studen 


■■■ ■ ■ ,. .. :■;: 
■■-■■ . .. ... .... ■ 

v : . . , . ..• • .< • •• i 


■..;'v. ■.:::; :.;■ 


: ■ ''.''■' 



;/>-'> :,;.:;;:. 

„s program trains students to be interp_ 
the deaf and hearing and the hearing imp£ 


■ . .. v .. . ... ■ ■ ... 

;::€:o:; : :^ 





fv : : v X>SX* 


Training in this program emphasizes the func- 
tions of all standard office machines, as well as 
cleaning, repairing, and estimating the cost of re- 
pairs on these machines. 

Locations / 255 


This program provides students with the needed 
training for career opportunities such as sheet met- 
al repair technician, service manager, insurance 
estimator, windshield and door glass technician, 
painter, frame repair technician. 


This program is designed to prepare a student 
with experience in overhauling engines, transmis- 
sions, clutches, and in dealing with other problems 
that are faced in repairing automobiles. 


This program trains students in overhauling en- 
gines, transmissions, clutches, and in dealing with 
other problems that are encountered in repairing 
trucks and many types of diesel equipment. 


This course is designed to prepare students with 
instructions in the operating principles, proce- 
dures, techniques, and theory of air conditioning! 
and refrigeration systems. 

KH / Locations 



This program includes theory, laboratory, shop 
work, and other experiences relative to receiving, 
stocking, selling, and shipping merchandise in the 
automotive after-market. 


This^program gives students skills and experi- 
ence needed for employment in the drafting and 
design field of work. 


This program gives students experience in lay 
out, printing, and other aspects of design and ad 


Students in this one or two year drafting program 
are provided with an emphasis of basic and ad- 
vanced drafting techniques and basic architectural 
design. * 

ocations / 2i 




This program provides a student with basic 
knowledge needed to be employed as a welder. 



Courses in the Electronics Technology Program 
give students an understanding of electronic cir- 

cuits am 

u jptcjpout' 

job in electronics 


This program is designed to prepare students foi 
the beginning level of employment as machinists. 


This program provides students with instruc- 
tions in layout; pasteup, camera operation, plate 
making, color processing, printing, and binding. 

258 / Locations 


This program includes a study of engine design, use. 
aintenance, and repair techniques of agriculture 
1 mechanics. 

WMM : v : iX:iioiM 

: : 

This program includes teaching si 

curately number, file, classify, and analyze medicai 

, r , : , JjpAGEMENT 

The Landscape Management progra 

^e major points: landscape construction 

stallation, landscape maintenance, landscape man- 

ement, on-the-job training, and^PierfiS^^piation 



This program provides the student with basic vet- 
inary skills needed to work with animals. 

Locations / 259 


This program give students complete education 
through theory and experience in electronics. 

260 / Locations 



X X_/V_>X XJtAl V^JLirvif : VJ X 

The Paralegal Technology degree program is de- 
signed to prepare the student to assist a supervising 
attorney to efficiently deliver affordable legal ser- 
vice while practicing within the Code of Profes- 
sional Ethics. 

,. . :;:„:-■::: ■-.- " - < . . . v 
■ ■ ■■ ..... 

■i'-v-: : \-- ■ 



designed to pre 
a future in understanding programming, and 
alyzing computer operations. 


irogram enables the student to take i 
Mechanics exam. 

Locations / 261 


, . . 

Automotive Mechanics 263 

Bank Teller and Proof Organization 263 

Computer Aided Design Technology 263 

Dental Assisting 263 

Child Care Development 264 

Drafting 264 

Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management 264 

Welding 264 

Business Technology 265 

Clerical Office 265 

Dietetic Technology 265 

Microcomputer Information Processing 265 

262 / Locations 


As program gives students experience in over- 
auling engines, transmissions, clutches, and in 
dealing with other problems that are encountered 
in repairing automobiles. 




e Dental Assistin^ 
ment, function, status and organi 
ral field of dentist 



'v, V'-CX 


.. .. .. .... 



... . .. . 


C: : v\-- ■, ■. ■...■-■■■:■ ; ■ '■ ■;■■.:;;■<; 


The Computer Aided Design Technology Program 
ffers the student a one or two year program with 
he two year course involving a much broader 
course in the design field. 

Locations / 263 


This is a one or two year araitmg program wit 
emphasis on basic and advanced drafting tec! 
nology and basis architectural design. 

264 / Locations 



X JLi v_>X XJL\| v_>/ X-»v-/ vjT. X 

The Business Technology program is intended for 
those persons whose primary objective is to train 
for initial employment in the clerical field. 



his progr 
the stude 

■■ . ■ 

. ■ . 

&3 ■"'.'.■: : -;:.:" : : : M ■: . ■■ ■./" ".- . ■ :#££ - ... KK- '. 

Jim ■ 

^:■^;^::.^.:;:i::^,;J■::■■;V^:'T^:■ : ^:^■..•:«p^■■:' ■ ' 


The Microcomputer program teaches students 

■ . . ,v^w.. ■■■■ ■■■....■. .■■■:•.... 

Locations / 265 

^ Vvv*..V--\':- 

1 Jb U IRbAJL? 

Associate Degree Nursing 267 

Medical Laboratory Technology 267 

Respiratory Therapy 267 

Surgical Technology 267 

: ; -". ;: '- ■ ■ : - : ■ 

""■'■'■;rT ' 

266 / Locations 




nts in the Medical Laboratory Program 
must spend 27 weeks in a hospital lab to learn 
techniques of a busy clinical laboratory. 


es in the Surgical Technology Program 
designed to prepare qualified students to become 


;-,■;■ ■ ■„■,■ -V.W- . ■ ■;■■■■ ■;■■■ 

.;•■■':■■..■■■,-.■. ■:■:.;■ 

... .. '.. 



BB::BB:BiO : s 



■;.>■■- .■■ ■ ■.-.■■'■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■■■ ■:■ ■■ . .■■■■■■: ■ ■■ :.■■■ ■ • -■.-.■■■.■..■■. . . ■ .■,;■.■.■ ■■..■■ ■ ........ 

;ram is to prepare students for the Cornmr 
Associate Degree: nurses who have the necet 
skills and competencies to assist individuals 
groups in meeting their commonly recurring he 
care needs. The graduate of the program receives 
an Associates Degree in Applied Science and is 
prepared to write the State Board Test Pool Ex- 
amination for licensure. There are two Associate 

■£:^EMMM: ::: K. 

sz'M^So. "■■■■ 

Respiratory Therapist program is desi 
luip a graduate for successful employ 
portunities as a respiratory therapist. 

■ - 



SS>J-;. v -St . 



Locations / 267 


$ ; ' 

Automotive Mechanics 269 

Business and Office 269 

Diesel Mechanics 269 

General Electricity and Wiring 269 

Industrial Drafting 270 

Industrial Maintenance 270 

Practical Nursing 270 

Welding 270 

High School Program 271 

Locations / 269 

270 / Locations 


This program is designed to prepare stt 
dents for employment as brick masons. 


program is designed to teach students 
' operations of a computer. 

?'»K:'v.,K!;,j;> : 


Auto Mechanics 
Auto Service 
Brick Masonry 
Business and C 
^hild Care 

Vocational Prep for Handicapped Drafting 

Welding Electricity and Electronics 

Marketing Cooperative Fashion Merchandising 

Supervised Occupational Experience Industrial Maintenance 

Trade and Industrial Cooperative Intensive Business Training 

Computer Applications Information Processing 

>istributive Education Cooperative Machine Shop 

>iesel Mechanics Remedial Related Services 

•iversified Technology 



Locations / 271 


272 / Locations 

Locations / 273 

■— ■ j— i iwmpwpi 

274 / Locations 

AG Diesel Mechanics 
Allied Health 
Auto Body and Frame 
Auto Mechanics 

Child Care/Teacher Aide 
Diversified Occupations Co-Op 
Diversified Technology 
Industrial Electronics 

: ood Production and Management 

Intensive Business 


Marketing Co-Op 

Metal Trades/Welding 

'lumbing and Pipe-Fitting 



: ma ' 

;/v—xsfc. ••■": ; 


THE RANKIN CAMPUS: Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 

Allied Health Cluster 

Automotive Body and Frame Repair 

Automotive Mechanics 


Diversified Occupations Co-Op 

Diversified Technology 

Industrial Drafting 

Child Care 

Industrial Electricity and Electronics 

Intensive Business 

Marketing Co-Op 

Marketing Distributive Education 

Metal Trades 

Plumbing and Pipefitting 

Professional Quantity Foods 

Related Studies 



Locations / 275 

. . ... . _ ..,; 


S ff\ 

J* a 



— ' """ ' ■?*"— p*^yp 

Art Appreciation 
Business Law 
Business Management 
Business Statistics 
Introduction to 
Computer Concepts 
BASIC Computer 
Pascal Computer 
English Composition 
English Literature 


World Literature 


Child/Adolescent Psychology 

Criminal Law 

Music Appreciation 

Old and New Testament 

American History 

Western Civilization 

Intermediate Algebra 

College Algebra 




Political Science 


Oral Communication 

Study Skills 

Career Exploration 

Personal and Community 


Data Processing 

Word Processing 

276 / Locations 


The Hinds Community College Utica Campus is located at Utica, Mississippi and 
constitutes students in college courses and programs in both academics and vo- 
cational-technical areas. This campus publishes a student newspaper and year- 
book which serves its students. 

Locations / 277 

%, -■ 

278 / Closing 






Annual Staff 




Editor's Closing 




Closing / 279 

.,o«"> cW " 

Hey Coach which way to third base? 

Ms. Askew demonstrates the effects of eat- 
ing cafeteria food for nine months. 

280 / Closing 




There she goes giving me directions again! 

emember that cat in "Christmas Vacation?!" 

No, we're number one! 
No, we're number one! 

Closing / 281 

Look Douglas, a four leaf clover! 

282 / Closing 

Tsnc^ uiesavs 

r" a hasebaH game 
there «s a base 

Smile, you're on candid camera. 

Janice are you sure 
that you know where 
you're going? 

Closing / 283 

1991 £ag^ Stafrjj 

Janice Jones — Assistance Editor 

Ray Sweeney — Photographer 


•45SP 1 * 

Michael Beasley — Sports 

David Mooney — Photographer 

Joel Walker — Photographer 

Jennifer Tripp — Features 

284 / Closing 

John Turner — 
Copy Staff 

Closing / 285 

Bob Hodges — Advisor 

— — — 


The 1991 EAGLE was produced by 
the Hinds Community College stu- 
dent yearbook staff. This volume 
was published by Taylor Publishing 
Company of Dallas, Texas during the 
spring semester of 1991. Our Taylor 
Publishing representatives were Ben 
Allen and Nancy Jones. 

SPECIFICATIONS: This 9x12 book 
contains 320 pages, printed on 80 
lb. enamel paper. A smythe binding 
was used and the endsheets used 
were 20 percent maroon screen. 
There are 16 pages of four color in 
the opening section using 100 per- 
cent spot color, midnight blue num- 
ber 17. The spot color used on the 
division pages were Marine Blue No. 
12 in Residence Life, Brilliant Red 
No. 30 in People, Burgundy No. 36 in 
Sports, Sunrise Red No. 33 in Fea- 
tures, Brilliant Yellow No. 51 in Lo- 
cations, Brilliant Purple No. 65 in 
Closing, Kelly Green No. 21 in Or- 
ganizations, and Royal Purple No. 17 
in Events. Art work was provided by 
staff members, Delores Landin, and 
Taylor Publishing Company. Cover 
was submitted on copy fitting forms 
from Taylor. 

COVER: The cover is Gray 90 with 
an applied grain. The photo of an 
eagle is stamped with silver foil. Ea- 
gle is embossed in Maroon foil stamp 
with a silver foil stamp drop shadow. 
Type is embossed 24 ptc. C, (bv) Ma- 
roon foil over silver foil stamp with 
drop shadow. 

and faculty and staff pictures were 
taken by Best Pictures of Jackson, 
MS. The Year in Review photos were 
by Associated Press of New York Ci- 
ty, NY. All other photography was 
done by Brad Moore of the Hinds 
Community College Public Relations 
Staff and student photographers of 
the EAGLE yearbook staff. 

The 1991 EAGLE is a student-edited 
yearbook produced at Hinds Com- 
munity College, Raymond, MS. The 
viewpoints represented in this year- 
book are those solely of the staff and 
in no way intend to reflect College 

286 / Closing 


Sdrtoii's Closing 

Well it is hard to believe that it is 1991. If you would have 
told me in August of 1989, my first semester at Hinds, that 
I would be the executive editor of the 1991 annual I prob- 
ably would have laughed in your face and told you that you 
were crazy. Isn't it funny how things change. I have been 
on a wonderful ride for the last two years and I have 
enjoyed every minute of it. I've had an opportunity to meet 
a lot of new people during my stay at Hinds. I guess that 
everyone is right when they say that when you make 
friends at Hinds you make friends for a lifetime. I have and 
I have made some good ones. 

I want to take some time now to tell some very special 
people thanks. First I want to thank Bob Hodges. I want to 
thank him for giving me the chance to be the editor of the 
1991 annual and for believing in my ability as a pho- 
tographer — even when I didn't. Bob — we have had our 
share of good times and we have seen some dismal times, 
but through it all we have overcome all the obstacles and 
carried on. I hope that the good times out-weigh the bad 
ones. To my mom, dad and grandmother — thanks for all 
the love and support that you have given to me over the last 
twenty years. Without y'all I would never have made it this 
far. I love all of you very much. To Bert, well, thanks for 
being a good listener and a good friend — only you would 
have let me let off steam like I have done so many times. 
You are like a sister to me and I will always carry a special 
place for you in my heart. To my roommate Trey, thanks 
for all your help — with you know who — too bad it did not 
work the way you planned. To G. Bradley Moore — thanks 
for all the photography help you gave to the staff and for all 
the "helpful hints" you gave me. I want to thank Brad and 
Jeff for having patience with me when I had a question 
about how to do something in the darkroom. I want to say a 
very special thanks to Janice — my assistant editor — 
without you this annual may never have gotten finished. 
We put in a lot of long hours at the PR office to pull this off 
and I will never forget you. To Michael, Ray, J.J., David, 
Dorothy, and Joel thanks for being a friend and for your 
unique abilities as photographers. I also want to thank Mrs. Colleen, Mrs. Samantha, Mrs. Nadine and Mrs. Willie for all 
their support. When the 1991 annual staff disappeared you all gave us Janice and your unending support — thank you 
very much. 

I apologize for the length of this closing but I was not the only person who worked hard to put this yearbook together. It 
was a team effort and that is how it should be. Everyone who worked on the 1991 Eagle hopes that you have enjoyed the 
annual, and we hope that when you look back to your years at Hinds you will open the '91 annual and show your kids how 
much pride, fun and charisma we had. As I close out this annual so do I end a very successful two years at the old Hiney-Ho. 
I want to leave you with a bit of advice: stay drug and alcohol free; the future of Mississippi is depending on us all to lead it 
into the next century. May God bless us all. Thanks again to everyone that worked on this annual for all the hard work that 
you put into it. Well Bob, we made it. 

£dito/i — Monty "Boyd 

''dtkis ifiSvc 

Marty Boyd 
Executive Editor 

Closing / 287 

Ramona Kay Aasand Gardn — Vicksburg 
Kathleen Marie Abbott — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Ann Abbott — Jackson 
Tavit T. Abbott — Jackson 
John C. Abdou — Jackson 
Deborah Phillips Abel — Jackson 
Dwayne Thomas Abel — Jackson 
Nanci Kathryn Abel — Greenville 
Patrick Alan Abel — Brandon 
Nancy K. Abernathy — Jackson 
Sharon E. Abernathy — Flora 
John L. Abies — Greenwood 
Kathleen Abies — Vicksburg 
Lucille C. Abies — Vicksburg 
Mary Lynn Abies — Magee 
Misty Caryl Abies — Clinton 
Patrick Kettleman Abies — Holly Bluff 
Sherri Evelyn Abies — Vicksburg 
Julie Ann Abney — Vicksburg 
Melissa Lynn Abney — Ridgeland 
Sherilyn Barber Abney — Vicksburg 
Billie Patterson Abraham — Vicksburg 
Davidson Clay Abraham — Clinton 
Robert Scott Abraham — Clinton 
Linda F. Abrahm — Vicksburg 
Dwayne R. Abram — Columbia 
Jeanne Pierette Abrams — Jackson 
Cammi Dinisha Abston — Jackson 
Angi Home Accardo — Clinton 
James Ricky Accardo — Clinton 
Rebecca Moses Acey — Jackson 
Melissa Ann Ackerman — Brandon 
Chet W. Acy — Brookhaven 
Deanna Michelle Acy — Florence 
Melissa Ann Acy — Jackson 
Eva Joyce Adair — Jackson 
Albert Ray Adams III — Pearl 
Angela Vernett Adams — Jackson 
Benjamin Carl Adams — Pearl 
Carolyn Johnson Adams — Jackson 
Clairesa Moore Adams — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Adams — Vicksburg 
Dennie Michelle Adams — Jackson 
Donovan Deshawn Adams — Jackson 
George Paul Adams — Jackson 
Gloria J. Adams Hines — Brandon 
Jane Elizabeth Adams — Jackson 
Jeanette Marie Adams — Vicksburg 
Kandis Rebecca Adams — Jackson 
Kenneth Irving Adams — Jackson 
Krista Lee Adams — Jackson 
Lauren Nicole Adams — Brandon 
Marilyn Diane Adams — Jackson 
Mary Ann Adams — Pearl 
Mary Elizabeth Adams — Greenwood 
Ray Christopher Adams — Jackson 
Richard B. Adams — Memphis 
Samestine Adams — Vicksburg 
Sandy Albert Adams — Crystal Springs 
Shirley A. Adams — Jackson 
Stan Adams C. — Ridgeland 
Tamara Evette Adams — Jackson 
Tracey Lynn Adams — Jackson 
Vickie Lashonda Adams — Jackson 
Vyrene Adams — Raymond 
Wanda Mims Adams — Tallulah 
William Larry Adams — Jackson 
Connie Geter Adcock — Vicksburg 
Darlene Marie Adcock — Jackson 
John Gregory Adcock — Jackson 
John William Adcock — Jackson 
Josephine Mauldin Adcock — Pearl 
Katherine D. Adcock — Terry 
Kathy S. Adcock — Florence 
Mark Phillip Adcock — Terry 
Natalie Clara Adcock W. — Richland 
Susan Renee Adcock — Richland 
Yvonne Adcock — Canton 
Brenda Jo Adcox — Mendenhall 
Casandra Denise Adcox — Morton 
Karen Michele Adcox — Mt. Olive 
Gloria Kay Addie Carte — Crystal Springs 
Kathleen Ann Addison — Learned 
Harold Charles Ades — Raymond 
Billy Joe Adkins — Pearl 
Latrice Anita Adkins — Jackson 

Melynda Jayne Adkins — Pearl 
Sean Oneal Adkins — Clinton 
Samantha K. Adolphson — Tupelo 
Tim Philip Adsit — Jackson 
David Lee Agard — Jackson 
Bridget Y. Agbahiwe — Jackson 
Jerry Peyton Agent — Raymond 
Wendy K. Agnew — Jackson 
Anthony Frank Agosta — Pearl 
Stephen Randall Ahrend — Vicksburg 
Angela Joyce Ainsworth — Jackson 
Carolyn Holliday Ainsworth — Bolton 
Danny Edward Ainsworth — Bentonia 
Emma Lynn Ainsworth — Jackson 
Erica Taylor Ainsworth — Jackson 
Gary Kenneth Ainsworth — Clinton 
James William Ainsworth Jr. — Jackson 
Jenifer Joan Ainsworth — Raymond 
Judith Powell Ainsworth — Vicksburg 
Kevin Hays Ainsworth — Jackson 
Kristie Craney Ainsworth — Jackson 
Mary Lou Ainsworth Ayers — Jackson 
Patsy Poley Ainsworth — Jackson 
Richard Allen Ainsworth — Jackson 
Shelby Ray Ainsworth — Jackson 
Tawana Monic Ainsworth — Pearl 
Tommy Wayne Ainsworth — Jackson 
Tony Ray Ainsworth — Vicksburg 
Wanda Cornelison Ainsworth — Florence 
William Donald Ainsworth — Vicksburg 
Lillic Akit — Brandon 
John Mike Alawine — Jackson 
Renieta Adele Albert — Vicksburg 
Scott David Albrecht — Madison 
Amy Marie Albritton — Pearl 
Jimmy Wayne Albritton — Pearl 
Kay Breal Albritton — Jackson 
Marisa Joy Albritton — Flora 
Paula Christine Albritton — Vicksburg 
Todd Michael Albritton — Jackson 
Halbert Daniel Aldridge — Jackson 
Jeffery T. Aldridge — Jackson 
Clyde Edward Alenander — Jackson 
Alma Jean Alexander — Vicksburg 
Barbara Kinard Alexander — Brandon 
Bernard Alexander — Bolton 
Cindy Steed Alexander — Pearl 
Dana D. Alexander — Brookhaven 
Dana Lynn Alexander — Vicksburg 
Dannette Alexander — Jackson 
Donna Boleware Alexander — Vicksburg 
Joyce M. Alexander — Wiggins 
Madeline Thompso Alexander — Jackson 
Malcolm Alexander — Jackson 
Mary Joyce Alexander — Jackson 
Michelle Alexander — Clinton 
Nancy Elaine Alexander — Brandon 
Nicole A. Alexander — Jackson 
Robert Alexander — Jackson 
Robert Earl Alexander — Athens 
Robert Stephen Alexander — Vicksburg 
Sara Patrice Alexander — Clinton 
Sarah Lee Alexander — Canton 
Sharron Elaine Alexander — Jackson 
Stephen Souchon Alexander — Jackson 
Angela Dawn Alford — Bolton 
Chad Boyd Alford — Jackson 
Christopher Shane Alford — Morton 
Donna Braxton Alford — Raymond 
Harvey Todd Alford — Jackson 
John David Alford — Clinton 
John Mark Alford — Pearl 
Lewis Edwin Alford Jr. — Jackson 
Lynda Rogers Alford — Lexington 
R. Michael Alford — Jackson 
Ralph Edward Alford — Terry 
Ralph Wendell Alford — Newnan 
Richard Todd Alford — Pearl 
Shirley Alford — Vicksburg 
Tabitha Desha Alford — Pearl 
Tammy Renay Alford — Jackson 
Tara Shae Alford — Pearl 
Tina Sue Alford — Raymond 
Martha Elizabet Allbritton — Jackson 
Susan Quinnelly Allbritton — Jackson 
Christie Lee Allday — Louisville 
Stacey Renee Alleman — Pearl 
Andrea Denise Allen — Vicksburg 
Annie B. Allen — Shreveport 
Bonnie J. Allen — Jackson 
Calvin Allen — Jackson 
Colette Allen — Carthage 
Dale Nelson Allen — Vicksburg 
David Mark Allen — Brandon 
Deborah Lynn Allen — Vicksburg 

Ernestine M. Allen — Jackson 

Eunice Marie Allen — Vicksburg 

James R. Allen Jr. — Summit 

Jennifer Michelle Allen — Clinton 

Jerry Semmes Allen Jr. — Jackson 

John David Allen — Vicksburg 

Karla Harris Allen — Jackson 

Kesa Lashawn Allen — Jackson 

Linda Christine Allen — Jackson 

Lisa M. Allen — Vicksburg 

Lori Lynn Allen — Vicksburg 

Lucy Avants Allen — Jackson 

Mack Willey Allen — Pelahatchie 

Martha Parker Allen — Jackson 

Marvin Blakeney Allen — Vicksburg 

Mechell C. Allen — Jackson 

Michelle Lee Allen — Columbia 

Odell F. Allen — Vicksburg 

Orlala L. Allen — Pearl 

Penny Leigh Allen — Utica 

Rebecca Sylvester Allen — Jackson 

Richard Lee Allen — Sardis 

Robert Cody Allen — Brandon 

Shari Fleming Allen — Clinton 

Shelby J. Allen — Clinton 

Sidney Delane Allen — Hattiesburg 

T. Dawn Allen Brook — Brandon 

Tanya Nicol Allen — Jackson 

Theresa Ann Allen — Lorman 

Timothy Dale Allen — Florence 

Trent Allen — Jackson 

Troy M. Allen — Prentiss 

Tyrone Allen — Jackson 

Walter Allen — Yazoo City 

Walter Evans Allen — Jackson 

Wanda Renee Allen — Pearl 

Wanda Rochell Allen — Bentonia 

Willie Glen Allen — Ridgeland 

Annie L. Allison — Vicksburg 

Clara Elizabeth Allison — Jackson 

James Loyd Allison — Vicksburg 

Kenneth Allen Allison — Jackson 

Marty Dean Alliston — Florence 

Teresa Ann Alliston — Crystal Springs 

David Lee Allmon — Richland 

Clell Allred — Vicksburg 

Wendy Leigh Alman — Terry 

Shawn Michelle Almon — Madison 

Carl Russell Almond Jr. — Vicksburg 

Haidar A. Alrawi — Jackson 

Michele Marie Alston — Jackson 

Lester Alvis — Jackson 

Letha Joane Amacker — Hattiesburg 

Abigayle Joan Amborn — Vicksburg 

Sheri Dioron Ameen — Vicksburg 

Karen Ann Ames — Jackson 

Marlene F. Amick — Jackson 

Edna Brown Ammons — Bolton 

John H. Ammons — Jackson 

Rose June Ammons — Jackson 

Alfred Lee Amos — Vicksburg 

Christopher Allen Amos — Brandon 

Derrick M. Amos — Jackson 

Eric Scott Amos — Brandon 

Janice L. Amos — Vicksburg 

Luscinta Resha Amos — Jackson 

Sherman Oneal Amos — Florence 

Kay Parker Anders — Madison 

Annie McGraw Anderson — Jackson 

Austin Anderson — Vicksburg 

Bernice Carson Anderson — Jackson 

Bettie Jean Anderson — Jackson 

Bill Joseph Anderson — Brandon 

Brenda Lynn Anderson — Pearl 

Calvin Anderson — Pickens 

Craig Eric Anderson — Brandon 

Cynthia Anderson — Jackson 

David Jerrell Anderson — Jackson 

Debra Loggins Anderson D. — Jackson 

Douglas Leavon Anderson — Jackson 

Elizabeth Ann Anderson — Yazoo City 

Elizabeth Erin Anderson — Brandon 

Etta Lavonne Anderson — Mendenhall 

Fern W. Anderson — Jackson 

Gayle Hall Anderson — Vicksburg 

Gloria Deason Anderson — Brandon 

Jacqueline W. Anderson — Jackson 

Jerry Earston Anderson — Sumerall 

John Douglas Anderson — Crystal Springs 

John Lester Anderson — Vicksburg 

Juanita Anderson — Vicksburg 

Kim Darail Anderson — Jackson 

Kurley Demone Anderson — Jackson 

Kyle Marvin Anderson — Vicksburg 

Lauree Leigh Anderson — Pearl 

Lillian Lasharn Anderson — Jackson 
Lisa R. Anderson — Forest 
Makeba Patrice Anderson — Jackson 
Marilyn C. Anderson — Jackson 
Man/a J. Anderson — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Anderson — Bentonia 
Mary Louise Anderson — Brandon 
Melvin Anderson — Kosciusko 
Merrell E. Anderson Jr. — Brandon 
Michael Jason Anderson — Jackson 
Pamala Denise Anderson — Crystal 

Patricia Sampson Anderson — Jackson 
Peggy Stewart Anderson — Brandon 
Richard Fulton Anderson — Bolton 
Rickey Howard Anderson — Magee 
Rosa M. Anderson Thoma — Vicksburg 
Rosetta Anderson — Vicksburg 
Sam Hershle Anderson — Vicksburg 
Scott Christopher Anderson — Bolton 
Sheila Creshon Anderson — Jackson 
Sherman Isaac Anderson — Terry 
Sherry L. Anderson — Brandon 
Shirley Joyce Anderson — Jackson 
Silas Anderson — Jackson 
Sonja Lavon Anderson — Vicksburg 
Stacy Renee Anderson — Mendenhall 
Steve Eugene Anderson — Jackson 
Steven Kyle Anderson — Jackson 
Ted E. Anderson — Vicksburg 
Theresa Bell Anderson — Vicksburg 
Tina Oshell Anderson — Jackson 
Tommy Eugene Anderson — Toomsuba 
Towanna Anderson — Vicksburg 
Vernita Lee Anderson — Vicksburg 
Victoria Denise Anderson — Jackson 
Virginia Ann Anderson — Vidalia 
Wynona D. Anderson — Vicksburg 
Deborah Ainsworth Anding — Vicksburg 
Charles Alan Andrews — Pearl 
Charles William Andrews — Braxton 
Lasoundra Andrews — Hattiesburg 
Mary Pearl Andrews — Jackson 
Michael Lewis Andrews — Vicksburg 
Nina Ann Andrews — Vicksburg 
Patricia Marie Andrews — Vicksburg 
Ronnie Anthony Andrews — Pearl 
Sandra Lee Andrews — Florence 
Sherri Denise Andrews — Carthage 
Sherri Lee Andrews — Vicksburg 
Toby Glenn Andrews — Braxton 
Winifred Cecile Andrews — Jackson 
Crystal Denise Andries — Jackson 
Orlando J. Andy — Jackson 
Eva Wendy Angelo — Richland 
A. C. Anglin — Newellton 
Sara Watkins Anglin — Pascagoula 
Tracy Darrell Anglin — Newellton 
Michael L. Angrum — Terry 
Lydia Marie Angulo — Vicksburg 
Sherie Noelle Anselmo — Jackson 
Elizabeth Anne Anthony — Pearl 
Janest Anthony — Philadelphia 
Richard Earl Anthony — Jackson 
Pamela Jo Antoine — Vicksburg 
Thomas M. Antoine — Vicksburg 
Bassam N. Aouil — Jackson 
Andres Aplenc — Jackson 
Eric Lamar Applewhite — Jackson 
Felicia Denise Applewhite — Jackson 
Michael Applewhite — Jackson 
Willie Bell Archey — Jackson 
Joyce Renae Archie — Brandon 
Samuel J. Archie — Brandon 
Sheila Lewis Archie — Jackson 
Willie Archie — Jackson 
Maxine Panned Ard — Vicksburg 
Cosherry Ards — Harrisville 
Billy Matthew Arender — Brandon 
Bobby Joe Arender Jr. — Jackson 
Cynthia Diane Arender — Tallulah 
Heather Lynn Arender — Jackson 
George William Arinder — Forest 
Melinda Kay Arinder — Jackson 
Jason Andrew Armit — Vicksburg 
Adrian Ellis Armon — Jackson 
Chunta Ezellta Armon — Jackson 
Vivian S. Armond — Vicksburg 
Andrew Scott Armstrong — Raymond 
Angela Patrice Armstrong — Jackson 
Angela Pauline Armstrong — Jackson 
Cedric Meshae Armstrong — Jackson 
Doris Williams Armstrong — Jackson 
Eric C. Armstrong — Jackson 
Mary Louise Armstrong — Jackson 

288 / Directory 

Michael Leburn Armstrong — Clinton 
Michael Shannon Armstrong — Morton 
Mike Randall Armstrong — Pearl 
Pamela Denise Armstrong — Flora 
Ronald Earl Armstrong — Jackson 
Christy Lee Arnett — Florence 
Dwayne Gerald Arnold — Vicksburg 
James Fred Arnold IV — Jackson 
John Winburn Arnold Jr. — Jackson 
Kenneth Lamar Arnold — Clinton 
Mike Arnold — Laurel 
Cassandra Neshea Arrington — Newton 
Tracey Marie Arterberry — Jackson 
Nickolas Christion Arther — Brandon 
Lora Ann Arthur — Jackson 
Sonya Ruth Arthur — Brandon 
Janet Dora Artman — Jackson 
Kimberly Anne Artman — Vicksburg 
Jimmie S. Asbill — Jackson 
Annette Ash — Biloxi 
Allen Bucknell Ashcraft — Jackson 
Nora M. Ashcraft — Clinton 
Pat C. Ashford — Brandon 
Joseph Ashker Jr. — Brandon 
Allen Henderson Ashley — Vicksburg 
Belinda Lee Ashley — Vicksburg 
Barbara Gail Ashley — Vicksburg 
Christopher David Ashley — Redwood 
Darek Anthony Ashley — Jackson 
George Rainey Ashley — Picayune 
Heather Marie Ashley — Vicksburg 
Kim J. Ashley — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Rene Ashley — Vicksburg 
Roy Edward Ashley — Vicksburg 
Shelly Ann Ashley — Vicksburg 
Stacy Lynn Ashley — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Lewis Ashmore — Mendelhall 
Marvin Douglas Ashmore — Pearl 
James Robert Atchley — Vicksburg 
Cathy Lynn Ates Brown — Magee 
Janice Faye Ates — Florence 
Ethel Mae Atkins — Pearl 
Linda Fay Atkins — Vicksburg 
Willie F. Atkins — Pearl 
Christopher Mack Atkinson — Richland 
Stefan Shane Atkinson — Raymond 
Holly Suzette Atkisson — Brandon 
Vickie Patterson Attkisson — Clinton 
Adrian Lee Atwater — Vicksburg 
Geraldine Sullivan Atwood — Clinton 
Warren Reed Augustine — Utica 
Ollie F. Ausborn — Jackson 
Brian Scott Aust — Raymond 
Carolyn Beasley Aust — Raymond 
Detra Elaine Austin — Deridder 
Donna Lynne Austin — Jackson 
Gregory D. Austin — Pearl 
Hannah Mae Austin — Vicksburg 
James Luther Austin — Mize 
Lucille Austin — Vicksburg 
Mark Anthony Austin — Brandon 
Mary Lou Austin — Jackson 
Mattie E. Austin — Jackson 
Melissa Rae Austin — Pearl 
Rebecca Lowral Austin — Pearl 
Robert J. Austin — Jackson 
Stephanie Suzanne Austin — Clinton 
James Terry Autry — Holly Springs 
Keith Donald Auwarter — Jackson 
Chay Annice A vera — Jackson 
Christopher Cornel Averett — Columbia 
Becky Roxane Averitt — Terry 
Stephen G. Avery — Vicksburg 
Kevin Lee Axton — Brandon 
Lori Michelle Axton — Jackson 
Beverly Lynn Aycock — Richland 
Douglas Edward Aycock — Brandon 
Mary Moody Aycock — Brandon 
Milton Alexander Ayers Jr. — Jackson 
Helen S. Aylor — Vicksburg 
Richard A. Ayres — Jackson 

J. Michael Babb — Florence 
Marvin Buford Babb Jr. — Oxford 
Stephen Allan Babb — Brandon 
Vickie Ingram Babb — Florence 
Sharon Elizabeth Babbitt — Jackson 
Michael J. Babick — Pearl 
Bryan L. Bachelder — Clinton 
Shirley Prestridge Bachman — Terry 
Nan A. Backstrom — Jackson 
Sheila Renee Backstrom — Florence 
Claude Edward Bacon — Natchez 

Deana Marie Bacon — Jackson 
Donna Lisa Bacon Ashle — Brandon 
Marguerite Pearce Bacon — Jackson 
Mary Ruth Baddley — Jackson 
Tyrome Joseph Badeaux — Jackson 
Hector Badha — Jackson 
James Edward Bagby — Vicksburg 
Dora Joy Baggett — Jackson 
Rosie Mae Baggett — Clinton 
Scarlett Pittman Baggett — Florence 
Debby Kaye Bagley — Raymond 
Linda Taylor Bagley — Forest 
Julie Elizabeth Bagnall — Brandon 
Ginger Leigh Bagwell — Jackson 
John Michael Bagwell — Hazlehurst 
Ronnie Bagwell — Florence 
Carrie Henderson Bahr — Jackson 
Amy E. Bailey — Jackson 
Berry Lee Bailey — Vicksburg 
Brandon Scott Bailey — Vicksburg 
Cindy Jean Bailey — Raymond 
Claudie Bailey Jr. — Harriston 
David Ray Bailey — Pearl 
E. Lee Bailey — Pearl 
Gypsie Lynne Bailey — Jackson 
Ina Faye Bailey Carpe — Morton 
Jermaine Bailey — Jackson 
Jimmie Dale Bailey — Vicksburg 
John Thomas Bailey — Clinton 
Kenneth Gregory Bailey — Smithville 
Kevin Mearl Bailey — Jackson 
Kimberly Denise Bailey — Jackson 
Kimberly Shows Bailey — Brandon 
Lana Talley Bailey — Brandon 
Latunya N. Bailey — Raymond 
Malcolm Vernon Bailey Jr. — Pattison 
Mary Bailey — Jackson 
Meriam Ruth Bailey — Richland 
Michael J. Bailey — Jackson 
Paula Claire Bailey — Jackson 
Pryor Spencer Bailey — Starkville 
Richard Scott Bailey — Terry 
Robert James Bailey — Clinton 
Robert Jeffrey Bailey — Brandon 
Robin Alison Bailey — Port Gibson 
Roderick Oneal Bailey — Bolton 
Ronnie Lee Bailey — Vicksburg 
Ronny Bailey — Jackson 
Sarah Ann Bailey — Terry 
Shannon Marie Bailey — Jackson 
Steven Moore Bailey — Jackson 
Steven Paul Bailey — Jackson 
Steven Ray Bailey — Vicksburg 
Steven Wilson Bailey — Jackson 
William Edward Bailey — Morton 
Betty Kay Bain Hayne — Brandon 
Betty Magee Baird — Jackson 
Dustin Ray Bairfield — Jackson 
Sandra Denise Baity — Columbus 
Caroline Susan Bakarich — Vicksburg 
Beatrice Annie Baker — Jackson 
Bradley M. Baker — Vicksburg 
Christopher David Baker — Florence 
Duke Ivan Baker — Jackson 
Eddis Marie Baker — Pearl 
Elvis Mackey Baker Jr. — Vicksburg 
Jerry Baker — Vicksburg 
Jesse Thomas Baker Jr. — Vicksburg 
Karen Gilley Baker — Jackson 
Kristi Ellena Baker — Florence 
Lee Ann Baker — Jackson 
Phoebe Day Baker — Brandon 
Ramona Nichols Baker — Brandon 
Richard H. Baker — Jackson 
Robin Leigh Baker — Coldwater 
Sara Elizabeth Baker — Pearl 
Stephen Christopher Baker — Brandon 
Tonya Laverne Baker — Jackson 
Lea Annette Bakerdees — Jackson 
Billy Dewayne Baldridge — Vicksburg 
Johnny R. Baldridge — Vicksburg 
Miki Hori Baldridge — Jackson 
Charles Wesley Baldwin Jr. — Pearl 
Elaine F. Baldwin Barne — Jackson 
Eric Todd Baldwin — Brandon 
Mark Blaine Baldwin — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Baldwin — Jackson 
Cynthia Hastings Balentine — Clinton 
Stephen Eugene Baley — Jackson 
Susan Baley — Jackson 
Danny A. Ball — Florence 
Elizabeth Anne Ball Delau — Jackson 
Henry L. Ball — Florence 
Kimberly Juwan Ball — McCool 
Scottie R. Ball — Jackson 
Linda Gail Ballance — Jackson 
David Ashley Ballard — Clinton 
Guy Stephen Ballard — Terry 
Kenneth Ray Ballard — Jackson 
Kenneth Wallace Ballard — Raymond 
Mary Anne Ballard — Vicksburg 
Patsy Pope Ballard — Jackson 

Ronald L. Ballard — Ridgeland 
Sara Jane Ballard — Vicksburg 
Vivian Anne Ballard Clark — Jackson 
Yvonne Ballard — Terry 
Amanda Carol Ballenger — Jackson 
Jimmy Ballenger — Magee 
Thomas B. Ballenger — Jackson 
Mary Louise Balthis — Jackson 
Brad L. Banes — Raymond 
Sandra Lynne Banes — Raymond 
James F. Banger — Raymond 
Felicia Diane Bankhead — Tougaloo 
Carol Farmer Banks — Tallulah 
Carolyn Denise Banks — Vicksburg 
Edward Dwayne Banks — Lena 
Ester Troutt Banks — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Crawford Banks — Vicksburg 
Jesse Bryan Banks — Vicksburg 
Michael Alton Banks — Vicksburg 
Renee Banks — Jackson 
Teresa Lynnette Banks — Jackson 
Daniel Christophe Bankston — Jackson 
Joni Langdon Bankston — Jackson 
Renee Simmons Bankston — Jackson 
Dung Bao — Raymond 
Betty Joy Barber — Jackson 
David Bruce Barber — Ridgeland 
Judith K. Barber — Jackson 
Michael Terrell Barber — Jackson 
Michelle Vannorman Barber — Vicksburg 
Veronica N. Barber — Jackson 
James Paul Barclay — Columbus 
David Mark Bardin — Jackson 
Dorothy Rayner Bardin — Bolton 
Jason T. Barefoot — Clinton 
Maxine D. Barefoot — Vicksburg 
Melanie Barrier Barfield — Jackson 
William David Barfield — Clinton 
Dabney Deanne Barham — Brandon 
Claire Bailey Barker — Jackson 
James Alton Barker III — Clinton 
Stephen Douglas Barker — Jackson 
Tracy Lee Barker Smith — Jackson 
Matt Powell Barkley — Jackson 
Amy Coren Barlow — Brandon 
Amy Katherine Barlow — Brandon 
Elizabeth Michelle Barlow — Brandon 
Harold Percy Barlow Jr. — Harrisville 
Michael Shawn Barlow — Raymond 
Robert Norton Barlow Jr. — Utica 
Vickie Piercey Barlow — Clinton 
Donna taster Barnard — Vicksburg 
Tracy Lee Barnard — Mt. Olive 
Shelly R. Barner — Jackson 
Annette T. Barnes — Jackson 
Apryl L. Barnes — Jackson 
Ariquica Vernett Barnes — Columbia 
Cathy Leigh Barnes — Jackson 
Christei Lynn Barnes — Jackson 
Gary L. Barnes — Braxton 
Herman Barnes Jr. — Vicksburg 
Howard Russell Barnes — Terry 
Ike Knox Barnes Jr. — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Elaine Barnes — Clinton 
James E. Barnes — Jackson 
James K. Barnes — Crystal Springs 
Jill Suzanne Barnes — Clinton 
Jolandra Barnes — Jackson 
Jonathan Brent Barnes — Terry 
Judy Garner Barnes — Hermanville 
Kimberly L. Barnes — Jackson 
Mark DeWayne Barnes — Lena 
Monyette Barnes — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Barnes — Jackson 
Patsy Passman Barnes — Vicksburg 
Randy J. Barnes — Pearl 
Richard A. Barnes — Port Gibson 
Teresa Marie Barnes — Vicksburg 
Thomas Patrick Barnes — Prentiss 
Tonitia Frashaun Barnes — Jackson 
Walter Coneolas Barnes — Jackson 
Aletta D. Barnett Hatte — Jackson 
Bailie Jeffers Barnett — Vicksburg 
Janet C. Barnett — Carthage 
Jerry Malcolm Barnett — Vicksburg 
Riley Ross Barnett — Jackson 
Robert Elbert Barnett — Raymond 
Steven Bradford Barnett — New Hebron 
Steven Ray Barnett — Clinton 
Angela Barnette — Pearl 
Chris DeWayne Barnette — Jackson 
Gwendolyn M. Barnette — Vicksburg 
Sandra Ellen Barnette — Jackson 
Rose Marie Barnum — Vicksburg 
Mario Baroni III — Jackson 
Michael K. Baroni — Natchez 
Joseph A. Barr — Brandon 
Josephine Washington Barr — Jackson 
Mary Lucy Barr — Jackson 
Stacie Elizabeth Barr — Jackson 
Victoria DeShaye Barr — Brandon 
Amber Nicole Barrett — Clinton 

Heather Elaine Barrett — Jackson 
Janice Riley Barrett — Jackson 
John Michael Barrett — Jackson 
John Patrick Barrett — Brandon 
Jonnita Brewer Barrett — Jackson 
Larry Dean Barrett — Pattison 
Mary Ann Barrett — Pelahatchie 
Robert Joseph Barrett — Jackson 
Sandra Warren Barrett — Jackson 
Vickie Lynn Barrett — Vicksburg 
Virginia Carolyn Barrett — Pearl 
Lonnie K. Barrier — Jackson 
Edward August Barrilleaux — Brandon 
Ruth Jackson Barrington — Jackson 
Susan W. Barrington — Brandon 
James W. Barron Jr. — Terry 
Josephine Hayden Barron — Florence 
Joyce McFarland Barron — Terry 
Laura Patteron Barron — Jackson 
Patty Owen Barry — Jackson 
Sharon Renee Barry — Terry 
John Thomas Barth — Brandon 
Eddie A. Barthel — Jackson 
Terry Lawrence Bartlett — Jackson 
Bret Nicklaus Barton — Jackson 
William Dolph Barton — Clinton 
Jim Drane Barwick — Jackson 
Resie Stevens Barwick — Duck Hill 
Todd Parish Barwick — Jackson 
Richard Neal Baskin — Perkingston 
Sonya R. Baskin — Jackson 
Brian David Bass — Jackson 
Cathy Ford Bass — Vicksburg 
Charles Anthony Bass — Jackson 
David Nolan Bass — Jackson 
Frankie Lee Bass — Jonesville 
James Noell Bass — Brandon 
Jim Bass — Clinton 
Johnny Allan Bass — Jackson 
Kevin Jesse Bass — Vicksburg 
Phyllis McDade Bass — Jackson 
Robert Earl Bass Jr. — Bassfield 
Shondra Latriece Bass — Pinola 
Tasha L. Bass — Vicksburg 
Frankey Lee Bassett — Crystal Springs 
Gary Hansford Bassett — Jackson 
Alma Kirby Bates — Jackson 
Betty Lynn Bates — Jackson 
Darryll Douglas Bates — Richland 
Debra Magnolia Bates — Clinton 
Janet Elaine Bates Blair — Brandon 
Michael Keith Bates — Jackson 
Nancy Carol Bates Nicho — Raymond 
Shonda Lynn Bates — Brandon 
Trent Bates — Jackson 
Wanda G. Bates — Ocean Springs 
William Denton Bates — Raymond 
Stephen Alan Bath — Yazoo City 
Michelle Renee Batia — Brandon 
Christy Laurie Batte — Forest 
Alberta Monnette Battle — Jackson 
Callie Beamon Battle — Jackson 
Clifford Hal Battle Jr. — Jackson 
Deborah Watts Battle — Brandon 
Tracey L. Battle — Jackson 
Yalanda Faye Battle — Jackson 
Kymberly Agatha Barton — Pearl 
Summer Lynne Barton — Clinton 
William Christopher Barton — Clinton 
James Andre Barts — Jefferson City 
Toni Pouncey Baucum — Clinton 
Robert Edward Baugh — Jackson 
Parti Ann Baughman — Brandon 
Jean Chevalier Baugnon — Mendenhall 
Vicki L. Baumhardt — Jackson 
Christopher Todd Baxter — Clinton 
Richard Howard Baxter III — Clinton 
William L. Baxter — Brandon 
Zandra Suttle Baxter — Jackson 
Robert Michael Bayler — Vicksburg 
Karen Suzanne Baylis — Petal 
Faye Perry Bayliss — Florence 
Joseph Marc Baylot — Vicksburg 
Cindy Leigh Bayne Carri — Jackson 
Rena R. Beal Davis — Jackson 
Gloria Beamon — Jackson 
Shelia Ann Beamon — Lena 
Michael Norman Bean — Jackson 
Deborah Lee Beard — Jackson 
Jimmy R. Beard — Ridgeland 
Margaret Suzanne Beard — Brandon 
Myra Evelyn Beard — Vicksburg 
Sherry Dianne Beard — Clinton 
Stace G. Beard — Carthage 
Thomas K. Beard — Vicksburg 
William M. Beard III — Jackson 
H. David Bearden — Clinton 
Ryamond Boyd Bearden — Florence 
Shelby Warren Bearden — Pattison 
Stacey Genine Bearden — Pattison 
Angelina Hedgepeth Beasley — Jackson 
Anthony H. Beasley — Jackson 

Directory / 289 

Dana Ohara Beasley — Jackson 
David Scott Beasley — Pearl 
Emily Gall Beasley — Jackson 
Flemiko Sinora Beasley — Jackson 
Qinger Burton Beasley — Jackson 
Jo Ann Beasley — Richland 
Leigh Ann Beasley — Monticello 
Michael Anthony Beasley — Natchez 
Robert Dean Beasley — Jackson 
Sharon D. Beasley — Jackson 
Charles Mike Beauchamp — Baton Rouge 
Jon Powell Beauchamp — Vicksburg 
Tonya Lynn Beaver — Jackson 
Charles Calvin Beavers — Forkvllle 
Adrian Brent Beazley — Crystal Springs 
Anthony Reed Beazley — Clinton 
Beverly Greer Beazley — Crystal Springs 
Dangelo L. Bebley — Clinton 
Heatherly Anne Beck — Brandon 
Melissa Ann Beck — Pearl 
Patricia Michelle Beck — Jackson 
William Bryhn Beck — Jackson 
Mary Helen Becker — Ridgeland 
Jessie Orgill Beckett Ross — Jackson 
Keri Jenenne Beckham — McCool 
Jason Daniel Beckler — Raymond 
P. Elder Bedford — Vicksburg 
Thomas Michael Bedgood — Vicksburg 
Frederick S. Beecham — Edwards 
Trina Maranda Beechem — Jackson 
Brenda Johnson Beecher — Clinton 
Blllle Faye Beeman — Pelahatchie 
Karon Anne Beeman — Brandon 
Brian Patrick Beemon — Morton 
Deborah Wilkerson Beemon — Morton 
James Lee Beemon — Morton 
Linda Dariene Beeson — Jackson 
Kathy Marl Belk — Brandon 
Shelia Marie Belk — Florence 
Alicia W. Bell — Ridgeland 
Bridget Denise Bell — Raymond 
Bryant Keith Bell — Jackson 
Christopher Ray Bell — Jackson 
Christopher Robert Bell — Jackson 
Craig William Bell — Flowood 
Damian Labot Bell — Jackson 
Dedtra Sherneise Bell — Jackson 
Deirdre Mane Bell — Vicksburg 
Geoffrey Bennett Bell — Clinton 
Jacqueline Grant Bell — Jackson 
James Micheal Bell — Raymond 
Jeanette R. Bell — Jackson 
Jerome Bell — Clinton 
Katheryn Fulgham Bell — Flowood 
Kendra Patrice Bell — Jackson 
Latosha Michelle Bell — Lake 
Lavancier Antronette Bell — Jackson 
Lonnie Bell — Philadelphia 
Lonzel Bell Jr. — Jackson 
Lynn Marie Bell — Vicksburg 
Mack Davis Bell — Nesbit 
Margaret Ann Bell — Bolton 
Martha Lene Bell Quick — Jackson 
Michelle Ladawne Bell — Ridgeland 
Monica N. Bell — West Point 
Nicole Bell — Jackson 
Rachel Lynn Bell — Jackson 
Romana Lynn Bell — Jackson 
Roxanne Denise Bell — Jackson 
Shannon S. Bell — Vicksburg 
Silvia Gail Bell — Jackson 
Tara Andrea Bell — Jackson 
Thomas Alvin Bell — Jackson 
Yolanda Yvette Bell — Jackson 
Tommy C. Bellis — Raymond 
Maxine Benamon — DeKalb 
Birdie Ann Benford — Jackson 
Angela Ruth Benjamin — Crystal Springs 
Billy Frank Benjamin — Jackson 
Monica Ann Bennear — Pearl 
Amy Denise Bennett — Vicksburg 
Aubrey Wade Bennett — Jackson 
Darron Bennett — Jackson 
Dorothy Diane Bennett — Jackson 
Helen Austin Bennett — Jackson 
Jerry Wayne Bennett — Pelahatchie 
Kettle D. Bennett — Raymond 
Margaret Oranell Bennett — Jackson 
Melissa Regina Bennett — Jackson 
Michael Wade Bennett — Philadelphia 
Patricia Davis Bennett — Madison 
Robert David Bennett — Vicksburg 
Ruth B. Bennett — Jackson 
Sandra Kay Bennett — Pearl 
Stacy R. Bennett Johns — Jackson 
Stephanie H. Bennett — Jackson 
Tanya Renee Bennett — Jackson 
Teresa Kirkland Bennett — Brandon 
Terry Bennett — Jackson 
Tyrone D. Bennett — Pelahatchie 
Adrena Denise Benson — Crystal Springs 
Christie Michelle Benson — Brandon 

Cindy G. Benson — Clinton 
Clara M. Benson — Vicksburg 
Doris Jean Benson — Jackson 
Geri Benson — Pearl 
Jerry Lewis Benson — Jackson 
Mary Lou Benson — Jackson 
Michael Jim Benson — Pearl 
Ulanda Renee Benson — Crystal Springs 
Kathy Jo Benton — Jackson 
Priscilla Ann Benton — Jackson 
Virginia Molinari Benton — Jackson 
Melanie Paige Bentz — Madison 
Brenda K. Benway — Vicksburg 
Susan Louise Bercaw — Jackson 
Michael A. Bergin — Forest 
Julie Anna Bernard Harve — Ridgeland 
Dwight H. Berrong — Jackson 
Julie Weeks Berrong — Jackson 
Robert David Berrong — Raymond 
Shannon Rene Berrong — Raymond 
Andy Scott Berry — Florence 
Angela Denise Berry — Bentonia 
Angela Sims Berry — Jackson 
Carolyn Denise Berry — Jackson 
David Russell Berry — Raymond 
Earnest Leon Berry — Pearl 
Edward Richard Berry — Jackson 
Guy Matthew Berry — Clinton 
James Berry — Lake Wales 
Jeannette A. Berry — Vicksburg 
Joan E. Berry Knigh — Jackson 
Joann Berry — Vicksburg 
John D. Berry — Jackson 
John Dale Berry — Magee 
Ken Spencer Berry — Jackson 
Kenneth W. Berry — Braxton 
Legetta Roshell Berry — Bentonia 
Lisa Ann Berry — Pearl 
Marvin Pearon Berry — Bassfield 
Melnee Williams Berry — Wesson 
Michael Shane Berry — Pearl 
Mike Marlon Berry — Pearl 
Patricia Murphy Berry — Clinton 
Rebecca Berry — Florence 
Shannon Rachelle Berry — Jackson 
Sharon A. Berry — Brandon 
Stephanie Marie Berry — Clinton 
Tammy Lynn Berry — Braxton 
Valerie Victoria Berry — Jackson 
Elsie Berryhill — Jackson 
James A. Berryman — Vicksburg 
Sharon D. Berryman Jenki — Clinton 
Lynn Bessonette — Vicksburg 
Edward G. Best — Jackson 
George Anthony Bethany — Florence 
Gretchen Marie Bethany — Raymond 
Christopher Lee Bethay — Brandon 
Louis Edwin Bethea III — Calhoun 
Robert Kendrick Bethely — Natchez 
Kenneth Undrea Beverly — Pearl 
Amy Marie Bevill — Clinton 
John E. Bezzard — Vicksburg 
Jackie A. Bhagat — Jackson 
Joseph Lavaughn Biard — Pearl 
Virginia Russell Bias — Jackson 
James E. Bibbs — Jackson 
Helen Suzanne Bicker — Raymond 
Robert Elliott Bickerstaff — Ridgeland 
Patra Denise Bickham — McComb 
Robert Lewis Bickley — Brandon 
Anthony Dwayne Biddy — Jackson 
Brent Shaw Biedenharn — Vicksburg 
Charlotte Sue Biedenharn — Edwards 
Herman Henry Biedenharn — Vicksburg 
Jeff L. Bierman — Morton 
Desi J. Bigby — Scottsdale 
Leigh Suzanne Biggert — Raymond 
Bernard Biggs — Jackson 
Kristeen Angela Biggs — Brandon 
Elizabeth A. Bilbo Johns — Brandon 
Edna Coleman Bilbro — Ridgeland 
Jeffrey Leonard Bilbro — Raymond 
Yolanda J. Bilbro — Brandon 
Kathy Covington Billings — Clinton 
Jimmy C. Billingsley — Jackson 
Adam Micah Binder — Jackson 
Andrea Caryn Bingham — Jackson 
Belveria Minor Bingham — Jackson 
Edward Greig Bingham — Clinton 
Evelyn Bingham — Vicksburg 
Linda Bingham — Jackson 
Linda G. Bingham — Jackson 
Nitketia Bingham — Jackson 
Mark Aaron Birchett — Vicksburg 
Dorothy A. Birdsong — Edwards 
Edna Diane Birdsong — Vicksburg 
Jon Pennebaker Birdsong — Edwards 
Leisa G. Birdsong — Clinton 
Marcia L. Birdsong — Jackson 
Nlckolas Waters Birdsong — Clinton 
Scott Grayson Birdwell — Flora 
Bobby E. Birmingham — Madison 

Brian Scott Bishop — Florence 
Charles Byron Bishop — Clinton 
Gerald Burns Bishop III — Brandon 
Gregory Wade Bishop — Jackson 
James Gordon Bishop — Pearl 
James Kennon Bishop — Utica 
John R. Bishop — Jackson 
Kathleen Lavern Bishop — Mt. Olive 
Lauren Kay Bishop — Brandon 
Melissa Ann Bishop — Richland 
Rhonda McLeod Bishop — Utica 
Robby Walker Bishop — Florence 
Ruby Jean Bishop — Vicksburg 
Shelley Renee Bishop — Jackson 
Marc T. Bitner — Terry 
Laura Suellyn Bivins — Clinton 
Betty S. Black — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Samantha Black — Jackson 
Debra Evon Black — Canton 
Franklin Charles Black — Clinton 
George M. Black — Clinton 
James Hamilton Black III — Greenwood 
Jo Carol Black — Jackson 
John Iris Black — Pearl 
Julia Ashley Black — Jackson 
Kathy D. Black — Shelby 
Lee Meriwether Black — Jackson 
Melissa Derden Black — Brandon 
Michael Lee Black — Vicksburg 
Tyron E. Black — Lorman 
James Emerson Blackburn — Vicksburg 
Linda K. Blackburn Chapp — Clinton 
Steve Eugene Blackledge — Pearl 
William C. Blackledge Jr. — Carthage 
Bobby James Blackmon — Sharron 
Glenn Edward Blackmon — Canton 
Patricia Ann Blackmon — Clinton 
Wilson Tyrone Blackmon — Canton 
Deborah A. Blackwell — Pelahatchie 
Gina Suzanne Blackwell — Florence 
Linda Griffin Blackwell — Jackson 
Stephanie Lee Blackwell — Brandon 
Windell Blackwell — Jackson 
Amy Claire Blaine — Jackson 
Cynthia Annette Blaine — Richland 
Kenneth Alan Blaine — Jackson 
Rob G. Blaine — Jackson 
Ann Salvo Blair — Jackson 
Michael Lamar Blair — Jackson 
Paula Beech Blair — D Lo 
Gloria Hearn Blake — Vicksburg 
Maria Rachelle Blake — Jackson 
Heidi Lynn Blakely — Jackson 
Jacqulyn Dariene Blakely — Jackson 
Margaret Ann Blakely — Clinton 
Audie Clrk Slakeney — Jackson 
Carta Jean Blakeney — Pearl 
Cynthia Luckett Blakeney — Terry 
Deborah Kay Blakeney — Jackson 
Donald Ray Blakeney Jr. — Jackson 
Jason Neal Blakeney — Brandon 
Leslie Brite Blakeney — Jackson 
Pam Hall Blakeney — Flowood 
Sherry L. Blakeney — Jackson 
Shirley A. Blakeney — Whitfield 
Jesse Bart Blalack — Vicksburg 
Ashley C. Blalock — Brandon 
James Donald Blalock — Pearl 
Lawanda Mechelle Blanche — Bentonia 
Yolanda Metrelle Blanche — Bentonia 
Rodney D. Bland — Forest 
Russell Bland — Raymond 
Vivian D. Bland — Edwards 
Gregerick Antonio Blanks — Jackson 
Nancy Womack Blanks — Jackson 
Robert Cater Blanks — Jackson 
Angy Dawn Blanton — Brandon 
Berry Thomas Blanton — Canton 
Douglas Terrell Blanton — Pearl 
Philip Roger Blaylock — Clinton 
Timothy L. Blaylock — Yazoo City 
Wendy Gayle Bledsoe — Pearl 
Christopher Len Blevins — Pearl 
Dorothy Lenton Blevins — Jackson 
Aaron Paul Bliss — Raymond 
Lisa Ellen Blissett — Vicksburg 
Cass Moore Blocker — Terry 
Donna S. Blocker — Crystal Springs 
Patrick G. Blocker — Crystal Springs 
Willie Mae Blocker Johns — Crystal 

Nancy Sue Blood — Clinton 
DeWayne Patrick Bloodsaw — Lena 
Linda Robertson Bloodworm — Vicksburg 
Allison Dyer Blount — Jackson 
Melinda Maud Blum — Jackson 
Pamela Rochelle Boatman — Pearl 
Louis E. Bobb — Vicksburg 
Felicia Lynette Bobbett — Jackson 
Angle P. Bobo — Carthage 
Stacy M. Bodden — Moss Point 
Renee McLain Bodkins — Jackson 
Flecia Andranette Body — Carthage 

Catina Michelle Bogan — Hazlehurst 
John Evin Boggan — Jackson 
Cynthia Cooper Boggans — Jackson 
Michael B. Bograd E. — Jackson 
Richard Wayne Bohlman — Jackson 
Robert Arvin Bohlman — Jackson 
Catherine Cox Bokros — Jackson 
Timothy D. Boland — Vicksburg 
Patricia Renee Bold — Jackson 
Brenda Joyce Bolden — Vicksburg 
McHenry Bolden — Jackson 
Stephanie Faye Bolden — Jackson 
Ventres Devon Bolden — Jackson 
Jack Lynn Boleware Jr. — Jackson 
Janie Boleware — Prentiss 
Paul Wesley Bolin — Clinton 
Juanita B. Boling — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Willis Bolls — Vicksburg 
George Michael Bolls — Vicksburg 
Derald Winton Bolton — Jackson 
Kevin Duane Bolton — Jackson 
Michael Brent Bolton — Louisville 
Russell Clyde Bolton — Jackson 
Lee Dell Bomer — Vicksburg 
Sherry Lynn Bond — Yazoo City 
Suzann Michelle Bond — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Dawn Bondie — Jackson 
Richard Lynn Bondrew — Oxford 
Vicky Dezine Bonds — Summit 
Carol Robertson Bonelli — Vicksburg 
William Curtis Boney — Terry 
Angelo Joseph Bonfiglio — Madison 
Donna K. Bonner — Hattiesburg 
Karen Melton Bonner — Raymond 
Mark Franklin Bonner — Jackson 
Stevan David Bonom — Jackson 
Claude Lee Booker — Pearl 
Claudia Esther Booker — Jackson 
Connie M. Booker — Jackson 
Jo Ann Booker — Jackson 
Scotty Earl Booker — Lexington 
Tracy Monquie Booker — Rolling Fork 
Leo Boolos — Vicksburg 
Brad Lavern Boone — Jackson 
Carlette Sanders Boone — Jackson 
Cathy Dianne Boone — Jackson 
Douglas Michael Boone — Vicksburg 
Jonahtan J. Boone — Pearl 
Kelvin Lynn Boone — Jackson 
Mary Spell Boone — Florence 
Silvia Findley Boone — Vicksburg 
Thomas Wade Boone — Brookhaven 
Lavonne R. Boose — Bentonia 
Celia D. Booth Gray — Jackson 
Gregory L. Booth — Clinton 
Joseph Stephen Booth — Pearl 
Robert Issac Booth — Jackson 
Sam Dudley Booth Jr. — Jackson 
Mary Hebert Booty — Madison 
Robert Dale Boozer — Port Gibson 
Sam Grady Boozer — Madison 
Beth Culley Bordelon — Vicksburg 
Christopher Mark Bordelon — Jackson 
Florence Parent Bordelon — Jackson 
Michael Alien Bosma — Jackson 
Chris Keith Bossier — Jackson 
Glenda Tess Boswell — Jackson 
Carol Lynn Bosworth — Ridgeland 
Keith Derrell Boteler — Jackson 
Kristopher Jarrod Boteler — Florence 
Mark S. Boteler — Florence 
Michael Thompson Boteler — Florence 
Gary Hardy Bouchillon — Pearl 
Patricia Bouldin — Madison 
Andrew Shelton Bounds — Madison 
James Ward Bounds — Raleigh 
Raford Larry Bounds — Terry 
Regina Wolf Bounds — Florence 
Roger Bounds — Forest 
Tonya Marie Bounds — Jackson 
Freda G. Bourgeois — Vicksburg 
Lonny Gayle Bourgeois — Ridgeland 
Debra Rivers Boutwell — Bolton 
Gary Seale Boutwell — Sontag 
Ken E. Boutwell — Jackson 
Michael Kevin Boutwell — Jackson 
Paul Gibert Bowden — Jackson 
Amy Gladen Bowen — Pearl 
Angela Jean Bowen — Jackson 
Christopher L. Bowen — Florence 
Gary Ford Bowen — Jackson 
James G. Bowen — Jackson 
JoAnn Labatut Bowen — Magee 
Kathleen Nelson Bowen — Vicksburg 
Donna Lee Bowers — Vicksburg 
Angela Nicole Bowie — Lena 
Monica Denise Bowie — Raymond 
Tammi Jo Bowles — Florence 
Elizabeth Jean Bowlin — Jackson 
Gilbert Daniel Bowlin — Vicksburg 
Julie Ann Bowlin — Brandon 
David Bryce Bowling — Jackson 

290 / Directory 

Bruce Reeves Bowman — Pearl 
David Lynn Bowman — Pelahatchie 
Denice Darcel Bowman — Vicksburg 
Hal Zhean Bowman — Ridgeland 
Larry Emerson Bowman Jr. — Clinton 
Melanie M. Bowman — Pelahatchie 
Rosie T. Bowman — Tallulah 
Shana Quette Bowman — Jackson 
Vickie Lynette Bowman — Pearl 
Marjorie Bingham Bowron — Jackson 
Donald Eugene Box — Clinton 
Richard Floyd Box — Greenville 
James Michael Boyanton — Richland 
Amy Pinnix Boyd — Jackson 
Bonnie R. Boyd — Vicksburg 
Charlisa Boyd — Jackson 
Christopher Lee Boyd — Clinton 
Claude C. Boyd Jr. — Terry 
Coleman Alexander Boyd — Clinton 
Dawn Martina Boyd — Brandon 
Dena Ann Boyd — Jackson 
Ernest E. Boyd — Brandon 
Frank Ashley Boyd — Utica 
lacquelyn A. Boyd — Jackson 
Jeffrey Boyd — Clinton 
Jennifer Jo Boyd — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Latrell Boyd — Clinton 
Catherine Lynne Boyd — Jackson 
Kathleen Dawsey Boyd — Jackson 
Kimberty Boyd — Jackson 
Leon Zachariah Boyd — Jackson 
Martin T. Boyd — Vicksburg 
Paul Wayne Boyd Jr. — Raymond 
Shanna Raechelle Boyd — Pearl 
Shappy Wright Boyd — Vicksburg 
Stewart Edward Boyd — Laurel 
Timothy R. Boyd — Jackson 
Veronica Sheryl Boyd — Jackson 
Wanda Dwylette Boyd — Jackson 
Lynn Church Boyer — Pelahatchie 
Gary I. Boyette — Star 
Marshall Duane Boyette — Brandon 
Ann Risher Boykin — Forest 
Benjamin William Boykin — Jackson 
Brace Langley Boykin — Long Beach 
Denise A. Boykin — Brandon 
Jeffrey Woodard Boykin — Carthage 
Kelly Caraway Boykin — Clinton 
Virginia McGowan Boykin — Jackson 
Wanda Prince Boykin — Raymond 
Alfonzo B. Boykins — Jackson 
Lesley Danielle Boyle — Vicksburg 
Rosie Hearn Boyle — Vicksburg 
Willie Taylor Boyles — Jackson 
Decunda Dacita Bozeman — Learned 
Mark W. Bozeman — Learned 
Patricia Bozeman — Florence 
Cassandra Lynn Braband Bry — Jackson 
Michael David Braband — Jackson 
Charlene Bracey — Jackson 
Charles Bracey — Jackson 
Frances Beverly Bracey — Jackson 
Helen Gean Bracey — Raymond 
Jewel Butler Bracey — Jackson 
Leola Lindsey Bracey — Jackson 
Marie Funches Bracey — Jackson 
Patrick Fitzgerald Bracey — Raymond 
Donna G. Brackin — Florence 
John Michael Brackin — Florence 
Jacquline Bracy — Madison 
Shirley Ann Bracy — Jackson 
Robert Earl Braddy — Jackson 
Marianne Bradford — Jackson 
Patricia Tabb Bradford — Forest 
Standish Tyson Bradford — Forest 
Angi Bradley — Petal 
Benjamin Bradley — Jackson 
Carmen Germain Bradley — Jackson 
Carmen Monique Bradley — Jackson 
Deena Yvette Bradley — Terry 
Mary Marie Bradley — Gloster 
Ougette Johnson Bradley — Jackson 
Douglas Matthew Bradshaw — Raymond 
Jeff Waine Bradshaw — Flora 
Joseph Nathan Bradshaw — Pearl 
Spencer D. Bradshaw — Pearl 
John S. Bradway — Vicksburg 
Chad Thomas Brady — Jackson 
Donald Braxton Brady — Jackson 
Martha Nell Brady — Pearl 
Stacie Lynn Brady — Pearl 
A. Carolyn Bragg — Jackson 
Martin R. Bragg — Jackson 
Pamela Diane Brakefield — Jackson 
Spencer A. Brakefield — Jackson 
Annie Brakefiled — Jackson 
James David Bramlett — Florence 
Kellie Jean Bramlett — Pearl 
Regina Dale Bramlett — Raymond 
Timothy Alva Branaman — Jackson 
Ronald Cary Branan — Vicksburg 
Joe E. Branch Jr. — Vicksburg 

Kenyata Montarous Branch — Canton 
Rosa Lee Branch — Jackson 
Robert Edward Brand — Vicksburg 
John Elvin Brandon — Jackson 
Judge Aaron Brandon — Jackson 
Nickey Branson — Jackson 
Wanda Drake Branson — Jackson 
Bobbie Bland Brantley — Jackson 
Charlie Brantley — Bolton 
Chastity Leanne Brantley — Bolton 
Gilbert Wayne Brantley Jr. — Jackson 
Karen Denise Brantley — Jackson 
Karen Renee Brantley — Clinton 
David Morgan Braeell — Thomasville 
Betty Jo Brasfield — Vicksburg 
William Jess Brasher — Columbus 
LaDonna Braswell — Jackson 
Donald Dennis Bratcher — Florence 
Brand! A. Bratschi — Jackson 
Monica Roshea Bratton — Jackson 
Rhonda G. Braxton — Valley Park 
Robert Edward Braxton — Valley Park 
Bonnie N. Bray — Pelahatchie 
Christian Andrew Bray — Pelahatchie 
Edward Shawn Bray — Carthage 
Thomas Eugene Breaux — Jackson 
Betty Fay Breazeale — Crystal Springs 
Connie Darlene Breazeale F. — Clinton 
Dorene Pitts Breazeale — Jackson 
Jamie Pauline Breazeale — Brandon 
Jimmy Devon Breazeale — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Breazeale — Jackson 
Vivian Annette Breazeale — Jackson 
Tammy Love Breckenridge — Clinton 
Birdie B. Breeden — Ridgeland 
Greg Edwin Breeden — Vicksburg 
John Joseph Breeden — Jackson 
Chris DeWayne Breedlove — Learned 
Jeffrey Joseph Breedlove — Florence 
Charles Edward Breithaupt — Vicksburg 
Melanie Breithaupt — Vicksburg 
Charlotte Ann Breland — Redwood 
Glennis John Breland — Star 
Jerri Michele Breland — Jackson 
Julet Katherine Breland — Jackson 
Randy Gene Breland — Vicksburg 
Melody Marie Brenemen — Brandon 
Quincynthia Lasonia Brent — Crystal 

Roger L. Brent — Vicksburg 
Suzie Faye Brent — Jackson 
Vera Lynne Brent — Jackson 
Allen E. Brewer — Jackson 
Beverly L. Brewer — Jackson 
Carole Sitzmann Brewer — Raymond 
Carolyn Moffett Brewer — Vicksburg 
Christopher Brent Brewer — Jackson 
Debbie E. Brewer — Pearl 
Deborah Delease Brewer — Vicksburg 
Debra K. Brewer Richa — Pearl 
John Lee Brewer Jr. — Vicksburg 
Lawrence C. Brewer — Vicksburg 
Martie Lynn Brewer — Jackson 
Mary A. Brewer — Jackson 
Michelle Lee Brewer — Crystal Springs 
Mitch C. Brewer — Richland 
Robert Steve Brewer — Pearl 
Sherry Lee Brewer — Brandon 
Susan Lott Brewer — Brandon 
William Charles Brewer — Jackson 
Bobby Lee Brewton — Jackson 
Theresa A. Brice Cox — Vicksburg 
Ramona Rene Bridgers — Terry 
Billy R. Bridges — Jackson 
Brian Wallace Bridges — Jackson 
Elaine R. Bridges — Brandon 
Jennifer Lea Bridges — Ridgeland 
Jerry Wayne Bridges — Jackson 
Joseph Franklin Bridges Jr. — Brandon 
Kimberly Shea Bridges — Richland 
Ledora Bridges — Jackson 
Norman Dale Bridges — Florence 
Terasa Kimeko Bridges — Harrisville 
Theresa Ann Bridges — Jackson 
Wesley Keith Bridges — Vicksburg 
Sherry Leanne Bridwell — Crystal Springs 
Bobby Earl Briggs — Florence 
Sharon Denise Briggs — Florence 
Walter E. Briggs — Florence 
Constance Brinson — Florence 
Eurydice Diana Brinson — Mt. Olive 
John William Brinson — Clinton 
Kate A. Brinson — Vicksburg 
Yolanda L. Brinson — Jackson 
Elizabeth V. Brinston — Jackson 
Albert Louis Brisco — Vicksburg 
Teresa Lyndell Brisco — Jackson 
Debra Kaye Briscoe — Pelahatchie 
Isabella T. Brisendine — Jackson 
Angela Michelle Brister — Brandon 
Brad Gilbert Brister — Jackson 
Carol Ann Brister Hobso — Jackson 
Chandra Dee Brister — Jackson 

Dana Leigh Brister — Brandon 
Gloria Thornton Brister — Raymond 
Gregory Ray Brister — Pearl 
Lynda Brister — Terry 
Robert Eldridge Brister — Terryon 
Robert Steven Brister — Jackson 
Sadie L. Brister — Clinton 
Shannon Re Brister — Pearl 
Shirley Reed Brister — Jackson 
Stepahnie P. Brister — Jackson 
Traci Elise Brister — Pearl 
William Clinton Brister Jr. — Redwood 
Ava Bonita Britt — Richland 
Beverly Britt — Madison 
Harry William Britt III — Brandon 
Stephen Douglas Britt — Jackson 
M. Angela Britton — Raleigh 
Wendy Gale Britton — Jackson 
William Terry Britton — Waynesboro 
Donald K. Broadhead — Pearl 
Dorothy M. Broadhead — Florence 
Sandra Best Broadway — Pearl 
Brian Keith Brock — Pearl 
Elizabeth B. Brock — Jackson 
Lynn J. Brock — Collinsville 
Sharon Louise Brock — Jackson 
Valerie Christine Brock — Mendenhall 
Virginia G. Brock — Jackson 
Shalinda Reneece Brocks — Jackson 
Glenn Patrick Brogan — Richland 
Natasha M. Brogan — Jackson 
Ricki Lynette Brogan — Clinton 
Bobby N. Brogdon — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Wilson Brooks — Clinton 
Cheryl Lee Brooks — Jackson 
David Shane Brooks — Jackson 
Diana L. Brooks — Vicksburg 
Earnest E. Brooks — Jackson 
Earnest Earl Brooks — Flora 
Elaine Callaway Brooks — Oxford 
Evelyn Laurence Brooks — Jackson 
Frances Brooks — Jackson 
G. Lonnie Brooks III — Ridgeland 
George L. Brooks — Jackson 
Jamie Ann Brooks — Terry 
Jimmie Ray Brooks — Vicksburg 
Kaye L. Brooks — Rolling Fork 
Kelly Wilkinson Brooks — Clinton 
Michael Jerome Brooks — Flora 
Percy Brooks III — Clinton 
Rose Anne Brooks — Jackson 
Sheletha Denise Brooks — Bolton 
Sherry Pylant Brooks — Vicksburg 
Annie Alexander Broome — Jackson 
Darryl Eugene Broome — Raymond 
Pamela B. Broome — Pearl 
Richard A. Broome — Jackson 
Teresa Diane Broome — Raymond 
Tracey Lynn Broome — Edwards 
Shirley Harris Broomfield — Silver City 
Christina Lyn Brosam — Jackson 
April Michele Bross — Brandon 
Bettye M. Broughton — Utica 
Kevin Lee Browder — Cary 
Robert Tracy Brower — Pearl 
Adrienne Dylan Brown — Clinton 
Albert Goodwin Brown — Jackson 
Alicia Nicols Brown — Jackson 
Alisia Jeanean Brown — Florence 
Allison Paige Brown — Florence 
Alvin Wade Brown — Yazoo 
Amanda Leigh Brown — Mendenhall 
Amy A. Brown — Ellisville 
Amy Lynn Brown — Clinton 
Annette Glover Brown — Jackson 
Anthony Dwayne Brown — Jackson 
Anthony Lance Brown — Brandon 
Barbara A. Brown — Jackson 
Barbara Moore Brown — Jackson 
Barry Neil Brown — Vicksburg 
Bernette Brown — Flora 
Beverly Anita Brown — Jackson 
Billy Jay Brown — Vicksburg 
Bobby Renee Brown Jr. — Jackson 
Brenda Lee Brown — Vicksburg 
Britt Brown — Jackson 
Bryan Keith Brown — Vicksburg 
Calvin Donnell Brown — Jackson 
Carol Christine Brown Dial — Brandon 
Carolyn J. Brown — Fore-t 
Cassandra Brown — Jackson 
Cassandra Rachelle Brown — Vicksburg 
Chandra Katina Brown — Yazoo City 
Charles Clayton Brown — Vicksburg 
Charles Frederick Brown — Clinton 
Charley Ann Brown — Jackson 
Charlotte J. Brown — Madison 
Chauncey Bertram Brown — Jackson 
Cheryl Yvonne Brown — Jackson 
Christian Dion Brown — Jackson 
Christopher Dennis Brown — Vicksburg 
Christopher Wayne Brown — Jackson 

Curtis D. Brown — Jackson 
Dana Kay Brown — Crystal Springs 
Darrel Anthony Brown — Vicksburg 
Darryl DeWayne Brown — Jackson 
David M. Brown — Pearl 
Debbie Brown — Cary 
Deborah Gayle Brown — Clinton 
Desria Lea Brown — Pearl 
Dwayne Brown — Jackson 
Earnestine Brown — Camden 
Eddie Brown — Vicksburg 
Edgar Allen Brown — Port Gibson 
Emmett Brown — Raymond 
Felice Annette Brown — Jackson 
Felita Taylor Brown — Jackson 
Ferante Kenyon Brown — Columbia 
Frances Yvonne Brown — Jackson 
Francie Ann Brown — Bentonia 
Freddie Lea Brown — Jackson 
Freddie Mack Brown — Harrisville 
Gene Autry Brown — Jackson 
Gladys Woodard Brown — Laurel 
Gregory Brown — Terry 
Greogery Lamar Brown — Prentiss 
Gwen Ellis Brown — Jackson 
Hazel Brown — Canton 
Helen Brown — Tallulah 
Irish G. Brown — Jackson 
James Edward Brown — Jackson 
Janet Griffin Brown — Jackson 
Jason Cantrell Brown — Pearl 
Jeanette D. Brown — Jackson 
Jeannine Hazlett Brown — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Janel Brown — Jackson 
Jess W. Brown — Poplarville 
Joel Ray Brown — Jackson 
Juan Marched Brown — Jackson 
Judy Annette Brown — Vicksburg 
Judy C. Brown Foste — Vicksburg 
Judy Howell Brown — Vicksburg 
Judy W. Brown — Vicksburg 
Karen Krueger Brown — Vicksburg 
Keith Demond Brown — Jackson 
Kelly Essary Brown — Wesson 
Kevin Brown — Jackson 
Kevin Michael Brown — Brandon 
Kevin Todd Brown — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Lynn Brown — Mt. Olive 
Lamar Brown — Byram 
Laura Rene Brown — Jackson 
Leigh Anne Brown — Jackson 
Leigh Knight Brown — Jackson 
Linda Marie Brown — Vicksburg 
Linda Sue Brown — Jackson 
Lolita Williams Brown — Jackson 
Malcolm B. Brown — Vicksburg 
Marian Diane Brown — Vicksburg 
Martha Jan Brown — Lena 
Marvin Brown — Jackson 
Mary Katherine Brown — Clinton 
Mary Louise Brown — Vicksburg 
Matthew Jason Brown — Kennesaw 
Maurice Lafayette Brown — Jackson 
Melanie Christine Brown — Pearl 
Melissa Pickett Brown — Edwards 
Mia C. Brown — Florence 
Michael D. Brown — Ridgeland 
Michael DeWayne Brown — Jackson 
Michael Dewess Brown — Vicksburg 
Milissa Shanee Brown — Prentiss 
Monica Lashun Brown — Jackson 
Montale Darnell Brown — Chicago 
Pamela Denise Brown — Vicksburg 
Patrick Royce Brown — Brandon 
Paul Dennis Brown — Pearl 
Paul Thomas Brown — Jackson 
Pearl Evans Brown — Vicksburg 
Peggy Sumrall Brown — Vicksburg 
Rafael Howard Brown — Jackson 
Rebecca Anne Brown — Vicksburg 
Richard Alan Brown — Forest 
Richard Charles Brown — Jackson 
Robbie Lasha Brown — Jackson 
Robby Winston Brown — Jackson 
Robert Jerome Brown — Jackson 
Rodgers Brown — Jackson 
Rodney Brown — Jackson 
Ronald Brown — Alexandria 
Ronnie Keith Brown — Brandon 
Ryan Neal Brown — Jackson 
Sammie Brown — Vicksburg 
Sandra Brown — Florence 
Savwanda Shaunta Brown — New Hebron 
Shannon Marie Brown — Mendenhall 
Shannon Wade Brown — Jackson 
Sharon Denice Brown — Jackson 
Shekita LaFaye Brown — Jackson 
Shirley Jean Brown — Jackson 
Shirley Rena Brown — Vicksburg 
Sonia Annette Brown — Jackson 
Stacy Ann Brown — Vicksburg 
Steve S. Brown — Jackson 

Directory / 291 

Steven Brown — Clinton 
Steven Alan Brown — Raymond 
Tammy Denlse Brown — Vicksburg 
Tammy Terrell Brown — Canton 
Tarsha Bonee Brown — Vicksburg 
Terence Alfred Brown — Canton 
Teresa Lynn Brown — Vicksburg 
Teresa Wilkerson Brown — Morton 
Terri Lynn Brown — Crystal Springs 
Terry Mullen Brown — Brandon 
Tongie Rose Brown — Vicksburg 
Toran Marzittie Brown — Jackson 
Toya Caston Brown — Jackson 
Tracey Elaine Brown — Canton 
Tracey Leigh Brown — Jackson 
Traci Ann Brown — Utica 
Turner A. Brown — Vicksburg 
Virginia Brown — Jackson 
William Marcus Brown — Jackson 
Willie Derrick Brown — Jackson 
Willie Ella Brown — Jackson 
Worthen Brown — Monroe 
Barry Leon Browning — Clinton 
Lyndell Scott Browning — Jackson 
Gaye Killebrew Broyles — Brandon 
Aylisa M. Bruce — Magee 
Bobbie Reed Bruce — Edwards 
Jeremiah Daniel Bruce — Jackson 
Jimmy Carlin Bruce — Vicksburg 
Kevin Lee Bruce — Edwards 
Patricia Ann Bruce — Ridgeland 
Prentiss Wayne Bruce — Raleigh 
Charles Barry Brueck — Madison 
Brian Keith Brumfield — Clinton 
Carolyn Louise Brumfield — Jackson 
Gail Lynn Brumfield — McComb 
Herman Sidney Brumfield — Jackson 
Stanley Brumfield — Jackson 
Thomas Marshall Brumfield — Greenwood 
Willie Albert Brumfield — Jackson 
Alpha Gene Brummett Fife — Madison 
Julie Katharine Brunson — Raymond 
Regina Gale Brunson — Clinton 
Albert A. Brust III — Madison 
Anita Thrash Bryan — Philadelphia 
Charles H. Bryan — Brandon 
Cynthia Wooley Bryan — Vicksburg 
Eldridge Leon Bryan II — Vicksburg 
Helen Harrison Bryan — Vicksburg 
Leah Katharine Bryan — Vicksburg 
Olivia Leigh Bryan — Ridgeland 
Vickie Lawrence Bryan — Madden 
Anita Kaye Bryant — Brandon 
Anthony Ray Bryant — Jackson 
Audrey Denlse Bryant — Jackson 
Authur Thomas Bryant Jr. — Brandon 
Billy Wayne Bryant — Edwards 
Charles James Bryant — Port Gibson 
Charlotte Rae Bryant — Brandon 
Donjulia Shantay Bryant — Gulfport 
Dora Lee Bryant — Jackson 
Gail Rene Bryant — Terry 
James Charles Bryant — Utlca 
Jeffrey Neal Bryant — Brandon 
Joel Hinton Bryant — Magee 
John Eddie Bryant Jr. — Jackson 
Julie Diane Bryant — Pinola 
Leon Bryant Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Bryant Weave — Jackson 
Lisa Renee Bryant — Brandon 
Mary McPhate Bryant — Vicksburg 
Monique Sophia Bryant — Vicksburg 
Nancy Bell Bryant — Tougaloo 
Nell C. Bryant — Hattiesburg 
Ray E. Bryant — Jackson 
Sharon Berry Bryant — Vicksburg 
Sharron Denise Bryant — Jackson 
Travis Hilton Bryant — Magee 
Twonia L. Bryant — Jackson 
Wiley Randal Bryant — Clinton 
Rayford M. Bryars — Brandon 
Cynthia Arlene Buchanan — Ridgeland 
Edward Earl Buchanan Jr. — Clinton 
Elton Wayne Buchanan — Vicksburg 
Ettie Sue Buchanan — Florence 
Michael Victor Buchanan — Long Beach 
Steve Ray Buchanan — Jackson 
Thomas Mitchell Buchanan — Florence 
Tracy Carleen Buchanan — Pearl 
Cheryl Diane Buck — Jackson 
Lee Dell Buck — Port Gibson 
Yevette Rena Buck — Harriston 
Brenda Jean Buckhaulter — Jackson 
Cleotha Buckhaulter — Jackson 
Allison Balfour Buckley — Clinton 
Brady L. Buckley — Jackson 
Bridgette Elaine Buckley — Jackson 
Edwin Buckley — Flora 
Linda Gayle Buckley — Bay St. Louis 
Tim James Buckner — Brandon 
Patricia Sterling Budd — Vicksburg 
Patricia W. Buffington — Vicksburg 

Christie Leigh Bufkin — Utica 
Elizabeth Warringto Bufkin — Jackson 
James Albert Bufkin — Vicksburg 
Larry Wayne Bufkin — Vicksburg 
Marjorie Cain Bufkin — Port Gibson 
Melissa Ann Bufkin Adcox — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ellen Bufkin — Port Gibson 
Mamie Haynes Buford — Jackson 
Susan Ann Buford — Jackson 
Julie Anne Bull — Vicksburg 
Michael Thomas Bull — Vicksburg 
Lanetta Shantelease Bullie — Jackson 
Tyrone Bullins — West Memphis 
Andrea Dawn Bullock — Brookhaven 
Angele Renee Bullock — Jackson 
Cheryl B. Bullock — Harrisville 
Kenneth Carlton Bullock — Petal 
Nancy Lynn Bullock — Jackson 
Percy Dale Bullock — Greenwood 
Shondell Louise Bullock — Yazoo City 
Reni Bumpas — Jackson 
Faith Lanette Bunch — Vicksburg 
Linda R. Bunch — Clinton 
Robert James Bunch — Jackson 
Warcheta Scott Bunley — Crystal Springs 
Bess L. Bunn Timms — Jackson 
Freida Louise Bunting — Brandon 
Kristie Leigh Bunting — Pelahatchie 
Sheri Lynn Buntyn — Jackson 
Stacey Elizabeth Buras — Foxworth 
D. D. Burch — Braxton 
David Minor Burch — Baton Rouge 
Sharon Loree Burch — Jackson 
Sharron Stewart Burch — Jackson 
James Edward Burcham — Marietta 
Cathie Annette Burchfield — Florence 
Richard Allen Burchfield — Pearl 
Richard L. Burchfield — Pearl 
Bridie T. Burdine — Jackson 
Shannon Nicole Burdsal — Brandon 
Elizabeth Dianne Burge — Jackson 
Jeff Lawrence Burge — Sandhill 
Brand! Lynn Burgess — Clinton 
Lula Michele Burgess — Bolton 
Geoffrey Lee Burke — Brandon 
Karen Leigh Burke — Jackson 
Karen Whitfield Burke — Clinton 
Timothy B. Burkes — Clinton 
Fredrick Demond Burkett — Jackson 
Michael Eric Burkett — Jackson 
Cedrick D. Burks — Edwards 
Cheryl Jeanette Burks — Vicksburg 
George Cleveland Burks — Jackson 
Inetta Burks — Forest 
Natalie M. Burks — Jackson 
Sonia Denise Burlison — Natchez 
Sophia Lea Burlison — Natchez 
Charles H. Burnett — Jackson 
Lagina Laward Burnett — Terry 
Leona Gay Burnett — Raymond 
Tammy Taylor Burnett — Vicksburg 
Donna L. Burnette — Vicksburg 
Mary Ann Burnette — Vicksburg 
Charles Randall Burney — Pearl 
Glenda Gail Burney — Pearl 
Jack J. Burney — Brandon 
Candice Marie Burnham — Mendenhall 
Carl H. Burnham — Jackson 
Chasity Lynn Burnham — Mendenhall 
Christopher Baker Burnham — Jackson 
Evelyn E. Burnham — Jackson 
Gina Suzanne Burnham — Mendenhall 
James Gregory Burnham — Pearl 
John Randolph Burnham — Pearl 
Martha J. Burnham — Puckett 
Maurice G. Burnham — Vicksburg 
Melanie Leigh Burnham — Pearl 
Virginia Lynn Burnham — Florence 
Angela Michelle Burns — Jackson 
Cynthia Elaine Burns — Vicksburg 
Jackie Ann Burns — Jackson 
Keysha Latrice Burns — Jackson 
May C. Burns — Vicksburg 
Melissa Ann Burns — Brandon 
Phillip Oliver Burns — Jackson 
Rebecca Ingram Burns — Madison 
Sandra Renae Burns — Utica 
Scott Andrew Burns — Jackson 
Torrance Donell Burns — Jackson 
Agnes L. Burnside — Jackson 
Jonathan Barry Burnside — Jackson 
Rochelle Chonses Burnside — Forest 
Rae S. Burnwell — Crystal Springs 
Kelly Cameron Burr — Vicksburg 
Byron D. Burrell — Jackson 
Cynthia Elaine Burrell — Bentonia 
James Reaford Burrell — Jackson 
Jennifer Dawn Burrell — Brandon 
Katrina Burrell — Bentonia 
William Raden Burris Jr. — Clinton 
Susan Dianne Burrough Goss — Brandon 
Allyson Barber Burroughs — Vicksburg 

Geoffrey Calvin Burroughs — Terry 
Janell R. Burroughs Bound — Pearl 
Ralph L. Burroughs — Jackson 
Sarah Smith Burroughs — Redwood 
Johnnie Edward Burse — Jackson 
Linda Darlene Burse — Vicksburg 
Emma Darlene Burt Marti — Jackson 
Rhonda Jo Burt — Pearl 
Sylvia Diane Burt — Ridgeland 
Celeste N. Burton Mille — Jackson 
Earnest William Burton — Taylorsville 
Irvin Gregory Burton — Pearl 
Lamar Hooker Burton — Pearl 
Peggy Sue Burton — Florence 
Rhonda J. Burton — Brandon 
Charles Edward Busby — Jackson 
Monica Jensen Busby — Braxton 
Rebecca D. Busby — Vicksburg 
Sharon Biegel Busby — Clinton 
Fred W. Bush — Pinola 
James Heath Bush — Pearl 
Mark Edward Bush — Brandon 
Mary Elaine Bush — Clinton 
Robert P. Bush — Braxton 
Savannah Coleman Bush — Vicksburg 
Tara Rebekah Bush — Clinton 
Mark Griffin Bushman — Jackson 
Deborah Jean Buster — Yazoo City 
Danielle Marie Butkowski — Clinton 
Kristin Marie Butkowski — Clinton 
Allen Joe Butler — Forest 
Annetta Harris Butler — Jackson 
Bonnie Louise Butler — Utica 
Dan Butler — Vicksburg 
Darren Lee Butler — Brandon 
Dianna Faye Butler — Jackson 
Gary Butler — Vicksburg 
Hubert E. Butler — Jackson 
Jennifer L. Butler — Brandon 
Lisa Kay Butler — Jackson 
Marilyn L. Butler Barbe — Vicksburg 
Mary Michelle Butler — Pearl 
Patrick W. Butler — Jackson 
Patrick Weber Butler — Vicksburg 
Susie Ann Butler — Harperville 
Timothy Wayne Butler — Jackson 
William Carl Butler — Vicksburg 
Roger Allen Buttner — Yazoo City 
Ann Nichols Butts — Vicksburg 
Dianne Butts — Raymond 
Kurt Jerome Butz — Jackson 
George Allen Buxton — Jackson 
Daryl Keith Byers — Terry 
George Byers — Vicksburg 
Michael S. Byers — Terry 
Brenda S. Byington — Clinton 
Frank Presley Bynum — Louisville 
James Clabern Bynum III — Florence 
Michael Dwayne Bynum — Jackson 
Roger T. Bynum II — Clinton 
John Kevin Byram — Vicksburg 
Andrea Byrd — Mendenhall 
Angelique Lorraine Byrd — Vicksburg 
Barbara F. Byrd — Florence 
Bobby Jeremy Byrd — Clinton 
Earnestine B. Byrd — Jackson 
lenka Byrd — Jackson 
Jason Michael Byrd — Jackson 
Jo Ann Byrd — Florence 
Kristin Diana Byrd — Clinton 
Leonard Oliver Byrd — Jackson 
Lynda Faye Byrd — Florence 
Malcolm Douglas Byrd — Florence 
Mary Elizabeth Byrd — Brandon 
Michael Scott Byrd — Pearl 
Nancy Dianne Byrd — Pearl 
Sharon Yvette Byrd — Jackson 
Susan Vilardo Byrd — Vicksburg 
Ty J. Byrd W. — Clinton 
Vincent Joe Byrd — Jackson 
Christopher Shane Byrne — Jackson 
Elva Lee Byrne — Vicksburg 
Tommie G. Byrne — Jackson 
Lonnie Lee Byrnes Tan — Vicksburg 
Percy Shields Byrnes V. — Greenville 
Jeanette M. Byther — Jackson 

Tanya Denise Caddis — Brandon 
Tasha Dawn Caddis — Brandon 
Kimberly C. Cadwallader — Jackson 
Dorothy Anna Cage Estel — Jackson 
Dwight Christopher Cage — Jackson 
Millicent Cage — Jackson 

Annette Mulligan Cagle — Florence 
Christine Deann Cagle — Vicksburg 
Lisa D. Cagle — Florence 
Melinda Faye Cagle — Kosciusko 
Melissa Ann Cagle Johns — Hattiesburg 
Chrystal Dawn Cain — Vicksburg 
Frank Alan Cain — Brandon 
Jackie Lynn Calcote — Meadville 
Lisa Frances Calder — Magee 
Amanda Grace Caldwell — Greenville 
Cindy Leigh Caldwell — Jackson 
Jeannie C. Caldwell — Clinton 
Michael Austin Caldwell — Pearl 
Natilyn C. Caldwell — Canton 
Jane Pittman Calhoun — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Shea Calhoun — Clinton 
Joe Edward Calhoun — Florence 
John C. Calhoun — Forest 
Noel Bradley Calhoun — Mendenhall 
Tena Pace Calhoun — Clinton 
Nicholas Ernest Calico Jr. — Brandon 
John D. Callahan — Brandon 
Mary Katharine Callahan — Terry 
Lee Binford Callender — Brandon 
Livia Suzanne Callender — Vicksburg 
Nicole Olinda Callender — Florence 
Tina Marie Calloway — Philadelphia 
Michelle Spurlock Calton — Brandon 
Wanda S. Calvert — Pelahatchie 
Beverly Ann Cameron — Jackson 
Janice Maryanne Cameron — Jackson 
Regina Annette Cameron — Brandon 
Wilda Marie Cameron — Vicksburg 
Andrew Campbell — Sardis 
Angie Maureen Campbell — Sardis 
Brenda Cottrell Campbell — Jackson 
Cassandra Marie Campbell — Tyler 
David Arthur Campbell — Clinton 
David Harold Campbell — Edwards 
Dyonnis Charisse Campbell — Jackson 
Evelia Raynette Campbell — Jackson 
Greg Allen Campbell — Jackson 
J. Allan Campbell — Brandon 
Jo A. Campbell — Brandon 
Joel David Campbell — Jackson 
Jon David Campbell — Jackson 
Lawanda Odom Campbell — Pelahatchie 
Lee Scott Campbell — Jackson 
Maurice Antoine Campbell — Raymond 
Mike Jason Campbell — Jackson 
Patsy Carol Campbell — Terry 
Scott Alan Campbell — Meadville 
Thomas Jeff Campbell — Pearl 
Stevie Camper — Bolton 
Scott Joseph Canada — Brandon 
Robert Shannon Canard — Brandon 
Mary Christine Canizaro — Jackson 
Traci Darlene Canizaro — Jackson 
Hillard H. Cannada — Edwards 
Aaron M. Cannon — Jackson 
Colleen Coleman Cannon — Pearl 
James Aubrey Cannon — Clinton 
Ruthie D. Cannon — Jackson 
Raymond Gregory Cano — Jackson 
Gayle Shoemaker Canoy — Canton 
Tamara Lea Canoy — Jackson 
John William Canterbury — Morton 
Julius Michael Cantin — Vicksburg 
Dennis Allen Cantrell — Vicksburg 
Betty Sue Cantwell — Jackson 
Rita Faye Cantwell — Jackson 
Brandy Elizabeth Capley — Jackson 
Cynthia Anne Carby — Brandon 
William Craig Carby — Pearl 
Jerome Carcamo — Jackson 
Tracy Leann Carey — Philadelphia 
Daniel R. Cargile — Brandon 
Angela Michelle Cargill — Jackson 
Jimmy Louis Carite — Clinton 
Rhonda Carlisle — Clinton 
Duane Eugene Carlock — Crystal Spring! 
Robert Allen Carloss — Jackson 
Clifton Edward Carlton — Jonesville 
Jeffrey Dale Carlton — Jackson 
Scott Newton Carlton — Clinton 
Raymond Earl Carmeans — Jackson 
Sherry Burkley Carnegie — Brandon 
Rodney Christopher Carney — Jackson 
Meredith Leanne Carothers — Jackson 
Cassandra Lynn Carpenter — Jackson 
Cecile P. Carpenter — Jackson 
Deborah J. Carpenter — Vicksburg 
Eva Shirley Carpenter — Yazoo City 
Hurley Scott Carpenter — Jackson 
Jeffrey C. Carpenter — Jackson 
Kenneth Leon Carpenter Jr. — Clinton 
Kim Lashan Carpenter — Jackson 
Marc Dewayne Carpenter — Hattiesburg 
Mitchell E. Carpenter — Jackson 
Regina K. Carpenter — Jackson 
Thomas Winston Carpenter — Vlcksburj 
Tina Louise Carpenter — Jackson 

292 / Directory 

/emell Van Carpenter — Jackson 
William L. Carpenter Jr. — Flora 
;iarence Carr — Jackson 
)aniel Stephen Carr — Raymond 
)avid F. Carr Jr. — Pearl 
Eddie Leynone Carr — Jackson 
lames R. Carr — Brandon 
lannifer Pickett Carr — Raymond 
luanita Carr — Brandon 
(aren Louise Carr — Jackson 
Ainnie Ruth Carr — Jackson 
imothy Roy Carr — Jackson 
Iryan W. Carraway — Utica 
tonald W. Carraway — Edwards 
lerbert Smith Carraway Jr. — Vicksburg 
lanelle Julia Carraway — Utica 
Aildred Ladonna Carraway — Vicksburg 
Villiam Brook Carraway — Vicksburg 
Varies Allen Carrick — Vicksburg 
luan Joaquin Carrlllo — Vicksburg 
snnotte Beach Carroll — Conehatta 
Irenda Blair Carroll — Jackson 
)aryl Oshea Carroll — Jackson 
Isbbie Bennett Carroll — Vicksburg 
Hen Eric Carroll — Brandon 
lames Allen Carroll — Jackson 
ason Troy Carroll — Vicksburg 
aren Machon Carroll — Vicksburg 
lelody Elaine Carroll — Pearl 
ames Smauel Carruth — Jackson 
ill Elaine Carruth — Jackson 
lichael James Carruth — McComb 
leverly Gibbs Carson — Vicksburg 
Irenda Denise Carson — Edwards 
handra Rose Carson — Raymond 
Ihristy J. Carson — Raymond 
ranklin D. Carson — Jackson 
immy Glenn Carson — Edwards 
ouis Carson — Vicksburg 
tary L. Carson Britt — Jackson 
rina Rene Carson — Jackson 
alerie Renee Carson — Jackson 
manda Leigh Carter — Raymond 
iiithony Steven Carter — Jackson 
pril Darlene Carter — Florence 
■udrey Lynette Carter — Canton 
larbara Ann Carter — Vaughan 
arbara Jean Carter — Vicksburg 
atherine Nervis Carter — Vicksburg 
harles Ray Carter — Jackson 
Christian Sean Carter — Jackson 
Dana Denise Carter — Jackson 
Iregory Todd Carter — Pearl 
ackie Darnell Carter — Florence 
ames Wesley Carter Jr. — Jackson 
erome Carter — Vicksburg 
ohn Martin Carter — Richland 
uanita Davis Carter — Jackson 
al Louise Carter — Benton 
imberly Denise Carter — Vicksburg 
acey Leigh Carter Outla — Silver City 
inda Smith Carter — Brandon 
oretta D. Carter — Jackson 
lardi Allen Carter — Jackson 
lartin Curtis Carter — Yazoo City 
lelissa Carter — Pascagoula 
lichea Denise Carter — Pelahatchie 
leuben Leon Carter — Vicksburg 
arina Michelle Carter — Jackson 
hantel Laterra Carter — Mendenhall 
anya Elizabeth Carter — Jackson 
nomas A. Caruthers IV — Vicksburg 
lyruth Carver — Vicksburg 
ienny Eugene Carver — Brandon 
treal Cary — Jackson 
landy Lewis Cary — Pearl 
hannon D. Cary — Pearl 
Irian Murray Case — Clinton 
louglass Ackerly Case — Jackson 
ames Vernon Case Jr. — Clinton 
aul David Case Jr. — Florence 
•ephanie Leigh Case — Jackson 
ammy L. Cash — Jackson 
teve Cash — Jackson 
assandra LaFaye Casnel — Jackson 
ammy Shevel Casnel — Jackson 
erri C. Casnel — Jackson 
ry C. Cassel — Jackson 
oretta Hanson Cassell — Port Gibson 
lords Ladail Cassidy — Jackson 
arry B. Castle — Kilmichael 
largaret Susan Castle — Clinton 
lexess Delynn Caston — Satartia 
'heryl Denise Caston — Utica 
rnmett Caston — Jackson 
lerman Lewis Caston III — Jackson 
anice Lamour Caston — Satartia 
ohnny Ray Caston — West Point 
ophia Johnson Caston — Jackson 
ason Sidney Castro — Maurice 
aul Catching — Jackson 
arbara A. Catchings — Jackson 

Linda Broadwater Catchings — Jackson 
Monica Sherise Catchings — Jackson 
Martha Raynelle Caton — Mendenhall 
Kelly Leigh Catt — Clinton 
Rita Cattenhead — Richland 
Eloise Ford Cattlin — Vicksburg 
Carley Claire Causey — Clinton 
Daniel Eugene Causey — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Bernice Causey — Jackson 
James H. Causey — McComb 
Joyce Terry Causey — Jackson 
Jefferey Lynn Cauthen — Jackson 
Betty McGuffee Cavanaugh — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ellen Cave — Vicksburg 
Bob R. Caves — Pearl 
Albert Kenney Cavett — Jackson 
Bobby Cavett — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Cavett — Jackson 
Catherine Cavin — Crosby 
Gretchen Anne Cearnal — Jackson 
Isaac Ben Ceaser — Valdosta 
Alan Randall Cessna — Utica 
Reginald Darnell Chaffee — Canton 
Bobbie Ree Chaff in — Jackson 
Ada Taylor Chambers — Pearl 
Angela Latriece Chambers — Jackson 
Arnita Lacherly Chambers — Canton 
Denise R. Chambers — Vicksburg 
Gregory Lynn Chambers — Jackson 
Kimberly Bartlett Chambers — Vicksburg 
Shawn Marie Chambers — Jackson 
Walter Chambers — Lorman 
Beverly D. Chamblee — Jackson 
Ginger F. Chambless — Pearl 
Billie Bryant Chambliss — Port Gibson 
Calvin Chambliss — Vicksburg 
Margaret A. Chambliss — Jackson 
Margaret Amelia Chambliss — Jackson 
Mark Chambliss — Jackson 
Cora M. Champion — Jackson 
Judith McGriff Champion — Lena 
Joe C. Chance — Jackson 
Lisa Luckett Chancellor — Ridgeland 
Webbie Ann Chancellor — Jackson 
Danny R. Chandler — Jackson 
Derek Ryan Chandler — Jackson 
Fred Hastings Chandler — Jackson 
Jeff ery Darrell Chandler — Jackson 
Justin Callier Chandler — Vicksburg 
Karen Chandler — Jackson 
Mark T. Chandler — Jackson 
Ronnie Lee Chandler — Jackson 
Susan Kay Chandler — Jackson 
Todd Hastings Chandler — Terry 
David Zack Chaney — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Chaney — Canton 
Junell Dees Chaney — Pearl 
Kendall C. Chaney — Jackson 
Lillian Thornell Chaney — Vicksburg 
Ronald Eugene Chaney — Jackson 
Angela Renee Channell — Crystal Springs 
Claudette Lee Channell — Vicksburg 
J. Channell — Vicksburg 
Kelli M. Channell — Vicksburg 
Melisa Downey Channell — Vicksburg 
Sidney Charles Channell — Vicksburg 
Antwoine Lakelvin Chapman — Jackson 
Bruce Stewart Chapman — Jackson 
Cecile Thurman Chapman — Crystal 

Christopher M. Chapman — Jackson 
Cynthia Marie Chapman — Newton 
Fenton D. Chapman — Tougaloo 
James Floyd Chapman — Jackson 
Janice Tindall Chapman — Jackson 
John Eugene Chapman — Jackson 
Kim Mochelle Chapman — Canton 
Melvin Chapman — Jackson 
Brenda S. Chappell — Pearl 
Ernest Randall Chappell — Clinton 
Donald Eugene Charbonnet — Jackson 
Lucien C. Charles — Miami 
Bradford A. Charleston — Terry 
Irene Clarissa Charleston — Terry 
Brenda Johnson Chase — Brandon 
Jeannette Mariea Chase — Jackson 
Michael Chastain — Jackson 
Richard David Chastain — Brandon 
Faye Alexander Chastang — Jackson 
Becky Pate Chatham — Jackson 
Pamela Matthews Chatham — Jackson 
Randy Eugene Chatham — Vicksburg 
Willard Chatham — Clinton 
Chery L. Chatman — Jackson 
Channel Delinda Chatmon — Edwards 
Joe H. Chease — Edward 
Frankie Rice Cheatham — Florence 
John L. Cheatham III — Greenwood 
Minnie R. Cheatham — Bolton 
Debra D. Cheek Mille — Bolton 

Steven S. Cheeks Jackson 

Wai Lok Chen Georg — Clinton 
Victor Jason Cheney Vicksburg 

Donnie Alton Chennault — Jackson 
Sari Chennault — Madison 
Stacy Michelle Chesteen — Jackson 
Danny Ray Chester — Vicksburg 
Terrell E. Chester — Ridgeland 
Donna Renee Chick — Jackson 
Randall Ray Childres — Sanatorium 
Cindy Gale Childress — Clinton 
Kim Ann Childress — Jackson 
Michael Allen Childress — Clinton 
Robert Edward Childress Jr. — Clinton 
Carolyn Denise Childs — Jackson 
John Andrew Childs — Jackson 
Daniel Henry Ching — Crystal Springs 
Marilyn Jean Chinn — Jackson 
Anthony Chiplin — Vicksburg 
Myron Keith Chisholm — Horn Lake 
Sue Carole Chisolm — Clinton 
Stephanie E. Chittom — Brandon 
Dorothy Kay Chong — Vicksburg 
Lisa Lee Chotard — Jackson 
Ike Chrisrian — Raymond 
Donya G. Christensen — Richland 
Janet Long Christensen — Port Gibson 
James Robert Christian — Raymond 
Mattie B. Christian — Raymond 
Nancy Christiansen — Raymond 
Jeffrey Lawrence Christie — Jackson 
Russell John Christie — Crystal Springs 
Daniel Ladale Christmas — Vicksburg 
Sandra Jean Christmas — Clinton 
Curtis Lee Christopher — Florence 
Frank Ellis Christopher — Greenwood 
Jeffrey Wayne Christopher — Carrollton 
Susan Farris Christopher — Jackson 
Debra Bertus Christy — Vicksburg 
Robert D. Church Jr. — Jackson 
Terry V. Church — Jackson 
Shawn F. Churchhill — Jackson 
Jeffrey Kyle Churchill — Jackson 
Jason Robert Churchwell — Jackson 
Alan Cialone — Vicksburg 
Brian Carmen Cicero — Clinton 
Carolyn Loften Clack — Vicksburg 
Fred Clack — Vicksburg 
Kim Faye Clack — Clinton 
Melanie Darlene Clack — Pearl 
John Paul Clanton — Jackson 
Michael Shane Clanton — Meadville 
Rhonda G. Clanton Hays — Pearl 
Laura G. Clapp — Florence 
George K. Clapper — Ridgeland 
Alfrieda Sorrels Clark — Vicksburg 
Angela P. Clark — Vicksburg 
Brenda Diann Clark — Florence 
Bridget Ynonda Clark — Jackson 
Carla Jewel Clark — Jackson 
Christal Lynette Clark — Clinton 
Cynthia Renee Clark — Florence 
David Dwight Clark — Vicksburg 
Dawn Michelle Clark — Clinton 
Debbie Lowry Clark — Brandon 
Edna Crawford Clark — Utica 
Elvin Clark — Vicksburg 
Glynn Clark — Jackson 
Holly Renee Clark — Pearl 
James Melton Clark — Jackson 
Jane Renise Clark — Jackson 
Janet Kathryn Clark — Jackson 
Joe Ann Clark — Brandon 
John Timothy Clark — Brandon 
Kathy Jean Clark — Redwood 
Kay W. Clark — Jackson 
Lena Michele Clark — Pearl 
Marcus Rand Clark — Jackson 
Martin Roy Clark — Brandon 
Melanie Clark — Vicksburg 
Neldra Ann Clark — Vicksburg 
Pamela Dileen Clark — Vicksburg 
Ronald Charles Clark — Jackson 
Sara Jane Clark — Vicksburg 
Sherry Sims Clark — Jackson 
Shirley Louise Clark — Vicksburg 
Theresa Diane Clark — Ridgecrest 
Thomas Randy Clark Jr. — Vicksburg 
Tommy J. Clark — Redwood 
Verda M. Clark — Vicksburg 
William Brian Clark — Florence 
William Kenton Clark — Jackson 
Willie B. Clark Summe — Jackson 
Douglas Gordon Clarke — Vicksburg 
Paula Singleton Clarke — Jackson 
Stephen Osmonde Clarke — Columbus 
Melinda Cooper Clausen — Kosciusko 
Angela Michelle Claxton — Jackson 
Arrex Anthony Clay — Jackson 
Catherine Veronica Clay — Jackson 
Franklin Graham Clay — Jackson 
James Greg Clay — Pearl 
Joseph M. Clay — Belzoni 
Kay Kees Clay — Brandon 
Mary L. Clay — Jackson 

Patricia Ann Clay Hall — Vicksburg 
Richard Lance Clay — Brandon 
Rhonda Kay Claypool — Jackson 
Barbara M. Clayton — Biloxl 
Arthur William Clemens — Clinton 
Susan Shea Clements — Brandon 
Camille A. Clemons — Philadelphia 
Jeffrey Stuart Clemons — Jackson 
Kenta K. Clemons — Jackson 
Timothy Clemons — Philadelphia 
Josephine Clerk — Jackson 
Lee Ervin Clerk Jr. — Florence 
Chris Shawn Clesi — Vicksburg 
Charles Andrew Cleveland — Florence 
Edward Gerald Cleveland — Pearl 
James Allen Cleveland — Jackson 
Joey L. Cleveland — Jackson 
William Daniel Cleveland — Pearl 
Charles E. Clevenger — Pearl 
Brigitte Renee Cliburn — Richland 
John Paul Cliburn — Jackson 
Kimberly J. Cliburn — Jackson 
Christy Allison Cliett — Florence 
Julie Ellen Cliett — Florence 
Grant L. Clifford — Jackson 
James Christopher Clifton — Clinton 
Jason D. Clifton — Clinton 
Isaac Clincy Jr. — Jackson 
Shannon Clingon — Hattiesburg 
Robert Quincy Clinton — Jackson 
Darrell Dean Clock — Shannon 
Allison Morgan Clower — Raymond 
Nicholas Uhuru Cloy — Jackson 
William Woodrow Clyburn — Jackson 
Charles Lyndall Coale — Clinton 
Edward Preston Coats — Clinton 
Dorothy Huff Cobb — Jackson 
Spence Bradshaw Cobb — Vicksburg 
Stephen Lee Cobb — Jackson 
Janice Marice Coburn — Louisville 
Bryan Keith Cochran — Florence 
Jimmy Dale Cochran — Brandon 
Steven Robert Cockerham — Brandon 
Glen Dale Cockrell — Magee 
James Bronson Cockrell — Mt. Olive 
James I. Cockrell — Flora 
James William Cockrell — Jackson 
John Mark Cockrell — Jackson 
Leman C. Cockrell — Magee 
Lisa Ann Cockrell — Jackson 
John Austin Cocroft — Raymond 
Kimberly A. Cody — Monticello 
Randel Ray Cody — Jackson 
Bobby Lee Coffie — Vicksburg 
Jake Coffie — Vicksburg 
Kirk Anthony Coffman — Raymond 
Charles Michael Cogan — Vicksburg 
Sandi Randall Coghlan — Holly Bluff 
Peggy 0. Cohea — Vicksburg 
Ken Lee Coker — Braxton 
Tiffany Elaine Coker — Morton 
Judith Harrell Colburn — Pelahatchie 
Althanette Kelley Cole — Jackson 
Arland Derrick Cole — Vicksburg 
Cecilia Cameron Cole — Vicksburg 
Chanene Clarissa Cole — Jackson 
David Nelson Cole — Brandon 
Debbie J. Cole — Jackson 
Edward Lee Cole II — Terry 
Edwin L. Cole — Jackson 
Jerry F. Cole — Brandon 
Loretta Cole — Jackson 
Marion Bryant Cole — Vicksburg 
Robert Alan Cole — Pelahatchie 
Ronald Kenneth Cole — Jackson 
Vicki Lynn Cole — Vicksburg 
Wendy Allgood Cole — Madison 
Willie L. Cole — Jackson 
Ann Cameron Coleman — Brandon 
Charlotte Shinault Coleman — Jackson 
Clarence Ray Coleman — Harriston 
Deena Kay Coleman — Jackson 
Donald Shawn Coleman — Wayside 
Dorothy J. Coleman — Jackson 
Dorothy Levitt Coleman — Jackson 
Ericka Montez Coleman — Jackson 
Ethel C. Coleman — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Weathers Coleman — Clinton 
Herbert Coleman — Jackson 
Janie Stewart Coleman — Jackson 
Jennifer Nikole Coleman — Jackson 
Joyce Eldridge Coleman — Jackson 
Joycelyn Yolanda Coleman — Jackson 
Keisha J. Coleman — Jackson 
Kevin Wade Coleman — Natchez 
Laverne Coleman — Jackson 
Lillie Denese Coleman — Ridgeland 
Mary E. Coleman — Clinton 
Michael Anthony Coleman — Yazoo City 
Nancy Yvonne Coleman — Jackson 
Pamela Akin Coleman — Brandon 
Percy Coleman — Vicksburg 

Directoty / 293 

Peyton Coleman Jr. — Vicksburg 
Regina M. Coleman — Ridgeland 
Robert Lee Coleman — Hazlehurst 
Romanda Manessa Coleman — Utica 
Sammy D. Coleman — Ludlow 
Sndra Coghlan Coleman — Yazoo City 
Scottie Coleman — Philadelphia 
Teresa Ann Coleman — Jackson 
Terry Coleman — Jackson 
Terry Denise Coleman — Hazlehurst 
Tony J. Coleman — Jackson 
William Morris Coleman — Jackson 
William Morris Coleman III — Jackson 
Gail Olsen Coley — Terry 
Tracy Ann Coley — Brandon 
Angela Slade Colin — Jackson 
Bobbie Davenport Collier — Crystal 

Christy Lyn Collier — Jackson 
Edgar Terrell Collier — Brandon 
Melissa Ann Collier — Jackson 
Roberstine Collier — Jackson 
Thomas H. Collier — Brandon 
Trina Germaine Collier — Jackson 
Aaron Keith Collins — Pearl 
Amy Marie Collins — Jackson 
Anissa Chanel Collins — Magee 
Augustus Collins — Jackson 
Barbara Gail Collins — Jackson 
Betty Jean Collins Adams — Jackson 
Bryan Douglas Collins — Clinton 
Carole S. Collins — Clinton 
Carolyn Faye Collins — Jackson 
Celinda Vonsharon Collins — Jackson 
Chris P. Collins — Clinton 
Donava Smith Collins — Laurel 
Eric S. Collins — Edwards 
Faye Collins — Jackson 
Harvey Houston Collins III — Natchez 
Helen F. Collins — Jackson 
Jim Hughes Collins — Jackson 
Kathleen Collins — Benton 
Kelli Jean Collins — Clinton 
Lance Charles Collins — Starkville 
Latonya Antrenise Collins — Jackson 
Maggie Ruth Collins — Jackson 
Melvin Collins — Terry 
Michael Alan Collins — Clinton 
Patricia James Collins — Jackson 
Percy L. Collins — Jackson 
Preston Collins — Jackson 
Reed J. Collins — McComb 
Robert Christopher Collins — Vicksburg 
Sandra Bradley Collins — Pearl 
Sandra Joyce Collins — Jackson 
Sarah B. Collins Singl — Jackson 
Sidney E. Collins — Natchez 
Veronica Escajeda Collins — Brandon 
William A. Collins — Jackson 
William G. Collins — Vicksburg 
Zena L. Collins — Vicksburg 
Yvonne Collinssimmons — Jackson 
John S. Colonias — Madison 
Ivan Colson — Magee 
Shari Elizabeth Coltharp — Vicksburg 
John William Colvin — Pearl 
Keesha Denise Colvin — Columbus 
Bertha Faye Colyer — Morton 
Bess L. Combs — Jackson 
Katharine Carlen Combs — Jackson 
Major J. Combs Jr. — Jackson 
Rucker Vergin Combs — Vicksburg 
Sherri M. Combs — Jackson 
Tracy Leigh Combs — Jackson 
William N. Combs — Vicksburg 
Adam Shane Conerly — Pearl 
Alan W. Conerly — Jackson 
Hope H. Conerly — Madison 
Mark A. Conerly — Vicksburg 
Melisa S. Conerly — Terry 
Tyler Simmons Conerly — Jackson 
Faith Ann Conger — Brandon 
Jackie L. Conger — Pelahatchie 
Esaw S. Conley — Lambert 
Charles Benton Conn — Port Gibson 
Jennifer K. Conn — Brandon 
Kristie Melissa Conn — Brandon 
Phillip James Connelly — Vicksburg 
Monte Oneal Conner — Jackson 
Sandra A. Conner — Madison 
Linda Faye Connor — Vicksburg 
Glenn F. Conrad — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Denise Contino — Jackson 
James Paul Conway — Vicksburg 
Maryann Conway — Jackson 
Michael Joseph Coody — Vicksburg 
Billie Goss Coogan — Jackson 
Alva David Cook — Vicksburg 
Amy Roxanne Cook — Jackson 
Billy Dean Cook — Brandon 
Bobbie Gilmer Cook — Jackson 
Clyde D. Cook — Jackson 
David T. Cook W. — Utica 

Eva Linn Cook — Clinton 
Janice Prescott Cook — Ridgeland 
Jeremy Allen Cook — Morton 
Judy Cooper Cook — Brandon 
Justin Lewis Cook — Edwards 
Lara K. Cook Pucke — Raymond 
Lila Hamilton Cook — Brandon 
Linda Lester Cook — Clinton 
Mark Richard Cook — Jackson 
Melissa Darlene Cook — Raymond 
Mike Alan Cook — Forest 
Nancy Rebecca Cook Speye — Vicksburg 
Robby Douglas Cook — Vicksburg 
Robert B. Cook — Jackson 
Sheryl Drach Cook — Brandon 
Spencer Kyle Cook — Clinton 
Willie Cook — Jackson 
Russell Allen Cooke — Jackson 
David L. Cooksey — Vicksburg 
James Michael Cooksey — Waveland 
Clay Dennis Cooley Jr. — Clinton 
Garrick Devon Cooley — Heidelberg 
Jon Marc Cooley — Jackson 
Joseph E. Cooley — Waynesboro 
Sharon Anne Cooley — Florence 
Taresa Ann Cooley — Natchez 
Mary Michelle Coomes — Vicksburg 
David Nunnery Coon — Vicksburg 
Alice M. Cooper — Pearl 
April Renee Cooper — Brandon 
Cindy Cooper — Vicksburg 
David Wayne Cooper — Jackson 
Deborah Robinson Cooper — Vicksburg 
Gerald Lee Cooper Jr. — Jackson 
James Alvin Cooper — Clinton 
Jessica Jane Cooper — Jackson 
Joe Cooper — Jackson 
Jon Lucein Cooper — Jackson 
Joy A. Cooper — Raymond 
Kelly B. Cooper — Terry 
Larry Joe Cooper — Bolton 
Mark Leon Cooper — Jackson 
Mary Frances Cooper — Jackson 
Melanie Kay Cooper — Madison 
Michelle Jones Cooper — Terry 
Mildred D. Cooper — Jackson 
Patti M. Cooper Jean — Pearl 
Paula Massey Cooper — Jackson 
Saundra Hines Cooper — Jackson 
Shirley Diane Cooper — Jackson 
Sonya Lakeithia Cooper — Jackson 
Twanderline Denise Cooper — Brandon 
Tyshuna Carrell Cooper — Raymond 
Wendy Leigh Cooper — Jackson 
Richard R. Copelan — Jackson 
Brenda Gayle Copeland — Jackson 
Earnest Dwayne Copeland — Jackson 
James Calvin Copeland Jr. — Florence 
John A. Copeland — Lanette 
Robert Eugene Copeland — Clinton 
Stephanie Lea Copeland — Pearl 
Julie Copple — Ridgeland 
Tammie Evette Corbett — Tunica 
Patti Corder — Madison 
Carla Anne Core — Jackson 
Crista Catherine Core — Jackson 
Stephanie Gail Cork — Ackerman 
David Peyton Corkern — Jackson 
Patricia Diana Corkren — Raymond 
Francis Columbus Corley — Jackson 
Stephen Larry Corley — Florence 
Donald T. Cornelison — Morton 
Emmitt Cleveland Cornelius — Ridgeland 
Mary Hammonds Cornelius — Jackson 
Connie S. Cornwall — Brandon 
Robin W. Corr — Ridgeland 
Michael V. Cory — Jackson 
Gary Buck Cosby — Jackson 
Larry Cosby — Attapulgus 
Loistein Cosby — Canton 
Donny Cosey — Vicksburg 
Earl Wesley Cosey Jr. — Vicksburg 
Ross Lowe Cosier — Jackson 
Phillip Everett Cothern — Pearl 
Marian Lever Cothran — Vicksburg 
Michael Wayne Cothran — Vicksburg 
David Todd Cotten — Jackson 
Donna Gay Cotten — Jackson 
Michael Steven Cotten — Brandon 
Antionette Ferrell Cotton — Clinton 
Beverly A. Cotton — Jackson 
Cathleen Eve Cotton — Brandon 
Charles Edward Cotton — Vicksburg 
Lana J. Cotton — Brandon 
Pamela Dawn Cotton — Yazoo City 
Gay Harrigill Couey — Pearl 
Kaisha T. Coughlin — Raymond 
Sandra Lynn Coulon — Vicksburg 
Wiley Harrell Coulter Jr. — Prentiss 
Lisa G. Coulters — Vicksburg 
Glenda Dale Counts — Vicksburg 
Lance Christopher Counts — Bentonia 

Beverly Pha Course — Jackson 

Ronald Course — Raymond 

Patrick Lee Courter — Jackson 

Angela Courtney — Clinton 

Anthony M. Courtney — Clinton 

Chryste D. Courtney — Pearl 

Cynthia Gill Courtney — Brandon 

Dina Michele Courtney — Forest 

Douglas Michael Courtney — Ridgeland 

James Byron Courtney III — Brandon 

Nikki Gail Courtney — Pearl 

Rebecca Lyn Courtney — Crystal Springs 

Richard Allen Courtney — Clinton 

Timothy Alvin Courtney — Florence 

Karen Courts — Jackson 

Angela Michelle Cousin — Jackson 

Gloria Dean Cousin T. — Jackson 

John Elvin Cousin — Brandon 

Peggy B. Cousins — Vicksburg 

Wallace Franklin Coutch — Utica 

Cecil Lee Covington — Jackson 

Christopher W. Covington — Jackson 

Robert Covington — Utica 

Timothy Dean Covington — Jackson 

Helen Marie Cowan — Jackson 

James D. Cowan — Brandon 

Sherry Lynn Cowan — Washington 

Kimberly Dawn Coward — Magee 

Ramona Maria Coward — Noxapater 

Cresslyn Virginia Cowart — Jackson 

David Guy Cowart — Brandon 

Joseph Paul Cowart — Jackson 

Wendy Michelle Cowden — Jackson 

Anthony Lynn Cox — Clinton 

Becky Sullivan Cox — Clinton 

Candyce Renee Cox — Vicksburg 

Carolyn Breazeale Cox — Brandon 

Cherry Gayle Cox — Vicksburg 

Cheryl A. Cox — Terry 

Debbie Lynette Cox — Monroe 

Frank Emery Cox III — Natchez 

Franklin D. Cox — Edwards 

James David Cox — Terry 

Jason R. Cox — Jackson 

Jean E. Cox - Terry 

Jeffery Joseph Cox — Clinton 

Larry P. Cox — Jackson 

Melvin Charles Cox — Forest 

Nichole Cox — Aberdeen 

Stacie Joann Cox — Brandon 

Susan G. Cox — Jackson 

Terry Ray Cox — Jackson 

Velma Jean Cox — Vicksburg 

Leslie Denise Coxwell — Clinton 

Billy R. Crabtree — Vicksburg 

Chris Ann Craft Morri — Clinton 

Christopher Craft — Brandon 

Harry S. Craft — Vicksburg 

Joann Craft — Utica 

Linda Gail Craft — Mendenhall 

Melissa Joy Craft — Clinton 

Mona Lee Craft — Jackson 

Rebecca Lynn Craft — Jackson 

Robert Bryhn Craft — Jackson 

Robert John Craft — Pearl 

Shelita Annetta Craft — Utica 

Stephanie Marie Craft — Jackson 

Stephanie Page Craft — Picayune 

Virginia Guyton Craft — Madison 

Willie Dwight Craft — Jackson 

Elisha L. Crafton — Cary 

Elizabeth N. Craig — Florence 

John Alexander Craig — Florence 

Lena M. Craig — Vicksburg 

Patricia Smith Craig — Jackson 

Sandra Lee Craig — Raymond 

James Jason Grain — Florence 

Kendall Edwin Crain — Florence 

Nathan L. Crain — Florence 

Claude Russell Crawford — Ridgeland 

Elizabeth Ann Crawford — Pearl 

Elizabeth Virgini Crawford — Greenville 

Guy Threatt Crawford — Jackson 

Heather Gay Crawford — Vicksburg 

Jeanna Gail Crawford — Clinton 

Jerry Wayne Crawford — Pearl 

Kristin Sean Crawford — Mendenhall 

Linda Carolyn Crawford — Jackson 

Mark Edward Crawford — Brandon 

Marti B. Crawford — Brandon 

Mona Lynne Crawford — Jackson 

Suzanne Wilbanks Crawford — Ridgeland 

Carlton Michael Crawley — Brandon 

Ledora Crayton — Vicksburg 

Jerry L. Creason Jr. — Jackson 

Melissa May Creason — Jackson 

Marcia Faye Crecink — Roxie 

Larry Monroe Credille — Vicksburg 

Paul Edward Credit Jr. — Jackson 

Jimmy Jordan Creekmore — Madison 

David G. Creel — Jackson 

Joseph C. Creely — Ridgeland 

Ronnie R. Creely — Tupelo 
Lucy Cresap — Jackson 
Polyeen Alice Cress — Vicksburg 
Pamela Bland Creswell — Brandon 
Joann Cretsinger — Vicksburg 
Kelly Lanier Crevitt — Vicksburg 
Clarence Lereece Crimm — Forest 
Charles Preston Crisco — Jackson 
Deborah Camp Crisler — Clinton 
Gerrick Crisler — Crystal Springs 
Anthony Kyle Crist — Vicksburg 
Lisa Lynn Critchfield — Crystal Springs 
Glenn Wesson Crocker Jr. — Jackson 
Joseph Len Crocker — Florence 
Zachary T. Crockett — Pompano 
Johnnie B. Cromwell — Jackson 
Alice J. Cronley — Pearl 
Kevin Mark Crook — Jackson 
Marcie Marie Crook — Flora 
Mark Crook — Flora 
Bridget Anne Crosby — Madison 
Margo F. Crosby — Jackson 
Phyllis Jean Crosby — Jackson 
Stacey E. Crosby — Clinton 
Violet V. Crosby — Vicksburg 
Alethea Cross — Jackson 
Carolyn L. Cross — Brandon 
Janice McLaurin Cross — Forest 
Sherlie Cross — Jackson 
Thiago Cross — Vicksburg 
Catherine Uleanor Crotwell — Bentonia 
Dana Michelle Crotwell — Vicksburg 
Doyle Crout — Forest 
James H. Crowder — Terry 
Joan Carolyn Crowder — Harrisville 
Tamara L. Crowder Craft — Vicksburg 
William Stephen Crowder — Harrisville 
Jeff M. Crowe — Clinton 
Alice J. Crowley — Jackson 
Carol Ann Crowley — Ridgeland 
James Wesley Crowley — Ridgeland 
Shelia Velinda Crowley — Jackson 
Deborah Harr Croxton — Pearl 
Tommy F. Crozier — Pearl 
Maria Whatley Cruise — Vicksburg 
Barbara Parker Crum — Vicksburg 
Carl Lamar Crumb — Vicksburg 
Luster Dietz Crump — Jackson 
Oliver Crump — Jackson 
Walter J. Crump Jr. — Clinton 
Mark Alan Cruse — Raymond 
Lori Michelle Crutchfield — Vicksburg 
Walter E. Crutchfield — Pearl 
James Lewis Cruthirds — Vicksburg 
Theodore Crystian — Port Gibson 
Mark D. Cuevas — Jackson 
Amy Marie Culberson — Jackson 
Linda Culliver — Jackson 
Wayne Culliver — Louin 
Dane Culpepper — Louisville 
Melissa Lee Culpepper — Clinton 
Parks Vernon Culpepper — Raymond 
Shirley R. Culpepper — Florence 
Pearlie Culver — Jackson 
John Joseph Cumberland — Jackson 
Michael Ovette Cumberland — Pearl 
Misty Lynn Cumberland — Pelahatchie 
Phillip Ray Cumberland — Pearl 
Wendy Nicole Cumberland — Pearl 
Dollie F. Cummings — Jackson 
Joe N. Cummings — Jackson 
Pamela Denise Cummings — Crystal 

Billy Franklin Cummins — Forest 
Bobby J. Cummins — Pearl 
Donald Everett Cummins — Grenada 
Jonathan T. Cummins — Pearl 
Tom Wilson Cummins — Vicksburg 
Harry Byran Cunningham — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline D. Cunningham — Cleveland 
Jeremy Paul Cunningham — Vicksburg 
Thomas Daniel Cunningham — Vicksburj 
Warren Kyle Cunningham — Brandon 
William Joseph Cunningham — Vicksbur 
Clayton E. Cupit — Brookhaven 
Thomas Andrew Cupples — Clinton 
Sterling Sinclair Curran — Yazoo City 
Annette Currie — Utica 
Brenda E. Currie — Jackson 
Clayton Lamar Currie — Utica 
Melody Stanford Currie — Utica 
Sarah Currie — Raymond 
James Curry — Jackson 
Richard Ford Curry — Jackson 
Carolyn Dianne Curtis — Raymond 
Cheryl Gray Curtis — Utica 
James Lake Curtis — Learned 
Lisa Kay Curtis — Utica 
Marcus Wesley Curtis — Jackson 
Mitzi G. Curtis — Utica 
Siameco Curtis — Hazlehurst 
Susan Ball Curtis — Brandon 
Teresa A. Curtis — Utica 

294 / Directory 

Lori Anne Cusick — Florence 
Valara Lee Custard — Jackson 
Fred Cuthrell — Jackson 
George Winston Cutrer III — Natchez 
Jerry Wiltz Cutrer — Brandon 
Stacie Ann Cutrer — Natchez 
Vanessa E. Cutrer — Jackson 

Caroline T. Dace — Jackson 
Manus Winfield Dace — Jackson 
Rhonda Dahbashi — Jackson 
Jean Michelle Dahduh — Jackson 
Gwen Stewart Dahringer — Clinton 
Tenia Renia Daigre — Pulaski 
Ronald Scot Dailey — Clinton 
Amy L. Dale — Jackson 
Kathy Darlene Dalhart — Florence 
Joseph Harvey Dallas Jr. — Jackson 
Paulla K. Dalrymple — Brandon 
Joan Marie Dalton — Jackson 
Patricia Crider Dalton — Pearl 
Charles Douglas Damico — Jackson 
Cassandra Diane Dampier — Pinola 
Christine Dampier — Mt. Olive 
John Roy Dampier — Brandon 
Tracy L. Dampier — New Hebron 
Jackie Norris Damron — Enterprise 
Kandice Shara Damron — Jackson 
Dave Beam Danforth — Jackson 
Hien Tien Dang — Jackson 
James Kenneth Daniel — Jackson 
Jan Christine Daniel Rader — Clinton 
Jennette Daniel — Jackson 
Marianne Elisabeth Daniel — Clinton 
Patricia Walker Daniel — Vicksburg 
Sandra Lavender Daniel — Jackson 
Stephanie Ann Daniel — Brandon 
Christine I. Daniels Dugge — Clinton 
David Daniels Jr. — Vicksburg 
Doris Rachelle Daniels — Clinton 
Eric Fitzgerald Daniels — Clinton 
Juliana Hunt Daniels — Florence 
Kenneth Terrell Daniels — Laurel 
Mark Daniels — Piney Woods 
Marshall Howard Daniels — Jackson 
Martha H. Daniels — Brandon 
Mary Rene Daniels Rouse — Flora 
Maxine Daniels — Jackson 
Oakley G. Daniels Mark — Vicksburg 
Sharon Patrice Daniels — Jackson 
Tonisha Monice Daniels — Edwards 
Tammie Lea Dansby — Braxton 
Callie Kate Dantzler — Jackson 
Denise Ann Darby — Clinton 
Michael Wayne Darby — Jackson 
Willie Clendell Darby III — Jackson 
Margaret Gordon Dardeau — Vicksburg 
Michelle Marie Dardeau — Vicksburg 
Archie L. Darden — Mt. Olive 
Rhonda Inez Darden — Vicksburg 
Margie Dianne Darnell — Brandon 
Marsha W. Darnell — Clinton 
Vonda K. Dart — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Michelle Darty — Laurel 
Ann Hue Dau — Jackson 
Terry Michael Daugherty — Richland 
Ronda Renee Daughtery — Utica 
Sherrie Dean Dauzat — Hessmer 
Johnnie T. Davenport — Vicksburg 
Michael Shay Davenport — Madison 
Richard Duane Davenport — Vicksburg 
Alice Tollison Davidson — Jackson 
Dawn Deniece Davidson — Bolton 
Donald Scott Davidson — Vicksburg 
| Edith R. Davidson — Jackson 
Jeffery Lamar Davidson — Vicksburg 
Jennifer D. Davidson — Jackson 
Joiiya Keizia Davidson — Ridgeland 
Mark Scott Davidson — Clinton 
Rhonda M. Davidson — Clinton 
Rita Michelle Davidson — Braxton 
Shauna Kay Davidson — Bolton 
Shelia Langford Davidson — Jackson 
Welton Terry Davidson — Braxton 
Adrianne Arlisa Davis — Florence 
Alice Mae Davis — Raymond 
I Amanda Susan Davis — Brandon 
Annie L. Davis — Redwood 
Beverly Ray Davis — Jackson 
Billy Wayne Davis — Jackson 
| Brenda Davis — Crosby 
Brenda Faye Davis — Jackson 
Brenda Joyce Davis — Jackson 

Carl L. Davis Jr. — Jackson 
Carla Ravern Davis — Jackson 
Carolyn Ann Davis Grant — Lena 
Catrina Lache Davis — Jackson 
Charissa Lynn Davis — Flowood 
Charles Anthony Davis — Terry 
Charles T. Davis — Jackson 
Cherry McKee Davis — Brandon 
Cherryl Cummins Davis — Jackson 
Connie Lynn Davis Boyd — Brandon 
Danny C. Davis — Jackson 
Darrell Marshall Davis — Jackson 
Debbie Buckley Davis — Jackson 
Debbie Louise Davis Swift — Tallulah 
Deidra Hill Davis — Jackson 
Delyn Wharton Davis — Jackson 
Dianna Rebecca Davis — Jackson 
Edward Arnett Davis Jr. — Jackson 
Elizabeth Denise Davis — Jackson 
Ellen Renae Davis — Jackson 
Freddie Elise Davis Diggs — Gary 
Gelonzo Davis — Canton 
Gene R. Davis — Jackson 
George R. Davis — Forest 
Golden F. Davis — Madison 
Greg Davis — Vicksburg 
Jackie L. Davis Brewe — Ridgeland 
James Rodney Davis — Redwood 
Jefferson David Davis — Morton 
Jeffrey Clint Davis — Petal 
Jennifer Kay Davis — Pearl 
Jennifer Venez Davis — Jackson 
Jim W. Davis — Clinton 
Jo Ann Davis — Morton 
Joe Davis — Vicksburg 
John H. Davis Jr. — Braxton 
John L. Davis — Flora 
John Mark Davis — Monticello 
John W. Davis Jr. — Jackson 
Johnnie Mae Davis — Raymond 
Jorge L. Davis — Jackson 
Kati M. Davis — Clinton 
Katrina Runnels Davis — Vicksburg 
Keith Lemoy Davis — Terry 
Kendrell L. Davis — Natchez 
Kimberly Davis — Jackson 
Leigh Ann Davis — Jackson 
Leigh Denise Davis — Jackson 
Lex Harlan Davis — Jackson 
Lisa Adele Davis — Jackson 
Louwill E. Davis III — Jackson 
Lucy Davis — Jackson 
Malcolm J. Davis — Jackson 
Margaret Olivia Davis — Vicksburg 
Mark Cameron Davis — Raymond 
Mary Katherine Davis — Jackson 
Mary Lee Davis Cook — Jackson 
Melba L. Davis — Vicksburg 
Melissa Davis — Tylertown 
Melissa Carol Davis — Pearl 
Michael Davis — Jackson 
Michael Andrew Davis — Jackson 
Michael L. Davis — Brandon 
Mike Warren Davis — Benton 
Parthenia Ann Davis — Jackson 
Paula Jean Davis Welch — Jackson 
R. Lee Davis — Vicksburg 
Randy Lee Davis — Oxford 
Regina Carol Davis — Pelahatchie 
Rex Hillman Davis — Jackson 
Robert J. Davis — Clinton 
Robert Michael Davis — Vicksburg 
Robizene Williams Davis — Jackson 
Shanta Rena Davis — Redwood 
Sherry Rena Davis — Raymond 
Stephanie Davis — Vicksburg 
Tammy Davis — Utica 
Timothy Tyrone Davis — Jackson 
Troy W. Davis Jr. — Wesson 
Vera Brewer Davis — Mendenhall 
Verna Davis — Vicksburg 
Victor Dale Davis — Brandon 
Vivian Walton Davis — Vicksburg 
Wiliam Edwin Davis — Vicksburg 
Penny Lanell Dawkins — Vicksburg 
Stephen Fairly Dawkins — Hattiesburg 
C. Michelle Dawson — Vicksburg 
Carlos Ladon Dawson II — Vicksburg 
Jessie Dawson — Jackson 
Ricky Dale Dawson — Florence 
Veronica Ann Dawson — Jackson 
Bert R. Day — Vicksburg 
Kim Sharmel Day — Jackson 
Laura Ellen Day — Jackson 
Melissa Dawn Day — Jackson 
Phyllis Elaine Day — Canton 
Phyllis Roberts Day — Clinton 
Rachel Dianne Day — Jackson 
Sandra Evette Day — Jackson 
Wanda Hitchcock Day — Pearl 
Debbi A. Dayton — Brandon 
Angela Kimberly Dean — Irvington 

Carol Ruth Dean — Jackson 

John Mack Dean — Jackson 

Lewellyn D. Dean — Jackson 

Richard Dean — Vicksburg 

Robert Michael Dean — Florence 

Andy DeAngelo — Vicksburg 

Elizabeth Rena Dear — Florence 

Eric Spencer Dear — Jackson 

Francis Garnetta Dear — Jackson 

Lisa Dear — Jackson 

Marie Dear — Jackson 

Peggy Lee Dear — Jackson 

Phil Clarence Dear — Florence 

Timothy Carl Dear — Florence 

Valerie M. Dear — Brandon 

Tommy Joe Dearing — Brandon 

Robert Todd Dearman — Clinton 

Shannon Mary Dearman — Prentiss 

Helen McCay Deaton — Canton 

Cindy C. Decareaux — Jackson 

Martha Cailouet Decareaux — Jackson 

Ronnie Lee Deckelman — Tallulah 

Judy Jackson Dedmon — Richland 

Redia Mae Dee — Utica 

Wanda Ashmore Dee — Vicksburg 

Walter Lewis Deel — Carthage 

Teresa Lynn Deen — Jackson 

Emma E. Deer — Roxie 

Shirley Boughtman Deer — Clinton 

Daniel Zane Dees — Vicksburg 

Lisa Louise Dees — Carthage 

Denise Dorothy DeGeorge — Bay St. Louis 

Jamie Joyce DeLaughter — Jackson 

Jerome None DeLaughter — Jackson 

Janet McDonald Delcomyn — Jackson 

Terri Ann DeLoach — Clinton 

Hilda Carr DeMartini — Jackson 

Delores Demby — Raymond 

Dean Glenn Demesa — Jackson 

Leo D. Demoney — Ridgeland 

Christopher Brian Denham — Jackson 

Leslie R. Denison — Jackson 

Susan C. Denison — Jackson 

Kimberly Dianne Denley — Pearl 

Richard Aubrey Denman — Terry 

Stuart Graham Denman — Charleston 

Maryanne Radon Denney — Brandon 

Corie Lanell Denning — Jackson 

Carlos Jermaine Dennis — Carthage 

Jimmy Dale Dennis Jr. — Jackson 

Willie Dennis Jr. — Magee 

Alvina Denson — Walnut Grove 

Cornelius Denson Jr. — Bolton 

Jodie Annette Denson — Bolton 

Michael David Denson — Walnut Grove 

Peggy Dutton Denson — Morton 

Phyllis Lynn Denson Pope — Lena 

Undra Denson — Pearl 

Bobby Preston Dent — Jackson 

Randal Louis Dent — Jackson 

Sharron Denise Denton — Sallis 

Stephen Curtis Denton — Jackson 

Susie Stringer Denton — Jackson 

Tammy Hughes Denton — Morton 

Zorada Derby — Vicksburg 

Amy Jennifer Derden — Jackson 

Jerry Noel Derivaux — Vicksburg 

Elizabeth Blackmon Derouen — Vicksburg 

Heath V. Derrick — Lena 

Tina Derrick — Pulaski 

James Foreman Derryberry — Florence 

Ruth T. Derryberry — Bolton 

Hitesh R. Desai — Jackson 

Patrick Lear Despeaux — Jackson 

Angela C. Develle — Jackson 

.Clorinda Devellis — Clinton 

Valentino Devellis — Clinton 

Burke Dennis Devereux — Brandon 

Cheryl Lois Devine — Jackson 

Debra Eakes Devine — Florence 

Ronald Devine — Port Gibson 

Paul Christopher Dew — Vicksburg 

Tammy Darlene Dew — Yazoo City 

Lisa Virginia Dewitt — Brandon 

Margie Calhoun Dewitt — Tallulah 

Retha N. Deyoe — Vicksburg 

Eugene Alexander Deyomport — 

Natasha Lynn Dhillon — Vicksburg 
Melody Ann Dhonau — Jackson 
Taher F. Diab — Ridgeland 
Diane Dibenedetto — Jackson 
Rosalie E. Dichiara — Jackson 
Euell L. Dickard — Jackson 
Frances D. Dickerson — Jackson 
James D. Dickerson — Jackson 
Jennifer Lynn Dickerson — Wesson 
Judy Rocconi Dickerson — Vicksburg 
Junior E. Dickerson — Forest 
Laurie E. Dickerson — Jackson 
Leslie Kim Dickerson — Jackson 
Tammy D. Dickerson — New Hebron 
Thomas Franklin Dickerson — Vicksburg 

Tracy Mechelle Dickerson — Yazoo City 
Victor Brad Dickerson — Brandon 
Shane C. Dickinson — Jackson 
Carolyn Dungan Dickson — Vicksburg 
Dawn Janelle Dickson — Morton 
Tammy Dossett Dickson — Jackson 
Roy A. Diehl — Pearl 
Michael Darren Dietrich — Clinton 
Jacque Raymond Diette — Jackson 
Choyce Stanfield Diffey — Jackson 
Frances Jean Diggs — Edwards 
Mary Ferguson Diggs — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Diggs — Edwards 
Tiara Natrill Diggs — Jackson 
Chris Bert Dill — Brandon 
Gwendolyn M. Dillard — Jackson 
Mary Beth Dillingham — Raymond 
Clintes Rudolph Dillon — McComb 
Crystal Renee Dillon — McComb 
Burt J. Dilmore — Mendenhall 
John Daniel Dilmore — Brandon 
John Darryl Dilmore — Jackson 
William Gary Dilmore — Jackson 
Martin Dingier — Vicksburg 
Dana Crowe Dinkins — Jackson 
Jennifer R. Disepo — Clinton 
Gregory A. Dishmon — Brandon 
June Green Dishon — Clinton 
Pamela Michelle Dismuke — West Point 
David Chapman Ditto — Brandon 
Liddelle Smith Ditto — Vicksburg 
Ann Agosta Divine — Pearl 
Edward Eugene Divinity — Utica 
Arinthia Lucretia Dixon — Jackson 
Charles Edward Dixon — Crystal Springs 
Chessica Lynett Dixon — Jackson 
Eric I. Dixon — Brandon 
Mean Dixon — Utica 
James E. Dixon Jr. — Clinton 
Jean Thompson Dixon — Jackson 
Patricia Jones Dixon — Jackson 
Rosa L. Dixon — Jackson 
Ruby Lois Dixon — Utica 
Sherron Faye Dixon — Jackson 
Sherry Lee Dixon Evon — Brandon 
Terry J. Dixon — Brandon 
Vertie Harvey Dixon — Bolton 
Zenia Yvette Dixon — Jackson 
Davina Warren Doan — D'Lo 
James Sidney Dobson — Jackson 
M. L. Dobson Hubba — Jackson 
Mary McGee Dobson — Jackson 
Naomi C. Dobson — Jackson 
Reginald Dobson — Jackson 
Rita Faye Doby — Pearl 
Dexter Antione Dodd — Jackson 
Patricia Lynne Dodd — Jackson 
Melisa Doggett — Hattiesburg 
Karen Nancy Dolan — Vicksburg 
Alexandria Devon Donahue — Jackson 
Penny Diana Donald — Pearl 
Sheilia O. Donald — Edwards 
Chandra Donalson — Jackson 
Christopher Sean Donnell — Brandon 
Vickie F. Donnelly Pace — Jackson 
Virginia W. Donohue — Clinton 
Cleo Townsend Donovan — Vicksburg 
Joan Coomes Donovan — Vicksburg 
Benjamin Lessley Dooley — Woodville 
Earlean Doolittie — Raymond 
Wallace Ricky Dorrell — Vicksburg 
Kate Wilson Dorrough — Ruleville 
Amy Lou Dorsey — Brandon 
Denita Patrice Dorsey — Vicksburg 
Gennette Dorsey — Valley Park 
Lubertha Dorsey — Vicksburg 
Shirley Andrews Dorsey — Vicksburg 
Valencia Trene Dorsey — Jackson 
Jeffrey R. Dortch — Canton 
Alberta C. Doss — Yazoo City 
Angela Renee Doss — Vicksburg 
Diberia B. Doss — Jackson 
Jerry Lee Doss — Jackson 
Karen Grier Doster — Jackson 
Debra D. Dotson — Vicksburg 
Derrick L. Dotson — Vicksburg 
Earnest E. Dotson — Vicksburg 
Jessica F. Dotson — Canton 
Linda Marie Dotson Lewis — Jackson 
Susan Shepard Doty — Jackson 
Tommy Yancy Doty — Brandon 
Jennifer K. Dougherty — Clinton 
Aubrey Ray Douglas — Jackson 
Dennis Alan Douglas — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Arnetta Douglas — Jackson 
Malinda Gordon Douglas — Magee 
Marilyn Eloise Douglas — Jackson 
Patricia Wilson Douglas — Sharon 
Sam Douglas — Jackson 
Valerie Venetia Douglas — Tallulah 
Virginia Carol Douglas — Pearl 
Donna Clausel Dove — Brandon 

Directory / 295 

Bertha Charlene Downer — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Downey — Brandon 
David Aden Downey — Vicksburg 
Michael Todd Downey — Vicksburg 
Cyrena Catherine Downing — Vicksburg 
David S. Downing — Brandon 
Donna M. Downing — Jackson 
Ponto R. Downing — Jackson 
Stephen Douglas Downing — Brandon 
Cynthia R. Downs — Moss Point 
Keith Dexter Downs — Magnolia 
Floyd Eugene Dozier — Parrish 
Sheila A. Dozier — Jackson 
Carol Annette Drake — Brandon 
Kim R. Drake Crawf — Jackson 
Mary Ann Drake Floyd — Vicksburg 
Michael Haymes Drake — Natchez 
Monique Lashay Drake — Jackson 
Rickey Donald Drake — Vicksburg 
Susan Elizabeth Drake — Clinton 
Steven Earl Draper — Jackson 
Mary Nell Drennan — Ridgeland 
Duane Eugene Drew — Crystal Springs 
Bettye Abraham Driskell — Jackson 
Valerie Luper Driskell — Florence 
Lakshmi Dubey — Clinton 
Corey Edwin Dubois — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Johnson Dubose — Bolton 
Deborah Lynn Dubose — Jackson 
Celia Ann Duck — Jackson 
Christopher Jay Duckworth — Hazlehurst 
Ronald C. Duckworth — Pearl 
William J. Duckworth — Jackson 
Katherine Lyn Dudley — Terry 
Deborah Money Duff — Raymond 
Robert Louis Dugas — Ridgeland 
Denise Dillard Duggar — Madison 
Heather Jo Dugger — Clinton 
Raymond E. Duke — Florence 
Charles E. Dukes — Jackson 
Charles Sherman Dukes — Jackson 
Donald Ray Dukes — Clinton 
Jolanda Pittman Dukes — Pearl 
Kerry Crisler Dukes — Brandon 
Rita Harrington Dukes — Jackson 
Robert Craig Dukes — Jackson 
Sandy Lummus Dukes — Richland 
Claudia R. Dulaney — Vicksburg 
Corean Dulaney — Raymond 
Eamestine Jones Dulaney — Vicksburg 
Keith Warren Dulaney — Delhi 
James Russell Dumas — Jackson 
Lynda Joyce Dumont — Richland 
Bob A. Dunaway — Raymond 
Devoy R. Dunaway — Jayess 
James Eugene Dunaway — Raymond 
Jeffery Wayne Dunaway — Vicksburg 
Robin Edmonds Dunaway — Brandon 
William Lynn Dunaway — Vicksburg 
William Michael Dunaway — Vicksburg 
Autery Dunbar — Jackson 
Joseph B. Dunbar — Vicksburg 
Gerald Lynn Duncan — Brandon 
James Henry Duncan — Terry 
Janice Spears Duncan — Brandon 
Nicki Lee Duncan — Kosciusko 
Teresa Diane Duncan — Terry 
Wesley L. Duncan — Monterey 
Emily Ruth Dungan — Hattiesburg 
Mark Dungan — Clinton 
Ashley Rene Dunigan — Jackson 
Sherry Lynn Dunlap — Pearl 
Daphine Regina Dunn — Jackson 
David W. Dunn — Pearl 
Melissa Kate Dunn — Canton 
Selena Wilson Dunn — Brandon 
Shania L. Dunn — Brookhaven 
Sheri Dail Dunn — Pearl 
William Wesley Dunn — Jackson 
Wanda Michelle Dunnaway — Pearl 
Daniel Claude Dunning — Tullulah 
Cora Lee Dupree — Jackson 
Kendall Kay Dupree — Jackson 
Robert Steven Duran — Magee 
Leigh Ellen Durant — Jackson 
Dan Larry Durbin Jr. — Richland 
Corey Genard Durham — Jackson 
Glenda E. Durkins — Cary 
Pamela Warfield Durman — Vicksburg 
Vincent J. Durman — Vicksburg 
Aletha Durr — New Hebron 
Dannon W. Durr — Jackson 
Marilyn Adele Durr — Jackson 
Michael Duane Durst — Jackson 
Dale Alvin Dyal — Jackson 
Ralph E. Dyer — Jackson 
Steven Mearl Dyer — Tupelo 
Adam C. Dyess — Pearl 
Traci Lynn Dyess — Pearl 
Angela Russell Dykes — Clinton 
Brett Michael Dykes — Chauvin 
David Owen Dykes — Clinton 

Laura Ann Dykes — Brandon 
Robert Patrick Dykes — Raymond 
Rose Josey Dykes — Vicksburg 

Gaylen Marlene Eady — Jackson 
Stacy Leigh Eady — Pearl 
Sunny Lynn Eady — Jackson 
Betsy M. Eakes — Vicksburg 
Jamie Lamar Eakes — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Massingale Eakes — Flowood 
Patricia Gail Ealey — Jackson 
Tracy B. Ealey — Flora 
Fredrika Yolanda Ealy — Lena 
Joy E. Ealy — Jackson 
Norma Jean Ealy — Jackson 
Clint Allen Earls — Bogue Chitto 
Barbara J. Early Ward — Jackson 
Brenda Shanta Early — Vicksburg 
Linda Early — Vicksburg 
Kristella Easley — Terry 
Allen East — Brandon 
Diane Denita East — Braxton 
Janice Sue Eastburn Murre — Clinton 
Arthur Stites Easterling — Morton 
Beverly J. Easterling — Prentiss 
Mary C. Easterling — Madison 
Sandy Michelle Easterling — Pearl 
Dean Curtis Easterwood — Yazoo City 
Deborah Lynn Easterwood — Vicksburg 
Paula Dianne Easterwood — Vicksburg 
Beth Ann Eastland — Pearl 
Miranda Abigail Eastland — Brandon 
Darryl Todd Eastman — Jackson 
Jeffrey Stone Eastwood — Pearl 
Raenora Leah Eaton — Clinton 
Mark Darrell Eaves — Florence 
Paula Marie Ebeling Ogle — Vicksburg 
Judy L. Eberhardt — Ridgeland 
Nancy Rosina Echols — Jackson 
Vonda D. Echols — Braxton 
Stacey Earl Eckerson — Vicksburg 
Amy Joan Eckles — Greenville 
Ronald Paul Eckrote — Mize 
Janet Michelle Edgar — Flora 
Angela Linette Edley — Raymond 
Corliss Ann Edley — Vicksburg 
Walter Edley — Vicksburg 
Yolunda Ann Edley — Vicksburg 
Angela D. Edmondson — Pearl 
Brenda Green Edmondson — Jackson 
Belinda Davis Edwards — Brandon 
Beverly Denise Edwards — Bolton 
Bobbie Beyers Edwards — Vicksburg 
Cathy R. Edwards — Jackson 
Charles Jason Edwards — D Lo 
Cherie Lynne Edwards — Pelahatchie 
Christie Dorris Edwards — Edwards 
Cynthia A. Edwards — Jackson 
David Lewis Edwards — Brandon 
Denise D. Edwards — Vicksburg 
Dixie Lee Edwards — Vicksburg 
Felisha Edwards — Jackson 
Jesse Frank Edwards — Mendenhall 
Johnna Lee Edwards — Pearl 
Joseph Edwards — Jackson 
Joseph Brown Edwards — Ridgeland 
Joyce Rockingham Edwards — Braxton 
Lisa Elaine Edwards — Brandon 
Lynn Petty Edwards — Pearl 
Michael Brian Edwards — Vicksburg 
Olivia Christine Edwards — Pearl 
Patricia Ann Edwards — Flowood 
Randolph Edwards — Edwards 
Robert Lamar Edwards — Vicksburg 
Robins W. Edwards — Jackson 
Sonya S. Edwards — Florence 
Stephanie Anne Edwards — Jackson 
Stephanie Lee Edwards — Jackson 
Stephen Lawrence Edwards — Terry 
Sybil C. Edwards — Pearl 
Tommie Asher Edwards — Jackson 
Trent Ray Edwards — Pearl 
Valerie Diane Edwards — Jackson 
Venita Edwards — Jackson 
Vera M. Edwards — Jackson 
Vernon Glenn Edwards — Flora 
Ginger Strong Ehrhardt — Vicksburg 
James B. Eichelberger — Jackson 
Vernon G. Eichelberger — Louisville 
Rosemary Ellis Eicher — Vicksburg 
Philip W. Eide — Jackson 
Stephen Derreck Elam — Pattison 
Deborah L. Eldabbour — Raymond 

Angela Leigh Eldridge — Florence 

Dennis Eugene Eldridge — Raymond 

John Eldridge — Greenville 

Barbara Ann Eley McNei — Raymond 

Pamela Tracey Eley — Jackson 

Mary Jane Elia — Jackson 

Mike Emmett Elkins — Jackson 

Angela Lorraine Ellen — Pearl 

Alice Volcek Elliott — Florence 

Darren Wayne Elliott — Raymond 

George W. Elliott Jr. — Madison 

Kimberly King Elliott — Jackson 

Margaret Grace Elliott — Brandon 

Amelda Catrice Ellis — Fayette 

Arville Ellis — Jackson 

Azelda Denise Ellis — Fayette 

Bridget! Renee Ellis — Brandon 

Cedric Leshun Ellis — Jackson 

Charles Melvin Ellis — Clinton 

Danny Earl Ellis — Utica 

Harry Wayne Ellis — Jackson 

Kathy Purpera Ellis — Utica 

Kimberly Cherie Ellis — Jackson 

Linda Elizabeth Ellis — Walnut Grove 

Nancy Agnes Ellis — Jackson 

Pamela Ellis — Jackson 

Pamela T. Ellis — Clinton 

Sandi Smith Ellis — Mendenhall 

Shirley Jean Ellis — Raymond 

Ulrica Chevon Ellis — Utica 

Victoria Ellis — Vicksburg 

Billie M. Ellison — Pearl 

Bonita Anne Ellsworth — Vicksburg 

Emma Ruth Ellzey — Jackson 

Patrick Shey Ellzy — Mendenhall 

Kathryn Callahan Elmore — Brandon 

Rosetta Shoemak Elsabrouty — Pearl 

Sharon J. Elverton — Jackson 

Teresa Belfour Elzie — Jackson 

Donna G. Embry — Jackson 

Thomas Embry — Vicksburg 

Mark Steven Emerle — Vicksburg 

Darrell Stephenson Emerson — Ridgeland 

Derek Young Emerson — Ridgeland 

Francis Marion Emerson III — Clinton 

Jennifer Ratliff Emerson — Jackson 

Kevin Lee Emerson — Vicksburg 

Nita Joan Emerson Bryan — Brandon 

James E. Emfinger — Vicksburg 

Brenda Hester Emling — Jackson 

Ellen E. Emmich — Vicksburg 

Russell Wayne Emmons — Pearl 

Suzanne Leigh Emmons — Fort Walton 

Paul Lamar Emory — Clinton 

Danny E. Emrick — Vicksburg 

Donald Ray Engel — Brandon 

Lisa Diane Engel — Brandon 

Marian Engelhorn — Brandon 

Melanie C. Engle — Vicksburg 

Diann English — Jackson 

Janet English — Ridgeland 

Roosevelt English — Jackson 

Ruthie Marie English — Forest 

Tim A. English — Jackson 

Sharon L. Enlow — Morton 

Sandral Runnels Entrekin — Mendenhall 

Katrina Louise Epps — Jackson 

Lydia T. Epps Cottr — Jackson 

Michael B. Epps — Jackson 

Salena Epps — Jackson 

Gregory Arthur Erickson — Brandon 

Connie E. Errington — Crystal Springs 

Clinton Patrick Ertle — Ridgeland 

Gerald Glen Ervin — Pearl 

John J. Ervin M. — Florence 

Patricia Ervin — Jackson 

Tara Rene Ervin — Jackson 

Terry Ervin — Jackson 

Evelyn B. Erwin — Vicksburg 

Lea Ellen Erwin — Clinton 

Susan Denise Erwin — Vicksburg 

Mark S. Essary — Jackson 

Carla Esters — Tallulah 

James G. Etheridge — Natchez 

Stanley Duane Ethredge — Jackson 

Paul L. Ethridge — Gasden 

Howard Mark Ettinger — Vicksburg 

Brenda Reginia Eubanks — Jackson 

John Rodger Eubanks — Jackson 

Kimberly Patrina Eubanks — Jackson 

Ricky Dale Eubanks — Jackson 

Alice Faye Evans — Jackson 

Barbara Landers Evans W. — Jackson 

Bobby Martin Evans — Jackson 

Carla Dawne Evans M. — Sandhill 

Carmen Denise Evans — Vicksburg 

Carolyn Brown Evans — Crystal Springs 

Cedric James Evans — Jackson 

Charles David Evans — Sand Hill 

Cheryl Kay Evans — Jackson 

Cindy Sue Evans — Vicksburg 

Darryl L. Evans — Forest 

David A. Evans — Batesville 

Dequita Yolanda Evans — Crystal Springs I 

Dwight Fitzgerald Evans — Raymond 

Francis Renee Evans — Jackson 

Gregory Lee Evans — Clinton 

Hilda Jayce Evans — Brandon 

James Allen Evans — Florence 

Jane Terry Evans — Jackson 

Janice Marie Evans — Crystal Springs 

Jeff Wayne Evans — Vicksburg 

Jon Edward Evans — Brandon 

Joyce H. Evans — Florence 

Keith Evans — Vicksburg 

Lachelle Dawn Evans — Jackson 

Lacrystal Rene Evans — Jackson 

Melanie Suzanne Evans — Raymond 

Mitzi Sherre Evans M. — Florence 

Paula Thompson Evans — Forrest 

Raymond Todd Evans — Jackson 

Robin Renee Evans — Jackson 

Sandra Joyce Evans — Jackson 

Scarlet Lorea Evans — Jackson 

Sharon Lannett Evans — Carthage 

Sheila L. Evans — Vicksburg 

Shelby Catanya Evans — Jackson 

Tanya Evans — Crystal Springs 

Ted Evans — Vicksburg 

Tracy Amacker Evans — Vicksburg 

Wayne Mack Evans — Carthage 

William Kenneth Evans — Raymond 

William Pierre Evans — Jackson 

David Lynn Everett — Jackson 

Ferlinda Garay Everett — Brandon 

Michelle Michael Everett — Jackson 

Rex Everett — Jackson 

Kevin Lee Everman — Jackson 

Mary Maxine Evers — Jackson 

Donny Jack Ewert — Brandon 

David Stewart Ezell — Ridgeland 

George Thomas Ezell — Vicksburg 

Thomas Alexander Ezell — Pearl 

Wesley Kurtz Ezell — Meadville 

Frank L. Fair III — Madison 
Jackie Bagwell Fairchild — Jackson 
Ralph Lois Fairley — Mendenhall 
Rickey Fairley — Mendenhall 
Doris Simmons Fall — Jackson 
Carole Hasty Falls — Vicksburg 
Louis Lance Falls — Vicksburg 
Jo Ann Falvey Golmo — Jackson 
Shelby Boyd Falvey — Jackson 
Andy Lamont Fancher — Brandon 
Brian Keith Fanning — Philadelphia 
Melissa Dawn Fant — Pearl 
Melissa Jean Fant — Jackson 
Cynthia M. Farish Adcox — Jackson 
Robin Rouse Farish — Jackson 
Anne Marie Farmer — Jackson 
Ben Warren Farmer — Jackson 
Benjamin Bradley Farmer — Terry 
Bobbie Jane Farmer — Jackson 
Brian William Farmer — Vicksburg 
Freda McCarter Farmer — Vicksburg 
Jamie Lynn Farmer — Ridgeland 
Kimble Edward Farmer — Vicksburg 
Teresa Doreen Farmer — Florence 
Gregory Paul Farnsworth — Jackson 
George Edward Farrar — Jackson 
James Colvin Farrar Jr. — Raymond 
Murray Allen Farrar — Vicksburg 
James Oreilly Farrell — Vicksburg 
Jimmy O. Farrell — Vicksburg 
Heather Lorraine Farrer — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Nicole Farrior — Utica 
William Wyatt Farrior Jr. — Bolton 
Joe P. Farris — Jackson 
Laura Anne Farris — Vicksburg 
Robert H. Farris — Brandon 
Al Carlos Farrish — Hazlehurst 
Paul Anthony Farrish — Hazlehurst 
Michael Steve Farrow — Lauderhill 
Reggie David Farve — Sumrall 
Julie Patrice Faul — Utica 
Charles J. Faulk IV — Clinton 
Shannon Trenice Faulk — Jackson 
Mara Faulkner — Vicksburg 
Michael Howard Faulkner — Jackson 
Royce Stacy Faulkner — Brandon 
Sandra L. Faulkner — Jackson 
David Charles Fearn — Brookhaven 
Dennis K. Feathers — Brandon 
David Dacus Feder — Utica 

296 / Directory 

tobert Louis Federick — Vicksburg 
lames R. Fehrenbacher — Pearl 
ihonda Griffin Felker — Vicksburg 
irenda F. Fells — Fayette 
"onya Mica Fells — Jackson 
lenry Felton — Fayette 
.ana J. Felton — Yazoo 
lolly Suzanne Felts — Pearl 
lohn R. Feminella — Vicksburg 
lames Coy Fendley — Clinton 
Jherri Hogg Fendley — Vicksburg 
leather Susan Ferfon — Raymond 
>aul William Ferfon — Raymond 
kngel C. Ferguson — Florence 
tarbara Hamilton Ferguson — Clinton 
Jen Edwin Ferguson — Brandon 
to Ferguson — Clinton 
tobby Neil Ferguson — Pontotoc 
!ade Drew Ferguson — Raymond 
tynthia Ferguson — Kosciusko 
tynthia Lynn Ferguson — Jackson 
: rances Kay Ferguson — Terry 
: rank A. Ferguson Jr. — Vicksburg 
ieorge R. Ferguson — Raymond 
iwendolyn Hazel Ferguson — Brandon 
Jacqueline Ann Ferguson — Raymond 
lennifer Leigh Ferguson — Raymond 
Aartha G. Ferguson — Raymond 
Delissa Lee Ferguson — Brandon 
'atricia Ann Ferguson — Jackson 
•ennie S. Ferguson — Clinton 
Sherry Beth Ferguson — Clinton 
"ammy Chadwick Ferguson — Pelahatchie 
anya Ferguson — Jackson 
'heresa R. Ferguson — Raymond 
fan Stevens Ferguson Jr. — Jackson 
Villiam Wallace Ferguson — Vicksburg 
barmen Lashonda Ferrell — Pearl 
teborrah W. Ferrell — Pearl 
thana Yvonne Ferrell — Vicksburg 
flitchell Gregory Ferrer — Jackson 
Aartha Ferris — Vicksburg 
ihelby Flowers Ferris — Vicksburg 
tonnie Stuart Fewell — Pearl 
uny Louise Fields — Jackson 
ftris DeLoach Fields — Jackson 
>arlene Fields — Terry 
■rick Landon Fields — Vicksburg 
lames L. Fields — Vicksburg 
loe Nathaneil Fields — Cleveland 
■amela Joyce Fields — Vicksburg 
'aula Suzette Fields — Clinton 
ielen Ruth File Neely — Jackson 
Cevin Leroy Fillebaum — Vicksburg 
tortney Joan Finch — Jackson 
Eric Lashon Finch — Valley 
lennifer A. Finch — Brandon 
iuffie Deshannon Findley — Vicksburg 
Vendy Kay Finke — Madison 
!heong Hun Finley — Raymond 
thana J. Finley — Crystal Springs 
iyan Glenn Finnegan — Florence 
Valter Thomas Fiolek — Vicksburg 
Carolyn E. Fisackerly — Vicksburg 
'anya Kristine Fischer — Madison 
lavid Wayne Fiscus — Brandon 
loyce Fisher — Vicksburg 
[imberly M. Fisher — Vicksburg 
.ynne Elizabeth Fisher — Ridgeland 
Haxine W. Fisher — Jackson 
lichard Allen Fisher Jr. — Yazoo City 
iteve Todd Fisher — Brandon 
'eronica Deanine Fisher — Jackson 
Villie Ann Fisher Colem — Jackson 
Villie Russell Fisher — Hermanville 
lames David Fitts — Vicksburg 
anet Fitts — Vicksburg 
»arla Dallen Fitzgerald — Jackson 
iary Allen Fitzgerald — Vicksburg 
j'aul Thomas Fitzgerald — Pearl 
jleverly Ann Fitzroy — Clinton 
kellie Jean Fitzroy — Clinton 
Irenda F. Fizer — Jackson 
telores Flaggs — Vicksburg 
tarol L. Flanagan — Jackson 
ilaine Harris Flanagan — Pelahatchie 
orraine Israel Flanagan — Vicksburg 
tobert Allen Flanagan — Jackson 
lionnie Layton Flanagin — Jackson 
•onna Marie Flasck — Brandon 
ilarmen Castillo Flatt — Vicksburg 
I 'ictoria Anne Flechas — Natchez 
lllison Poyner Fleming — Vicksburg 
oseph Paul Fleming — Vicksburg 
jeslie Ann Fleming — Magee 
I'ernell Fleming — Jackson 
Vanda Hope Fleming — Morton 
laphany Vanessa Flemming — Jackson 
ohnny Earl Flemming — Jackson 
kdrianne F. Fletcher — Brandon 
lerter Mae Fletcher — Mendenhall 
idward Low Fletcher — Vicksburg 

Michael Ewing Fletcher — Jackson 

Sharon Rene Fletcher — Vicksburg 

Sidney Neil Fletcher — Vicksburg 

William Jay Fletcher — West Monroe 

Willie Lynn Fletcher — Brandon 

Linda King Flippen — Brandon 

Leslie Lewis Flippin — Brandon 

Marco Antonio Flores — Jackson 

Bonnie Cassandra Flowers — Vicksburg 

Donald David Flowers — Vicksburg 

Edna R. Flowers — Jackson 

Elwood Johnson Flowers — Vicksburg 

Erron Fowers — Vicksburg 

James Flowers — Vicksburg 

James Frank Flowers — Vicksburg 

Jane Lauderdale Flowers — Vicksburg 

Mary Ellen Flowers — Vicksburg 

Maude Elizabeth Flowers — Jackson 

Michael David Flowers — Vicksburg 

Nancy Sue Flowers — Vicksburg 

Pamela L. Flowers — Brandon 

Patricia Slay Flowers — Jackson 

Steven C. Flowers — Vicksburg 

Carla Jean Floyd — Jackson 

Devin Lane Floyd — Clinton 

James E. Floyd — Vicksburg 

Jason Talmage Floyd — Pearl 

Kathleen Pendleton Floyd — Jackson 

Lee Ann Floyd — Ridgeland 

Mattie Lee Floyd — Vicksburg 

Natalie Ann Floyd — Raymond 

Robert Earl Floyd — Vicksburg 

Sordia Carr Floyd — Terry 

Debora Kay Flynn — Pearl 

Sarah Ann Fogg — Jackson 

Karin Dianne Follin — Canton 

Jamie Susan Folse — Jackson 

Janie Hunsicker Fondren — Ridgeland 

Stephanie Michele Fondren — Madison 

Gloria J. Fontan — Pearl 

Joseph W. Fontenot — Madison 

Ramona Mannino Fontenot — Madison 

Theresa Gail Fontenot — Vicksburg 

Jonathan David Fonville — Jackson 

Kacee Shea Foote — Pearl 

Melinda Odom Foote — Brandon 

Brenda Rose Forbes Duffy — Jackson 

Elisa Adams Forbes — Jackson 

Stacey Ann Forbes — Jackson 

Anna P. Ford — Vicksburg 

Christina Elizabeth Ford — Florence 

Danny E. Ford — Richland 

Donna Christine Ford — Jackson 

Eric Lynn Ford — Brandon 

Jimye Caren Ford Arp — Brandon 

Kimberly Michele Ford — Meridian 

Linda Kaye Ford — Jackson 

Louanna Mae Ford — Brandon 

Lynette Patrick Ford — Jackson 

Mary Louise Ford — Jackson 

Valrie Diana Ford — Jackson 

Victor Larry Ford — Star 

Bobbie Jo Fore — Wiggins 

Madge Lee Fore — Jackson 

Jeffrey L. Foreman — Ridgeland 

Jeffrey Lee Foreman — Ridgeland 

Calvin Lewis Forest — Jackson 

Sharron W. Forks — Jackson 

John Franklin Forman — Magnolia 

Sandi Adele Fornea — Madison 

Karen Sue Forsman — Jackson 

Carla A. Forte — Vicksburg 

Diane Marie Fortenberry — Jackson 

Donna Carol Fortenberry — Raymond 

Grayson C. Fortenberry — Jackson 

Michael Olanda Fortenberry — Jackson 

Milton Andrew Fortenberry — Jackson 

Randy Scott Fortenberry — Canton 

Rebekah Anne Fortenberry — Brookhaven 

Tammy Renee Fortenberry — Jackson 

Terry Olen Fortenberry — Brandon 

Virginia Fortenberry — Jackson 

Aimee Nicole Fortinberry — Jackson 

Bobbie Sue Fortner — Florence 

Cyndi C. Fortner — Vicksburg 

James E. Fortner Jr. — Anguilla 

Marte Ann Fortner — Florence 

Marsha R. Fortune — Raymond 

Carmen Angela Foshee — Madison 

Andrian Foster — Bentonia 

Angela Nicole Foster — Jackson 

Barbara Elaine Foster — Jackson 

Becky Dianne Foster — Jackson 

Ellis H. Foster — Edwards 

Eric Anthony Foster — Edwards 

Gwen Rorex Foster — Vicksburg 

James Henry Foster — Jackson 

Leigh Ann Foster — Vicksburg 

Lori Phillips Foster — Jackson 

Olivia Katrice Foster — Kosciusko 

Thomas Earl Foster — Jackson 

Wanda Clegg Foster — Vicksburg 

Wayne Dudley Foster Jr. — Bogue Chitto 

Peter Micheal Foto — Jackson 

Tewonda Smith Fountain — Tallulah 

Barbara Weaver Fowler — Vicksburg 

Bonnie D. Fowler — Brandon 

Bonnie Kay Fowler — Brandon 

Brian Jarratt Fowler — Vicksburg 

Carolyn Lowery Fowler — Vicksburg 

Christi G. Fowler — Brandon 

George Foster Fowler — Jackson 

Glenda Carol Fowler — Pearl 

Helen B. Fowler — Madison 

Daryl Bradley Fowlkes — Jackson 

Bobby Earl Fox — Jackson 

David Carl Fox — Mt. Olive 

Jena Shea Fox — Clinton 

Jennifer Lee Fox — Jackson 

Kenneth Ray Fox — Jackson 

Laura Lynn Fox — Philadelphia 

Mary Ella Fox — Kosciusko 

Peter Christian Fox — Jackson 

Sharon McMinn Fox — Pearl 

Phylis Robertson Fraiser — Florence 

Leon Francis — Canton 

Sheila E. Franco — Vicksburg 

Bessie Edwards Frank — Jackson 

Deborah Ann Frank — Jackson 

Emily R. Frank — Jackson 

Anthony Franklin — Chicago 

Chadwick Devon Franklin — Columbia 

Gina Anita Franklin — Richland 

Harry Lee Franklin — Brandon 

Hilda Jane Franklin — Brandon 

Kazery Larye Franklin — Florence 

Michelle Franklin — Vicksburg 

Michelle Walker Franklin — Jackson 

Nicole Franklin — Tougaloo 

Pamela Anderson Franklin — Pelahatchie 

Robert Jason Franklin — Jackson 

Rose Mary Franklin — Ridgeland 

Shannan Leann Franklin — Mendenhall 

Stephanie Renee Franklin — Vicksburg 

Toni Marie Franklin — Pascagoula 

David L. Franks — Madison 

James Alfred Franks — Forest 

Christopher E. Frantz — Canton 

William Anthony Frasier — Waynesboro 

Angela Carr Frazier — Jackson 

Anthony Scott Frazier — Jackson 

Arthur James Frazier — Raymond 

Brenda Frazier — Raymond 

Bryan Todd Frazier — Jackson 

Chandra Reed Frazier — Jackson 

Charles Edward Frazier — Jackson 

Clementine W. Frazier — Utica 

Damon Eli Frazier — Vicksburg 

David Lee Frazier — Utica 

Deandra Michelle Frazier — Jackson 

Michael Wesley Frazier — Jackson 

Phares E. Frazier — Jackson 

Rachel Frazier — Richland 

Robert Phares Frazier — Jackson 

Ruth Bailey Frazier Arnol — Brandon 

Willie B. Frazier — Utica 

Katie Marie Frederick — Brandon 

Melissa Ann Frederick — Brandon 

Holly J. Free — Jackson 

John Allen Freels — Crystal Springs 

Beverly Lashunt Freeman — Canton 

Christopher Odell Freeman — Jackson 

Clara M. Freeman — Vicksburg 

Deborah T. Freeman — Clinton 

Elaine Thornton Freeman — Raymond 

Kellie Michelle Freeman — Jackson 

Patti D. Freeman — Pearl 

Sharon Anita Freeman Boyd — Vicksburg 

Tamekia Sherelle Freeman — Brandon 

Tony Terron Freeman — Vicksburg 

Yolanda Victoria Frelix — Jackson 

James Garland French — Clinton 

Joey B. French — Vicksburg 

Kathy Varner French — Clinton 

L. Richard French — Jackson 

Lori Elizabeth French — Jackson 

Tammie Patrice French — Jackson 

Lester Flurry Frerichs — Clinton 

Kathryn B. Friar — Vicksburg 

Angela Michele Friday — Jackson 

Debra Coleman Friday — Brandon 

Kena Linette Friday — Jackson 

Patricia Ann Friday — Jackson 

Audrey Frances Friend — Jackson 

Kenneth Lee Frisch — Jackson 

Carol Alford Frith — Morton 

Sandra Louise Frith — Pearl 

Janet A. Fritschen — Vicksburg 

Judy Winstead Fryant — Clinton 

Stephen Kent Fryery — Philadelphia 

Christi Kelli Fulcher — Louisville 

Debbie Fulcher — Vicksburg 

Andrew Zachariah Fulgham — Jackson 

Sadie Williams Fulgham — Jackson 

Abie Gail F ,-r — Pearl 
Bobby Joe Fu. — Vicksburg 
Brenda Hynum Fuller — Vicksburg 
Carl Dennis Fuller — Vicksburg 
Melzana McMillan Fuller — Jackson 
Nelda Yvette Fuller — Ridgeland 
Patrick Sullivan Fuller — Vicksburg 
Paul Anthony Fuller — Clinton 
Andy F. Fullington — Jackson 
Alfred Daniel Fulton — Philadelphia 
Bobbie Joyce Fulton — Vicksburg 
Lee Thayer Fulton — Jackson 
Lola Cathryn Fulton — Vicksburg 
Mary Josephine Fulton — Greenwood 
Stephanie S. Fulton — Brandon 
Teresa F. Fulton — Ridgeland 
Yumetrice Mashea Fulton — Jackson 
Jane Moore Fumbanks — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Moore Fumbanks — Vicksburg 
Bettye W. Funches — Jackson 
Debra Funches — Jackson 
Patricia Lanell Funches — Jackson 
Percy Funches — Vicksburg 
Janice Funchess — Terry 
Kara Katrina Funchess — Terry 
Kiera Michelle Funchess — Jackson 
Laverne Ricks Funderburg — Grenada 
S. Scott Furey — Brandon 
Carol R. Furr — Brandon 
Christopher B. Fuson — Vicksburg 
Kristy Denise Fuson — Jackson 

Debbie Irene Gaby — Pearl 
Arlette E. Gaddy — Jackson 
Glenda McQueen Gaddy — Jackson 
Jennifer Jaye Gaddy — Jackson 
Robert Lawle Gaddy — Jackson 
Sherry Lynn Gaddy Gough — Crystal 

Therissa Christine Gagnon — Jackson 
Cleta Alyce Gaillard — Clinton 
Eddy Lamar Gaines — Flora 
Harold Wedell Gaines — Vicksburg 
Levaughn Gaines — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Michelle Gaines — Jackson 
Preston Hammer Gaines — Vicksburg 
Reginald Troy Gaines — Vicksburg 
Kevin M. Gainey — Morton 
David Earl Gainwell — Jackson 
Timothy Liddon Gainwell — Yazoo City 
Juanito John Gallardo — Petal 
Josh Dewitt Gallaspy — Clinton 
Edwin Gregorio Gallego P. — Clinton 
Shirley Vaughan Gallert — Vicksburg 
Patricia Lynette Galloway — Vicksburg 
Trava Dionne Galloway — Jackson 
Cora Ann Galtney — Vicksburg 
Eric Leroy Galyean — Jackson 
Ernestine Galyean — Jackson 
Norman Bradly Gambill — Jackson 
Tammy Wynette Gambrel — Jackson 
Robert E. Gambrell — Jackson 
Dawn Revel Gammill — Jackson 
Lisa Michelle Gammill — Jackson 
Patricia A. Gammill — Richland 
John H. Gandy Jr. — Jackson 
Katherine Anne Gandy — Brandon 
Dana Michelle Gann — Jackson 
Maxine Gilreath Gann — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynn Gant — Cantonand 
Michael Clyde Ganzerla — Jackson 
Masood Garahi — Jackson 
Zohre S. Garahi — Jackson 
Joseph Roy Garcie — Vicksburg 
Amy Catherine Gardner — Brandon 
Angela Olivia Gardner — Jackson 
Audrey Jean Gardner — Jackson 
Benjamin Franklin Gardner — Jackson 
David M. Gardner — Washington 
Davina Dianne Gardner — Florence 
Donald Gardner — Vicksburg 
James C. Gardner Jr. — Jackson 
Kendall Stites Gardner — Forest 
Melanie J. Gardner — Brandon 
Misty Marie Gardner — Richland 
S. J. Gardner — Jackson 
Steve Paul Gardner — Brandon 
Tress Warren Gardner — Jackson 
Janet Gardnu — Sandersville 
Scott Obeirne Gardo — Jackson 
Joseph Garland — Jackson 
Richard Todd Garley — Clinton 
Beverly Anne Garner Donal — Pearl 

Directory / 297 

W <r 

Calvin Qarner — Madison 
Charlie I. Qarner Jr. — Jackson 
Charlie M. Qarner — Jackson 
Cheryl Ronet Qarner — Starkville 
David Jerry Qarner — Magee 
Dedra Cherie Qarner — Morton 
Edwina Qarner — Jackson 
Eric Jerome Qarner — Jackson 
Evelyn Silvia Qarner — Jackson 
George Fred Qarner — Morton 
Helen R. Qarner — Jackson 
Jackie A. Qarner — Jackson 
Kevin Fitzgerald Qarner — Jackson 
Kristi Leigh Qarner — Jackson 
Luretha Qarner — Jackson 
Tamara Ray Qarner — Pearl 
Tonya Lynn Qarner — Pass Christian 
Wesley M. Qarner — Jackson 
Gina Lynn Garrard — Raymond 
Paula Bleakney Garrard — Learned 
Thomas Garraway Jr. — Jackson 
Angelia Faith Garrett — Richland 
Bobby Dean Garrett — Jackson 
Carrie Ford Garrett — Vicksburg 
Coneria M. Garrett Johns — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Claire Garrett — Florence 
Jimmy Shelton Garrett — Florence 
Maria Dianne Garrett — Harrisvllle 
Michael Fitzgerald Garrett — Jackson 
Pamela Denlse Garrett — Utica 
Patricia Ann Garrett — Raymond 
Sarah Elizabeth Garrett — Clinton 
Shirley Bounds Garrett — Pearl 
Susan Chamblee Garrett — Ridgeland 
Teresa Ann Garrett — Jackson 
William C. Garrett — Ridgeland 
Patricia Ann Garrette — Jackson 
Barbara B. Garrison — Raymond 
Franklin Alan Garrison — Jackson 
Lealon Bernard Qarrison — Vicksburg 
Robert R. Garrison — Brandon 
Paula Ann Gartman — Vicksburg 
Martha Steadham Garver — Brandon 
Saundra D. Garvey — Clinton 
Alandre Kordia Garvis — Jackson 
Kenneth Eugene Gary — Yazoo City 
Michael J. Gary Jr. — Jackson 
Sherry L. Gary — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Sue Qassmann — Jackson 
L. V. Gater Jr. — Jackson 
Bruce Gates — Jackson 
Melinda Joy Gates — Jackson 
Rickey Gates — Jackson 
Robert Edward Gates — Jackson 
Ruby Bernard Qatewood — Jackson 
Gayle Rebecca Qathings — Jackson 
Jeffery Jerome Gatlin — Terry 
Margaret Saway Gatlin — Jackson 
Wendy Frances Gatlin — Grenada 
Harvey Richard Gavant — Jacksonnd 
Melissa Renee Qavette — Jackson 
Chandra Skiff er Gayden — Florence 
James Earl Qayden — Florence 
James Dewitt Gayle — Ridgeland 
Eleanor Wade Geary — Vicksburg 
Jane Ann Geary — Vicksburg 
Marilyn R. Geary — Vicksburg 
Catherine Heather Qee — Vicksburg 
Catherine Walls Gee — Jackson 
Joseph James Gee IV — Carrollton 
Susanna Parkinson Gee — Carrollton 
Jeff Ashley Geiselbreth — Terry 
Anna Dee Qennaro — Florence 
James William Gentry — Vicksburg 
Kathy Luann Gentry — Florence 
Sheila H. Gentry — Madison 
James Francis Qeoghegan — Jackson 
Annette Sims George — Braxton 
Dacia Annette Qeorge — Braxton 
David J. George — Montgomery 
Gwendolyn Kelly George — Vicksburg 
Karen A. George — Jackson 
Teresa B. George — Clinton 
Troyon Montique George — Canton 
Sandra Qeorgen — Utica 
Chandra D. German — Edwards 
Joseph Lee Geter — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Dawn Qeter — Vicksburg 
Wanda L. Geter — Vicksburg 
Michael David Qettinger — Vicksburg 
Stephen C. Qeyer — Lllburn 
Joe Lamont Gholar — Jackson 
Rosie Qhoston — Pearl 
Betty H. Giardina — Jackson 
Jean S. Giardina — Raymond 
William H. Qiardina Jr. — Raymond 
Lilian G. Qlbbes — Raymond 
Jerry Wayne Gibbons — Jackson 
Danny Ray Qibbs — Pearl 
David Marvin Gibbs — Vicksburg 
Eugene Gibbs Jr. — Vicksburg 
James Robert Gibbs — Vicksburg 

Ona Sykes Gibbs — Jackson 
Penny Suzanne Gibbs — Jackson 
Abraham Gibson — Jackson 
Angela Dawn Gibson — Jackson 
Betty Gibson — Jackson 
Eddie Lee Gibson — Greenville 
James Kevin Gibson — Mendenhall 
Joan Elizabeth Gibson — Pearl 
Juanita Gibson — Jackson 
Judith Black Gibson — Pearl 
Linda Thompson Gibson — Mendenhall 
Marvin P. Gibson III — Jackson 
Regina Moore Gibson — Jackson 
Roan Gibson — Pattison 
Shannon Lynn Qibson — Brandon 
Shelley W. Gibson — Brandon 
Terry Lamar Gibson — Brandon 
Terry Lamar Gibson Sr. — Brandon 
Claudia Ervin Giddings — Jackson 
Carole Black Gilbert — Vicksburg 
Nancy Cooper Gilbert — Jackson 
Regenia Rena Gilbert — Jackson 
Shundra Rochelle Gilbert — Jackson 
Tammy Mason Gilbert — Lena 
Zoe Mozee Gilbert — Jackson 
Sheryl C. Gilbreath — Flowood 
Angle Marie Giles — Vicksburg 
Jeremy C. Giles — Brandon 
Bernice Spann Gilkey — Jackson 
Jerome QUI — Philadelphia 
John Charles Gill — Jackson 
Larry Dwight Gill — Jackson 
Lisa Vititow Gill — Jackson 
Mark Christopher Gill — Vicksburg 
Mildred W. Gill — Brandon 
Yolanda Marie Gill — Jackson 
Janet C. Gillespie — Vicksburg 
Marian Meade Gillespie — Vicksburg 
Barry Holmes Gilliland — Jackson 
Audra Gayle Gillis — Jackson 
Joanna A. Gillis — Vicksburg 
Luke Ralph Gillis — Pearl 
Madge E. Gillis — Vicksburg 
Marcus Lafayette Gillis — Vicksburg 
Brenda Clayborne Gilmer — Brandon 
Carolyn Denlse Gilmer — Ridgeland 
Mabrie C. Gilmer — Vicksburg 
Percy 0. Gilmer — Jackson 
Bridget Ann Gilmore — Pearl 
Eric Timothy Gilmore — Brandon 
Gwendolyn Gilmore — Jackson 
James Shannon Gilmore — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Leigh Gilmore — Brandon 
John Thomas Gilmore Jr. — Vicksburg 
John Tommy Gilmore Jr. — Vicksburg 
Loree Ferguson Gilmore — Vicksburg 
Michael Scott Gilmore — Brandon 
Sabrevian L. Gilmore Jones — Jackson 
M. Francie Gilmoredunn — Jackson 
Kathie Laura Gilner — Jackson 
Martha Louise Ginn — Jackson 
Mike Preston Ginn — Meridian 
Mary Christina Giordano — Brandon 
Roderick Demond Gipson — Jackson 
Shawanda Gipson — Jackson 
Suzanne Marie Girard — Jackson 
Melvina Lee Giriinghouse — Raymond 
Joseph Paul Given — Vicksburg 
Ruby Sanders Given — Vicksburg 
Alfredia Steen Givens — Pelahatchie 
Marshall Kieth Givens — Raymond 
Mary Jane Givens Tyler — Jackson 
Mary Sauls Givens — Hazlehurst 
Rhonda Ellen Givens — Clinton 
Jason D. Gladney — Braxton 
Jerry Qladney Jr. — Sturgis 
Patrick DeWayne Gladney — Bolton 
Tracy Lee Gladney — Kosciusko 
Charles Edward Gladwell — Vicksburg 
David Vinson Gladwell — Vicksburg 
Frederick Philip Glaeser — Clinton 
Deanna Lynn Qlascoe — Jackson 
Harold L. Glascoe — Jackson 
Fannie L. Glasper — Vicksburg 
Gerard K. Glass — Jackson 
Robert E. Glazier — Brandon 
Madge Owens Gleason — Jackson 
Ernest Gleese — Vicksburg 
Tracey Dianne Gleese — Vicksburg 
David Raymond Glenn — Yazoo City 
Judith R. Glenn Marmo — Raymond 
Marilyn Sue Glenn — Yazoo City 
Patrick C. Gloer — Brandon 
James Fraklin Glotfelty — Brandon 
Michelle Lee Glotfelty — Brandon 
Ingrid Denlse Glover — Jackson 
Kendrick Lamont Glover — Jackson 
Sherry Renee Glover — Jackson 
Samuel David Goad — Jackson 
Angela Denice Gober — Dlo 
Doncella Paige Gober — Brandon 
Linda Perkins Gober — Jackson 

Michael Ryan Gober — Clinton 
Raymond Todd Godbey — Florence 
Mary S. Godbold — Jackson 
Jerome Goddard — Jackson 
John Whyte Goddard — Natchez 
Larry L. Godfrey — Clinton 
Emmett Ray Godwin — Vicksburg 
Brian Louis Goff — Raymond 
Sonja Childs Goheen — Corinth 
John Edwin Goins — Jackson 
Linda Roundtree Golden — Jackson 
Lori Ann Golden C. — Jackson 
Billy Bruce Goldman — Pelahatchie 
Christopher Todd Goldman — Florence 
Raymond Edward Goldman — Raymond 
Shenetta Denise Goldman — Jackson 
Yvonne Lane Goldman — Jackson 
Gladys Golmaryami — Jackson 
Joseph Chris Gonce — Clinton 
Antoinette Maria Gonfiotti — Jackson 
Mark C. Gonzales — Bay St. Louis 
Cippy E. Gonzalez — Clinton 
Dianna Marie Gonzalez — Clinton 
Sandra Sumrall Good — Richland 
Bryan Keith Goode — Florence 
Sheryll J. Goode — Clinton 
Daniel Andrew Goodin — Clinton 
Marcus Jay Goodin — Clinton 
Shauna Renee Goodin — Pearl 
Tanya Lynn Goodin — Vicksburg 
Marcus Glen Goodloe — Canton 
Mike Norris Goodson — Jackson 
Rebecca Joan Goodson — Madison 
Rhonda Shea Goodson — Brandon 
Roy Norris Goodson — Jackson 
Sandra Lynn Goodwill — Jackson 
Janis Lynn Goodwin King — Pearl 
Jeffrey Floyde Goodwin — Jackson 
Shiela Carol Goodwin — Jackson 
Tammy Goodwin — Crystal Springs 
Brad Peyton Goolsby — Pelahatchie 
Rhonda Davis Gordan — Vicksburg 
Janice Faye Gordin — Vicksburg 
Crystal Dawn Gordineer — Florence 
Brian Cole Gordon — Morton 
Christopher Lee Gordon — Vicksburg 
Darren Randle Gordon — Jackson 
Eula Marie Gordon — Jackson 
Loutisha C. Gordon — Vaughan 
Melissa Gordon — Clinton 
Michael James Gordon — Vicksburg 
Mike Stuart Gordon — Vicksburg 
Thomas Lamar Gordon Jr. — Forest 
Frances Moran Gordy — Jackson 
Scott Gordy — Ridgeland 
Chad Christopher Gore — Jackson 
John C. Gore — Brandon 
Kenneth Gore — Pearl 
Albert Neal Goree — Pulaski 
Rachael Gorenflo — Jackson 
Cindy Walker Gosa — Clinton 
Kristal Lea Gosa — Jackson 
Linda Ruth Goshorn — Vicksburg 
Patricia Johnson Goss — Morton 
Ronnie Carl Goss — Terry 
William Burl Goss — Vicksburg 
Sandra Gail Goudelock — Vicksburg 
James Lowery Gould — Jackson 
Roxanne Cecilia Gould — Vicksburg 
George Joseph Gousset Jr. — Natchez 
Jason Roger Govan — Jackson 
Carleskine Gowdy — Jackson 
Quinton Mauice Gowdy — Jackson 
Twiggy Yvette Gowdy — Flora 
Michael Sean Gowen — Brandon 
Cynthia Allyson Goza — Jackson 
Kimberly Layne Goza — Ridgeland 
Michael Glen Goza — Jackson 
Lou Virginia Gozdecki — Jackson 
Daniel Grace — Brandon 
John Gabriel Grace — Vicksburg 
Robert Preston Grace — Jackson 
Wanda Lynn Grace — Brandon 
Jennifer Judith Graddy — Brandon 
Alan Dexter Graham — Jackson 
Charles E. Graham — Jackson 
Coroni C. Graham — Clinton 
Erica C. Graham — Brandon 
Hason Arron Graham — Decatur 
James Stewart Graham — Brandon 
Lettie Geneva Graham — Brandon 
Linda Graham — Jackson 
Linda Gail Graham — Jackson 
Melisa Robin Graham — Pearl 
Mickie Micheal Graham — Carthage 
Nicole Anquienette Graham — Raymond 
Retha Cumberland Graham — Jackson 
Robert J. Graham — Jackson 
Tonya Fay Graham — Jackson 
Tracy Michelle Graham — Raymond 
Victoria Graham — Jackson 
Willie Mac Graham — Conehatta 

Rose McCrain Graise — Bolton 
Joseph Lee Grammar — Vicksburg 
Eddie Mae Granderson — Redwood 
Jacqueline Harris Granger — Jackson 
Angela Denise Grant — Pelahatchie 
Chelette Charise Grant — Pearl 
Derby Ann Grant — Jackson 
Jason A. Grant — Vicksburg 
Karen Lachelle Grant — Jackson 
Phyllis Jane Grant — Pearl 
Sharon S. Grant — Lena 
Terrence Grant — Jackson 
Terri Lynn Grant — Vicksburg 
Yolanda Latreace Grant — Jackson 
Chad Richmond Grantham — Jackson 
Evaiyn A. Grantham — Florence 
Horace Lynn Grantham — Clinton 
James Leslie Grantham — Florence 
James Terrell Grantham — Pearl 
Margaret E. Grantham — Florence 
Marjorie W. Grantham — Madison 
Pam Biddle Grantham — Florence 
Patricia Ann Grantham — Jackson 
Patsy C. Grantham — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Grantham — Jackson 
Teresa Lynne Grantham — Vicksburg 
Vernon Gregory Grantham — Jackson 
Wendy Michele Grau — Vicksburg 
Chaunteau Renee Graves — Jackson 
David Ray Graves — Raymond 
Donavon Sean Graves — Florence 
Ernest Jackson Graves — Morton 
Eunice Prince Graves — Vicksburg 
Glenda J. Graves — Bolton 
James Toby Graves — Vicksburg 
Joseph Lance Graves — Jackson 
Monica Bonita Graves — Mt. Olive 
Ronald Bennett Graves — Jackson 
Ruby Brown Graves — Madison 
Wanda Kay Graves Allen — Jackson 
Angela Jones Gray — Lake 
Angela Lora Gray Lee — Jackson 
Audwin Purnell Gray — Jackson 
Brent Gray — Utica 
Charestene Gray — Jackson 
Charles E. Gray — Jackson 
Charles Farnard Gray — Jackson 
Cynthia J. Gray — Pearl 
Cynthia Mae Gray Archi — Brandon 
Donald Robert Gray — Vicksburg 
Garry Edwin Gray — Richland 
Gregory T. Gray — Carthage 
Hazel Verdean Gray — Jackson 
James Hubert Gray Jr. — Jackson 
James Gray Jr. — Jackson 
Jason Truett Gray — Jackson 
Johnny Bolin Gray — Pearl 
Judith Ann Gray — Jackson 
Karen Lynn Gray — Pearl 
Laura Renee Gray — Jackson 
Luther Wayne Gray — Vicksburg 
Lynnette Gray — Jackson 
Milinda Stewart Gray — Lake 
Nanette Gray — Jackson 
Ramonica R. Gray — Hattiesburg 
Reshina Demetra Gray — Jackson 
Richard Curtis Gray — Pearl 
Robert Walter Gray — Vicksburg 
Ruble Elton Gray — Vicksburg 
Sara Smith Gray — Raymond 
Sharon Alyce Gray — Pelahatchie 
Stephanie Arleen Gray — Jackson 
Steve B. Gray — Vicksburg 
Tammy Michele Gray — Jackson 
Vertina Brown Gray — Jackson 
Vinson C. Gray — Pelahatchie 
Victor Meyer Graylewis — Jackson 
Shenetta H. Grays — Madison 
Anne Grayson — Ridgeland 
Barbara Jo Grayson — Yazoo City 
Carolyn Craig Grayson — Brandon 
Robyn Michelle Grayson — Pearl 
Yolanda Kay Grayson — Yazoo City 
Alice Howie Green — Jackson 
Anthony Luvel Green — Fayette 
Arlena B. Green — Jackson 
Arthur Kiplin Green — Jackson 
Betty Jean Green — Jackson 
Bobby Lee Green — Bolton 
Carolyn Stevens Green — Jackson 
Chad Whitney Green — Yazoo City 
Charles Christopher Green — Vicksburg 
Donyale Denise Green — Jackson 
Emerald D. Green — Ridgeland 
Emma J. Green — Jackson 
Gary Devon Green — Jackson 
Geraldine Green — Jackson 
Jennifer Daine Green — Edwards 
Joe L. Green — Vicksburg 
Josie Leon Green — Vicksburg 
Lauveta Evelyn Green — Jackson 
Lewis Leon Green — Jackson 

298 / Directory 

Linda Rachelle Qreen — Vicksburg 
M. H. Green — Vicksburg 
Martha A. Green — Magnolia 
Michelle Patrice Green — Jackson 
Minerva Merritt Green — Jackson 
Paxton Green — Jackson 
Peggy Lynn Green — Jackson 
Percy Lamont Green — Raymond 
Pia Chiketa Green — Terry 
Rebecca Lee Green — Clinton 
Rhonda Lynette Green — Vicksburg 
Robert Green — Florence 
Ronnie Lee Green — Vicksburg 
Shane Eric Green — Vicksburg 
Sherry Lynn Green — Jackson 
Stephanie A. Green — Raymond 
Stephanie Monet Green — Jackson 
Stephen Kyle Green — Florence 
Terri Renee Green — Jackson 
Tyra Tawon Green — Fayette 
Woodfin Grady Green II — Jackson 
Catherine W. Greene — Hermanville 
Dorothy J. Greene — Utica 
Felicia Lynette Greene — Columbia 
Gloriastine A. Greene — Jackson 
Nancy Renee Greene — Jackson 
Ronald A. Greene — Jackson 
Sarah L. Greene — Pelahatchie 
Vun D. Greenfield — Bolton 
James Franklin Greenlee — Vicksburg 
Julie Sanders Greenman — Utica 
Angela Lynn Greenwaldt — Florence 
Dana Renee Greenwood — Jackson 
Joel Dwaine Greenwood — Pearl 
Angela M. Greer — Vicksburg 
Bill Thomas Greer — Pearl 
Bonnie Lou Greer — Brandon 
Debora Lynn Greer Steph — Lorman 
Ethel Dean Greer — Jackson 
Homer Brock Greer — Vicksburg 
Homer Cicero Greer III — Vicksburg 
Karen Renee Greer — Clinton 
Kathy Greer — Raymond 
Mary Louise Greer Rosel — Flora 
Roxie Ann Greer Boyd — Jackson 
Wanda Faye Greer — Ridgeland 
Wilboum Brady Greer — Jackson 
Pam Greeson — Vicksburg 
Leigh Ann Gregg — Jackson 
William Ronnie Gregg — Madison 
Carta A. Gregory — Jackson 
Christopher Shea Gregory — Jackson 
John Mark Gregory — Jackson 
Larry K. Gregory — Jackson 
Michael L. Gregory — Florence 
Tessie Lynn Gregory — Jackson 
Randall Joseph Grewe — Flora 
Melissa Marie Gribskov — Jackson 
Gail McAdams Grice — Jackson 
John Robert Grice — Jackson 
Christopher Todd Grider — Jackson 
Aline Elizabeth Griffin — Vicksburg 
Angela Kaye Griffin — Jackson 
Benton Eugene Griffin — Vicksburg 
Bettye J. Griffin — Jackson 
Charlotte Griffin — Jackson 
David Arhtur Griffin — Jackson 
Felicia Griffin — Jackson 
Glenn E. Griffin — Clinton 
Holly A. Griffin — Jackson 
Irish Annette Griffin — Jackson 
Jan Elizabeth Griffin — Mendenhall 
Judith Elaine Griffin — Jackson 
Justus Glenn Griffin — Vicksburg 
Kathy Ann Griffin — Jackson 
Lillian C. Griffin — Vicksburg 
Martha Williams Griffin — Jackson 
Melissa Dawn Griffin — Lena 
Napoleon Griffin — Jackson 
Rita Ann Griffin — Vicksburg 
Roscoe Griffin Jr. — Apopka 
Sharon K. Griffin — Lawrence 
Tasha Neal Griffin — Vicksburg 
Tonita Griffin — Bentonia 
William Aubry Griffin — Vicksburg 
Nancy Hall Griff ing — Brandon 
Andrea Christine Griffith — Florence 
Christopher S. Griffith — Brandon 
James E. Griffith — Jackson 
Melodi G. Griffith — Brandon 
Melvin T. Griffith — Vicksburg 
Michael Shane Griffith — Florence 
N. Michelle Griffith — Magee 
Paula Ann Griffith — Madison 
Richard Darryl Griffith — Vicksburg 
Shelby Griffith — Jackson 
Tabitha Rena Griffith — Oakvale 
David Wesley Grimes — Leesville 
Tamra Loyd Grimes — Starkviile 
Ton! Ellen Grimes — Brandon 
Scott C. Grimme — Vicksburg 
Vicki Gayle Grimsley — Morton 

James Earl Grisle — Forest 
Alma Brown Grissom — Pearl 
Angela Faye Grissom — Vicksburg 
Rondel Hugh Grissom — Brandon 
Charles W. Grizzell — Jackson 
John M. Groat — Brandon 
Christopher Kyle Groebe — Jackson 
Greg Carl Grondin — Clinton 
Joe F. Groover — Jackson 
Paul Jason Grosche — Brandon 
Andrew Russell Groseclose — Pearl 
Alison Leigh Gross — Pearl 
Bessie Lee Gross — Brandon 
Dawn Rana Gross — Brandon 
Leslie Sherrell Gross — Vicksburg 
Parthena Shvandan Gross — Flora 
Anthony Greg Grove — Pelahatchie 
Anita Leigh Groves — Jackson 
Kwesi L. Groves — Jackson 
Candice Georgia Grubbs — Brandon 
Judson L. Grubbs — Jackson 
Linda Gail Grubbs — Jackson 
Sharon Valentine Grubbs — Magee 
Pat Walker Guedon — Vicksburg 
Lucy Jansen Guest — Canton 
Mardra Jennifer Guest — Vicksburg 
Carol Joy Gugert — Vicksburg 
Mark J. Gugert — Vicksburg 
Alvin Mendell Guice — Raymond 
Frederick J. Guice — Edwards 
Gerome Guice Jr. — Jackson 
Annie L. Guider — Vicksburg 
Mark William Guillory — Clinton 
Mary Cecilia Guillory — Jackson 
Theresa Sims Guillot — Raymond 
Sean Christopher Guillotte — Pearl 
Danea Michelle Guimbellot — Vicksburg 
Roger Allen Guimbellot — Vicksburg 
Denise Elaine Guinn — Raymond 
Jason Duane Guinn — Braxton 
Kimberly Dawn Guinn — Braxton 
Mark Allen Guinn — Pearl 
Georgia Rena Guise — Redwood 
John Edward Gullett — Vicksburg 
Tommie Lee Gulley — Mobile 
Frank Alan Gunn — Hermanville 
Frank Michael Gunn — Jackson 
Sandra A. Gunn — Vicksburg 
Christy Gale Gunter — Jackson 
Jack Thomas Gunter — JacksonND 
Jennifer Ann Gunter — Pearl 
Steven Gaddy Gunter — McComb 
Trudy H. Gunter — Vicksburg 
Manju Gupta — Clinton 
Neelam Rani Gupta — Clinton 
Traci Lyn Gurganus — Jackson 
Dottle Gurley Lynn — Terry 
Bob Gurram — Pearl 
Royest J. Gustavis — Crystal Springs 
Cindy Elaine Guthrie — Pearl 
Connie P. Guthrie — Yazoo City 
David Bryan Guthrie — Jackson 
Gretchen Denise Guthrie — Port Gibson 
Marlene Guthrie — Vicksburg 
Willie Earl Guthrie 

Hilda Cornelius Guysinger — Brandon 
Ruth Gangawere Guyton — Brandon 

Alana K. Haase — Jackson 
Cristina Paige Hackler — Raymond 
Timothy Mark Hackler — Utica 
Katharine Hackman — Jackson 
Donna Lee Hadden — Gulfport 
Shanna Kaye Haddox — Jackson 
Melissa R. Haden — Brandon 
Barbara Leonard Haffey — Ebenezer 
Christopher K. Hagler — Vicksburg 
Sue Edwards Hailey — Jackson 
John C. Halbach — Port Gibson 
Donald Glynn Hale — Raymond 
Randy Lamar Hale — Redwood 
Robin Husbands Hale — Florence 
Stephanie Renea Hale — Yazoo City 
Jennifer May Hales — Jackson 
Margena Dawn Hales — Flora 
Melissa Wilson Hales — Morton 
Beverly Ann Haley — Vicksburg 
James Elbert Haley — Terry 
Kim Felicia Haley — Jackson 
Travis Raynard Haley — Fayette 
Carolyn Lou Halford — Pearl 
Tabitha Lea Halford — Clinton 
Barbara A. Hall — Pearl 

Barbara Ann Hall Stron — Crystal Springs 
Betty Marie Hall — Pearl 
Billy Hall — Vicksburg 
Bonnie M. Hall — Pearl 
Deborah Marie Hall — Vicksburg 
Debrorah Moore Hall — Clinton 
Ericka Lashonda Hall — Jackson 
Heath Alan Hall — Vicksburg 
J. Oquin Hall — Mize 
Jacqueline Denice Hall — Jackson 
James Arthur Hall — Vicksburg 
James E. Hall — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Don Hall — Mount Olive 
John W. Hall — Drew 
Julie Ann Hall — Brandon 
Katherine Dean Hall — Clinton 
Kenneth Clyde Hall — Brandon 
Martha Kleinman Hall — Vicksburg 
Nancy Lynn Hall — Terry 
Pamela Suzanne Hall — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Hall — Brandon 
Patrick Kenneth Hall — Jackson 
Paula Chambers Hall — Jackson 
Randy Britt Hall — Ridgeland 
Shelby D. Hall — Fayette 
Sonya S. Hall — Clinton 
Stephanie Ann Hall — Jackson 
Stephen N. Hall — Pearl 
Ursula K. Hall — Natchez 
Vonda K. Hall Cox — Jackson 
William Joseph Hall — Edwards 
Willie Grace Hall — Vicksburg 
Walter Brehm Hallberg IV — Vicksburg 
William R. Haller — Pearl 
James Allen Hailey — Farmerville 
Sharon Delane Hallman — Vicksburg 
Steven E. Hallman — Jackson 
Martin Benard Halloran — Vicksburg 
Victoria Lynn Halter — Pearl 
Bonita Sue Halterman — Vicksburg 
Demetra Schwan Hamblin — Jackson 
Kevin Hamblin — Canton 
Sherry Hambright — Vicksburg 
Mary Katherene Hamil — Jackson 
Ralph B. Hamil — Madison 
Colleen Henley Hamilton — Clinton 
Edward Neal Hamilton — Jackson 
Glenda Vinzant Hamilton — Jackson 
Jerri Lynn Hamilton — Jackson 
Kristi Leigh Hamilton — Clinton 
Ruth Paterson Hamilton — Vicksburg 
Steven Louis Hamilton — Pearl 
Susan Richelle Hamilton — Jackson 
Tracy Riley Hamilton — Canton 
Trevor Ernest Hamilton — Pearl 
Vera A. Hamilton Kenne — Pearl 
Veronica Hamilton — Jackson 
William Eric Hamilton — Florence 
Marilyn Martin Hamlett — Jackson 
David Hamlin — Vicksburg 
Dorothy D. Hamlin — Jackson 
James Hammack — Vicksburg 
Tammy Renea Hammack — Clinton 
Richard Henry Hammer — Brandon 
Dennis M. Hammett — Clayton 
Michael Martin Hammitt — Vicksburg 
Charlotte Hammond Sabri — Prentiss 
Gail Pahl Hammond — Brandon 
Jeremiah David Hammond — Brandon 
Lana Kay Hammond — Terry 
Sandy Watkins Hammons — Jackson 
Cynthia Roberts Hamning — Terry 
Elzie Ray Hampton — Brandon 
Jill Marie Hampton — Natchez 
John Edward Hampton — Vicksburg 
Karen Denise Hampton — Jackson 
Michael Alfred Hampton — Biloxi 
Rachel E. Hampton — Milwaukee 
Rosalind Lashawn Hampton — Jackson 
Tammie Rudd Hampton — Jackson 
Glenn Hanchey — Vicksburg 
Alice Hancock — Vicksburg 
Lisa Baker Hancock — Brandon 
Mary Ann Hancock — Richland 
Michael Wesley Hand — Terry 
Marcella Whelan Handley — Pearl 
George Edward Handy — Jackson 
Sherree Molee Handy — Sharon 
Heather R. Haney — Forest 
Maria Haney — Brandon 
Sammie Elouise Haney — Vicksburg 
Clifton Wayne Hankins — Jackson 
Clinton Shane Hankins — Jackson 
Emma Jean Hankins — Jackson 
Katrina R. Hankins — Jackson 
Mark D. Hankins — Magee 
Stephanie Joyce Hankins — Magee 
Wendy Watts Hankins — Jackson 
Harvey H. Hanks — Vicksburg 
Richard T. Hanks — Vicksburg 
David Wayne Hanna — Forest 
Helen J. Hanna — Yazoo City 

Richard Abia Hanna — Jackson 
Sherri J. Hanna — Jackson 
Dinah Faye Hannah Lee — Clinton 
Natalie F. Hannah — Brandon 
Toby Keith Hannah — Madison 
Michael Charles Hannis — Carthage 
Philip Drew Hannon — Jackson 
Tamra Lynn Hannon — Raymond 
Mark Timothy Hansen — Vicksburg 
Matthew Hansen — Vicksburg 
Lorna Harrell Hanson — Pearl 
Mark J. Hanson — Vicksburg 
Shaheena Rashied Haque — Vicksburg 
Vickie Denise Harbin — Grenada 
Gilbert Edward Hardaway — Tuscaloosa 
Wanderlish Kashi Hardaway — Brandon 
Carta Demetriss Harden — Jackson 
Catherine Harden — Jackson 
Letha D. Harden — Flora 
Mark Ray Harden — Jackson 
Antoinette S. Hardie Moore — Hampton 
Angel Galine Hardin — Jackson 
Jeff Scott Hardin — Brandon 
Kristy Hardin — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Hardin — Peart 
Melanie Ann Hardin — Jackson 
Robin Dianne Hardin — Magee 
Sheree Ann Hardin — Jackson 
Brian Lee Hardison — Jackson 
Dorris Lofton Hardison — Jackson 
Larry Daniel Hardrict — Cleveland 
Debra Bryan Hardwick — Clinton 
Billy E. Hardy — Canton 
Courtsworth Mansfiel Hardy — Clinton 
Debora Ann Hardy — Vicksburg 
Joel L. Hardy — Jackson 
Lisa Hardy — Vicksburg 
Mary Harwell Hardy — Jackson 
Thomas Carroll Hardy — Pearl 
Natalie Rose Hare — Yazoo City 
Janet Daffemer Hargon — Florence 
Michael Lee Hargro — Port Gibson 
Shelia Faye Harlow — Hattiesburg 
Christina Harmon — Morton 
Claude E. Harmon — Clinton 
Melinda Pugh Harmon — Vicksburg 
Samuel Larry Harmon — Jackson 
Vickie Carole Harmon — Jackson 
Wade Russell Harmon — Vicksburg 
Willie Dyann Harmount — Jackson 
Argustus Harper Jr. — Clinton 
Daphne Funches Harper — Bolton 
Deborah Warren Harper — Brandon 
Diane Baker Harper — Clinton 
Gary Harper — Brandon 
James Thomas Harper — Jackson 
Janie Harper — Madison 
Jaren D. Harper — Brandon 
Katherine Elizabeth Harper — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Daves Harper — Pearl 
Kenneth Juan Harper — Bolton 
Kimberly Reenisea Harper — Jackson 
Kimberlyn Litarshia Harper — Jackson 
Lois Simpson Harper — Clinton 
Patricia McKenzie Harper — Brandon 
Paula D. Harper — Pearl 
Ryan Christopher Harper — Jackson 
Sandra Denise Harper — Raleigh 
Saundra Lytris Harper — Jackson 
Sharon Turner Harper — Jackson 
Thaddeus Robert Harper — Clinton 
Wilson Arrington Harreld — Canton 
Cynthia Harrell Kay — Vicksburg 
Angie Lee Harrell — Pearl 
Barry K. Harrell — Ridgeland 
Belinda Carol Harrell — Morton 
Bridgette Capathia Harrell — Ridgeland 
Hettyola Cook Harrell — Saltillo 
Janet Leigh Harrell — Brandon 
Karen Frances Harrell — Clinton 
Natalie Wood Harrell — Pelahatchie 
Sandra Ann Harrell — Jackson 
Cynthia A. Harrington — Jackson 
Dorothy Runnels Harrington — Jackson 
Peggie Ann Harrington — Bentonia 
Rose Marie Harrington — Hattiesburg 
Karla Germaire Harrion — Jackson 
Aimee Kathryn Harris — Jackson 
Amy Lynn Harris — Vicksburg 
Andre Lamont Harris — Jackson 
Annette Harris — Vicksburg 
Barbara Grillot Harris — Crystal Springs 
Barbara Williams Harris — Brandon 
Benjamin R. Harris — Yazoo City 
Bill Harris Jr. — Benton 
Bobbie Jean Harris — Jackson 
Bonita B. Harris — Utica 
Brenda Person Harris — Raymond 
Cecil Harris — Peart 
Christina Beswick Harris — Jackson 
Clyde David Harris — Jackson 
Daisy Mae Harris — Vicksburg 

Directory / 299 

Oarieno Dal Harris — Utica 

David Ross Harris — Madison 

Deloris Johnson Harris — Jackson 

Delyndria Joy Harris — Jackson 

Diana Harris — Jackson 

Dorene Harris — Bolton 

Doris Magee Harris — Jackson 

Elleaner Craft Harris — Jackson 

Eula W. Harris — Vicksburg 

Gerald Marcq Harris Jr. — Brandon 

Gloria Wells Harris — Vicksburg 

Henry Jor Harris Dan — Tallulah 

James Matthew Harris Jr. — Jackson 

John C. Harris — Jackson 

Joseph D. Harris — Vicksburg 

Kenny William Harris — Jackson 

Kentrell Durand Harris — Montegut 

Legertha Harris — Jackson 

Lemond Harris Jr. — Vicksburg 

Lillie Marie Harris — Ridgeland 

Linda Gallaway Harris — Yazoo City 

Lisa R. Harris — Jackson 

M. Susan Harris — Ridgeland 

Mala Renee Harris — Jackson 

Marshall Lee Harris — Vicksburg 

Paige Elizabeth Harris — Brandon 

Patricia A. Harris Woodr — Whitfield 

Phil Harris — Bolton 

Sandra Williams Harris — Jackson 

Sharon Parker Harris — Flowood 

Sherrion Lafaye Harris — Jackson 

Susan Renee Harris — Pearl 

Suzan Carol Harris A. — Brandon 

Terrie McWilliams Harris — Jackson 

Tina Harris — Jackson 

Travis Maurice Harris — Raymond 

Vollemer Harris — Bolton 

William Larry Harris Jr. — Jackson 

William Lester Harris Jr. — Jackson 

William Stephen Harris — Vicksburg 

Zenobia Harris — Vicksburg 

Alex E. Harrison — Forest 

Denise L. Harrison — Florence 

Edna Earle Harrison — Vicksburg 

Erin Michele Harrison — Pearl 

Irvin Franklin Harrison — Vicksburg 

James Kevin Harrison — Magee 

John B. Harrison — Richland 

Judi Corole Harrison — Mize 

Kenneth Martin Harrison — Jackson 

Kimberly Lavette Harrison — Jackson 

Mary Kate Harrison — Clinton 

Matthew Scott Harrison — Brandon 

Nathan Van Harrison — Forest 

Pamela Ruff Harrison — Richland 

Sidney Richard Harrison — Brandon 

Tanya Jones Harrison — Brandon 

Tiffany Suzette Harrison — Jackson 

Timothy Lennat Harrist — Brandon 

Sydney Diane Harry — Madison 

Anne Allen Hart — Jackson 

Bilbo Hart — Canton 

David Eugene Hart — Jackson 

Dedra D. Hart — Jackson 

Douglas Michael Hart — Jackson 

Erma Jean Hart — Sharon 

Jim Loper Hart — Jackson 

Julia Maureen Hart — Brandon 

Zenobia Okanawan Hart — Brandon 

John H. Hartfield — Flora 

Jennifer Marie Hartford — Jackson 

Brad Gerald Harthcock — Richland 

John William Hartley — Vicksburg 

Linnae Suzanne Hartley — Jackson 

Pamela L. Hartline — Vicksburg 

Claude H. Hartness — Clinton 

Jean Evans Hartness — Louisville 

Susan Cerise Hartness — Clinton 

Erika Tamara Hartsfield — Jackson 

Ronnie Lee Hartsfield — Jackson 

Shirley M. Hartsfield — Jackson 

Matthew Ralph Hartsock — Vicksburg 

Eddie Eugene Hartwick — Jackson 

Traci Elizabeth Hartwick — Flora 

Tamara Jo Hartwig — Clinton 

Denis Ray Hartzog — Silver Creek 

Janice M. Hartzog Nelso — Jackson 

Martin Hartzog — Jackson 

Rebecca Lea Harvel — Clinton 

Bethany L. Harvell — Pearl 

Albert Lamar Harvey — Jackson 

Altrich Cornelius Harvey — Jackson 

Amanda Christandra Harvey — Pelahatchie 

Angela Kay Harvey — Clinton 

Annette D. Harvey — Jackson 

Bobbie A. Harvey — Jackson 

Christopher Brian Harvey — Jackson 

Christopher James Harvey — Pearl 

Grady R. Harvey — Jackson 

James N. Harvey — Jackson 

Jimmy Frank Harvey — Lake 

Kathy M. Harvey — Utica 

Lawrence T. Harvey — Pearl 
Mamie C. Harvey — Vicksburg 
Raymond Derand Harvey — Pearl 
Valencia Yvette Harvey — Jackson 
Virginia Leigh Harvey — Brandon 
Wanda Michele Harvey — Brandon 
William Lee Harvey — Vicksburg 
Willie Harvey — Terry 
Mary Roxanne Harwell — Jackson 
Heather Ann Harwood — Jackson 
Jerry Collins Harwood — Tupelo 
Richard Douglas Hasie — Richland 
Frederick Charles Haskin — Jackson 
Nelson Dwight Haskin — Hattiesburg 
Steffanie Lanan Haskins — Pearl 
Christopher Michael Hasty — Vicksburg 
Randy A. Hasty — Vicksburg 
Karen C. Hatch — Pearl 
Michaela Sandra Hatch — Pearl 
Robert Anthony Hatch — Pearl 
Brandy Paige Hatcher — Vicksburg 
Donna Kelly Hatcher — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Wayne Hatcher — Vicksburg 
Shelia Rand Hatchett — Jackson 
Charles Howard Hathaway — Clinton 
Lisa Ann Hathaway — Clinton 
Shane Leigh Hathcock — Florence 
Dennis Lee Hathorn — Bassfield 
Tracye Diane Hathorn — Prentiss 
Sharon Michele Hattaway — Tallulah 
Susan Denise Hattaway — Vicksburg 
Carol B. Hatten — Brandon 
James Brett Hatten — Brandon 
Michael Trenell Hatten — Jackson 
Peter Scott Hatten — Jackson 
Craig Steven Hatter — Clinton 
Jessie James Hatton — Jackson 
Jone Haug — Jackson 
Johnnie Mae Haughton — Brandon 
Walter Lee Havard — Natchez 
Mary M. Haven — Clinton 
Terry Allen Haven — Ridgeland 
Jeri A. Haver — Gore Springs 
Lisa Marie Hawes — Vicksburg 
Ramona Kay Hawk — Vicksburg 
Betty Ruth Hawkins — Madison 
Curtis G. Hawkins — Yazoo City 
Frances Booth Hawkins — Vicksburg 
Fredia Jean Hawkins — Jackson 
Kathryn Susanne Hawkins — Clinton 
Lyria A. Hawkins — Jackson 
Melissa Darlene Hawkins — Jackson 
Melvin G. Hawkins — Gadsden 
Michiel Patton Hawkins — Brandon 
Patricia Moleak Hawkins — Jackson 
Ramona D. Hawkins — Terry 
Robert T. Hawkins — Clinton 
Victoria Smith Hawkins — Wiggins 
Virginia L. Hawkins — Jackson 
Tina Anthony Hawsey — St. Joseph 
Angela Denise Hawthorne — Brandon 
Charles Darold Hawthorne — Prentiss 
Tabitha Louriann Hawthorne — Raymond 
Tammy Monique Hawthorne — Prentiss 
Tina M. Hay — Port Gibson 
Jeffrey Charles Haycraft — Florence 
Pamela Ann Haydock — Petal 
Brenda Trichell Hayes — Vicksburg 
Eddie Ray Hayes — Florence 
Felicia Demetria Hayes — Jackson 
James D. Hayes — Jackson 
Joyce H. Hayes — Jackson 
Kevin Dale Hayes — Vicksburg 
Leonard Hayes — Sand Hook 
Lisa Marie Hayes — Natchez 
Michael Irvin Hayes — Jackson 
Gary Haygood — Liberity 
Edwin Ford Hayman — Clinton 
Joseph Michael Hayman — Terry 
M. Brent Hayman — Brandon 
Mark W. Hayne — Clarksdale 
George Brandon Haynes — Ridgeland 
George Peterson Haynes — Vicksburg 
Hilda Joann Haynes — Jackson 
Kevin Bernard Haynes — Jackson 
Natasha Camilla Haynes — Jackson 
Rebecca Ann Haynes — Jackson 
Richard C. Haynes — Jackson 
Tracy Mashell Haynes — Tougaloo 
Marianne Cagle Hays — Brandon 
Michael Louis Hays — Jackson 
Michele Borja Hays — Brandon 
Randy L. Hays — Braxton 
Teresa D. Hays — Pearl 
Carl Anthony Hayward — Jackson 
Leon Curtis Hayward Jr. — Philadelphia 
Christopher Char Haywood — Brandon 
Eric Brown Hazlewood — Pearl 
Julie Maria Hazlewood — Jackson 
Joseph Gerard Head — Vicksburg 
Larry Wayne Head — Brandon 
Lisa Yvette Head — Jackson 

Rhonda Hammack Head — Brandon 
Vanessa Hall Head — Vicksburg 
Rosalind Smith Headley — Clinton 
Ellen Leigh Healy Vanza — Jackson 
Agnes Marie Heard — Clinton 
Barbara Jackson Heard — Jackson 
Hollie Elizabeth Heard — Vicksburg 
Milton Heard — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Renee Heard Meyer — Clinton 
Carl Lee Hearn — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Hynum Heam — Vicksburg 
David Hearn Jr. — Jackson 
James E. Hearn — Vicksburg 
James William Hearn II — Vicksburg 
Janie Paulette Hearn — Redwood 
Jeanette Hearn — Vicksburg 
Kathy Michelle Hearn — Jackson 
Myra Faye Hearn — Vicksburg 
Nell Farrar Hearn — Vicksburg 
Pablo Cortez Hearn — Jackson 
Timothy Wayne Hearn — Vicksburg 
Alecia J. Hearst — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Rose Hearst — Yazoo City 
Cathy Claudine Heath — Pearl 
Everett Austin Heath — Pearl 
Jim Austin Heath — Pearl 
Mark Douglas Heathcock — Jackson 
Lonnie N. Heavener — Ripley 
Emelie Annie Hebert Byrne — Madison 
Scot Christopher Hebert — Abbeville 
Edoire A. Hederman — Madison 
Kelvin E. Hedrick — Jackson 
Myrtle Davis Hedrick — Port Gibson 
Pamela Earl Hedrick — Jackson 
Sharon Kathleen Hedrick — Brandon 
Michael Lorren Heffner — Vicksburg 
Pattie Shedd Heflin — Jackson 
Tara Spring Heflin — Raymond 
Steven Mitchell Hefner — Hazlehurst 
Tima Kirby Heidel — Ridgeland 
Margaret Louise Heidelberg — Jackson 
Judith Heider — Jackson 
Ellis Charles Height — Vicksburg 
Alfred Theodore Helgason — Brandon 
Jennifer R. Hellems — Jackson 
Paula Smith Heller — Vicksburg 
Gaylyn Hellinghausen — Jackson 
Susie Mae Helom — Jackson 
Lance Raymond Helton — Clinton 
Lanny Alan Helton — Clinton 
Randy Joe Hemby — Jackson 
Carol Ann Hemphill — Pearl 
Charlotte Ann Hemphill — Pearl 
Diane Hemphill — Prentiss 
Garry Curtis Hemphill — Vicksburg 
William Cody Hemphill — Jackson 
Earl Eugene Hemsley — Clinton 
Elizabeth M. Hemsley Z. — Clinton 
Alicia Paige Henderson — Jackson 
Anita Louise Henderson — Jackson 
Bernice Henderson — Vicksburg 
Carl Lee Henderson — Pelahatchie 
Charles William Henderson — Clinton 
Connie Lue Henderson — Jackson 
Dianne W. Henderson — Jackson 
Essie Marshall Henderson — Flora 
Gwendolyn L. Henderson — Jackson 
Harvey J. Henderson — Jackson 
James L. Henderson — Mayfieid 
Katharyn Sue Henderson — Terry 
Kevin Scott Henderson — Brandon 
Lea Allyson Henderson — Jackson 
Lester Quadene Henderson — Jackson 
Randall Ashley Henderson — Vicksburg 
Richard Eric Henderson Jr. — Brandon 
Shirley Marie Henderson — Jackson 
Yvette Rochelle Henderson — Flora 
John C. Hendricks — Vicksburg 
Kathleen Roehs Hendricks — Vicksburg 
Tammy Kathleen Hendricks — Vicksburg 
Jan D. Hendrix — Vicksburg 
Terri Leigh Hendrix — Vicksburg 
Shannon Kerwin Hendry — Ridgeland 
Alice Lynn Henegan — Jackson 
Randolph Bruce Hengst — Rolling Fork 
Annie Henley — Brandon 
Chester Abraham Henley III — Brandon 
Laurie Elizabeth Henley — Vicksburg 
Jackie L. Henne — Rolling Fork 
Linda Ann Henne — Vicksburg 
George Clevland Hennington — Raymond 
Kenneth David Hennington — Utica 
Michelle Denise Hennington — Jackson 
Amy Lynn Henry — Jackson 
Christopher R. Henry — Vicksburg 
Gerald Wayne Henry — Crystal Springs 
Marie Henry — Carthage 
Mary Lydia Henry — Jackson 
Michael Keith Henry — Jackson 
Patricia Henry — Brandon 
Shelley Nicole Henry — Pearl 
Timothy Carroll Henry — Pearl 

Tina Case Henry — Crystal Springs 
Travis Micheal Henry — Forest 
William Edward Henry — Jackson 
Chad Alan Hensley — Clinton 
Diane Rouse Henson — Ridgeland 
Gary Alan Henson — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Marie Henson — Clinton 
Frederick Antonio Henton — Valdosta 
Amanda Hernandez — Tallulah 
James Andrew Herndon — Jackson 
Rodney D. Herndon — Pearl 
Phyllis Patterson Herren — Anquila 
Anthony Davis Herrin — Jackson 
Elizabeth Brandly Herring — Tallulah 
Paul Richard Herring — Forest 
Amy Kathryn Herrington — Jackson 
Angela Cornelia Herrington — Jackson 
James M. Herrington — Jackson 
Lisa T. Herrington — Ridgeland 
Michael W. Herrington — Ridgeland 
Mims Mitchell Herrington — Pearl 
Misti Renee Herrington — Ridgeland 
Phyllis Dawn Herrington — Jackson 
Sharon Manning Herrington — Brandon 
Deanna Crystal Herrmann — Clinton 
Christopher Michael Herrod — Vicksburg 
Janie Renae Herron — Redwood 
Albert Wayne Hester — Richland 
Barbara R. Hester — Jackson 
Clifton Lee Hester — Jackson 
Janette Lindsey Hester — Jackson 
Kathy Allen Hester — Vicksburg 
Melissa Louise Hester — Raymond 
Paul Douglas Hester — Jackson 
Sandra Dell Hester — Vicksburg 
Tempie Frances Hester — Yazoo City 
Calvin Rex Hewitt — Jackson 
Larry Joe Hewitt — Jackson 
Patrick 0. Hewitt — Jackson 
Victor Terrell Hewitt — Yazoo City 
Beverly Malyn Hexton — Brandon 
Greg Scott Hickerson — Jackson 
Cathy L. Hickingbottom — Brandon 
Barry Hickman — Vicksburg 
Monty J. Hickman — Vicksburg 
Debra Elane Hicks — Jackson 
Frederick Hicks — Macon 
George Russell Hicks — Clinton 
Joseph Hicks — Florence 
Keith F. Hicks — Jackson 
Lynda A. Hicks — Vicksburg 
Marylin Maxine Hick? — Vicksburg 
Moszella Beatrice Hicks — Jackson 
Murline Lizette Hicks — Jackson 
Shelia King Hicks — Raymond 
Stacie Leigh Hicks — Tallulah 
Susan T. Hicks Zucca — Jackson 
Tabatha Delane Hicks — Jackson 
Tambourine Hicks — Florence 
Tyron Hicks — Taylorsville 
Vera Mae Hicks — Vicksburg 
Michael Andrew Higbee — Jackson 
Timothy Wayne Higbee — Jackson 
Robert Warren Higdon — Jackson 
Laura Marie Higginbotham — Jackson 
Joseph Higgins — Floraon 
Robert Dale Higgs — Union Church 
Holly Antoinette High — Brandon 
Jimmy Eugene High — Vicksburg 
Jean Moore Highfield — Brandon 
Melanie Ann Hightower — Pearl 
Heidi K. Hilbun — Florence 
Laura Paulette Hilderbrand — Bentonia 
Thomas Reagin Hilderbrand — Jackson 
Chris Alan Hilkert — Jackson 
Brian Hill — Edwards 
Calvin James Hill — Brandon 
Carolyn Usry Hill — Jackson 
Charles Michael Hill — Jackson 
Charlie Hill — Brandon 
Darrell Hill — Vicksburg 
Diane Hill — Raymond 
Doris Jean Hill — Jackson 
Doris L. Hill — Crystal Springs 
Fred Michael Hill — Pearl 
Gloria Dawn Hill — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Sterling Hill — Jackson 
John B. Hill — Vicksburg 
Latrina Denise Hill — Jackson 
Laurel Simmons Hill — Jackson 
Martha G. Hill — Clinton 
Mary Nell Hill — Raymond 
Michelle Rene Hill — Clinton 
Patricia Ruffin Hill — Jackson 
Phaedra Roxan Hill — Jackson 
Richard Wilson Hill — Kosciusko 
Rose Marie Hill McMul — Edwards 
Rosie Lena Hill — Raymond 
Shelia Washington Hill — Jackson 
Shirley Diann Hill — Jackson 
Stephanie Leigh Hill — Jackson 
Terry Lee Hill — Newton 

300 / Directory 

V. Anne Hill Loyd — Brandon 
Ernie M. Hillard — Brandon 
Alan B. Hillman — Jackson 
Donna Leigh Hillman — Jackson 
Tammy Michelle Hillman — Richland 
Bernard E. Hilton — Jackson 
Cheryl Renee Hilton — D Lo 
Dawn Marie Hilton — Pearl 
Donna Carol Hilton — Madison 
Lynn Hilton — Clonton 
Margaret Jordan Hilton — Bryam 
Melissa Ann Hilton — Dlo 
Troy Randal Hilton — Mendenhall 
Michael Lane Hindman — Jackson 
Lynette Hine — Lumberton 
Doriisa Loretta Hines — Richland 
Geneva Hines — Florence 
Robert Michael Hines — Jackson 
Roger Dale Hines — Raymond 
Shana Rena Hines — Florence 
Theodore Hines — Jackson 
Chandra Denita Hinkle E. — Vicksburg 
Shirley Lean Hinkle — Vicksburg 
Tammie Renee Hinson — Pearl 
Agnes W. Hinton — Jackson 
Christopher M. Hinton — Utica 
Cynthia D. Hinton — Jackson 
Eugene Frederick III Hinton — Brandon 
Linzeen Hinton — Hattiesburg 
Merlissa Rochelle Hinton — Ackerman 
Ricky Lloyd Hinton — Pearl 
Aaron Richard Hirschfield — Jackson 
Moreno Mills Hisaw — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Rivers Hise — Jackson 
Martha Eaves Hite — Vicksburg 
Michael Dean Hitt — Jackson 
Scott H. Hitt — Brandon 
Katherine Harrison Hixson — Raymond 
Steven R. Hixson — Raymond 
Lisa Nicole Hlavac — Brandon 
John William Hoatland — Raymond 
Joy Lancaster Hoatland — Raymond 
Robin Jennifer Hoban — Vicksburg 
Dana Montese Hobby — Brandon 
James Todd Hoben — Vicksburg 
Tommy N. Hoben — Vicksburg 
Anissa Lee Hobson — Jackson 
Brenda Washington Hobson — Flora 
Gregory Fitzgerald Hobson — Jackson 
Katina Nicole Hobson — Jackson 
Patricia Gail Hobson — Pearl 
Randy Lamar Hobson — Brandon 
Ray Douglas Hobson — Pearl 
Eugene Hodge — Edwards 
John A. Hodge — Edwards 
Leticia D. Hodge — Utica 
Sandra Meeks Hodge — Vicksburg 
Ada B. Hodges — Jackson 
Alisha Mechelle Hodges — Jackson 
Bradley Delain Hodges — Jackson 
Charles Edward Hodges Jr. — Port Allen 
Charlotte Hodges — Canton 
David Patrick Hodges — Jackson 
Denise Hodges — Bolton 
Kimberly Michelle Hodges — Winona 
Kimberly Renee Hodges — Hazlehurst 
Shanna Alethia Hodges — Clinton 
Shirley Hodges — Raymond 
Shirley C. Hodges — Ridgeland 
James Ware Hodo — Jackson 
Donnie Vanderford Hodum — Mendenhall 
Samantha Holly Hoff — Vicksburg 
Kathleen Hoff land — Florence 
Autumn Chantel Hogan — Clinton 
Christopher Dearmond Hogan — Brandon 
Daniel A. Hogan — Raymond 
Martin Hogan — Vicksburg 
Tracey Brewer Hogan — Vicksburg 
Howard C. Hogg — Jackson 
Ernest Lee Hoggatt — Jackson 
Ann Marie Hogue — Vicksburg 
John Amie Hogue A. — Vicksburg 
Sandra Gilbreath Hogue — Flowood 
| Walter J. Holbrook — Magee 
; William Todd Holbrooks — Flowood 
Cindy L. Holcomb — University 
| Glenda Ruth Holcomb — Brandon 
I Thomas Conrad Holcomb — Raymond 
I Tiffany Sheila Holcomb — Raymond 
! Troy C. Holcomb — Raymond 
: James M. Holcombe — Raymond 
Melanie Louise Holcombe — Jackson 
Riley B. Holcombe — Clinton 
i Amy Kathryn Holden — Jackson 
] Betty Roebuck Holden — Jackson 
Clifford Gary Holden — Terry 
Laura Ann Holden — Jackson 
Lorraine Bride Holden — Vicksburg 
Richard R. Holder — Jackson 
Judy Morgan Holdiness — Vicksburg 
Lara Nichole Holdiness — Vicksburg 
William Ellis Holdiness — Clinton 

Charlotte Brewer Holeman — Vicksburg 
Dorinda Culpepper Holeman — Brandon 
Ramona Leigh Holiday — Jackson 
Brenda Nadine Holifield — Jackson 
Charles T. Holifield Jr. — Pearl 
Elizabeth Holifield — Jackson 
Heather Elizabet Holifield — Vicksburg 
Karen Martin Holifield — Pearl 
Pamela Dinnene Holifield — Pearl 
Thomas Eric Holifield — Brandon 
David Andrew Holiman — Vicksburg 
Paige Cascio Holiman — Jackson 
Lisa Marie Holland — Jackson 
Victoria Christine Holland — Jackson 
Thomas Joseph Holley — Jackson 
Carol Camille Holliday — Raymond 
Davada Johnson Holliday — Jackson 
John Robert Holliday — Florence 
Stephen Bruce Holliday — Jackson 
Taunya Lawanika Holliday — Harrisville 
Edna Faye Hollie — Jackson 
Kimberly D. Hollingshead — Morton 
Claudia Denn Hollingsworth — Jackson 
James M. Hollingsworth — Brandon 
Patricia Hollingsworth — Jackson 
Paul R. Hollingsworth — Terry 
Tina Davis Hollingsworth — Clinton 
Catina Hollins — Pickens 
Shirley Ann Hollins — Jackson 
Thomas Edward Hollins — Jackson 
Beverly Rogers Hollis — Scobey 
Mildred M. Hollis — Vicksburg 
Glenn Smith Holiman — Jackson 
Debra Norman Hollomon — Jackson 
Chester A. Holloway — Jackson 
Erica Lois Holloway — Hattiesburg 
Hugh Holloway Jr. — Valley Park 
Kenneth Edward Holloway — Tallulah 
Melody Holloway — Jackson 
Stephanie Diane Holloway — Silvercreek 
Angela Rochelle Hollowed — Vicksburg 
Bruce Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Bryan L. Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Grady Allen Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Jeff Earl Hollowell — Raymond 
John Russell Hollowell — Ridgeland 
Riviera Romera Hollowell — Pearl 
Sheri Robertson Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Jerry Louis Holly — Clinton 
Miranda Holly — Terry 
Pam V. Holly — Clinton 
Paul David Holly — Pearl 
Richard Lee Holly — Clinton 
Sherry Holly — Vicksburg 
Gregory Todd Holm — Florence 
Alyson Marie Holman — Clinton 
Erika Camille Holman — Jackson 
Kay Nerren Holman — Vicksburg 
Lisa Marie Holman — Pearl 
Mitchell Glen Holman — Vicksburg 
Yvonne Findley Holman — Bolton 
Cynthia Ann Holmes — Crystal Springs 
Deborah Thomas Holmes — Morton 
Dianne Hogan Holmes — Crystal Springs 
Dorothy Holmes — Jackson 
Elliott Holmes — Jackson 
Janice M. Holmes — Madison 
Jeri S. Holmes Fergu — Brandon 
Kevin Devon Holmes — Jackson 
Kimberly Paige Holmes — Jackson 
Kristi Delois Holmes — Brandon 
Leslie Holmes — Jackson 
Mary Brown Holmes — Jackson 
Renae Gipson Holmes — Jackson 
Roy Q. Holmes Jr. — Pearl 
Savannah D. Holmes — Jackson 
Sharon Louise Holmes — Jackson 
Stacie Jessica Holmes — Jackson 
Stephanie Yvonne Holmes — Jackson 
William Earl Holmes — Pearl 
Loretta Jane Holston — Richland 
Laura Ann Holt — Ridgeland 
Douglas Walton Holton — Pearl 
Cynthia Lynn Holtz — Crystal Springs 
Melissa L. Holyfield — Brandon 
Susan Rachelle Honea — Jackson 
Ross Brian Honeycutt — Brookhaven 
Carolyn M. Hood — Pearl 
Cheryl Lynn Hood — Raymond 
Douglas Ray Hood — Clinton 
James Frank Hood — Yazoo City 
James Lewis Hood — Yazoo City 
Jennifer Ann Hood — Jackson 
Shellah Faye Hood — Pelahatchie 
W. Edwin Hood II — Utica 
Ann Michelle Hooper — Pearl 
Jam! Lyne Hooper — Vicksburg 
Janet Marie Hooper — Brandon 
Thomas Earl Hooper — Jackson 
Britten Hoover — Jackson 
Hazel Jeanette Hoover — Vicksburg 
Ida Pearl Hoover — Jackson 

Martha Ann Hoover — Florence 
Robert Marion Hoover — Vicksburg 
Chris D. Hope — Brandon 
Brenda Carol Hopkins — Clinton 
Brian I. Hopkins — Vicksburg 
Chester David Hopkins — Raymond 
Frederick Fritz Hopkins — Bolton 
Hollie Hooks Hopkins — Mendenhall 
Jeffery Dale Hopkins — Florence 
Jerry Hopkins — Bolton 
Kimberly Jackson Hopkins — Vicksburg 
Melissa D. Hopkins — Peart 
Sherrie S. Hopkins — Brandon 
Toni Hopkins — Laurel 
Suzanne Cline Hopper — Jackson 
Bryan Foree Hopping — Jackson 
Cara Lynn Hopson — Raymond 
Susybelle Nesom Hopson — Delhi 
Tracy T. Hopson — Flora 
Eric Conrad Horecky — Jackson 
Angel F. Horn — Vicksburg 
Fatie N. Horn — Carthage 
George Conway Horn — Jackson 
Joni Anniece Horn — Jackson 
Kevin Horn — Jackson 
Richard Horn — Utica 
Geraldine Susann Home — Jackson 
Hans Thomas Home — Clinton 
Jennifer Marie Horner — Jackson 
Amie Burgess Horton — Clinton 
Bettye F. Horton — Brandon 
Devon Horton — Jackson 
Ellen Ford Horton — Clinton 
George Allen Horton — Richland 
Jeffrey Harold Horton — Jackson 
Jo R. Horton — Mendenhall 
Joey Douglas Horton — Pearl 
Maurice Horton — Edwards 
Sandra J. Horton — Lake 
Teresa Ann Horton — Madison 
Terri Annette Horton — Jackson 
Scott Kelly Hosemann — Vicksburg 
Peggy Hosey — Bay Springs 
Linda Marie Hossie — Clinton 
Albert T. Hossley — Vicksburg 
Albert Tucker Hossley Jr. — Vicksburg 
Martha A. Hotter — Brandon 
John Houchen — Brandon 
Sandra Lynn Hough — Brandon 
Jack Hourquettes — Clinton 
Gary B. House — Jackson 
Mitchell Garner House — McComb 
Paul David House — Brandon 
Shawn Dorain House — Gautier 
Susan Rebecca House — Brandon 
Trenda Carolette House — Carthage 
Emmitt Jackson Houser — Clinton 
Jimmy Levon Houskin — Raymond 
Ana Michelle Houston — Jackson 
Barbara Houston — Brandon 
Bonnie Moore Houston — Jackson 
Charlotte Houston — Vicksburg 
Eugene Houston — Vicksburg 
Pamela Rae Houston Johns — Vicksburg 
Patricia P. Houston — Brandon 
Patrick Harvey Houston — Brandon 
Sherra Rena Houston Holme — Jackson 
Steven Allan Houston — Bolton 
Michelle F. Hovet — Clinton 
Benita Howard — Pearl 
Bradley Thomas Howard — Jackson 
Cherry Cravey Howard — Jackson 
Deborah Graves Howard — Pearl 
Debra Bounds Howard — Jackson 
Dwayne Anthony Howard — Jackson 
■ Jerridine Howard — Jackson 
Kathleen Krulac Howard — Clinton 
Michele Alish Howard — Jackson 
Mickey Lee Howard — Florence 
Myreon Howard — Jackson 
Patricia Howard — Jackson 
Tara Vanessa Howard — Jackson 
Thomas P. Howard — Crystal Springs 
Angela Kristine Howell — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ariene Howell — Bentonia 
Kimberly Renee Howell — Pearl 
Leslie Diane Howell Willi — Florence 
Maurice Dillard Howell — Madison 
Peggy Jean Howell — Florence 
Rhonda Lane Howell — Brandon 
Sam Leo Howell — Jackson 
Scotty Howell — Vicksburg 
Susan Elizabeth Howell — Jackson 
Brenda A. Howie — Brandon 
Robert J. Howie — Brandon 
Linda Marie Howton — Ridgeland 
Orphie Archie Hoxie — Vicksburg 
Melanie Ann Hronek — Gautier 
Monroe Huband — Vicksburg 
David Jerome Hubbard — Jackson 
Lillie Elizabeth Hubbard E. — Clinton 
Nara Dilette Hubbard — Jackson 

Reed Hubbard — Jackson 
Rosie Lee Hubbard — Jackson 
Theresa Lynn Hubbard — Jackson 
Gaida J. Hubbs — Jackson 
Mary Hubmann — Pearl 
Rebekah Leigh Huckabee — Jackson 
Gerald Demond Huddleston — Jackson 
Sabrina Walker Huddleston — Florence 
Lisa Michelle Hudgens — Jackson 
Charles E. Hudgins — Jackson 
Cissi M. Hudgins — Raymond 
Angelia Huffmaster Hudson — Jackson 
Clay Newton Hudson — Jackson 
Cynthia Leigh Hudson — Clinton 
Derek A. Hudson — Morton 
Jim A. Hudson — Jackson 
Michelle Rena Hudson — Jackson 
Sandy Hudson — Jackson 
Welton Torres Hudson — Vicksburg 
Nafie Saik Hudspeth — Clinton 
Derrick Duane Huell — Vicksburg 
Edward Lee Huell — Vicksburg 
Janice Marie Huff — Crystal Springs 
Jefferson David Huff II — Brandon 
Jonathan L. Huff — Canton 
Matthew Allen Huff — Jackson 
Minnie Pearl Huff — Jackson 
Dawn Marie Huffman — Pearl 
Deborah L. Huffman Davis — Jackson 
Robert E. Huffman — Mathiston 
Staci Charlise Huffman — Jackson 
Jeffrey W. Huffmaster — Pearl 
Patricia Huff stetler — Clinton 
Cynthia Marie Huggins — Jackson 
Wanda Francis Huggins — Clinton 
Amy Elizabeth Hughes — Vicksburg 
Anthony G. Hughes — Raymond 
Brigget DeLoise Hughes — Forest 
Charles B. Hughes — Jackson 
Charles Edward Hughes — Raymond 
Eddie Lee Hughes — Brandon 
Fannie Marie Hughes — Jackson 
Gerome Hughes — Forest 
Janet Hughes — Raymond 
Jeffery R. Hughes — Terry 
Jewel W. Hughes — Lyon 
Larry Hughes — Eupora 
Mae Hankins Hughes — Jackson 
Matthew Alan Hughes — Vicksburg 
Melissa Ann Hughes — Clinton 
Michael L. Hughes — Raymond 
Nicole Hughes — Clinton 
Peaster Leo Hughes III — Ridgeland 
Robert Earl Hughes — Brandon 
Sean Hughes — Jackson 
Sephanie Hughes — Magnolia 
Tara Kay Hughes — Jackson 
Terrell Bardin Hughes — Jackson 
Thomas Christopher Hughes — Forest 
Timothy Ray Hughes — Jackson 
Linda Neal Hughey — Vicksburg 
Joan Gilbreath Hughley — Vicksburg 
Robert Hugus — Jackson 
William Lynn Huhn — Jackson 
Charles David Hull — Jackson 
Glyn Dale Hull — Vicksburg 
Lyman Dale Hull — Vicksburg 
John Jason Hulsman — Jackson 
David Wayne Hultz — Clinton 
Carta J. Humberg — Jackson 
Sally Renee Hume — Jackson 
Renwick Carl Humes — Vicksburg 
Angela Grubbs Humphrey — Jackson 
Chad Marsh Humphrey — Clinton 
Jackie Berry Humphrey — Jackson 
Jason Keith Humphrey — Jackson 
David Scott Humphreys — Clinton 
J. Russell Humphries — Brandon 
Michael Eugene Humphries — Yazoo City 
Muriel Marie Humphries — Jackson 
Deandrea Michelle Hunt — Clinton 
Lucretia Norwood Hunt — Flora 
Michael Steven Hunt — Brandon 
Robbie Louise Hunt Gaine — Vicksburg 
Steven T. Hunt — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Jean Hunter — Vicksburg 
Carlos R. Hunter — Forest 
Charlotte Denise Hunter — Jackson 
Cynthia Janell Hunter — Pearl 
David Eric Hunter — Clinton 
Ellie Thornton Hunter — Morton 
Kellie Lee Hunter — Vicksburg 
Willie Ruth Hunter — Pearl 
Zandra Willette Hunter — Vicksburg 
Beulah Rattier Huntley — Jackson 
Samdra W. Hupperich — Jackson 
Steven Charles Hupperich — Jackson 
Yvonne Miller Hupperich — Utica 
Pamela Jo Hurley — Vicksburg 
Thomas David Hurley — Clinton 
Celeste Faith Hurst — Jackson 
James Hurst — Raymond 

Directory / 301 

Robert David Hurst — Clarksdale 
Ronald Lazar Hurston — Jackson 
Jennifer Lyn Hurt — Brandon 
Sharon B. Hurt — Brandon 
Tina Louise Hurt — Durant 
James Thomas Hurtt — Jackson 
Amy Lynn Husbands — Jackson 
Deanna Kay Husbands — Florence 
Timothy Warren Husbands — Jackson 
Jerry Scott Huskey — Jackson 
Troy Phil Huskey — Jackson 
Diane Lewis Hutchins — Utica 
Eddie Dwayne Hutchins — Carthage 
Jake Burnett Hutchins — Utica 
Robert Harold Hutchins — Brandon 
Sonya Renee Hutchins — Jackson 
Sophia Edna Hutchins — Natchez 
Pamela Acreman Hutchinson — Epps 
Renee Michelle Hutchison — Florence 
Travis Lance Hutchison — Ridgeland 
Kenneth Carroll Hutson — Utica 
Michael Charles Hutson Jr. — Pearl 
James Garland Hutto — Jackson 
Melissa M. Hutto — Jackson 
Charles Natheial Hutton — Jackson 
Rob Mel Hutton — Pearl 
Rosa Ann Hutton — Jackson 
William John Hutton — Edwards 
Jacquelyn Hyche — Brookhaven 
Mary Barnett Hyde — Jackson 
Leigh A. Hyland — Vicksburg 
Dana Monique Hynum — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Payne Hynum — Port Gibson 
Eric Reed Hynum — Jackson 
George Brian Hynum — Jackson 
Judy Lynn Hynum — Vicksburg 
Lasonia Marie Hynum — Vicksburg 

JoAnn M. lacaboni — Jackson 
Polly Elaine Ibrahim — Canton 
Amy Michelle Ignozzitto — Jackson 
Manasseh Efeanyi Iheme — Jackson 
Gloria Diana Ingram — Yazoo City 
Gregory W. Ingram — Jackson 
James Edward Ingram — Clinton 
Janet M. Ingram Parke — Forest 
John C. Ingram — Clinton 
Judy C. Ingram — Jackson 
Ketia Kelei Ingram — Jackson 
Kimberly Kerr Ingram — Jackson 
Lawrence Wade Ingram Jr. — Jackson 
Robert Kevin Ingram — Brandon 
Sylvia Anderson Ingram — Brandon 
Dustin Andrew Inman — Jackson 
Phyllis Darby Inman — Jackson 
Deborah Allen Irby — Utica 
Jennifer Louise Irby — Brandon 
Karen Lynda Irby — Vicksburg 
Lorie A. Irby Larki — Florence 
Thomas Wayne Irby — Brandon 
Tom R. Irby — Brandon 
Angela Delynn Irvin — Jackson 
Oscar T. Irvin — Jackson 
Hazel Lee Irving Harri — Jackson 
Elender Christine Irwin — Clinton 
Franklin Wayne Irwin — Vicksburg 
Robert William Irwin — Clinton 
Tina Ryan Irwin — Bentonia 
Candice Mechelle Isaac — McComb 
Christopher Malcolm Ivey — Raleigh 
Donna S. Ivey — Clinton 
Jill Vance Ivey — Jackson 
Sandra Saye Ivey — Port Gibson 
Shelby Glen Ivey — Pearl 
Frank D. Ivy — Jackson 
Jon Ivy — Magee Simpson 
Robert Clinton Ivy — Jackson 
Stacie Earnest Ivy — Jackson 

Pamela Rose Jablonski — Vicksburg 
Robert Willrose Jackman — Vicksburg 
Felicia Jacks — Jackson 
Alex James Jackson — Vicksburg 
Alice Charleston Jackson — Jackson 

Andrea Dwayne Jackson — Bolton 
Angela Juanita Jackson — Jackson 
Authur Lee Jackson — Canton 
Barbara Ann Jackson — Moselle 
Barry Wayne Jackson — Vicksburg 
Beatrice Douglas Jackson — Canton 
Billy Scott Jackson — Pelahatchie 
Brenda Darlene Jackson — Vicksburg 
Brenda R. Jackson — Jackson 
Canda Renee Jackson — Pearl 
Caretha Golden Jackson — Jackson 
Cheryl A. Jackson — Jackson 
Christopher David Jackson — Clinton 
Clifford Justin Jackson — Jackson 
Clifton Jerome Jackson — Jackson 
Dana Milicent Jackson — Lorman 
Darlene Hopkins Jackson — Jackson 
Darlene Renee Jackson — Vicksburg 
David L. Jackson — Vicksburg 
Deborah Venessa Jackson — Jackson 
Debra Jane Jackson — Delhi 
Deirdre Ruth Jackson — Jackson 
Donza Devrouax Jackson — Jackson 
Elizabeth Jackson — Jackson 
Ella Garner Jackson — Jackson 
Eurea Gennetha Jackson — McComb 
Floyd Jackson Jr. — Ft. Payne 
Frances J. Jackson — Clinton 
Frank Barr Jackson — Clinton 
Geanitta M. Jackson — Jackson 
George Douglas Jackson — Florence 
Henry J. Jackson — Crystal Springs 
Jeffery M. Jackson — Jackson 
John Daniel Jackson — Jackson 
Julie Ann Jackson — Brandon 
Kenneth Larenzo Jackson — Clinton 
Kimberly D. Jackson Barne — Vicksburg 
Latita Rachelle Jackson — Jackson 
Leslie Jean Jackson — Jackson 
Linda Michelle Jackson — Bentonia 
Lolita Rochele Jackson — Jackson 
Michael Charles Jackson — Vicksburg 
Missy Jacqueline Jackson — Brandon 
Neketia Fashun Jackson — Canton 
Nita S. Jackson — Jackson 
Norman Talbert Jackson — Crystal Springs 
Ola L. Jackson — Vicksburg 
Pamela L. Jackson Banks — Vicksburg 
Patsy Marie Jackson — Vicksburg 
Robert Marshall Jackson — Florence 
Robert McCoy Jackson — Vicksburg 
Sandra Jean Jackson — Ridgeland 
Sara Cozly Jackson — Vicksburg 
Sharon T. Jackson — Jackson 
Shelia Gale Jackson Taylo — Pearl 
Shellie Ann Jackson — Jackson 
Sherri Yvonne Jackson — Clinton 
Sherroll Denice Jackson — Jackson 
Stephanie D. Jackson — Jackson 
Sue Ellen Jackson N. — Jackson 
Tamra Jackson — Jackson 
Terry Leon Jackson Jr. — Hattiesburg 
Tony R. Jackson — Vicksburg 
Trena Lashell Jackson — Crystal Springs 
Vivian M. Jackson — Clinton 
Wanda Gail Jackson — Jackson 
Wilbur Laban Jackson — West Monroe 
Wiliam Alvin Jackson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Amy Michelle Jacob — Greenville 
Anthony W. Jacobs — Jackson 
Barbara T. Jacobs — Pearl 
Charles Bernard Jacobs — Jackson 
Clarence Jacobs — Jackson 
Doris Laverne Jacobs — Jackson 
Harry Westbrook Jacobs Jr. — Jackson 
Jennifer Lane Jacobs — Clinton 
Karl Gregory Jacobs — Jackson 
Mary Ann Jacobs — Clinton 
Melinda Carolyn Jacobs — Jackson 
Patricia Lee Jacobs — Jackson 
Sandra K. Jacobs — Pearl 
Tonya Dobson Jacobs — Jackson 
Nelda Kay Jadbabaei — Jackson 
Angela James — Utica 
Angela T. James — Grenada 
Annette Delizabeth James — Chicago 
Anthony James — Vicksburg 
Barbara Anderson James — Tallulah 
Betty Mae James Andre — Jackson 
Chris Douglas James — Brandon 
Cynthia E. James — Canton 
Denisa Jeanette James — Jackson 
Edward Raymond James III — Jackson 
F. Darlene James — Clinton 
Hosea James — Jackson 
James David James — Vicksburg 
Jennifer James — Jackson 
Mack E. James — Clinton 
Mia L. James — Vicksburg 
Odell Douglas James — Jackson 
Robbie* Marie James — Raleigh 
Ronn L. James — Jackson 

Rosie Lee James — Florence 
Sherry Ann James — Jackson 
Shirley Ann James Marie — Jackson 
Tiffany L. James — Jackson 
Tracy James — Scobey 
Jim Wyett Jameson — Clinton 
Cassandra Lynn Jamison — Kosciusko 
Dwayne D. Jamison — Vicksburg 
Mary Catherine Jamison — Jackson 
Roger O. Jamison III — Jackson 
Glenn Guy Janotta — Brandon 
Melissa Ann Janson — Richland 
Josephine Taylor Jarrett — Vicksburg 
John Corbett Jaubert II — Jackson 
Nancy Anne Jaynes — Pearl 
Shennetta A. Jaynes — Braxton 
Milton Jayroe — Vicksburg 
Gwendolyn M. Jayson — Jackson 
Ashley E. Jefcoat — Jackson 
Daniel Dean Jefcoat — Jackson 
Steve H. Jefcoat — Jackson 
Marsha Lee Jeffers — Vicksburg 
R. Lavon Jeffers — Vicksburg 
Angelia Jefferson — Jackson 
Audrey Jean Jefferson — Pelahatchie 
Contrenia Roshel Jefferson — Jackson 
Jeanette Jefferson — Florence 
Peggie Jefferson — Flora 
Sherry Teresa Jefferson — Hazlehurst 
Tonya Ann Jefferson — Jackson 
Wanda Faye Jefferson — Jackson 
Helen Nabors Jeffries — Jackson 
Shannon Michele Jeffries — Brandon 
Albert Lee Jelks — Clinton 
Mark A. Jelks — Liberty 
Willie Jelks — Clinton 
AM K. Jenkins — Clinton 
Angela Denise Jenkins — Vicksburg 
Christopher Stanle Jenkins — Jackson 
Cornelius Jenkins Jr. — Pearl 
Deotis Brown Jenkins — Jackson 
Devora Marie Jenkins — Carthage 
Diana Lynn Jenkins — Jackson 
Diarra Fanon Jenkins — Jackson 
Edmond Allen Jenkins Jr. — Utica 
Evelyn Kathleen Jenkins — Terry 
Frances R. Jenkins — Jackson 
Jacquelene Jenkins — Pearl 
Janet Gaye Jenkins — Winona 
Jessie Wayne Jenkins — Vidalia 
Joann Brown Jenkins — Jackson 
Joseph Jackson Jenkins — Vicksburg 
Joseph K. Jenkins — Jackson 
Judy M. Jenkins — Brandon 
Kenneth John Jenkins — Jackson 
Kentoria Jenkins — Pickens 
Lewis Jenkins — Jackson 
Martha Body Jenkins — Jackson 
Melissa Lynn Jenkins — Jackson 
Nancy Susan Jenkins — Clinton 
Norman Eugene Jenkins — Morton 
Pamela G. Jenkins — Forest 
Patricia Ann Jenkins — Jackson 
Raelachelle Jenkins — Pearl 
Rochelle Jenkins — Braxton 
Roger L. Jenkins — Jackson 
Sandra Thomas Jenkins — Jackson 
Sandy Sue Jenkins — Jackson 
Stanley Ray Jenkins — Pearl 
Steven Wade Jenkins — Brandon 
Terri Lyn Jenkins — Tallulah 
Timothy L. Jenkins — Pearl 
Tolliver Napoleon Jenkins — Jackson 
Valerie Lowe Jenkins White — Pearl 
Willie Bell Jenkins — Crystal Springs 
Carolyn P. Jennings — Harrisville 
Eveline Jennings — Forest 
Jack Jennings — Madison 
Jeffery Allen Jennings — Pearl 
Jeffery Dixon Jennings — Mendenhall 
Tommy Dean Jennings — Harrisville 
Velree Gray Jennings — Jackson 
Tawanna Sabrina Jerdine — Jackson 
Paralee Sims Jerkins — Morton 
Rebecca Rowland Jernigan — Vicksburg 
Charles Walter Jett — Jackson 
Dale Kesterson Jewell — Jackson 
Eltrina Faye Jiles — Mendenhall 
Lenora Denise Jimmerson — Jackson 
Sally Laverne Jimmerson — Jackson 
Phyllis Farish Jines — Jackson 
Jeanna Christine Jinks — Port Gibson 
Anita Colleen Jirikowic — Jackson 
Julia Ellen Jobe — Tallulah 
Stephanie Carolyn Jobe — Star 
Bobbie J. Johanson Corbi — Brandon 
Gregg Allen Johns — Pearl 
Heather Marie Johns — Jackson 
Jeffrey D. Johns — Jackson 
Kimberly J. Johns — Jackson 
Nettie Cargile Johns — Clinton 
William Bradley Johns — Mendenhall 

Adrienne Cook Johnson — Vicksburg 
Alfredia Vanellie Johnson — Hattiesburg 
Alma J. Johnson — Jackson 
Amanda Jean Johnson — Clinton 
Andrew N. Johnson — Jackson 
Angela Dawn Johnson — Brandon 
Angela Lynn Johnson — Pearl 
Barbara Lafaye Johnson — Florence 
Bertha Mae Johnson — Vicksburg 
Betty G. Johnson — McComb 
Betty Sedenia Johnson — Jackson 
Calvin E. Johnson — Raymond 
Carlton Russell Johnson — Sandhill 
Carolyn Boyd Johnson — Ridgeland 
Carolyn D. Johnson — Clinton 
Carolyn Diane Johnson — Jackson 
Carolyn M. Johnson — Jackson 
Charisse Shuntel Johnson — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Lyn Johnson — Jackson 
Christina Carole Johnson — Brandon 
Christine Johnson — Vicksburg 
Clara Johnson — Raymond 
Claude K. Johnson — Hazlehurst 
Coy Dewitt Johnson — Raymond 
David Anthony Johnson — Vicksburg 
David Leonard Johnson — Vicksburg 
Deborah Bishop Johnson — Vicksburg 
Deborah Lynn Johnson — Clinton 
Debra Demby Johnson — Vicksburg 
Denise Hendricks Johnson — Jackson 
Dennis Leland Johnson — Florence 
Denson Earl Johnson — Sharon 
Detrix G. Johnson — Jackson 
Dexter Lamone Johnson — Jackson 
Diane Pasek Johnson — Jackson 
Dianne Johnson — Jackson 
Donna Lynn Johnson — Brandon 
Doris Marie Johnson — Yazoo City 
Dorothy Johnson — Vicksburg 
Elanda Wyvette Johnson — Jackson 
Elouise R. Johnson — Jackson 
Era Thompson Johnson — Jackson 
Erdelle Nicole Johnson — Jackson 
Eric R. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Fred M. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Frederick A. Johnson — Raymond 
Genita Marie Johnson — Vicksburg 
Greta Cantrice Johnson — Jackson 
Hattie C. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Henry Lee Johnson — Vicksburg 
Hollas Morgan Johnson — Vicksburg 
James Johnson — Ridgeland 
James Brady Johnson — Brandon 
James H. Johnson — Raymond 
Janeca Nicole Johnson — Jackson 
Jerry Donnell Johnson — Vicksburg 
Joann Griffith Johnson — Jackson 
Judy Linskey Johnson — Jackson 
Kamela Patrice Johnson — Clarksdale 
Katina Johnson — Canton 
Kelly Tyrone Johnson — Jackson 
Kendall Wayne Johnson Jr. — Pearl 
Kenneth Karl Johnson — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Steve Johnson — Fulton 
Kevin D. Johnson — Jackson 
Kimberly Johnson — Jackson 
Kimmen Andrea Johnson — Jackson 
Larry Keith Johnson — Jackson 
Lashanna Joyce Johnson — Vicksburg 
Leatha Lee Johnson — Jackson 
Lee F. Johnson — Jackson 
Lena Mae Johnson Jones — Sharon 
Linda Carol Johnson — Jackson 
Lonnie G. Johnson — Jackson 
Lori Ann Johnson — Jackson 
Lovenia Marilyn Johnson — Vicksburg 
Lurean Johnson — Gallman 
Michael Jerome Johnson — Jackson 
Missy R. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Nancy Anita Johnson — Terry 
Nichole Llynnette Johnson — Carthage 
Nilo N. Johnson — Houma 
Patricia Johnson — Tallulah 
Penny Shina Johnson — Pelahatchie 
Ralph Blake Johnson — Florence 
Randy Glyn Johnson — Carthage 
Raymond Scott Johnson — Jackson 
Rhonda Kaye Johnson — Tallulah 
Rita Daniel Johnson — Richland 
Rita Diane Johnson — Vicksburg 
Roger Williams Johnson — Bolton 
Rosemary June Johnson — Brandon 
Rosie L. Johnson — Vicksburg 
Russell W. Johnson — Greenwood 
Ruth Johnson — Bolton 
Sally Louise Johnson — Vicksburg 
Sarah Leann Johnson — Vicksburg 
Sharon Lynn Johnson — Vicksburg 
Shelia M. Johnson — Jackson 
Shelia Macheall Johnson — Florence 
Shelia Tillis Johnson — Jackson 
Shirley Jean Johnson — Canton 

302 / Directory 

Shonda Oenise Johnson — Jackson 
Sidney R. Johnson — Jackson 
Stacia Lyn Johnson — Brandon 
Stacy Fran Johnson — Natchez 
Stephanie Denise Johnson — Jackson 
Stephen Douglas Johnson — Jackson 
Timothy Johnson — Pearl 
Tommie Johnson — Brandon 
Tonie McGee Johnson — Jackson 
Tresina Lynett Johnson — Jackson 
Wanda Eyvette Johnson — Jackson 
Velma Kathryn Johnson — Jackson 
Vickie Lynn Johnson — Natchez 
Wayne Anthony Johnson — Ridgeland 
Willis H. Johnson — Jackson 
Zabrina Johnson — Natchez 
Bobbie Jean Johnston — Vicksburg 
Carol Anne Johnston — Brandon 
Deborah Johnston — Edwards 
Jackie Joyce Johnston — Vicksburg 
James Edgar Johnston — Forest 
James Kenneth Johnston — Clinton 
Jerry Dan Johnston — Magee 
Leigh Anne Johnston — Jackson 
Melissa Gail Johnston — Lena 
Nita Poncha Johnston — Vicksburg 
Richard Larry Johnston — Yazoo City 
Sandra Kaye Johnston — Vicksburg 
Sandra Wright Johnston — Vicksburg 
Virginia B. Johnston — Vicksburg 
Brenda Faye Joiner — Jackson 
Gail Evans Joiner — Jackson 
Joanne Joiner — Jackson 
Pamela Page Joiner Thaye — Brandon 
Straveilia A. Joiner — Raymond 
Cheryl Lynn Jolley — Pelahatchie 
Deborah Lethoy Jolly — Pearl 
Herbert M. Jolly — Jackson 
Kent Michael Jolly — Jackson 
Randell Keith Jolly — Jackson 
Sara Rebecca Jolly — Vicksburg 
Timothy James Jolly — Jackson 
A. B. Jones — Jackson 
Alma M. Jones — Vicksburg 
Alonzo Jones — Vicksburg 
Amanda Ashley Jones — Clinton 
Angie Lynn Jones — Mendenhall 
Anissa Renay Jones — Brandon 
Anita Carol Jones — Jackson 
Anita May Jones — Florence 
Anna J. Jones — Vicksburg 
Anthony Jones — Jackson 
Anthony Dewayne Jones — Jackson 
Anthony J. Jones — Jackson 
Ardelia S. Jones — Jackson 
Asa B. Jones — Jackson 
Barbara A. Jones — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Jones — Jackson 
Barbara G. Jones — Jackson 
Brenda Carol Jones — Jackson 
Brenda Ware Jones — Jackson 
Cariola J. Jones — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Jones — Vicksburg 
Celeste E. Jones — Jackson 
Charles Alan Jones — Clinton 
Charles Jones Jr. — Vicksburg 
Cheri Ann Jones — Jackson 
Chris Allen Jones — Clinton 
Clifford Douglas Jones — Magee 
Cloria Jones — Vicksburg 
Contina Lynn Jones — Magee 
Dana Ogle Jones — Vicksburg 
Daniel B. Jones — Raymond 
Daniel Charles Jones — Brandon 
Daphne Shavers Jones — Canton 
David Allen Jones Jr. — Vicksburg 
David Jones III — Oxford 
Dawn Jones — Vicksburg 
Dawn Renz Jones — Jackson 
Debbie Faye Jones — Jackson 
Deborah W. Jones — Florence 
Deloris Jones — Raymond 
Derek Christopher Jones — Jackson 
Donal Ray Jones — Pearl 
Dorothy Jeanette Jones — Vicksburg 
Dorothy Merle Jones — Pearl 
Dorothy Shaw Jones — Jackson 
iddie Mae Jones Smith — Madison 
:11a R. Jones — Jackson 
irika Chonell Jones — Jackson 
: aybien Evette Jones — Jackson 
: elicia A. Jones — Jackson 
: elicia Renee Jones — Jackson 
ranees Slaughter Jones — Vicksburg 
: rankie E. Jones — Terry 
ierold Drune Jones Sr. — Edwards 
Slen David Jones — Harrisville 
iloria Demby Jones — Vicksburg 
lack Seale Jones — Flowood 
ackie Jones — Jackson 
lames Jones — Vicksburg 
fames C. Jones — Jackson 

James M. Jones — Jackson 
Janice M. Jones — Jackson 
Jarmel Oferamu Jones — Clinton 
Jason Marc Jones — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Dwight Jones — Bonneville 
Jeffrey Boyd Jones — Flora 
Jeffrey Joseph Jones — Mendenhall 
Jennifer Elizabeth Jones — Madison 
Jennifer Holly Jones — Jackson 
Jeremy Steven Jones — Brandon 
Jesse Lee Jones — Vicksburg 
Jessie Jones — Vicksburg 
Jim Arthur Jones — Raymond 
Jimmy Alfred Jones — Brandon 
Jody Shannon Jones — Clinton 
John Henry Jones — Vicksburg 
John Patrick Jones — Brandon 
Joseph Robert Jones III — Canton 
Judith Lipscomb Jones — Clinton 
Kathy Garrett Jones — Vicksburg 
Kevin Lavon Jones — Tinsley 
Kretonia Marie Jones — Vicksburg 
Larry Daniel Jones Jr. — Harrisville 
Leodis Jones — Jackson 
Lillian Bouie Jones — Vicksburg 
Lisa Michelle Jones — Mount Olive 
Lorenzo Jones — Greenwood 
Lula Mae Jones — Jackson 
Lydle Willis Jones — Jackson 
Malcolm Dewayne Jones — Jackson 
Marcel Jones — Jackson 
Maria Nelia Jones Rose — Fort Ord 
Marian Elizabeth Jones — Jackson 
Marilyn M. Jones — Vicksburg 
Mary Angela Jones — Florence 
Mary Ann Jones Minor — Jackson 
Mary Brock Jones — Taylorville 
Mary D. Jones — Ridgeland 
Mary Deanne Jones — Jackson 
Mary Margaret Jones — Jackson 
Memory Carpenter Jones — Jackson 
Mia Toneice Jones — Jackson 
Michael Bryan Jones — Jackson 
Michelle L. Jones — Jackson 
Monica Lynn Jones — Brandon 
Nedra R. Jones — Rolling Fork 
Pamela Ann Jones — Morton 
Pamela F. Jones Banks — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ann Jones — Terry 
Paul Hilary Jones Jr. — Jackson 
Penny Lashawn Jones — Vicksburg 
Pierre Romoda Jones — Conley 
Queen Esther Jones — Jackson 
Quintus Jones III — Jackson 
Rhonda Christy Jones — Raymond 
Richard A. Jones — Brandon 
Roderick Suron Jones — Brandon 
Roger Date Jones — Vicksburg 
Ruth Ann Jones — Pearl 
Ryan Daniel Jones — Natchez 
Samuel Jones — Foley 
Sandra D. Jones — Yazoo City 
Sandra Kay Jones — Jackson 
Seth Laird Jones — Pelahatchie 
Shannin Jacqueline Jones — Morton 
Sharon Kersh Jones — Brandon 
Shelia Jones — Jackson 
Shelly J. Jones — Brandon 
Sherron Lea Jones — Jackson 
Shirley M. Jones — Jackson 
Shundra Denise Jones — Mendenhall 
Sidney Purnell Jones — Jackson 
Stacy Rena Jones — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Noel Jones — Clinton 
Stephen Paul Jones — Jackson 
Tabatha Jones — Vicksburg 
Talmadge Leroy Jones — Brandon 
Tara Lee Jones — Pearl 
Timothy Allen Jones — Florence 
Tina Kay Jones — Jackson 
Tommy Leron Jones — Jackson 
Tonya M. Jones T. — Ridgeland 
Twyla Dawn Jones — Morton 
Vernell Jones — Flora 
Vickie Rochell Jones — Jackson 
W. Hamp Jones — Jackson 
Wanda Smith Jones — Florence 
Willis Jones Jr. — Vicksburg 
Yolanda Shontoe Jones — Pelahatchie 
Cecelia Latashala Jordan — Jackson 
Diane May Jordan — Vicksburg 
Gene Austry Jordan — Lexington 
Hattie Mae Jordan — Jackson 
James Wayne Jordan — Pelahatchie 
Jay N. Jordan — Pearl 
Jennifer Rochell Jordan — Petal 
Jerry Glen Jordan — Brandon 
Joann Jordan — Jackson 
Jocelyn Ledora Jordan — Jackson 
Lisa Jordan — Flora 
Lissa Taylor Jordan — Pelahatchie 
Rita Jones Jordan — Jackson 

Rob Dale Jordan — Terry 
Robert D. Jordan — Terry 
Robert Mark Jordan — Brandon 
Roin Peavy Jordan — Florence 
Tommy B. Jordan — Harrisville 
Valerie Jordan — Jackson 
Wesley A. Jordan — Jackson 
David Livingston Joseph — Vicksburg 
Dennis Mitchell Joseph — Vicksburg 
Melissa Hope Joseph — Vicksburg 
Robie B. Josey — Jackson 
Brenda Darlene Joyner — Mendenhall 
Charles Winfred Joyner — Jackson 
SL Jules — Jackson 
Pamela F. Jurgens — Jackson 
Wendy I. Justice — Vicksburg N. 
Billy Gene Justus — Pearl 

Deborah Shiers Kackley — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Lynn Kackley — Vicksburg 
Kathy Jones Kahl — Florence 
Carolyn Michelle Kain — Satartia 
M. Amy Kaiser — Brandon 
Myra Cash Kalahar — Brandon 
Ruth G. Kale — Jackson 
Colleen Fraiser Kane — Raymond 
Debbi Kane — Jackson 
Bertha Jean Kappler — Vicksburg 
Lea Kissimmee Karges — Sandhill 
Tammy Shay Karnes — Brandon 
Cynthia Cole Karr — Brandon 
Pete Anthony Katsboulas — Brandon 
Gregory V. Katulka — Lafayette 
Fritz A. Katzenmeyer — Pearl 
Hardy Mike Katzenmeyer — Vicksburg 
Sharon Ellis Kavanaugh — Vicksburg 
Tara Dawn Kay — Clinton 
Farshid Kazeminezhad — Jackson 
Kathy Haygood Keady — Pearl 
Durden Kimes Keathley — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Laminack Keating — Brandon 
Charles Thomas Kee — Jackson 
Florine Mabry Keeler — Jackson 
Claudette Denise Keeley — Jackson 
Justin Wade Keeley — Vicksburg 
Benny Lever Keen — Jackson 
Clarence Scott Keen — Wesson 
Joyce I. Keen — Mount Olive 
Karen Sue Keen — Richland 
Larry Keith Keen — Jackson 
Steven Paul Keen — Redwood 
Charles Alexander Keene — Clinton 
Eric Dale Keene — Vicksburg 
Katherine M. Keeter — Jackson 
Lonnie Eugene Keist — McComb 
Kevin Ward Keith — Clinton 
Lorinda J. Keith — Brandon 
Michelle Melton Keith — Clinton 
Pamela J. Keith — Jackson 
Patricia Dianne Keith — Greenville 
Alice Ann Kelley — Jackson 
Janet Herrington Kelley — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Renea Kelley — Jackson 
Johnny Walter Kelley — Jackson 
Katie M. Kelley — Magee 
Kristi Carol Kelley — Pelahatchie 
Belinda Ann Kellum — Pearl 
Billy Morris Kellum — Pearl 
William Park Kellum Jr. — Greenville 
Abigail Anita Kelly — Jackson 
Angela Kelly — Bolton 
Augustine B. Kelly — Pearl 
Barry Vernord Kelly — Clinton 
Cameron Lee Kelly — Clinton 
Caroline Switzer Kelly — Jackson 
Christine Warner Kelly — Jackson 
Clarence Sidney Kelly Jr. — Pearl 
David Allen Kelly — Clinton 
Dawn Marie Kelly — Jackson 
Dennis M. Kelly — Canton 
Elizabeth Jane Kelly — Raymond 
Eric Lamar Kelly — Clinton 
Freshae Leshun Kelly — Jackson 
Glenda Faye Kelly — Jackson 
Howard Earl Kelly — Raymond 
llliad Luverne Kelly — Raymond 
James Henry Kelly — Bolton 
Jennifer Michelle Kelly — Madison 
Joseph Frank Kelly — Jackson 
Justin Craig Kelly — Jackson 
Lynn Faye Kelly — Bolton 
Margaret Redditt Kelly — Learned 
Marilyn L. Kelly — Jackson 

Melissa Marie Kelly — Crosby 
Michael E. Kelly — Clinton 
Nannie Lou Kelly Joyne — Jackson 
Russell Lamar Kelly — Richland 
Sharon M. Kelly — Edwards 
Shelia Faye Kelly Mason — Bolton 
Steve Anthony Kelly — Raymond 
Tina Denise Kelly — Jackson 
Tina Yates Kelly — Utica 
Tracy Lynn Kelly — Jackson 
Wanda C. Kelly Willi — Jackson 
Yvonne Pauline Kelly — Jackson 
Paul R. Kelsey — Jackson 
Margie B. Kemp — Clinton 
Susan S. Kemp — Hattiesburg 
Otis Raymond Kemper — Vicksburg 
Edwin B. Kendrick — Jackson 
Lillie Maynor Kendrick — Clinton 
Lorine Joiner Kendrick — Jackson 
Mary B. Kendrick — Jackson 
Rodney Eugene Kendrick — Jackson 
Terry Elizabeth Kendrick — Jackson 
William Joseph Kendrick Jr. — Jackson 
Edward James Kennard III — Clinton 
Jonathan D. Kennard — Clinton 
Laura Lyn Kennard — Clinton 
Barbara Ann Kennebrew S. — Jackson 
Elton Dwayne Kennedy — Magee 
Gloria Dean Kennedy — Jackson 
Ida Lee Kennedy Squir — Vicksburg 
Jan Carolyn Kennedy — Brandon 
Jean Ann Kennedy — Jackson 
Karen Kennedy — Pearl 
Linda Lott Kennedy — Vicksburg 
Rhondalyn Nichole Kennedy — Tallulah 
Teresa Lynn Kennedy — Mendenhall 
Wilmer L. Kennedy — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynn Kennon — Jackson 
David Bronson Kent — Jackson 
Dwight Cary Kent — Jackson 
Linda J. Kent — Clinton 
Loretta Kent — Clinton 
Willie Joe Kent — Clinton 
Malcolm Price Keown — Vicksburg 
Laurie Ann Kern — Jackson 
Janice Leigh Kersh — Flowood 
J. T. Ketchum III — Yazoo City 
Trey S. Ketchum — Brandon 
Rebecca D. Kettle — Jackson 
Philip Dale Kettleman — Brandon 
Gayle Miller Keup — Jackson 
Joseph Parrish Key — Jackson 
Kristy Michelle Key — Jackson 
Anna Christina Keyes — Brandon 
David Stacy Keyes — Clinton 
Gary Ronald Keyes — Terry 
Helen Doris Keyes — Pearl 
Kennon Moore Keyes — Brandon 
Patricia Ann Keyes Hobso — Pearl 
Ronnie Joe Keyes — Bay Springs 
Quanda Leshann Keys — Brandon 
Alisa A. Khayyam — Jackson 
Parviz Kiani — Terry 
Garry Russell Kiefer — Jackson 
Debra Jo Kight — Jackson 
Patricia Regina Kight — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Schmidt Kiihnl — Enid 
Christopher Dale Kilbourn — Clinton 
Shirley Kilgore — Richland 
Lisa Renee Kilian — Hazlehurst 
Richard Allyn Killebrew — Gautier 
Traci Leigh Killebrew — Vicksburg 
Patricia Deloris Killgore — Clinton 
Kristal Killingsworth — Prentiss 
Edward Wayne Killough — Jackson 
Muriel Killough — Pearl 
Shelia H. Kilpatrick — Yazoo City 
Keu W. Kim — Vicksburg 
Sylvia Ann Kim Hanna — Clinton 
John Wayne Kimball — Vicksburg 
Mitch Dewayne Kimball — Vicksburg 
Darryl James Kimble — Jackson 
Deborah A. Kimble — Pelahatchie 
Vickie Kimbrough — Saltillo 
Willie Nmn Kimes — Brookhaven 
Gency Dee Kimmons — Madison 
Bobby C. Kinabrew — Pearl 
Sherrie Ann Kinard — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Latonya Kincaid — Ludlow 
Randy Kincard — Morton 
Lana Jean Kinchen — Ponchatoula 
Corey Lee Kindhart — Vicksburg 
Michelle K. Kindhart — Vicksburg 
Robert Kindres Jr. — Florence 
Renetta Kinds — Bolton 
Bennie Kines — Bolton 
Teresa Bernice Kines — Crystal Springs 
Andrea Monique King — Jackson 
Barbara Carlisle King — Vicksburg 
Beth Ann King — Brandon 
Brenda Joyce King — Jackson 
Charles Marcus King — Carthage 

Directory / 303 


Connie Lorraine King — Jackson 
Cynthia Coleman King — Vicksburg 
David King — Jackson 
David Wayne King — Pelahatchie 
Deborah Gale King Popp — Brandon 
Douglas Lee King — Pelahatchie 
Elizabeth S. King — Vicksburg 
James Keith King — Mt. Olive 
James Ray King — Pelahatchie 
Jennifer Jane King — Clinton 
Jennifer Lynn King — Clinton 
Jeri Rebecca King — Jackson 
Jerry King — Lorman 
Jo Albertine King — Jackson 
Justin Ralph King — Jackson 
Kenneth V. King — Clinton 
Kent L. King — Harriston 
Kimberly Lynn King — Raleigh 
Lisa Diane King — Vicksburg 
Lisa Hollaway King — Clinton 
Lynn Ladell King — Clinton 
Marcus Neal King — Winnsboro 
Margrett Bernell King — Jackson 
Melanie J. King — Clinton 
Norman H. King — Raymond 
Patricia Harris King — Brandon 
Robert Graham King Jr. — Vicksburg 
Sharron Fife King — Vicksburg 
Sonya Hammack King — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Prisock King — Jackson 
Tammy Lynn King — Ridgeland 
Thomas Jeff King — Jackson 
Thomas Wayne King — Brandon 
Tiffany Lynn King — Clinton 
Todd Allen King — Pelahatchie 
Tommie L. King — Jackson 
Trudy Faye King — Jackson 
Willie Earl King — Jackson 
Robert D. Kinley — Vicksburg 
Jeanne Cooper Kinnard — Utica 
Brandi Anne Kinnebrew — Vicksburg 
Gina Lynn Kinnison — Jackson 
Brian Ronald Kinsey — Clinton 
Cynthia Kaye Kirby — Brandon 
Christopher Kirchhoff — Pearl 
Lenaee Hope Kirk — Clinton 
Annie Harris Kirkham — Jackson 
Keela Melessa Kirkland — Philadelphia 
Kellye Annette Kirkland — Clinton 
Tom Frank Kirkpatrick — Jackson 
William Paul Kirkpatrick — Madison 
Tracy Lynn Kirksey — Clinton 
Ira Darrell Kirtfield — Utica 
Lisa Mae Kisner — Ridgeland 
Conchita Oshea Kitchen — Jackson 
Allen Kitchens — Jackson 
Amanda M. Kitchens — Utica 
Daphne Denise Kitchens — Flora 
Jo Ann Kitchens — Florence 
Stacey L. Kitchens — Jackson 
Suzy Kitchens — Hattiesburg 
Brenda S. Kittrell — Vicksburg 
Kim Rozier Kittrell — Vicksburg 
Sonya Lynn Kittrell — Morton 
Cynthia Nicholson Klabunde — Richland 
Marc Thomas Kleiman — Richland 
Lance Patrick Klein — Jackson 
Stefan R. Klein — Jackson 
John Richard Kleinman — Vicksburg 
Paul Benson Kleinman — Vicksburg 
Richard Kline II — Vicksburg 
Tonja Waynette Kline — Vicksburg 
Barbara Bunkley Knabb — Magee 
Anna Grace Knight — Jackson 
Catherine Hibbler Knight — Jackson 
Cynthia Lee Knight — Yazoo 
Dale Alan Knight — Pearl 
Dawn Marie Knight — Clinton 
Donna Stanley Knight — Pelahatchie 
Dorothy Jean Knight — Jackson 
Dwight Knight — Pearl 
Erica Monique Knight — Jackson 
Jennifer Faye Knight F. — Ridgeland 
Joann Knight — Pearl 
Mary L. Knight — Raymond 
Michael Eric Knight — Clinton 
Perrin J. Knight — Pearl 
Tiffany Anne Knight — Edwards 
Vickie Lane Knight — Jackson 
Wendy Knight — Jackson 
William Thomas Knight — Jackson 
Leigh Andrea Knighton — Jackson 
Linda B. Knighton — Florence 
Charles Allen Knott III — Hazlehurst 
Donna Recal Knott — Jackson 
Fred Knott — Jackson 
Jeffery Lee Knott — Jackson 
Melissa Renee Knott — Pearl 
Willie Mae Knott — Pearl 
Cassandra Lynn Knotts — Pearl 
David Samuel Knouse — Clinton 
Georgia Turner Knox — Vicksburg 

Lea Kristina Knox — Vicksburg 
Rachel Renee Knox — Jackson 
Naome P. Kobayakawa — Brandon 
Karl Kristofer Koenig — Jackson 
Laquita Rose Koenig H. — Jackson 
Chris Haile Koestler — Vicksburg 
Janice Hobkirk Koestler — Vicksburg 
Leo V. Koestler Jr. — Vicksburg 
Leon C. Kohn — Jackson 
Steve M. Koiner — Jackson 
Donna Phillips Kolb — Vicksburg 
Virginia Faye Kopf — Pearl 
Shravani Kota — Jackson 
Sridhar Kota — Jackson 
Michael Edward Kotowski — Utica 
Tiffany Ann Kotsonaros — Pearl 
Benjamin J. Kovarik — Madison 
Toni Renee Kowen — Vicksburg 
Andrew Thomas Kratochvil — Jackson 
Melanie Lynn Kratochvil — Clinton 
Samantha Ann Kratochvil P. — Jackson 
Monte Charles Kraus — Jackson 
Peter N. Kreger — Brandon 
Heather Kristine Krenzke — Jackson 
Linda J. Kreps — Jackson 
Robert C. Krichbaum — Terry 
Huey D. Krohn — Jackson 
Alison Denise Krueger — Vicksburg 
Cindy Marie Krueger — Vicksburg 
Donna Regina Kuhlmann — Vicksburg 
Paul Steve Kuhn Jr. — Jackson 
Diane B. Kulala — Rayville 
Jennifer Leigh Kullman — Jackson 
Darren Lee Kuykendall — Jackson 
Daniel T. Kyle — Jackson 
Betty Melinda Kyles — Brandon 
Lenora Victorea Kyser — Jackson 
Kimberly Michelle Kyzar — Jackson 
Rhonda Sherard Kyzar — Jackson 

Shandria Belynda La — Jackson 
Sharon Rene Labatte — Jackson 
Salvadore Labue — Morton 
Blanche Bernice Lacey — Jackson 
Dianne L. Lacey — Vicksburg 
Douglas Earl Lacey — Jackson 
Jimmy Emmanuel Lacey — Jackson 
Lashana Yvette Lacey — Jackson 
Luster Lacey — Vicksburg 
Renee L. Lacey — Vicksburg 
Carol Triplett Lack — Clinton 
William Kevin Lack — Brandon 
Don R. Lackey — Raymond 
Steven Scott Lackey — Jackson 
Tiffany Ann Lacoste — Kenner 
Mironda Shantelle Lacy — Vicksburg 
Sallie Mae Lacy — Jackson 
Joseph Wayne Ladd — Clinton 
Stephanie Lynn Ladd — Jackson 
Samuel Shane Ladner — Poplarville 
Kenneth A. Lafleur — Jackson 
Harold K. Lahr — Jackson 
Chris Dean Laird — Vicksburg 
Melissa S. Laird — Mt. Olive 
Ronda Regina Laird — Jackson 
Stephanie Lynn Laird — Prentiss 
Thembi Kishana Lake — Jackson 
Stephanie Paige Lamar — Crystal Springs 
Anita Pierce Lamb — Clinton 
Debora M.C. Lamb Cown — Shaw 
Kobi Lynn Lamb — Jackson 
Randal Franklin Lamb — Clinton 
Cynthia Renee Lambert — Natchez 
Dorothy H. Lambert — Jackson 
Kinberley Ann Lambert — Raleigh 
Zora Ellen Lambert — Brookhaven 
Larry L. Lambiotte — Vicksburg 
Bradford Allen Lammers — Natchez 
Nancy M. Lamparty — Florence 
Connie Frances Lampkin — Vicksburg 
Marcus Vaness Lampkin — Jackson 
Sharon Donovan Lampkin — Vicksburg 
Latonya Yvette Lampley — Philadelphia 
Allyson Leigh Lancaster — Clayton 
Kenneth Bryan Lancaster — Hattiesburg 
Kristin Michele Lancaster — Clayton 
Lamar Lancelin — Dekalb 
Kimberly S. Landers — Vicksburg 
Samuel Troy Landers — Vicksburg 
William M. Landes — Edwards 
Carl Van Landrum — Vicksburg 
Cecil Willard Landrum — Clinton 
Cecil Willard Landrum Jr. — Clinton 

Lanny Scott Landrum — Clinton 
Thelma Lenice Landrum — Vicksburg 
Wendell Dwayne Landrum — Vicksburg 
Angela Marie Landry — Clinton 
Gregory Robert Landry — Clinton 
Jeffrey Keith Landry — Jackson 
Sandra Watkins Landry — Jackson 
Angela M. Lane — Jackson 
Belynda Kay Lane — Vicksburg 
Janice White Lane — Richland 
Judi P. Lane — Brandon 
Maria Ragan Lane — Brandon 
Melanee R. Lane — Clinton 
Rick Lane — Mendenhall 
Sandra Dee Lane Myles — Flowood 
Deborah Jones Lang — Forest 
Faye Runnels Lang — Braxton 
Harvey Eugend Langdon — Jackson 
Kathy A. Langdon — Florence 
Leslie Marie Lange — Clinton 
David Lamar Langford — Lena 
Joseph S. Langford — Lena 
Leigh Roberts Langford — Madison 
Barry Judson Langham — Jackson 
Herman Weaver Langham — Jackson 
Jeff Thomas Langham — Magee 
Pamela Diane Langham Jones — Jackson 
David N. Langley — Wesson 
Judith Hemphill Langley — Raymond 
Linda Shirley Langley — Pearl 
Richard Harrison Langley — Raymond 
Roger Lee Langley — Ridgeland 
Christie Lea Langston — Clinton 
Robert Arthur Lanham — Jackson 
Janny Esther Lara — Jackson 
Stephanie Camille Laravia — Jackson 
Christian R. Larios — Clinton 
Robert James Larkin Jr. — Prentiss 
Gary W. Larose — Jackson 
Gary Watkins Larose — Jackson 
Debbie Larr — Vicksburg 
Nolanda Alcina Larry — McComb 
Janet Gottfried Larsen — Brandon 
Michael John Larson — Vicksburg 
Sarah Carter Larson — Brandon 
Tracy Lynn Larson — Vicksburg 
Amy Elizabeth Lashlee — Vicksburg 
Lawrence Scott Lasley — Jackson 
Brenda Gerald Laster — Jackson 
Louise Laster — Canton 
Marcella Laster — Morton 
Steve Lee Laster — Pelahatchie 
Al Y. Latham — Jackson 
Gwen Edna Latham — Jackson 
Melvin Latham — Jackson 
Vicki Lynn Latham — Jackson 
Lisa J. Lathem — Jackson 
Bruce Leonon Lathon — Jackson 
Debbie M. Lattimore — Vicksburg 
Charles Edgar Laubach — Vicksburg 
Dolores Baith Laubach — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Lee Laubach — Vicksburg 
James Christopher Laughlin — Jackson 
Sandra Leigh Laumeyer — Brandon 
Becky Barritt Launias — Brandon 
Kevin Andrew Launius — Brandon 
Melissa Karole Launius — Jackson 
Charlotte W. Lavigne — Clinton 
Susan Rader Lawler — Clinton 
Betty Irby Lawrence — Brandon 
Darlene Lawrence — Morton 
Elizabeth Kirklan Lawrence — Pearl 
James Christopher Lawrence — Brandon 
Jerry Lee Lawrence — Vicksburg 
Joan Day Lawrence — Ridgeland 
Lena Pearl Lawrence — Jackson 
Loretta Bates Lawrence — Pearl 
Margaret Darnell Lawrence — Brandon 
Mervin Lawrence Jr. — Vicksburg 
Mitzi Adell Lawrence — Lena 
Phillip M. Lawrence — Pearl 
Randall Franklin Lawrence — Clinton 
Roger Dale Lawrence — Vicksburg 
Deborah Ruth Lawson — Jackson 
Elizabeth Mae Lawson — Florence 
Eric Zerone Lawson — Jackson 
Gary Allen Lawson — Jackson 
Karen Grimm Lawson — Pearl 
Lillie Faye Lawson — Jackson 
Margaret Captino Lawson — Jackson 
Patricia J. Lawson — Vicksburg 
Richard Gerald Lawson — Raymond 
Richard Kevin Lawson — Jackson 
Thomas Earl Lawson — Jackson 
Rebecca Lynn Layton — Mendenhall 
Darren Ray Lazarus — Meadville 
Karen Carson Lazarus — Jackson 
Blanc Brandy Le Leigh — Jackson 
Thi H. Le — Jackson 
Truong Van Le — Richland 
Tung T. Le — Richland 
Hampton Lea — Pearl 

Cynthia Carole Leach — Clinton 
Mark Anthony Leach — Lake 
Edward Noel Leachman — Clinton 
Bettie Jeanette Leamous — Jackson 
Carla Jean Leavell — Clinton 
Pat A. Lebaron — Pearl 
April J. Ledbetter — Pearl 
Nelene L. Ledford — Jackson 
Aey Kyung Lee — Clinton 
Amy Suzanne Lee — Crystal Springs 
Antonio Terrell Lee — Canton 
Brenda Anne Lee — Jackson 
Brenda Mitchell Lee — Canton 
Bruce C. Lee — Vicksburg 
Carline Lynn Lee — Vicksburg 
Charles Isaac Lee — Braxton 
Cheryl E. Lee — Jackson 
Claude Charles Lee — Vicksburg 
Connie Louise Lee — Clinton 
Cynthia Diane Lee — Jackson 
David Christopher Lee — Vicksburg 
Debra Marie Lee — Vicksburg 
Deloris Beck Lee — Jackson 
Denner Lee — Jackson 
Dennis Karon Lee — Jackson 
Diann Loflin Lee - Star 
Dianna Lynn Lee — Jackson 
Dorothy C. Lee — Jackson 
Dortha D. Lee — Jackson 
Elease Y. Lee — Clinton 
Frank Lee — Vicksburg 
Gloria Jean Lee — Jackson 
Ivory D. Lee — Jackson 
Janie P. Lee — Jackson 
Jay W. Lee — Pearl 
Jennifer Lorn Lee — Jackson 
Josie Alexander Lee — Jackson 
Kenta L. Lee — Jackson 
Larry James Lee Jr. — Flora 
Larry Joseph Lee — Jackson 
Lillian Lee — Jackson 
Louis J. Lee — Florence 
Lynn Wesley Lee — Jackson 
Marilyn Marie Lee — Edwards 
Mark Gordon Lee — Pearl 
Mary Ann Lee — Jackson 
Mary N. Lee — Jackson 
Mathew Lee Jr. — Vicksburg 
Michael H. Lee — Vicksburg 
Pamela Elizabeth Lee — Vicksburg 
Pamela Michelle Lee — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Lee — Louise 
Patricia Dianne Lee — Jackson 
Patrick Christopher Lee — Jackson 
Phillip Douglas Lee — Clinton 
Preston Ormond Lee — Clinton 
Rachelle Lee — Petal 
Rhonda Shantel Lee — Milwaukee 
Ricky Berrymen Lee — Jackson 
Robbin Jean Lee — Brandon 
Robert E. Lee — Jackson 
Robert James Lee — Clinton 
Robert Marco Lee — Florence 
Sharon Lynn Lee Cumbe — Brandon 
Stephen Bret Lee — Clinton 
Stephen Demone Lee — Jackson 
Tera Lynn Lee — Jackson 
Teresa Gwen Lee Grubb — Pearl 
Thomas Mark Lee — Clinton 
Timothy Scott Lee — Star 
Tracey Furrer Lee — Clinton 
Tracy Denise Lee — Vicksburg 
Vincent Lee — Dallas 
Wiliam P. Lee — Vicksburg 
Nicole Shantel Leeper — Pearl 
Belinda Ann Leflore — Jackson 
Doretha McKinzie Leflore — Jackson 
Evelyn Canise Leflore — Carthage 
Shingy B. Leflore — Jackson 
Tinie Jenkins Leflore — Jackson 
R. Dennis Legate — Brandon 
Staci Lynn Legg — New Hebron 
Paul Lennon Leggett — Jackson 
Sharon Parkman Leggett — Raymond 
Henry Wayne Lehman — Jackson 
Richard Clark Lehman — Jackson 
Dewayne Dorman Leist — Vicksburg 
Joe Fuller Leist — Vicksburg 
Melissa Gross Leist — Vicksburg 
Mary Frances Lejeune P. — Jackson 
Brian David Lemasters — Raymond 
Cora M. Lemke — Jackson 
Thomas Karl Lemke — Vicksburg 
John Timothy Lenoir — Jackson 
Joyce Ivy Lenoir — Jackson 
Stacy Arnold Lentz — Jackson 
Timothy L. Leonard — Bogue Chitto 
Billy Ray Leonberger — Florence 
Teresa Leslie — Picayune 
Trudi Annette Letchworth — Jackson 
Rutha Holmes Level — Vicksburg 
Karen M. Levern Spill — Brandon 

304 / Directory 

ssandra Rena Levi — Jackson 

rbara C. Levy — Jackson 

rry Earl Levy — Jackson 

da Mae Levy — Ridgeland 

llye Tootle Lewallen — Magee 

ndra Prentic Lewandowski — Vicksburg 

landa Dale Lewis — Vicksburg 

tanda Michelle Lewis — Vicksburg 

tty Elaine Lewis — Vicksburg 

idley Ray Lewis — Vicksburg 

ristopher Dean Lewis — Natchez 

borah Ann Lewis Russe — Jackson 

ristine Carr Lewis — Pearl 

rlsine Simpson Lewis — Jackson 

zabeth Ann Lewis — Florence 

lora Lewis — Edwards 

tel Lee Lewis — Jackson 

ice Darlean Lewis — Clinton 

»g P. Lewis — Jackson 

:kie Elaine Lewis — Jackson 

lies Ray Lewis — Vicksburg 

la Shows Lewis — Jackson 

tfrey Lane Lewis — Jackson 

imie Ray Lewis — Bolton 

9 Lewis — Jackson 

i Curtis Lewis — Jackson 

jeph Rogers Lewis — Jackson 

therine Lorette Lewis — Jackson 

lly Kathleen Lewis — Clinton 

n M. Lewis — Terry 

nneth Earl Lewis Sr. — Florence 

nyarder Lewis — Jackson 

stie Lee Lewis — Jackson 

sley Raye Lewis — Utica 

a Gale Lewis Varne — Terry 

irilyn Joy Lewis — Florence 

irilynn Kitchen Lewis — Jackson 

iry Ann Lewis — Edwards 

iry Nell Lewis — Sandy Hook 

ilanie Rose Lewis — Vicksburg 

ilinda Leah Lewis — Madison 

:heal W. Lewis — Harrisville 

rris H. Lewis III — Vicksburg 

ell Lewis — Jackson 

a Gail Lewis — Jackson 

tricia Ann Lewis — Florence 

ula Michele Lewis — Jackson 

ulette Ann Lewis — Brandon 

genia Carrol Lewis — Jackson 

th L. Lewis — Jackson 

ndra D. Lewis — Jackson 

ndra Harrington Lewis — Vicksburg 

aron Marie Lewis Moung — Jackson 

d Alexander Lewis — Clinton 

1a Louise Lewis — Florence 

icy Renee Lewis — Jackson 

tsley Matthews Lewis — Clinton 

chelle Denise Lhamon — Vicksburg 

iliam Christopher Libbey — Vicksburg 

ene Lofton Lidded — Jackson 

hn Charles Liedke — Jackson 

ymond Liggins — Vicksburg 

than Lighter Jr. — Utica 

fan Christopher Liles — Jackson 

bbie Lilley — Clinton 

liet Angela Lilly Dorad — Jackson 

irvin Noah Lindse — Forest 

nie R. Lindsey — Jackson 

tte K. Lindsey — Brandon 

ly Joe Lindsey — Pearl 

an Guy Lindsey — Jackson 

rant Lee Lindsey — Jackson 

arlean Lindsey — Jackson 

weland G. Lindsey — Brandon 

lei Williams Lindsey — Jackson 

nnifer Lindsey — Edwards 

dy Lee Lindsey — Jackson 

roy Larry Lindsey — Rolling Fork 

lian Marie Lindsey — Jackson 

than E. Lindsey — Corinth 

bert Lee Lindsey — Jackson 

n L. Lindsey — Clinton 

annon D. Lindsey — Jackson 

eryl Denise Lindsey — Jackson 

nja Petrice Lindsey — Jackson 

icent K. Lindsey — Jackson 

anda Kaye Lindsey — Jackson 

cey Rae Linebarier — Raymond 

ny Michelle Linebaugh — Brandon 

andon Heth Lingerfelt — Raymond 

mes L. Link Jr. — Crystal Springs 

izabeth June Linthicum — Brandon 

iren Dale Linton — Brookhaven 

igela Blackwell Liollio — Brandon 

:ott Charles Lippiatt — Ridgeland 

illy Holt Lipscomb — Brandon 

ctoria Marrese List — Jackson 

icille McHenry Litchfield — Jackson 

ibby Little — Utica 

iniel R. Little — Magee 

luglas Ray Little — Utica 

Jorge Steve Little — Terry 

Margaret Ganelle Little Sc — Florence 

Melissa Dianne Little — Brandon 

Paul Alan Little — Clinton 

Ray Walton Little — Mize 

Sandra Kazery Little — Jackson 

Steven Todd Little — Brandon 

Trace Alexander Little — Clinton 

Kelly L. Littlefield — Jackson 

Leontyne Littleton — Jackson 

Marshall R. Littleton — Ridgeland 

Amy Nicole Litton — Jackson 

Stanley John Litwin — Jackson 

Auburn Rachel Lively — Brandon 

Avery Patrick Livingston — Vicksburg 

Candance Livingston — Jackson 

Lenetha Yvonne Livingston — Jackson 

Linda Lee Livingston — Vicksburg 

Lonzo Bruce Livingston IV — Pearl 

Robert L. Livingston — Jackson 

Albert Christopher Lloyd — Bolton 

Cheryl Fricke Lloyd — Brandon 

Emmie J. Lloyd — Pearl 

Herbert Lee Lloyd Jr. — Jackson 

Jan S. Lloyd — Kosciusko 

John J. Lloyd — Clinton 

Paula Renee Lloyd — Pearl 

Shelia Lloyd — Pearl 

Wanda Patrice Lloyd — Jackson 

Lisa Crotchett Lobin — Pearl 

Marianne Ponder Lobo — Jackson 

Steven Amil Loboda — Vicksburg 

Robert Taiwan Lock — Jackson 

Denice Maxine Lockett — Jackson 

Jason Thomas Lockett — Jackson 

Tiffany Cassandra Lockhart — Port Gibson 

Vanessa Meeks Lockhart — Jackson 

Johnny Ray Lodge — Edwards 

Leah Anne Loe — Brandon 

Angela Denise Loftin — Jackson 

Madelene Loftin — Jackson 

Michael Dennis Loftin — Jackson 

Charles David Lofton — Natchez 

Darin Lofton — Utica 

Ivy R. Lofton — Brookhaven 

Jennifer Padelford Lofton — Jackson 

Julia Shelton Lofton — Jackson 

Larry Ford Lofton — Clinton 

Lee Anna Lofton — Carthage 

Robby Monroe Lofton — Jackson 

Tracy Ann Lofton — Vicksburg 

Angela Daye Logan — Jackson 

Angela Jean Logan — Pearl 

Annie Katrina Logan — Jackson 

Denise Rochelle Logan — Jackson 

James Jone Logan IV — Clinton 

Juan Dangelo Logan — Magee 

Shawn Edwin Logan — Natchez 

Stephanie L. Logan — Brandon 

Lillian P. Loggans — Jackson 

Melaney Diane Lollar — Jackson 

Clarence Earl Lomax — Vicksburg 

Evelyn Louise Lomax — Jackson 

Raymond Lee London — Vicksburg 

Cynthia B. Long — Jackson 

Dale D. Long — Jackson 

Darlene Kay Long — Jackson 

Donald Wayne Long — Jackson 

James Edgar Long — Florence 

Jason Warren Long — Jackson 

Katherine Sawyer Long — Vicksburg 

Robin Jeffery Long — Madison 

Theresa Sparacello Long — Hazlehurst 

Leigh Ellen Longest — Vicksburg 

Kay Longgrear — Canton 

Tamera Diahn Longmire — Jackson 

Anita Tidwell Longo — Vicksburg 

William Thomas Longo — Jackson 

Kevin Eugene Longstreath — Vicksburg 

Veronica P. Loomis — Pearl 

Paula Lewis Looney — Madison 

Beverly Ann Loper — Morton 

Glenda Joyce Loper — Madison 

James Waller Loper — Forest 

Jan White Loper — Pearl 

Paul N. Loper — Brandon 

Ashley Everett Lopez — Vicksburg 

Peggy Jean Lopez — Rolling Fork 

Noah William Lord — Jackson 

Sandra P. Lorisch — Jackson 

April S. Lott — Mt. Olive 

Billy H. Lott III — Jackson 

Claudie Lott — Vicksburg 

David William Lott — Raymond 

Heather Lynn Lott — Magee 

James Elton Lott — Florence 

Jeff Michael Lott — Richland 

Kerry Charisse Lott — Clinton 

Linda M. Lott — Sharon 

Peggy Gabbert Lott — Jackson 

Rhonda G. Lott — Lena 

Tung Keang Lott Ea — Vicksburg 

Kelly Lynn Lough — Clinton 

Michael Anthony Louis — Tallulah 
Brenda Jones Love — Vicksburg 
Carolyn S. Love Shaw — Jackson 
Dennis Wayne Love — Jackson 
Donna Denise Love — Newton 
Doretha Love — Jackson 
Jaquelyn Cole Love — Brandon 
Jimmy Lee Love — Jackson 
Jimmy R. Love — Jackson 
Lynda S. Love Brown — Meridian 
Richard Love — Raymond 
Robert Lee Love — Jackson 
Sandra Love — Jackson 
Shannon Denise Lovelace — Brandon 
Tartt Lovelace — Flowood 
Cynthia Dawn Lovell — Clinton 
Carolyn J. Lovett — Yazoo City 
Joseph Dalton Lovett Jr. — Jackson 
Bradly Devors Lovette — Jackson 
Dawn Denise Lovings — Vicksburg 
Cheryl Lowe — Kosciusko 
Chris M. Lowe — Jackson 
Linda Hebert Lowe — Brandon 
Tracey Magnoria Lowe — Vicksburg 
Yolanda Bridgett Lowe — Jackson 
Catherine Wagner Lowery — Madison 
Cayce S. Lowery — Vicksburg 
Dianne Catledge Lowery — Flowood 
Donald Wayne Lowery — Madison 
James Will Lowery — Clinton 
Johnny W. Lowery — Vicksburg 
Judith Odom Lowery — Georgetown 
Ruthi L. Lowery — Vicksburg 
Teasha Lynn Lowery — Vicksburg 
Yancy Elizabeth Lowman — Brandon 
Mary M. Loya — Florence 
Florence Cage Loyd — Port Gibson 
Lynda B. Loyd — Jackson 
Nettie Loyd — Jackson 
Vernon Earl Loyd — Pattison 
Louis Griffin Luby — Jackson 
Stephanie Lazette Luby — Brandon 
Pamela A. Lucas — Hollandale 
Sandra Lyon Lucas — Pearl 
Kerry Murray Lucious — Jackson 
Yourlander Roshew Lucious — Jackson 
Charles Hayes Luckett — Gallman 
Joe Nathan Luckett — Morton 
Lacy Leigh Luckett — Jackson 
Leroy Luckett — Canton 
Leslee Lyn Luckett — Vicksburg 
Linda D. Luckett — Brandon 
Marilyn Johnson Luckett — Jackson 
Nikki J. Luckett — Jackson 
Regina Lee Luckett — Jackson 
Sarah Willis Luckett — Madison 
William Gillis Luckett — Jackson 
Christopher Earl Luckey — Jackson 
Sabrina Trinette Lucus — Terry 
Matthew Kevin Ludke — Jackson 
Allan Geoffrey Lugo — Jackson 
Billy Brooks Luke — Brandon 
Billy Michael Luke — Flora 
JR Marvin Luke — Vicksburg 
Lacie Carol Luke Abies — Flora 
Lisa Carolyn Luke — Pearl 
Tammy Diane Luke — Flora 
Cathy R. Lum — Jackson 
Amy Elizabeth Lumpkin — Jackson 
Ernest E. Lumpkin — Jackson 
Jesse Lumpkins — Jackson 
Gilbert M. Luna — Jackson 
Melissa Dees Luna — Jackson 
Frances Genevieve Lundy — Jackson 
Debra Kim Lunsford — Jackson 
Angela Roberts Luper — Pearl 
Pamela Melissa Luper Kidd — Crystal 

James Boyd Lusby — Tallulah 
Bobbye Millwood Lusk — Vicksburg 
James Orman Lusk — Clinton 
Tracy Rene Lute — Jackson 
Darrell D. Luter — Columbia 
Rhonda Keshone Luter — Columbia 
Tina Marie Lutes — Vicksburg 
Sharon Craft Lutrick — Pearl 
Kayiyn Maria Luttrell — Jackson 
Turner Albert Luttrell Jr. — Jackson 
Marlin T. Lutz — Clinton 
Tich Canh Ly — Jackson 
Tammy Rolanda Lyle — Hillsboro 
Thomas Ray Lyle — Pelahatchie 
Bobbie Ann Lyles — Jackson 
Frances Elizabeth Lymberis — Jackson 
Betty Ann Lynch — Clinton 
Garrett Dawson Lynch — Kennesaw Cobb 
John H. Lynch — Terry 
Bonnie Freeman Lynn — Vicksburg 
Charles A. Lynn — Vicksburg 
Jo Ann Lynn — Vicksburg 
Kelly Kay Lynn — Vicksburg 
Quinton Fitzgerald Lynn — Jackson 
Doris C. Lyons — Vicksburg 

Edith A. Lyons Bosma — Jackson 
Eugene Carter Lyons — Vicksburg 
Shananon Vel Lyons — Shreveport 
Tricia Michelle Lyons — Bolton 
Winston Lyons — Vicksburg 

James Donald McCarty — Pearl 
Charles Austin McLendon — Jackson 
F. S. McMillan — Vicksburg 
Teresa Marie Maberry — Jackson 
Clarence Edward Mabien Jr. — Satsuma 
Janice Sue Mabry — Vicksburg 
Jon W. Mabry — Jackson 
Martha Melinda Mabry — Ridgeland 
Michael Jason Mabry — Jackson 
Tonya Paige Mabry — Florence 
Gail Elizabeth Macalusa — Madison 
James David Mace — Florence 
Connie Machado — Jackson 
Donald Edwin Mack — Jackson 
Fannie Regina Mack — Edwards 
Linda Phillips Mack — Jackson 
Markeith Mack — Bolton 
Marlon Keith Mack — Rolling Fork 
Pamela Denise Mack — Pearl 
Rosie Diane Mack — Pinola 
Roxanne Mack — Crystal Springs 
Jim A. Macke — Clinton 
Dana Elizabeth Macon — Canton 
Efferin Lavon Macon — Gadsden 
Karen D. Macon — Brandon 
Tracy Lorraine Madden — Jackson 
Courtney Michele Maddox — Vicksburg 
Patricia Leigh Maddox — Puckett 
Ralph G. Maddox — Vicksburg 
Ralph Gerald Maddox Jr. — Raymond 
Cargin Dwayne Madison — Jackson 
Dwayne Albert Madison — Jackson 
Karlos Madison — Rolling Fork 
Leslie Faye Madison — Vicksburg 
Quana Quanette Madison — Jackson 
Carolyn Magee — Jackson 
Chequetta J. Magee — Tougaloo 
Daniel Joe Magee — Magee 
Gwendolyn Ronay Magee — Clinton 
Karen Denise Magee — Jackson 
Kenneth Earl Magee — Jackson 
Layne G. Magee — Jackson 
Michelle Magee — Jackson 
Mitchell Louis Magee — Jackson 
Patsy Lee Magee — Jackson 
Samuel Eric Magee — Magee 
Sherry Susanne Magee — Magee 
Shirley E. Magee — Raymond 
Sydna Alice Magee Steel — Clinton 
Tammy M. Magee — Jackson 
Angela Chiarina Maggiano — Raymond 
Barbara Anne Magruder — Jackson 
Uttira Mahadevan — Brandon 
Gabriel J. Mahaffey — Jackson 
Jennifer Kotina Mahaffey — Harrisville 
Oletha Mahaffey — Jackson 
Terrie Robin Mahaffey — Florence 
J. Maurice Mahan — Jackson 
Patricia Jean Maher — Clinton 
James William Mahloch — Vicksburg 
Jenny Mahmood — Brandon 
Sheridan Wendell Maiden — Jackson 
Cloyce Jeffcoat Maliett — Vicksburg 
Darlene Maliett — Utica 
Darlene Long Maliett — Clinton 
Dennis Maliett — Clinton 
Jacqueline Eloise Maliett — Jackson 
Lisa Lambert Maliett — Brandon 
Robin L. Maliett — Jackson 
Rickey Ricks Mallory — Brandon 
Jennifer Joy Malner — Kosciusko 
Allison Delynn Malone — Carthage 
Earnest Malone — Jackson 
Jerry A. Malone — Jackson 
Kimberly Ann Malone — Crystal Springs 
Mary Hopper Malone — Jackson 
Melissa Denise Malone — Pearl 
Peggy L. Malone — Jackson 
Teresa Massey Malone — Pearl 
Michele Jones Maloney — Ridgeland 
Christopher Scott Malpass — Jackson 
Barbara F. Maltby Hults — Jackson 
Candace Mamourieh — Pearl 
David Brent Manasco — Pearl 
Melissa Lane Manby — Vicksburg 
Veronica Regina Mance — Jackson 
Letitia Gwyn Maness — Raleigh 

Directory / 305 

Martin Faler Mangold — Jackson 
Bernard Hamlet Mangroo — Jackson 
Barbara B. Mangrum — Brandon 
Charles Edward Mangum — Jackson 
Codella Younger Mangum — Jackson 
Darryl Lee Mangum — Florence 
Dwayne Mangum — Brandon 
Edward Earl Mangum — Jackson 
George M. Mangum — Magee 
Jessie Jones Mangum — Pearl 
Reginald Jerome Mangum — Brandon 
Sharatta Diane Mangum — Pearl 
Timothy D. Mangum — Florence 
Carol A. Manley Grove — Raymond 
Julie Mann — Maben 
Forrest Ann Mannery — Jackson 
Jerry Mannery — Jackson 
Maria Lashea Mannery — Florence 
Oenise Renee Manning — Pearl 
Linda Rae Manning — Terry 
Suzanne Marie Manning — Jackson 
Todd Maurice Manning — Florence 
Deborah A. Mannino Erwin — Madison 
Gwendolyn Alice Manor — Jackson 
Steven Wayne Manor — Yazoo City 
Tina Michelle Manor — Yazoo City 
Tisha Gordon Manor — Yazoo 
Lynda Lovell Mantooth — Jackson 
Melissa Lee Mantooth — Dallas 
Eric Shane Manuel — Brandon 
Andrew Manyfield — Clinton 
Lynda Turnage Manyfield — Jackson 
Timothy Renard Manyfield — Jackson 
Thomas Hastings Maples — Vicksburg 
David Allen Mapp — Brandon 
Jeanne Marascalco — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Alan Marble — Clinton 
Johnnie Johnson Marble — Vicksburg 
Michelle Lee Marble — Brandon 
Anita M. Marcoon — Madison 
Richard Pries Marcus Jr. — Vicksburg 
Kathleen Morris Mardick — Jackson 
Edwin Lee Mardis — Natchez 
Jason Todd Mardis — Terry 
Margaret Kelly Markham — Jackson 
Benita Ramey Markovich — Clinton 
David Alan Marler — Jackson 
Peggy Pickering Marr — Florence 
Ameta Brown Marsalis — Pearl 
Gay Watson Marsalis — Clinton 
John Marsalis — Vicksburg 
Linda C. Marsalis — Yazoo City 
Ronda McPhail Marsh — Brandon 
Annie Bell Marshall Hill — Jackson 
Cassie Denise Marshall — Jackson 
Danny Harris Marshall — Clinton 
Dianne Carcamo Marshall — Jackson 
Earnest Andreal Marshall — College Park 
Erin Lynn Marshall — Clinton 
Herbert Justin Marshall — Clinton 
Jennifer Lea Marshall — Jackson 
Kathy Lee Marshall — Jackson 
Linda Fay Marshall — Jackson 
Martha Anne Marshall — Jackson 
Marvin Danny Marshall — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ann Marshall — Jackson 
Paul Elliott Marshall — Jackson 
Robert Lee Marshall — Vicksburg 
Thomasene Caston Marshall — Edwards 
Virginia Gay Marshall — Clinton 
William Philip Marshall — Brandon 
Frances Ann Martar — Vicksburg 
Alesia R. Martin Alder — Clinton 
Angela Marie Martin — Ridgeland 
Anita Rushing Martin — Jackson 
Bradford S. Martin — Jackson 
Brian Dwayne Martin — Utica 
Burkett G. Martin — Vicksburg 
Chadwick Scott Martin — McComb 
Charles Todd Martin — Florence 
Cherie Kazan Martin T. — Pearl 
Cheryl A. Martin — Utica 
Clare Johnson Martin — Jackson 
Debra K. Martin — Florence 
Donald Christopher Martin — McComb 
Eddie Roy Martin — Jackson 
Ernestine W. Martin — Utica 
Francis Martin — Forest 
Gerry Ronnell Martin — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Rachelle Martin — Jackson 
llydia Putnam Martin — Forest 
Irene Martin — Raymond 
James Louis Martin — Vicksburg 
Jataun Roshalle Martin — Pearl 
Jeffrey Scott Martin — Crystal Springs 
Jody E. Martin — Jackson 
John Hill Martin III — Vicksburg 
John Hill Martin Jr. — Vicksburg 
Kenny Lamar Martin — Ridgeland 
Kristi Alisia Martin — Jackson 
Laura Ann Martin — Jackson 
Lesly Rene Martin — Clinton 

Malynda Kaye Martin — Pelahatchie 
Michael Charles Martin — Jackson 
Michael David Martin — Vicksburg 
Michael Eugene Martin — Florence 
Michael Ray Martin — Terry 
Michele Lynn Martin Bradd — Jackson 
Monica M. Martin — Vicksburg 
Nancy Carol Martin — Brandon 
Patricia Dianne Martin — Morton 
Patsy Janelle Martin — Yazoo City 
Paul Sterling Martin — Brandon 
Ranee Lynette Martin — Brandon 
Rechell Martin — Clinton 
Richard Anthony Martin — Jackson 
Rickey Lee Martin — Pearl 
Robert Glen Martin — Jackson 
Robert Lewis Martin — Jackson 
Samuel Burtran Martin III — Jackson 
Sandra Jane Martin — Carthage 
Sandra Pettis Martin — Florence 
Shannon Marie Martin — Jackson 
Sharon Elaine Martin — Terry 
Shelita Andrews Martin — Harrisville 
Shelly Dawn Martin Smith — Pearl 
Stanley A. Martin — Clinton 
Stephanie R. Martin — Jackson 
Stephanie Orjias Martin — Tallulah 
Sullivan D. Martin — Jackson 
Tabitha Hope Martin — Crystal Springs 
Tammy Renee Martin — Whitfield 
Thomas Randall Martin — Jackson 
Ton! Gail Martin — Redwood 
Traci Bess Martin — Jackson 
Yashica Brezina Martin — Jackson 
Yolanda Martin — Vicksburg 
James D. Martineson — Madison 
Cammie Carter Martinez — Jackson 
James Marx — Clinton 
Daree F. Mashburn — Florence 
Annie Net Mason — Mound Bayou 
Barbara Jean Mason — Bentonia 
C. Denise Mason — Pearl 
Charles Anthony Mason — Canton 
Chip Reed Mason — Clinton 
Cynthia Anne Mason — Jackson 
Felisha Mason — Clinton 
Hazel Ree Mason — Vicksburg 
Julette Mason — Jackson 
Kelley Carol Mason — Raymond 
Kimberly Dawn Mason — Jackson 
Kimmica Mason — Jackson 
Louis W. Mason — Vicksburg 
Marcus Mason — Jackson 
Richard Kevin Mason — Jackson 
Robert Mason — Vicksburg 
Sophia L. Mason — Jackson 
Susan Clark Mason — Pearl 
Teresa Ann Mason Barne — Jackson 
Gerald Stanford Massengale — 

Barbara Ann Massey Donah — Jackson 
Brenda Sue Massey — Jackson 
Dale Elizabeth Massey — Jackson 
Ginger Amanda Massey — Pearl 
James Dennis Massey — Carthage 
James Harland Massey — Ethel 
Janice Brantley Massey — Carthage 
Kristen Massey Parke — Mendenhall 
Ladona C. Massey — Jackson 
Lisa G. Massey — Flowood 
Lynda Nell Massey Stuck — Magee 
Nina Elizabeth Massey — Pearl 
Patricia Anne Massey — Jackson 
Rebecca Spearman Massey — Brandon 
Stephanie Perkins Massey — Morton 
Teresa Brewer Massey — Clinton 
Thomas F. Massey — Jackson 
Bertha Lynn Massingill — Jackson 
Janice Marie Massung — Ridgeland 
Scott Aaron Masters — Jackson 
Darrell Lee Masterson — Jackson 
Sandra Cobbs Mateen — Jackson 
Gregory Alan Matheny — Terry 
Marie Ann Matheny Brazi — Brandon 
Paula Hilliard Matherne — Vicksburg 
Dennis Wade Mathes — Utica 
Frederick Mathes — Jackson 
John Robert Mathew — Madison 
Douglas Kevin Mathis — Quitman 
Robert M. Mathis — Jackson 
Kenneth George Matijevich — Clinton 
Margaret Ann Matney — Raymond 
Maurice Gabriel Matory — Jackson 
Norway Matory — Jackson 
Jacob Vincent Matrick — Jackson 
Amy L. Matthews — Clinton 
Carranetta S. Matthews — Jackson 
Cindy Carol Matthews — Ridgeland 
Doris D. Matthews — Jackson 
Juanita Samson Matthews — Greenville 
Julie D. Matthews Wooda — Clinton 
Karen Denise Matthews — Jackson 
Kristi Michelle Matthews — Clinton 

Nancy Bennett Matthews — Madison 
Patricia Serio Matthews — Jackson 
Sonia G. Matthews — Vicksburg 
Wanda Gulley Matthews — Jackson 
James Bradley Mattison — Utica 
Leanda Perez Mattix — Jackson 
Gloria Cavaliere Mattox — Carrollton 
Walter J. Matts — Jackson 
Owen Louis Mauffray — Gulfport 
Gary P. Maughon — Jackson 
Clifton Tracy Maulding — Terry 
Suanna Margaret Maulding — Jackson 
Knight Maxie — Vicksburg 
Pamela Maxie — Bolton 
Faye Harvey Maxwell — Tallulah 
Joanne Davis Maxwell — Jackson 
Richard L. Maxwell — Vicksburg 
Barbara Anne May — Vicksburg 
Carl R. May Jr. — Vicksburg 
Christopher Blair May — Vicksburg 
Diana Joyce May — Brandon 
Donald Edwin May — Jackson 
Doug Patrick May — Clinton 
James Richard May — Brandon 
Jason B. May — Clinton 
Jason Douglas May — Brandon 
Jewel D. May — Vicksburg 
Jill Marie May — Jackson 
Johnny Davis May — Crystal Springs 
Ken Lamar May — Richland 
Mary Dean May — Jackson 
Michael Edward May — Mendenhall 
Paxton Dene May — Clinton 
Rachael A. May Dowe — Vicksburg 
Rebecca Sherman May — Mendenhall 
Richard Eric May — Pearl 
Robert Steve May — Clinton 
Sabrena Allison May — Jackson 
Stacy May — Crystal Springs 
Susie B. May — Florence 
Timmy May — Carthage 
Tina Louise May — Port Gibson 
Curtis Jackson Mayatt — Meridian 
Clyde E. Mayes — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Denise Mayes — Florence 
Laura Ann Mayes — Florence 
Richard Lenoard Mayes — Edwards 
Tanya Susanne Mayes — Brandon 
Bertha Diann Mayfield — Vicksburg 
Betty Atkinson Mayfield — Brandon 
Gregory Mayfield — Vicksburg 
Juanita Jordan Mayfield — Brandon 
Melissa Dawn Mayfield — Jackson 
Michael Mayfield — Vicksburg 
Rachel Faye Mayfield — Brandon 
Teresa B. Mayne — Florence 
Barbara Mayo — Raymond 
Debbie M. Mayo — Jackson 
Lawrence Patrick Mayo — Crystal Springs 
Samuel Latrael Mayo — Jackson 
William Ray Mayo — Pearl 
Scott Erwin Mays — Jackson 
David Allen Maytas — Corinth 
Sam Mahmood Mazhari — Jackson 
Willie Mae Mazion — Vicksburg 
Sherrill Fay Mazique — Jackson 
Cool Roger McShann — Richland 
Inez McAfee — Mendenhall 
Joyce Ann McAfee — Magee 
Kathie Graves McAlexander — Clinton 
Sherryl McAlilly — Jackson 
Betty J. McAlister — Vicksburg 
Gale Michael McAlphin — Clinton 
Amy McAlpin — Jackson 
Billie Jean McAlpin — Florence 
Daniel Lawrence McAlpin Jr. — Brandon 
Jena Dew McAlpin — Vicksburg 
Lisa Michelle McAlpin — Brandon 
Patricia Anne McAlpin — Madison 
Paul Douglas McArdle — Ridgeland 
Helen McArthur — Jackson 
Reiko McBeath — Philadelphia 
Vicky Delorice McBeath — Forest 
Sara Jean McBounds — Jackson 
Thomas George McBrain — Clinton 
Anthony Wayne McBridge — Jackson 
John Michael McBride — Brandon 
Therasa Dianca McBride — Jackson 
Christie Lynn McBroom — Brandon 
Tina Lorene McCaa — Jackson 
James Carroll McCabe — Jackson 
Janie Lee McCabe — Jackson 
Thomas Allen McCabe — Vicksburg 
Robert Donald McCaffrey — Jackson 
Debbie McCain M. — Mendenhall 
Laura Baker McCain — Raymond 
Sandy Wilson McCain — Vicksburg 
Michael Willard McCalip — Clinton 
Shelethia Yvette McCalip — Florence 
Jennifer Leigh McCall — Jackson 
Sydney James McCall Jr. — Jackson 
Paul Earl McCallum II — Jackson 

Kimberly Ranae McCann — Clinton 
Melanee Lynn McCann — Pearl 
Scott Daron McCann — Vicksburg 
Doreen McCardle — Brandon 
Edward McCardle — Jackson 
Lee Ann McCardle May — Ridgeland 
Erin Colleen McCarthy — Brandon 
James Howard McCarthy — Vicksburg 
Terry J. McCarthy — Brandon 
Constine Lynn McCarty — Jackson 
Jason Wade McCarty — Clinton 
Lola A. McCarty — Jackson 
Christopher Owen McCarver — Brandon 
Shelia B. McCarver — Brandon 
James Steven McCaskell — Jackson 
Cathy Faye McCaskill — Vicksburg 
Beverly S. McCaughan — Pearl 
Sara Marie McCaughan — Pearl 
Kimberly Ann McCauley — Pascagoula 
Mark Edward McCausley — Bentonia 
Kimberley McCearley — Clinton 
Beatrice Marie McClain — Jackson 
Doris McClain — Bolton 
Melinda Kasi McClain — Brandon 
Veronica McClain — Terry 
Mark R. McClaskey — Jackson 
Russell L. McClaskey — Terry 
Christopher Lee McCleave — Jackson 
Sue Purvis McCleland — Pelahatchie 
Michael A. McClendon — Jackson 
Cristina Lynn McClenic — Clinton 
Harwood Kevin McClerking — Columbus 
Virginia Ann McClindon — Prentiss 
Georganna McClintock — Jackson 
Sarah V. McClinton — Hazlehurst 
Rufus McClodden Jr. — Tallulah 
Mary Conner McClung — Braxton 
Denice D. McClure — Jackson 
Derez Darnell McClure — Jackson 
Lonzo McClure — Hermanville 
Steven Travis McClure — Florence 
Amy Linnette McClurg — Vicksburg 
Dana Marie McClurg — Delta 
Anna Claire McCluskey — Clinton 
Kennieth Charle McCollough — Brandon 
Dinah N. McComas — Vicksburg 
Jamey L. McCool Sapp — Jackson 
Alison Renee McCormick — Jackson 
Brenda McCormick — Jackson 
Susan Carol McCormick — Long Beach 
Charles Carey McCoy — Jackson 
Cheryl Montgomery McCoy — Florence 
David Connell McCoy — Raymond 
Jerry Carl McCoy — Brandon 
Jerryl Lewan McCoy — Jackson 
Joseph Patrick McCoy — Florence 
Lisa S. McCoy — Raymond 
Martha Ann McCoy — Jackson 
Melissa Deann McCoy — Brandon 
Monica McCoy — Brandon 
Patricia Ladner McCoy — Brandon 
Richard Scott McCoy — Jackson 
Robbie Rodgers McCoy — Bolton 
Reginald McCracken — Jackson 
Stephen Craig McCraney — Raymond 
Monica C. McCrary — Ridgeland 
Catherine Mynette McCraw — Brandon 
Jeff ery L. McCraw — Brandon 
Lola H. McCraw — Pearl 
Tracy Walters McCraw — Flowood 
Albert McCray — Brandon 
Donna L. McCreary — Pulaski 
Joe Marshall McCreary — Brandon 
Diana McCree — Jackson 
Tony C. McCree — Jackson 
Jamie Kay McCright — Pearl 
Angela Carol McCrillis — Crystal Springs 
John Charles McCrory — Brandon 
Nancy Chestine McCrory — Clinton 
Wilma Jean McCroy — Jackson 
Arlis M. McCullah — North Little Rock 
Caria Jean McCulloch — Plnola 
Jacqueline M. McCullough — Canton 
Jill M. McCullough Ulmer — Richland 
Stanley McCullough — Vicksburg 
Speigel McCullum — Jackson 
Antina Deneise McCune — Pearl 
William David McCuriey — Natchez 
Martin Lloyd McCurtis — Edwards 
Valena Rochelle McCurty — Hattiesburg 
Cheryl Renee McDaniel — Terry 
Curtis McDaniel Jr. — Fort Payne 
Elaine Ann McDaniel — Pearl 
Jena Kaye McDaniel — Richland 
Kevin Rae McDaniel — Terry 
Lena Michelle McDaniel — Vicksburg 
Libby Neely McDaniel — Ridgeland 
Lori Nix McDaniel — Pearl 
Melissa Kaye McDaniel — Redwood 
Monica Retha McDaniel — Vicksburg 
Pamela W. McDaniel — Vicksburg 
Van Howard McDaniel — Terry 

306 / Directory 

Victor C. McDaniel — Jackson 
Wayne McDaniel — Jackson 
Dave McDavid Jr. — Jackson 
Ariene Quillen McDermott — Richland 
Elizabeth Ann McDevitt — Vicksburg 
Afi McDonald — Jackson 
Amy Lauren McDonald — Jackson 
Angela Joy McDonald — Jackson 
Brenda Arnold McDonald — Vicksburg 
Brian L. McDonald — Vicksburg 
Chuck McDonald — Jackson 
Grade Jean McDonald — Utica 
James Edward McDonald — Vicksburg 
Jeanie C. McDonald — Vicksburg 
Keeshia Roshunda McDonald — Jackson 
Lisa Carlisle McDonald — Pearl 
Michael Steven McDonald — Jackson 
Rosie Lee McDonald — Jackson 
Sharon Mize McDonald — Vicksburg 
Stacie Lynette McDonald — Jackson 
Veronica McDonald — Jackson 
Vivian Mack McDonald — Bolton 
Wynee McDonald — Mendenhall 
Kenneth Oran McDougal — Vicksburg 
Marshall McDougal — Jackson 
Becky Spence McDowell — Crystal 

Ethel Louise McDowell — Jackson 
A. J. McDuff — Vicksburg 
Roger Dale McDuff — Vicksburg 
Tiffany Marie McDuff — Vicksburg 
Walter McDuff — Redwood 
Carta Jean McDuffie — Hattiesburg 
Celeste McDuffie — Jackson 
Durrell Alexander McElroy — Jackson 
Pamela Denise McElroy — Jackson 
Eddie James McEntee — Jackson 
Kevin Lane McEntyre — Jackson 
Charles B. McEuen — Jackson 
Alisa J. McEwen — Jackson 
Helen L. McFarland — Jackson 
Jamie Lynn McFarland — Terry 
Stacey Ann McFarland — Pearl 
Wendi Leigh McFarland — Jackson 
Beverly Ann McField — Jackson 
Kirby Lyle McGahagin Jr. — Jackson 
Aerial Denise McGahey — Terry 
Stacy Ainsworth McGahey — Clinton 
Matthew R. McGaugh — Vicksburg 
Robert B. McGaughy — Brandon 
April Sharice McGee — Jackson 
Barton Hunter McGee — Jackson 
Brian Seavey McGee — Brookhaven 
Carolyn S. McGee — Jackson 
Dinah McGee — Pearl 
Howard W. McGee Jr. — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Denise McGee — Brandon 
Jason Todd McGee — Brandon 
Jeff ry Andrew McGee — Brandon 
Kathy Annelle McGee Goss — Brandon 
Lori Elizabeth McGee — Terry 
Luther Ealon McGee — Jackson 
Marvin Marcus McGee — Jackson 
Michael Jame McGee — Jackson 
Queen E. McGee — Jackson 
Rebecca Lynn McGee — Jackson 
Roosevelt McGee Jr. — Raymond 
Sandra Anita McGee — Carthage 
Valerie Louise McGee — Jackson 
Charles Lee McGehee — Jackson 
Jodie Poole McGehee — Jackson 
Glenda K. McGibbon — Vicksburg 
Latarsha Latricia McGill — Jackson 
Pamela M. McGill — Jackson 
Charles Adam McGinn — Jackson 
Ursula Gerda McGinnis — Madison 
Mitchell McGinty — Jackson 
Rusty David McGinty — Ridgeland 
Alice Ruth McGlaston — Jackson 
Kelly Scott McGlocklin — Clinton 
Gertrude McGloster — Port Gibson 
Deidre Antoinette McGowan — Jackson 
Donnie L. McGowan — Pearl 
James Robert McGowan — Jackson 
Jim Lamar McGowan — Vicksburg 
Mary N. McGowan — Crystal Springs 
Hoyt S. McGrath — Ridgeland 
Carissa Anne McGraw — Braxton 
Charlotte Michall McGraw — Bolton 
Cindy J. McGraw Ellis — Canton 
Sheranne Hubbard McGraw — Clinton 
Paula Renea McGregor — Pearl 
Huritte Kingsley McGriff — Pearl 
Jo Ann McGruder — Canton 
Kenny Leon McGruder — Sharon 
Sheretha LaShawn McGruder — Sharon 
Stephanie Ellis McGruder — Jackson 
Durwood E. McGuffee II — Brandon 
Rodney Alan McGuffee — Vicksburg 
Theresa Leigh McGuffee — Utica 
Glenn A. McGuffie — Jackson 
Johnny W. McGuffie — Vicksburg 
Monty Frank McGuffie — Vicksburg 

Debbie Lynn McGuire — Magee 
Melissa Ann McGuire — Jackson 
William David McHan — Vicksburg 
Bob L. McHann — Clinton 
Shelley McHardy — Jackson 
John Preston McHenry — Pearl 
James Stephen Mcllwain — Clinton 
Clifton J. Mclnnis — Vicksburg 
Portia F. Mclnnis — Clinton 
Tracie Mclnnis — Jackson 
Martha Jean Mclntee — Jackson 
James Joseph Mclntire — Brandon 
Sean C. Mcintosh — Jackson 
Vicki Gail Mcintosh — Pearl 
Kala Denise Mclntyre — Pearl 
Pat Harris Mclntyre — Florence 
Ronald Lee Mclntyre — Clinton 
Stephanie Ann Mclntyre — Clinton 
Walton McJordan III — Clinton 
Ashley Paige McKay — Pearl 
Billy Keith McKay — Vicksburg 
Bridgett Denise McKay — Jackson 
Burke Lavell McKay — Brandon 
Jaudon Hobkirk McKay — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Anne McKay — Jackson 
Kristy Denise McKay — Ridgeland 
Laura Beth McKay — Jackson 
Loren Rene McKay — Vicksburg 
Mary Humphries McKay — Jackson 
Sandra Ann McKay — Vicksburg 
Brian J. McKee — Brandon 
Chris D. McKee — Crystal Springs 
Lisa Kay McKee — Brookhaven 
Sybil Joyce McKee — Crystal Springs 
Delinda Joy McKeithen — Brandon 
Vivian Leigh McKell — Starkville 
Danelle Logan McKellar — Brandon 
Harris Lane McKenney — McComb 
Necole McKennis — Jackson 
Jo Ann McKenzie — Vicksburg 
Nelson Xavier McKenzie — Mendenhall 
Ramona Lynn McKenzie — Jackson 
Thomas Jerry McKenzie — Chalmette 
Betty J. McKinion — Jackson 
Beverly Frances McKinion — Brandon 
Jack Monroe McKinley — Jackson 
Robert L. McKinley — Vicksburg 
Scott Alan McKinley — Jackson 
Felicia B. McKinney — Jackson 
Jane Michelle McKinney — Vicksburg 
Scott Samuel McKinney — Raymond 
Stacy Lynn McKinney — Pearl 
Clara Causey McKinnon — Brandon 
Elizabeth Conger McKinnon — Brandon 
Glenda Kay McKinnon — Jackson 
Johnny Lamar McKinnon — Brandon 
Tanya Faye McKinnon — Florence 
Tyrone McKinnon — Tampa 
Clara Jean McKissack — Ridgeland 
Richard McKissack — Raymond 
James Earl McKneely — Vicksburg 
Charles M. McLain Jr. — Brandon 
Anthony D. McLaurin — Jackson 
Edna Louise McLaurin — Jackson 
Gloria S. McLaurin — Jackson 
Linda C. McLaurin — Flowood 
Lon Day McLaurin — Brandon 
Mary Elizabeth McLaurin — Braxton 
Wilhelmenia D. McLaurin — Jackson 
Willie Lee McLaurin — Jackson 
John Thomas McLean — Jackson 
Sherri McLellan — Brandon 
Todd Knight McLellan — Brandon 
Amanda Lynn McLelland — Clinton 
Stanley McLemore — Vicksburg 
Brad Wayne McLendon — Mendenhall 
Charles Todd McLendon — Jackson 
Charles William McLendon — Richland 
Needum Carroll McLendon Jr. — Crystal 

Byron K. McLeod — Vicksburg 
Charles William McLeod — Brandon 
Freda W. McLeod — Morton 
Julie Gail McLeod — Brandon 
Pat Nail McLeod — Brandon 
Vivian Dawn McLeod W. — Jackson 
Dana Diann McLin — Jackson 
Katrina Michelle McLin — Brandon 
Sandra Jean McLin — Ridgeland 
Patty P. McManus — Pattison 
Sheila Marie McManus — Pearl 
Timothy DeWayne McManus — Hazlehurst 
Laura Leigh McMaster — Vicksburg 
LaBarron Okeefe McMillan — Moss Point 
Terry Neal McMillan — Forest 
James W. McMillian — Jackson 
Thomas Dwayne McMillian — Jackson 
Andrea Leigh McMillin — Vicksburg 
Carol L. McMillin — Vicksburg 
Irwin Vincent McMinn Jr. — Pearl 
Randall Wayne McMoran — Jackson 
Kim Gail McMullen — Vicksburg 
Linda McMullen — Canton 

Richard Leon McMullen — Vicksburg 
Scott Alan McMullin — Jackson 
Katharine A. McMurtray — Bolton 
Kathy Lynette McMurtry — Jackson 
Kelly Marie McNabb — Brandon 
Dedrick McNair — Jackson 
Eunice Evans McNair — Jackson 
John Mark McNair — Brandon 
Nitchka Shavonna McNair — Crystal 

Pamela Joyce McNair — Jackson 
Patrick Wendell McNair — Jackson 
Paula C. McNair Cheat — Jackson 
Sheila Ann McNair — Jackson 
Sylvia Shennetta McNair — Gautier 
Tedrick McNair — Jackson 
William D. McNair — Jackson 
Kristine O. McNamara — Vicksburg 
Duncan Scott McNamee — Jackson 
Marie McNease — Prentiss 
Tamatha Lea McNease — Brandon 
Dana Michele McNeece — Carthage 
Joel Larry McNeece — Clinton 
Keeli Ericka McNeely — Pearl 
Linda S. McNeese — Pearl 
William Felton McNeese — Whitfield 
Richard D. McNeil — Jackson 
Bedford Jeremey McNeill — Canton 
Deborah Susan McNeill — Jackson 
Margaret S. McNeill — Forest 
Sue Brook McNeill — Jackson 
Robert E. McNemar — Vicksburg 
Raymond James McNulty — Jackson 
Dawn Roseanne McPhail — Canton 
Pamela Elledge McPhail — Yazoo City 
Stephanie Lynn McPhail — Vicksburg 
Sylvia McPhail — Florence 
Sylvia Newton McPhail — Jackson 
Bridgette Jenon McPhearson — Raymond 
Joyce Elaine McQuarter — Jackson 
Steven Paul McQueen — Pearl 
Alison Paige McRae — Jackson 
Angela Carol McRae — Lucedale 
Todd Antony McRaney — Jackson 
Theresa Edwards McReynolds — Jackson 
Trey Allen McSweyn — Pearl 
Holly Kaye McWilliams — Jackson 
Janet M. McWilliams Hoyt — Brandon 
Lisa Nicole McWilliams — Pearl 
Naomi May McWilliams — Pearl 
Robin Alley McWilliams — Clinton 
Giles Wendell Meacham Jr. — Raymond 
Chic Douglas Meador — Hattiesburg 
A. Dewayne Meadows — Pearl 
Heather Trece Meadows — Jackson 
Jacqueiyn B. Meadows — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynn Means — Jackson 
Jerry Gene Means — Morton 
Rowdy P. Meche — Landry 
Celeste Tucker Medders — Jackson 
Hugh Harold Medders — Brandon 
James Derwood Medders III — Jackson 
Earl Mediock — Jackson 
James Michael Mediock — Clinton 
Sonya Diane Meek — Pelahatchie 
Arnisha Meeks — Jackson 
Joan Rena Meeks — Vicksburg 
Judy A. Meeks Howel — Clinton 
Lewis Curry Meeks — Vicksburg 
Donna O. Meeler — Brandon 
William Mark Megehee — Vicksburg 
Homer Dale Melder — Vicksburg 
Joseph Vincent Melendrez — Cleveland 
Mattie Rae Melvin Buckn — Brandon 
Cynthia Cooksey Mente — Vicksburg 
Amy Lee Merchant — Morton 
DeQuincey Merchant — Jackson 
Leia Darnette Merchant — Pearl 
Leigh Michelle Merchant — Carthage 
Rebecca Kay Mercier — Madison 
Arthur Claudell Meredith — Jackson 
Kathryn Graham Merkle — Yazoo City 
Kimberly Ann Merrell — Clinton 
Barbara Gail Merrill — Brandon 
Katharine Anne Merritt — Brandon 
Lisa Hope Merritt — Jackson 
Robin Maria Merritt — Pearl 
Sherry Ann Merritt — Jackson 
Shawn Arlan Merry — Vicksburg 
Billy Ray Messemore — Clinton 
Amanda Erin Methvin — jackson 
Audrey M. Methvin — Terry 
William Christopher Mety — Baton Rouge 
Emma Jenkins Michael — Jackson 
Shellie Coleman Michael — Jackson 
Debra D. Michaels — Yazoo 
Judy C. Michaels — Clinton 
Marilyn Herndon Michel — Brandon 
Jeannine Lynn Mickelberg — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Mickelberg — Jackson 
Kirston Middlebrooks — Hattiesburg 
Lena Mae Middlebrooks — Providence 
Angela Dawn Middleton — Jackson 

Mary Haffey Middleton — Ridgeland 

Paul Michael Middleton — Carthage 

Kimoshi Contrell Mikell — New Hebron 

Stuart D. Milan — Brandon 

Joe Hutton Milano — Bolton 

Angie Simmons Miles — Pearl 

Charles Edward Miles — Vicksburg 

Gregory G. Miles — Ridgeland 

Henry Eugene Miles — Vicksburg 

Jo Ann Miles Vance — Jackson 

John Thomas Miles — Morton 

Kenneth Ray Miles — Jackson 

Stephanie Shee Miles — Clinton 

Allison Gwynne Miller — Memphis 

Andrew C. Miller — Vicksburg 

Angel Edleston Miller — Redwood 

Beverly J. Miller Turne — Brandon 

Catherine Graham Miller — Edwards 

Chad Miller — Florence 

Cynthia M. Miller — Vicksburg 

Daniel Lewis Miller — Vicksburg 

David Winfield Miller — Jackson 

Deborah Gail Miller — Florence 

Debra Jean Miller — Jackson 

Donna R. Miller — Pelahatchie 

Donna Shows Miller — Pearl 

Glen Miller — Brandon 

Harold D. Miller — Ridgeland 

Jackie Ann Miller — Yazoo City 

Jamie Faye Miller Gallo — Clinton 

Jessie P. Miller — Jackson 

Joel Lambert Miller — Clinton 

John Mark Miller — Jackson 

Joseph Alexander Miller — Mendenhall 

Katrina Marie Miller — Jackson 

Kenny Jerome Miller — Vicksburg 

Lisa M. Miller — Vicksburg 

Lois Beasley Miller — Clinton 

Mark Monroe Miller — Jackson 

Mary L. Miller — Jackson 

Mat Matthew Miller — Redwood 

Michael Christian Miller — Jackson 

Nawassie Dianne Miller — Jackson 

Ogden Jeffrey Miller — Clinton 

Patricia Ann Miller — Vicksburg 

Paul D. Miller — Brandon 

Rebecca S. Miller — Lena 

Rhonda Lynn Miller — Vicksburg 

Robert Craig Miller — Jackson 

Roger Miller — Vicksburg 

Shannon Leigh Miller — Florence 

Shirley Jo Miller — Vicksburg 

Stephanie Anne Miller — Jackson 

Stephen Marshall Miller — Jackson 

Susan Lea Miller — Jackson 

Tami Lynn Miller — Ridgeland 

Terry Wayne Miller — Pearl 

Tyler Harold Miller — Clinton 

Valerie Lynn Miller — Vicksburg 

Verena Hilda Miller Ries — Jackson 

Victor Mendell Miller — Jackson 

Willie B. Miller — Jackson 

Ray Joseph Millet — Jackson 

Debbie Preuett Milliron — Jackson 

Eric Percell Mills — Vaughan 

Lori Susan Mills — Jackson 

Marty Clinton Mills — Jackson 

Rhonda L. Mills — Jackson 

Robin Darlene Mills — Jackson 

Tawanda Lachelle Mills — Jackson 

Wynn Saggus Mills — Brandon 

Dana Kay Millsaps — Pearl 

David Marvin Millsaps Jr. — Vicksburg 

Robert Christoher Millsaps — Pearl 

Tanya Lynn Milne — Florence 

Amy E. Milner — Branson 

Brenda Fay Milner Ross — Vicksburg 

Marvin Allen Milner II — Ridgeland 

Pamela Jean Milner — Jackson 

Pamella Dale Milner — Jackson 

Shannon L. Milner — Brandon 

Terri Dawn Milner — Pearl 

Debra E. Milstead Ganno — Brandon 

Cynthia Fountain Milton — Clinton 

H. Lane Milton — Clinton 

Ivy Renee Milton — Jackson 

Melissa Shunta Milton — Jackson 

Robert Bruce Milum — Port Gibson 

Darlinda Lashawn Mims — Vicksburg 

Minnie Mims — Jackson 

Harvey Dave Miner Jr. — Jackson 

Howard Randle Minney Sr. — Parkersburg 

Jennifer Hunt Minninger — Madison 

John C. Minninger — Madison 

Deborah Dianne Minor — Yazoo City 

Genette Minor — Brandon 

Henry Dean Minor — Morton 

Jinny Minor — Amory 

Lakeitha Mechelle Minor — Jackson 

Brenda Bridget Minton — Lena 

Cindy Minyard Minton — Raymond 

David Russell Minton — Pearl 

Directory / 307 

Erma Lois Minton — Morton 
Virginia Anne Minton — Clinton 
Joel Lee Minyard — Clinton 
Tricia Jeane Minyard — Jackson 
Charlene James Miracle — Vicksburg 
Garrett James Mire — Resivoir 
Pat Earl Mire — Clinton 
Howard Lee Mitcell — Jackson 
Allan Quentin Mitchell — Greenville 
Amanda Dawn Mitchell — Winona 
Amanda Kate Mitchell — Picayune 
Bonita Michelle Mitchell — Hazlehurst 
Catrina Mitchell — Jackson 
Daniel Bruce Mitchell — Vicksburg 
Deborah Deanne Mitchell — Clinton 
Dorothy Butler Mitchell — Richland 
Heather Cecilia Mitchell — Pearl 
Jacqueline Renee Mitchell — Jackson 
James Jeffrey Mitchell — Forest 
James Wesley Mitchell — Jackson 
Jeremy Paul Mitchell — Ridgeland 
Joseph Keith Mitchell — Jackson 
Kesher L. Mitchell — Ridgeland 
Liddie Mitchell — Starkville 
Limmie Ray Mitchell — Jackson 
Melissa Lynn Mitchell — Clinton 
Naomi Beth Mitchell E. — Braxton 
Regina Threet Mitchell — Jackson 
Robert Paul Mitchell — Ridgeland 
Ronald K. Mitchell — Crystal Springs 
Shawn S. Mitchell — Jackson 
Shirley J. Mitchell — Jackson 
Steven D. Mitchell — Jackson 
William Guy Mitchell — Jackson 
Yolanda Rochelle Mitchell — Vicksburg 
Alice Michele Mitchim — Madison 
Maury Donnell Mitchner — Jackson 
Amy Melisa Mixon — Jackson 
Angela Dawn Mixon — Jackson 
Yvonne Mixon — Vicksburg 
Lisa Ann Mize — Jackson 
James E. Moak Jr. — Clinton 
Michael David Moak — Crystal Springs 
Micheal L. Moak — Pearl 
Philip James Moak — Clinton 
Thomas Wilson Moak — Ridgeland 
Brenda C. Mobley — Pearl 
Lashun Mobley — Jackson 
Savannah D. Mobley — Pearl 
William Daryl Modjeski — Clinton 
Charles Glenn Moffett — Meridian 
Cynthia Diane Moffett — Vicksburg 
Davre Jeane Moffett — Jackson 
Mary L. Moffett — Edwards 
Penny Lynn Moffett — Vicksburg 
Charles Hardy Mointyre — Stewart 
James Lee Molaka — Pearl 
Don M. Molpus — Jackson 
Tamela Rachel Moman — Jackson 
Angela Christine Monahan — Pearl 
Wanda S. Moncrief — Jackson 
Timothy T. Moncure — Utica 
B. Tim Mong M. — Pearl 
Brenda H. Monk — Brandon 
Charles Michael Monk — Vicksburg 
Ladd Daniel Monk — Magee 
Rita George Monk — Vicksburg 
Claretha King Monson — Yazoo City 
Patricia Brent Monsour — Madison 
Casey Ivan Montague — Pearl 
Maria Montang — Jackson 
Angela Marie Montgomery — Vicksburg 
Annette Montgomery — Jackson 
Cynthia Lyn Montgomery — Clinton 
Deborah Ann Montgomery — Vicksburg 
Dewery Montgomery — Jackson 
Hertiscene Montgomery — Jackson 
Keith L. Montgomery — Jackson 
Lola Thomas Montgomery — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Montgomery — Raymond 
Timothy Wayne Montgomery — Jackson 
Melanie Ann Montour — Jackson 
Chris L. Montpelier — Vicksburg 
Larry N. Montpelier — Vicksburg 
Jack Sheridan Moody — Braxton 
M. Moody — Vicksburg 
Marjorie Moody — Utica 
Merrick D. Moody — Natchez 
Pamela Moody — Jackson 
Shale Moody — Richland 
Thomas Everett Moody — Clinton 
Sean Cullen Mooer — Pearl 
Emily N. Moomaw — Vicksburg 
William Richard Moon Jr. — Brandon 
Charlotte Michelle Mooney — Richland 
David Charles Mooney — Vicksburg 
Holly Leigh Mooney — Clinton 
Michael Shane Mooney — APO New York 
Thomas Mike Mooney Jr. — Jackson 
Janet Moore Kay — Jackson 
Angelia Leigh Moore — Jackson 
Angle Lum Moore — Kosciusko 

Anlssa S. Moore — Jackson 

Annette Moore — Oakvale 

Annie Mae Moore — Jackson 

Avis Melissa Moore — Jackson 

Bobby Lonzell Moore — Jackson 

Brad Moore — Clinton 

Bryan Jason Moore — Pearl 

Charlene Webster Moore — Vicksburg 

Charles Moore Jr. — Jackson 

Charles M. Moore — Brandon 

Christ! Lindsly Moore — Madison 

Christopher Michael Moore — Florence 

Cory Nelson Moore — Jackson 

Daphne C. Moore — Jackson 

Deborah Deel Moore — Lena 

Delores Warden Moore — Brandon 

Delton Montie Moore Jr. — Terry 

Eddy Huey Moore — Brandon 

Erricka Monique Moore — Jackson 

G. Lee Moore — Lake 

George Bradley Moore — Jackson 

Hal V. Moore — Vicksburg 

James Christopher Moore — Raymond 

James E. Moore — Vicksburg 

James Randall Moore — Crystal Springs 

James W. Moore — Vicksburg 

Jason Andrew Moore — Brandon 

Jeff Duaine Moore — Pattison 

Jennifer Lynn Moore — Jackson 

Jerry Moore — Jackson 

Jilleen Elaine Moore — Pearl 

Jimmie G. Moore Jr. — Florence 

Kasandra Marie Moore — Yazoo City 

Kathy Moore — Bentonia 

Kathy Wheeler Moore — Jackson 

Kristie Michele Moore — Brandon 

L. C. Moore — Vicksburg 

Laura Moore — Vicksburg 

Laura Christine Moore — Jackson 

Laurie Ann Moore — Harrisville 

Leslie Renee Moore — Jackson 

Linda Ann Moore — Jackson 

Linda Lee Moore Thomp — Jackson 

Lori Jean Moore — Richland 

Mary Katharine Moore — Oxford 

Maurice Moore — McComb 

Melissa D. Moore — Vicksburg 

Michael C. Moore — Pearl 

Michael Presscott Moore — Yazoo City 

Mynika Shontae Moore — Brandon 

Nita C. Moore — Morton 

Nola D. Moore — Pocahontas 

Opal E. Moore — Utica 

Pamela Michelle Moore — Clinton 

Peggy Jane Moore Dodd — Terry 

Pernell D. Moore — Jackson 

Polly Coben Moore — Port Gibson 

Priscilla Annette Moore — Hazlehurst 

Richard Alan Moore — Clinton 

Rosie Lee Moore — Pearl 

Ruby Miller Moore — Redwood 

Slade Patrick Moore — Jackson 

Stacy Bradshaw Moore — Vicksburg 

Stephanie Denise Moore — Jackson 

Talmadge L. Moore — Lena 

Theresa Lea Moore — Vicksburg 

Thomas Earl Moore Jr. — Clinton 

Thomas Warren Moore — Clinton 

Tina Lynn Moore — Clinton 

Trina Suzanne Moore — Pearl 

Venable C. Moore — Vicksburg 

Veronica Jo Moore — Pearl 

Vicky Moore Lynn — Jackson 

William Allen Moore — Clinton 

Stephanie Benita Moorehead — Jackson 

Rosario Sanchel Morada — Pearl 

Joey Phillip Moran — Kiln 

Linda Carol Mordecai — Vicksburg 

William Elton Morea — Jackson 

Meredith D. Moree — Terry 

Timothy Mansell Moreland — Brandon 

Kimberly Chinessa Moret — Mendenhall 

Avery Lee Morgan — Vicksburg 

Bernard Morgan — Terry 

Cedrlc Orlando Morgan — Jackson 

Charles Edward Morgan — Florence 

Elois P. Morgan — Ridgeland 

Emanuel Morgan — Jackson 

Eula H. Morgan — Jackson 

Fredrick Lee Morgan — Vicksburg 

Jason Wayne Morgan — Clinton 

Jeffrey M. Morgan — Jayess 

Jimmy Morgan — Jackson 

Karen Billingsley Morgan — Jackson 

Kevin R. Morgan — Pearl 

Leigh Suzanne Morgan — Brandon 

Leslie Mirande Morgan — Pearl 

Lisa K. Morgan — Crystal Springs 

Lorraine b. Morgan — Jackson 

Lynne Fick Morgan — Madison 

Mallory Elisabeth Morgan — Clinton 

Margaret E. Morgan Stron — Vicksburg 

Marilyn B. Morgan — Jackson 
Mary T. Morgan — Vicksburg 
Matthew W. Morgan — Jackson 
Pamela Jean Morgan Mayo — Vicksburg 
Raymond Terence Morgan — Grenada 
Rena Mae Morgan — Pelahatchie 
Richard Quinn Morgan — Pearl 
Robert Eliard Morgan Jr. — Vicksburg 
Robin Dawn Morgan — Jackson 
Sachiko Susie Morgan — Clinton 
Samantha Lynn Morgan — Clinton 
Sheila C. Morgan Womac — Brandon 
Sheri Brown Morgan — Tallulah 
Sherry Lynne Morgan — Richland 
Sonya Maxine Morgan — Jackson 
Paul G. Morganbradford — Biloxi 
John Edward Morganti — Brandon 
Linda Farris Morganti — Brandon 
Raymond C. Morgigno — Pearl 
Viola Davies Morgigno — Pearl 
Janis Blanks Morick — Jackson 
Kirk Morley — Tallulah 
Belinda Ann Morris — Magee 
Catherine Ostadal Morris — Brandon 
Christopher Wayne Morris — Clinton 
Donald Ervin Morris — Brandon 
James Ray Morris — Brandon 
Laurence Wayne Morris Jr. — Jackson 
Marcus Antonio Morris — Jackson 
Marvin Newman Morris — Madison 
Melanie Ann Morris — Philadelphia 
Paul Michael Morris — Jackson 
Rhonda Lynn Morris — Florence 
Tammie Morris — Nitta Yuma 
Terri Deborah Morris — Brandon 
Tonya Grisham Morris — Crystal Springs 
Tracey M. Morris — Florence 
William Denison Morris — Richland 
Xavian Nortillian Morris — Jackson 
Cherita Denise Morrison — Shreveport 
Kristi Anne Morrison — Jackson 
Tammy Morrison — Vicksburg 
Bobbie Ann Morrow Bingh — Vicksburg 
Diana Lynn Morrow — Florence 
Harlan W. Morrow — Brookhaven 
Susan L. Morrow — Jackson 
Daniel Wilkinson Morse — Jackson 
Mary E. Morson — Vicksburg 
Chuckie Andre Morton — Jackson 
Michael Arthur Morton — Jackson 
Rhonda Michelle Morton — Jackson 
Robin Anne Morton Robin — Clinton 
Teresa Lynn Morton — Jackson 
Timothy Morton — Vicksburg 
Virginia Robinson Morton — Clinton 
Yvonne Morton — Pearl 
Tonya Jones Mosal — Canton 
Dawn Denise Moseley — Jackson 
John Bryon Moseley — Vicksburg 
Vicki Rains Moseley — Pearl 
Anthony R. Moser — Raymond 
Janna Rochelle Moser — Jackson 
Carolyn J. Moses Jacks — Raymond 
Matthew Sean Moses — Jackson 
Nancy Petrese Moses — Jackson 
Robin Lanell Moses — Vicksburg 
Tischa Antoinette Moses — Jackson 
Cheryl A. Mosley — Jackson 
Janie Lewis Mosley — Jackson 
John Anthony Mosley — Greenville 
Sharon Mosley — Jackson 
Beverly Kaye Moss — Lena 
Carol M. Moss — Florence 
Cissy Jeanine Moss — Lena 
Daniel Eugene Moss — Vicksburg 
Gary Dwaine Moss — Pearl 
Ginger Carol Mott — Morton 
Daniel Lewis Moulder — Jackson 
John Dan Moulder Jr. — Jackson 
Robert Benjamin Moulder — Clinton 
Tamie Lea Moulder — Crystal Springs 
Michael Edward Moulds — Jackson 
Dana E. Moulton Prest — Clinton 
Alana L. Mounger — Minneapolis 
Randy Leon Mounger — Bolton 
Estella L. Mouzon Caper — Walnut Grove 
Patrina Lenise Mozee — Jackson 
Tammy Brannon Mraz — Clinton 
Jeffrey James Muellere — Vicksburg 
Robert Francis Muha — Jackson 
Darla Ann Muirhead — Vicksburg 
Donald Albert Muirhead II — Vicksburg 
Henry Crisler Muirhead III — Vicksburg 
Tommy J. Muirhead — Flora 
W. Winona Muirhead Simps — Vicksburg 
Linda J. Mullen — Raymond 
Margaret K. Mullen — Clinton 
Margaret Louise Mullen — Vicksburg 
Amie Alise Mullins — Jackson 
Danny Wallace Mullins — Brookhaven 
Eamie Hugh Mullins — Prentiss 
Harold G. Mullins — Ridgeland 

Helen Leigh Mullins Anne — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Ray Mullins — Vicksburg 
Theresa Ann Mullins — Jackson 
Wayne Byron Mullins — Ridgeland 
Elizabeth Ellzey Mundie — Zachary 
Karen Alford Mundy — Clinton 
Jason Todd Munn — Jackson 
Kimberly Michelle Munn — Jackson 
Judith Stowe Muns — Brandon 
Velvet Dee Munyon — Vicksburg 
James Scott Murphey — Brandon 
Susan Haddon Murphree — Brandon 
Thomas E. Murphree — Jackson 
Charles Matthew Murphy — Clinton 
Danny L. Murphy — Jackson 
Darlene Murphy — Ridgeland 
Linda Nell Murphy Mayo — Pearl 
Lucinda M. Murphy — Jackson 
Mark A. Murphy — Mendenhall 
Mary Bernice Murphy — Jackson 
Mary E. Murphy — Clinton 
Robert Wayne Murphy — Blountsville 
Thomas Vernon Murphy — Clinton 
Wayne C. Murphy — Pearl 
Anneka Leigh Murrah — Brandon 
Carol Neal Murray — Hazlehurst 
Daniel Gary Murray — Raymond 
James Nolan Murray — Clinton 
Mildred L. Murray — Mendenhall 
Nichole Denise Murray — Clinton 
Peggy Murray — Vicksburg 
Shelby Dean Murray Jr. — Vicksburg 
Shirley Roberts Murray — Clinton 
Stephanie P. Murray — Bolton 
Sylvia Braboy Murray — Jackson 
Toni Romona Murray — Hazlehurst 
Tonya Cheree Murray — Jackson 
Tonya R. Murray — Jackson 
Percy Murrell — Jackson 
Vashti U. Muse — Raymond 
Allison Kay Myers — Prentiss 
Angel L. Myers — Morton 
Catherine Michelle Myers — Jackson 
Curtis Myers — Raymond 
Dante Gabriel Myers — Brandon 
Daphne Diane Myers — Clinton 
Daphne R. Myers — Florence 
Deborah c. Myers Davis — Ferriday 
Glenn Kristopher Myers — Brandon 
Jeanie Elizabeth Myers — Jackson 
John Kevin Myers — Prentiss 
John William Myers — Jackson 
Joyce Irene Myers — Jackson 
Kathy Susan Myers — Pelahatchie 
Melissa Faith Myers — Jackson 
Melissa Gayle Myers — Madison 
Melissa Leigh Myers — Crystal Springs 
Mitchell Daniel Myers — Prentiss 
Patricia Logue Myers — Vicksburg 
Raymond Lee Myers — Jackson 
Robbie E. Myers — Terry 
Samuel E. Myers — Raymond 
Tracey Renee Myers — Jackson 
Whitney G. Myers — Jackson 
Carolyn Slack Myles — Jackson 
Mary Jean Myles — Flora 
Jami Myrick — Clinton 
Keith Myrick — Philadelphia 
Susan Karetta Myrick — Jackson 

Elizabeth Nabors — Jackson 
Brandon Heath Nail — Jackson 
Christopher Lowell Nail — Brandon 
Jeffrey Joe Nail — Brandon 
Steven Scott Nail — Raymond 
Susan L. Nail — Jackson 
Matthew Gerald Nalker — Raymond 
Michael D. Nail — Brandon 
Chris Noel Nance — Jackson 
Scott D. Nance — Ridgeland 
Sherry Keyes Nance — Jackson 
Christy L. Napier — Petal 
Ramona Napier — Petal 
Christopher Napolion — Vicksburg 
Glynn Leigh Naquin — Raymond 
Eric Hilton Nash — Jackson 
Rosie Lee Nash — Vicksburg 
Wendell Allen Nash — Hazlehurst 
Jeffrey Stuart Nassar — Leland 
Jonathan Davin Nations — Raymond 
Patricia Moorehead Nations — Jackson 
Richard Lyn Nations — Brandon 
Warren Charles Nations — Ferriday 

Anthony Keith Nauert — Vlcksburg 
Cyndee S. Navy — Juliet 
Paul A. Naya — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Annette Naylor — Vlcksburg 
Aruna R. Nayyar — Jackson 
Marilyn Deloris Nazary — Jackson 
Bart Anthony Neal — Vlcksburg 
Betty S. Neal — Jackson 
Darren Todd Neal — Clinton 
Helen Johnson Neal — Jackson 
John Wayne Neal — Terry 
Laura Michelle Neal — Jackson 
Lauren Yvone Neal — Jackson 
Lauri Celeste Neal — Jackson 
Richard Neal — Tallulah 
Stephanie Leigh Neal — Florence 
Wendi Denise Neal — Jackson 
Willie Lee Neal — Vlcksburg 
Gary P. Neathery — Raymond 
Sherri Ann Nebon — Vlcksburg 
Lydia Vonee Neel — Yazoo City 
Danny Dale Neely Jr. — Jackson 
David Kella Neely — Terry 
Donnie Louis Neely — Jackson 
Lynn Neely — Saltillo 
Pamela Dawn Neely — Harrisville 
Robin Eustacia Neely — Brandon 
Samuel Lee Neely — Greenwood 
Scott Gordon Neely — Jackson 
Sherrie Thompson Neely — Brandon 
Stacy Larae Neely — Bentonia 
Thomas Allen Neely — Mendenhall 
Judy Wicker Neese — Pearl 
Shelby Don Neese — Brandon 
Glenda L. Neighbors — Pearl 
Carolyn P. Neill — Utica 
John C. Neiil — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Renee Nell — Jackson 
Jeannie Nelsen — Brandon 
Angela Dorene Nelson — Mendenhall 
Anita Shrell Nelson — Crystal Springs 
Carolyn McGrew Nelson — Jackson 
Chris Allen Nelson — Clinton 
Douglas M. Nelson — Florence 
Everette Leroy Nelson — Vlcksburg 
Faye Glodjo Nelson — Port Gibson 
Jacky Aundrea Nelson — Jackson 
Jane Taylor Nelson — Clinton 
Jeffery L. Nelson — Edwards 
Jenoise Williams Nelson — Jackson 
John Christopher Nelson — Vlcksburg 
Katharine Jo Nelson — Jackson 
Kimberiy Ann Nelson — Ruth 
Linda Rae Nelson — Edwards 
Marilynne M. Nelson — Jackson 
Melissa Pope Nelson — Clinton 
Phillip Clinton Nelson — Jackson 
Ronald Dean Nelson — Clinton 
Sheila Laverne Nelson — Crystal Springs 
Shone Delette Nelson — Edwards 
Tonya Colita Nelson — Magee 
Troy Devan Nelson — Crawfordville 
Angela Kaye Nero — Pearl 
Karon Jean Netherland Morr — Richland 
Lee Ann Netherland — Brandon 
David Lee Nettle — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Leigh Nettles — Jackson 
Julia Leanne Nettles — Clinton 
Sharon Williams Netto — Jackson 
Tracey Ann Netto — Jackson 
Robert David Neumann — Vlcksburg 
Alice Marie Novels — Redwood 
Charles Larry Novels — Vlcksburg 
Kelly Gwin Nevels — Jackson 
Patricia Nevels — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Henry Nevels — Redwood 
Xzinthea Louise Nevels — Jackson 
Barbara J. Newell — Jackson 
Ben Alexander Newell — Jackson 
Cindy D. Newell Snow — Florence 
David Edward Newell — Flora 
Debbie Swearengen Newell — Brandon 
Tina Renee Newell — Flora 
Vera R. Newell — Jackson 
Angela Q. Newman — Winona 
DarreH Dwane Newman — Clinton 
Debbie L. Newman — Jackson 
Edith Newman — Jackson 
James Newman — Valley Park 
Jason A. Newman — Jackson 
Kay Beasley Newman — Jackson 
Kelley Kay Newman — Jackson 
Kimberiy D. Newman — Jackson 
Kristi E. Newman Barlo — Clinton 
Krlstina Dyan Newman — Vlcksburg 
Lorl Diane Newman — Madison 
Nicole Lynn Newman — Valley Park 
Nita Roland Newman — Clinton 
Angela Michelle Newsom — Glen Allan 
Stephanie Kay Newsom — Jackson 
Susan Dyer Newsom — Raymond 
Carolyn M. Newsome Davis — Jackson 

Clarence E. Newsome — Jackson 
Joe Alvin Newsome — Jackson 
Kintina Newsome — Prentiss 
Margie Leontyne Newsome — New Hebron 
Mary Jean Newsome — New Hebron 
Rebecca Lynn Newsome — Clinton 
Donnie Earl Newson — Jackson 
Angela C. Newton Scott — Pearl 
Corey Therell Newton — Jackson 
Flora Hankin Newton — Jackson 
Luther A. Newton — Vlcksburg 
Shasta Necole Newton — Brookhaven 
Danh Thien Ngo — Jackson 
Lam Van Nguyen — Thibodaux 
Myanh Thi Nguyen — Jackson 
Ngon Tan Nguyen — Jackson 
Phuong Thi Nguyen — Jackson 
Than Van Nguyen — Biloxi 
Thanh Ngoc Nguyen — Jackson 
Thanh Quoc Nguyen — Pearl 
Thuan Chi Nhan — Richland 
Wanda McCraw Niblett — Magee 
Philip 0. Nicaud — Baton Rouge 
Bill Clyde Nicholas — Jackson 
Bradley William Nichols — Gautier 
Earnest Richard Nichols — Jackson 
James Wesley Nichols — Vicksburg 
James Wesley Nichols Jr. — Vicksburg 
Janet Annette Nichols — Jackson 
Jeanette Lindsey Nichols — Jackson 
Karl Bennett Nichols — Jackson 
Linda G. Nichols — Canton 
Marcellus Nichols — Raymond 
Monica Martin Nichols — Redwood 
Patricia Ann Nichols — Jackson 
Paul Nichols Jr. — Pearl 
Shirley McGaw Nichols — Clinton 
Tammy Joyce Nichols — Vicksburg 
Tara Umekie Nichols — Philadelphia 
Jerry David Nicholson — Pearl 
Larry Wallace Nicholson — Utica 
Nancy Paige Nicholson — Jackson 
Sammy L. Nicholson Sr. — Jackson 
Timothy Scott Nicholson — Florence 
Lisa Anne Nickens — Vicksburg 
Tammy S. Nickson — Jackson 
Charles Richard III Nielsen — Clinton 
Brion Alan Niskala — Brandon 
Timothy Edward Nisley — Florence 
Barbara Moore Nix — Florence 
Sharon A. Nixon — Jackson 
Christopher Glen Noble — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Noble — Vicksburg 
Christopher M. Nobles — Jackson 
Michael Brian Nobles — Pearl 
Michael Earl Nobles — Vicksburg 
Mark D. Noel — Clinton 
Sarah Lee Noel Jones — Utica 
Valerie Younger Noflin — Mendenhall 
Concetta Elizab Noteworthy — Greenville 
Patricia A. Nolen — Jackson 
Shelly Anne Noonan — Pearl 
Jackie Lee Nordan II — Brandon 
Bradley Keith Norman — Jackson 
Mettle K. Norman — Pelahatchie 
Phillis Denise Norman — Clinton 
Sandra E. Norman — Madison 
Donald M. Norris — Jackson 
Dorothy Riley Norris — Benton 
Fred Lee Norris — Jackson 
John Avon Norris — Jackson 
Samuel Troy Norris — Vicksburg 
Jeri Lynn Norsworthy — Brandon 
Mark Ellis Norsworthy — Florence 
Willadine Latham North — Terry 
Deborah Hagwood Northern — Vicksburg 
Richard Lee Norton Jr. — Biloxi 
Brenda Kaye Norwood — Florence 
Edward Lea Norwood — Jackson 
Eric Roche Norwood — Jackson 
Gloria J. Norwood — Pearl 
Jimmy Hoyt Norwood Jr. — Brandon 
Kaaren Neumann Norwood — Vicksburg 
Luke Thomas Norwood — Vicksburg 
Matty R. Norwood — Greenwood 
Scott G. Norwood — Jackson 
Tabatha Lavette Norwood — Sunflower 
William Raymond Norwood — Redwood 
Carl Cameron Nosser — Vicksburg 
Jamie Reed Nosser — Vicksburg 
Frank Charles Noto III — Terry 
Kathleen Nowell — Philadelphia 
Peggy Jean Nowell Ashle — Vicksburg 
Karen Marie Nuckolls — Jackson 
Susan Anette Nuckolls — Jackson 
Virginia Reeves Nugent — Jackson 
William Donald Nugent — Ferriday 
Judith Ann Nussbaum — Vicksburg 
Cleo Ann Nutt — Jackson 
Jeffrey S. Nutt — Jackson 
Marie Oswalt Nutt — Jackson 
Tammy Jean Nutt — Brandon 

Richard Wayne Nyiri — Jackson 

Arden Neal Oakes — Brandon 
David Christian Oakes — Vicksburg 
Joyalene Logue Oakes — Vicksburg 
Pat K. Oakes — Raymond 
Christopher Erwin Oakman — Vicksburg 
Helen Jenkins Oaks — Whitfield 
Kristin Marie Oatway — Brandon 
Linda M. Oatway — Brandon 
John David Obannon Jr. — Vicksburg 
Nancy Alexander Oberhausen — Clinton 
Lane Gamberine Obrien — Brandon 
Gloria Ann Obrienborst E. — Crystal 

Shawn William OBryan — Brandon 
Delores King Oby — Tallulah 
Elise Ocain D. — Jackson 
Donald Ray Ocain — Pelahatchie 
Mary Evelyn OConner P. — Pearl 
Lois Land Odell — Kissimmee 
Lori Christine Odell — Vicksburg 
Stanley L. Oden — Jackson 
Kimberley Cherie Odie — Jackson 
Pamela Denise Odie — Jackson 
Aleta Diane Odom — Jackson 
Carol Fay Odom Kelly — Jackson 
Charles B. Odom — Jackson 
Cynthia L. Odom — Jackson 
Derrick Lemont Odom — Jackson 
Donna Rene Odom — Jackson 
Jerry Bradley Odom — Georgetown 
Kemp Kerry Odom — Lorman 
Rebecca Lynn Odom — Richland 
Ronald Erbie Odom — Jackson 
Ronda Ann Odom — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Odom — Pearl 
Stacey Rochelle Odom — Lena 
Susan Diane Odom — Florence 
Verna L. Odom — Pearl 
Wanda Clark Odom Shay — Vicksburg 
Charles T. Offord A. — Tallulah 
Christie Michelle Oflarity — Jackson 
Shannon L. Ogerly — Vicksburg 
Michael K. Oglesby — Brandon 
Robert Greg Ogwynn — Pearl 
Michael W. OKeefe — Ridgeland 
Obi Felicia Okoh — Jackson 
Holland Wayne Oldenburg — Vicksburg 
John Clayton Oldham — Pearl 
Clinton Lewis Olive — Jackson 
Andrea Cheryl Oliver — Sontag 
Bettye Washington Oliver — Vicksburg 
Billy Joe Oliver — Pearl 
Lawrence Oliver — Jackson 
E. C. Ollie — Jackson 
Jennifer Layne Olmi — Brandon 
Karon Leigh Oltremari — Pearl 
Barbara R. Omeara — Morton 
Fred M. ONeal — Vicksburg 
Janice M. ONeal — Vicksburg 
Mary Lynda ONeal — Brandon 
Patrick Dewayne ONeal — Vicksburg 
Richard Earl ONeal — Vicksburg 
Sandra Faye ONeal — Jackson 
Tracy ONeal — Vicksburg 
Lori Ann ONeil — Metairie 
Satoko Onoda — Florence 
Angela Brock Opiela — Clinton 
Thomas Andrew Opiela — Clinton 
Sherall Renee Oquin — Port Gibson 
Sheryl Lynette Oquin — Jackson 
Terence Michael Oquin — Port Gibson 
Aranda Denise Oquinn — Jackson 
Felice Shoetae Oquinn — Jackson 
Kelvin Latroy Oquinn — Jackson 
Remonia Dianne Oquinn — Jackson 
Samuel Jeffrey Ormon — Jackson 
Jeffery Wade Orr — Jackson 
Stancy Louise Orr — Jackson 
William W. Orr — Brandon 
Thomas Dewayne Orsborn — Yazoo City 
Marilyn Osborn — Flora 
Timothy Wade Osborn — Clinton 
Billy Z. Osborne — Jackson 
Edward Earl Osborne — Jackson 
Georgia J. Osby — Jackson 
Clarence Oswald — Vicksburg 
Doris Oswalt C. — Florence 
Johnnie Doyle Oswalt — Jackson 
Sandra Katherine Ott — Vicksburg 
Dawna Copeland Oubre — Pearl 
Frederick A. Ousley — Canton 

Keisha Venne Ousley — Canton 
Mellsa M. Ousterhout — Pelahatchie 
Ann A. Outlaw — Brandon 
Jarrett J. Outlaw — Clinton 
Lori Lee Overby — Richland 
Shelley Traxler Overby — Pearl 
Kelli Ann Overcash — Jackson 
Rita L. Overcash — Jackson 
Bryant Elsworth Overstreet — Jackson 
Greg Wayne Overstreet — Jackson 
Anthony Overton — Vlcksburg 
J. Lee Owen — Jackson 
Bobby Ray Owens — Jackson 
Bonnye B. Owens — Jackson 
Charmaine Owens — Jackson 
Constance Charrissee Owens — Jackson 
Dana Marie Owens — Jackson 
George Dewey Owens — Brandon 
Geraldine Sullivan Owens — Jackson 
Isabel Smith Owens — Pearl 
James Daryl Owens — Florence 
Jeannette Crowley Owens — Jackson 
Joe E. Owens — Jackson 
Karl F. Owens — Columbia 
Kimberely Dawne Owens — Clinton 
Latonya Michelle Owens — Jackson 
Loretta Adams Owens — Jackson 
Mary Louise Owens — Jackson 
Maxine Owens — Jackson 
Michelle Nan Owens — Raymond 
Natalie R. Owens — Jackson 
Robert Shelford Owens — Terry 
Shannon Yvonne Owens — Vicksburg 
Shirley Rucker Owens — Jackson 
Thala Hudnell Owens — Pearl 
Tia Ann Owens — Natchez 
Willie George Owens — Jackson 
Jason Earle Ownby — Jackson 
Rodger Earle Ownby — Jackson 

Carl Eugene Pace — Vicksburg 
Charles G. Pace Jr. — Jackson 
Clifton Daniel Pace — Lake 
Kenneth Samuel Pace — Jackson 
Pamela Susan Pace — Jackson 
Marshall E. Pack Jr. — Brandon 
Gerald Keith Packer — Jackson 
Rachel Leeritte Padget — Jackson 
Jerry Eugene Padgett — Jackson 
Steven Burton Padgett — Jackson 
Ann Marie Page — Vicksburg 
Jana Ard Page — Clinton 
Mark Cephas Page — Brandon 
Rebecca Jane Page — Edward* 
Sylvester Glen Page — Vicksburg 
Angel LaFaye Paige — Jackson 
Hal Donel Paige — Jackson 
Ruby Paige — Jackson 
Linda M. Palerino — Vicksburg 
Cliff Julius Palmer — Brandon, 
Derrick Leroy Palmer — Vicksburg 
Duane Alan Palmer — Brandon 
Elmer M. Palmer — Brandon 
Kecia Lasonia Palmer — Jackson 
Kim Yvette Palmer — Jackson 
Margaret Estelle Palmer — Jackson 
Michael Palmer — Flora 
Misty Gayle Palmer — Jackson 
Patrick James Palmer — Clinton 
Reggie Lamonn Palmer — Jackson 
Roshun Dwayne Palmer — Brandon 
Sandra Lee Palmer — Vicksburg 
Sean Wesley Palmer — Waveland 
Stephanie L. Palmer — Jackson 
Tamekla Raina Palmer — Jackson 
Tammy Lynn Palokas — Clinton 
Patsye Broome Palomo — Madison 
Frank Augustine Pancratz — Jackson 
Robert Vincent Panzica — Brookhaven 
Charlotte Blakeney Pardue — Florence 
James Daniel Pardue — Pearl 
Larry Shannon Pardue — Monroe 
Tiffany Jean Pardue — Clinton 
Cynthia Denise Parhm — Ludlow 
Drury Allen Parish — Pearl 
Lynn D. Parish — Jackson 
Richard Clyde Parish — Brandon 
Trade Rena Parish — Flowood 
Michael William Park — Clinton 
Alan Wells Parker — Brandon 
Anita Parker — Jackson 
Belinda Parker — Morton 
Beverly A. Parker — Jackson 

" fiff 

Directory / 309 

Bobby Glynn Parker — Vicksburg 
Bruce Parker — Pearl 
Caroline Parker — Jackson 
Cecilia Parker — Jackson 
Cheryl Parker — Brandon 
Debra Anita Parker — Jackson 
Denise LaSalle Parker — Jackson 
Donald Bubba Parker — Vicksburg 
Douglas Bradley Parker — Brandon 
Gloria Porter Parker — Yazoo City 
John Wayne Parker — Pearl 
Kathy D. Parker — Vicksburg 
Keith Edward Parker — Magee 
Kelli Ann Parker — Clinton 
Kenyell Vardaman Parker — Florence 
Lakecia Parker — Brandon 
Maria Annice Parker — Jackson 
Melvin Selby Parker — Clinton 
Michael Alton Parker — Brandon 
Michael James Parker — Vicksburg 
Sandal Parker — Biloxi 
Scott J. Parker — Pearl 
Shane Elliot Parker — Vicksburg 
Sharon K. Parker — Vicksburg 
Terry Mayfield Parker — Raymond 
Timothy Lee Parker — Pelahatchie 
Tony Lamar Parker — Morton 
Tracy Elizabeth Parker — Lawrence 
Vivian P. Parker — Raymond 
William Bruce Parker — Jackson 
Charles Douglas Parkerson — Pearl 
Stephanie Carol Parkison — Ridgeland 
Jeffrey Doyle Parkman — Jackson 
Martha A. Parkman — Jackson 
Monica Rhea Parkman — Brandon 
Phillip Leslie Parkman — Brandon 
Harold Brent Parks — Newton 
William Daniel Parks — Clinton 
Steven Wayne Parman — Port Gibson 
Everleana Lacey Parnell — Vicksburg 
Stephen Martin Parnell — Brandon 
Vicki Elaine Parnell — Brandon 
Rhona Karen Parra — Jackson 
Brian Keely Parrett — Satartia 
Daniel Edwards Parrett — Jackson 
Linda Parrett — Vicksburg 
Christy D. Parrish — Clinton 
Jason Christopher Parrish — Jackson 
Scottie Dewayne Parrish — Ridgeland 
Leann Parsley — Pascagoula 
Carolyn B. Parson — Vicksburg 
Lisa Ann Parsons — Vicksburg 
Sherrie Alexander Parsons — Jayess 
Tammy Louise Parsons — Jackson 
Charles Scott Parten — Vicksburg 
Michael Parten — Pearl 
Chris Alan Partridge — Clinton 
Paige Partridge — Jackson 
Sandra D. Partridge — Clinton 
Carmen Marie Passaro — Brandon 
Jacqueline Lee Passbach — Natchez 
M. Allison Pasvantis — Jackson 
Donna Ann Pate — Vicksburg 
Johnny C. Pate — Flora 
Joyce Marie Pate — Florence 
Larry Ronnis Pate — Pearl 
Shelia Rena Pate — Flora 
Bahnu B. Patel — Vicksburg 
Chandra R. Patel — Vicksburg 
Sean T. Patin — Vicksburg 
Candice Joy Patrick — Braxton 
David Lee Patrick — Hazlehurst 
Diane Gail Patrick — Forest 
Don Ray Patrick — Terry 
Dorothy K. Patrick — Jackson 
James Daniel Patrick — Braxton 
Jamie Patrick — Canton 
Leodis Bowen Patrick — Pearl 
Phillip Cline Patrick — Jackson 
Rhonda Lee Patrick — Forest 
Robert Wade Patrick — Vicksburg 
Roshae Patrick — Forest 
Shelvis Patrick — Forest 
Stephanie Dawn Patrick — Jackson 
Sue Ellen Patrick — Rolling Fork 
Susie Vanderford Patrick — Mendenhall 
Timothy Wayne Patrick — Pearl 
Tony Michael Patrick — Forest 
Wendy Carol Patrick — Pelahatchie 
Stephen Craig Patridge — Jackson 
Tina Michelle Patten — Sicily Island 
Alan Fred Patterson — Crystal Springs 
Allen 0. Patterson — Clinton 
Angela Delorise Patterson — Magee 
Anthony Jonas Patterson — Clinton 
Bobbie Thomas Patterson — Crystal 

Chantey Renee Patterson — Vicksburg 
David Clayton Patterson — Brandon 
Dianne Patterson — Jackson 
Hal Thurman Patterson — Forest 
Isaac Lee Patterson — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline L. Patterson — Crystal Springs 

John H. Patterson — Jackson 
Kevin Andrae Patterson — Jackson 
Kimberly Michell Patterson — Yazoo City 
Lynn Patterson — Brandon 
Marie Mangum Patterson — Pearl 
Melanie Seward Patterson T. — Ridgeland 
Michael Dwayne Patterson — Ridgeland 
Paul Gentry Patterson — Bolton 
Rita Braxton Patterson — Wesson 
Stephanie Denise Patterson — Vicksburg 
Tracy M. Patterson — Vicksburg 
Vera Lashun Patterson — Delta 
Vincent Lee Patterson — Brandon 
Barbara Ann Patton — Clinton 
Cynthia Denise Patton — Jackson 
Derrick Dewayne Patton — Clinton 
Evelyn Patton — Vicksburg 
Lori Ann Patton — Vicksburg 
Victoria Patton — Clinton 
Donn Robert Paul — Magee 
Mary Catherine Paul — Jackson 
Bettina J. Pauline — Jackson 
Gus A. Paulk — Ruth 
Marianne Blair Pawlik — Jackson 
Cindy Swanner Paxton — Jackson 
Michael Keith Paxton — Vicksburg 
Anthony Charles Payment — Jackson 
Kathleen Corrigan Payment — Raymond 
Gina Jolie Payne — Jackson 
Joe T. Payne Jr. — Jackson 
Kevin Jerome Payne — Vicksburg 
Marcia Adams Payne — Delhi 
Monica Evette Payne — Vicksburg 
Penny Lane Payne — Pearl 
Robert Earl Payne — Jackson 
Shirley Watkins Payne — Pearl 
Thomas A. Payne — Vicksburg 
Wayne Hamilton Payne — Long Beach 
Mary Carr Payton — Jackson 
Jose Arnold Paz — Jackson 
Tammy Lynn Peace — Clinton 
Angie Daniece Peacock — Winona 
James Craig Peacock — Vicksburg 
Laurie Cristina Peacock — Pearl 
Carla Yant Peagler — Richland 
Jesse Cecil Pearson — Jackson 
Mark L. Pearson — Florence 
Troy Wayne Pearson — Jackson 
Edward Glenmore Peatross — Jackson 
Brent Wayne Peay — Jackson 
Cecil W. Peden — Flora 
William David Peden — Pearl 
Betty J. Peoples — Jackson 
Carl A. Peoples III — Pearl 
Eldon Dunlap Peeples — Jackson 
Shelly Renee Peeples — Pearl 
Tanya Nicole Peeples — Vicksburg 
Theresa Lynn Peets — Florence 
Theresa McKinnon Pegram — Florence 
Laveda H. Pell — Vicksburg 

Mary Traci Pellegrine Jackson 

Jeffrey W. Peltz — Vicksburg 
James Michael Pendarvis — Jackson 
Patrina D. Pendarvis — Jackson 
Berenda Faye Pendleton — Crystal 

Denise Rene Pendleton — Jackson 
Felicia Diane Pendleton — Terry 
Tammy Delynn Penley — Vicksburg 
William Everett Penley — Vicksburg 
Benton Penn — Clinton 
Donald James Penn — Richland 
Gail Marie Penn Steph — Richland 
Vallie B. Penn — Clinton 
Argle Pennington — Utica 
Azzah Pennington — Jackson 
Belle Yvonne Pennington — Vicksburg 
Jay Howard Pennington — Pearl 
Philip 0. Pennington — Pinola 
Sally C. Pennington — Utica 
Stacy Ranae Pennock — Brandon 
Carolyn Kristine Peoples — Pearl 
Edward Peoples — Vicksburg 
Eiko Soeno Peoples — Brandon 
Johnnie Peoples — Jackson 
Leann Peoples — Pearl 
Christopher Henry Pepper — Rolling Fork 
Katherine Michelle Pepper — Jackson 
Linda Segrest Pepper — Jackson 
Mark Anthony Pepper — Ridgeland 
Quentin D. Percy — Jackson 
Ginger Foose Perdue — Pearl 
Fredrick W. Perian — Canton 
Yvonne L. Perian — Canton 
Warren Preston Perilloux — Clinton 
Christy Lynn Perkins — Long Beach 
Deborah Jackson Perkins — Jackson 
Edward Lawrence Perkins — Jackson 
Frednia D. Perkins — Jackson 
Georgia Wilson Perkins — Ridgeland 
James Edward Perkins — Vicksburg 
Joanne Thompson Perkins — Brandon 
Kenneth Edward Perkins — Madison 

Lela Melissa Perkins — Pearl 
Loyd Anthony Perkins — Pearl 
Natalie Renee Perkins — Pearl 
Ronald Todd Perkins — Vicksburg 
William Stephen Perkins — Jackson 
Hope Todd Pernell — Jackson 
Wanda Kathleen Perrett — Jackson 
Wanda Barfield Perrier — Vicksburg 
April Dawn Perry — Vicksburg 
April Michelle Perry — Florence 
Christopher Wayne Perry — Jackson 
Derek Guy Perry — Mount Olive 
Gayla Patrick Perry — Pelahatchie 
Jack H. Perry — Jackson 
Jerry Carious Perry Jr. — Jackson 
John C. Perry — Brandon 
Karen Holcomb Perry — Clinton 
Lisa A. Perry — Vicksburg 
Meredith Winifred Perry — Ridgeland 
Robin Renee Perry — Jackson 
Sharon Vergena Perry — Ripley 
Sherry McNeil Perry — Pearl 
Stephanie Perry — Tougaloo 
Steven Mitchell Perry — Flora 
Timothy Lee Perry — Vicksburg 
Michael Lance Persac — Brandon 
Wendy T. Pesante — Vicksburg 
Adam Wayne Peters — Raymond 
Carlos Peters — Port Gibson 
Cynthia Louise Peters — Vicksburg 
Ronnie Wayne Peters — Newton 
Audrey Lee Peterson C. — Clinton 
David Shane Peterson — Vicksburg 
Mark Vincent Peterson — Vicksburg 
Meralyn Evans Peterson — Clinton 
Sherry Peterson — Clinton 
Toni Marie Peterson — Vicksburg 
Patricia Stevens Petrosky — Vicksburg 
James Christian Petrovich — Clinton 
James Daniel Petru — Jackson 
Beverly Brown Pettigrew — Yazoo City 
Jimmy Wayne Pettis — Bentonia 
Carey Ann Pettit — Jackson 
Cheryl Renea Pettway — Vicksburg 
Sheryle Kitina Petty — Starkville 
Shelley Diane Peusch — Jackson 
David K. Pevey — Clinton 
Gregory James Pevey — Clinton 
Joycelyn Boykin Pevey — Clinton 
Isadora Peyton — Jackson 
Laura Kay Peyton — Vicksburg 
Vu Thanh Pham — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Leticia Pharis — Brandon 
Deanna Morgan Phariss — Brandon 
Roxie Ann Phelps McTag — Vicksburg 
Shank B. Phelps — Jackson 
Amy Renae Phillips — Brandon 
Anthony Whitaker Phillips — Brandon 
Barry R. Phillips — Jackson 
Charles Maurice Phillips — Jackson 
Chelee A. Phillips — Brandon 
Cheryl Pilgrim Phillips — Jackson 
Cleo Frances Phillips — Pearl 
David Phillips — Morton 
Earle Wardon Phillips — Pinebluff 
Ginger Merri Phillips — Jackson 
Jeffrey Chad Phillips — Vicksburg 
Karen Marie Phillips — Pearl 
Kenneth Paul Phillips — Brandon 
Leslie Scott Phillips — Forest 
Lisa Michele Phillips — Clinton 
Mary Elizabeth Phillips — Jackson 
Merritt Paxton Phillips — Jackson 
Rodney A. Phillips — Jackson 
Sheryl Stanley Phillips — Pearl 
Terryance Kelvin Phillips — Jackson 
Victoria Michelle Phillips — Jackson 
Harry Fridge Pickering Jr. — Flowood 
Jennifer Louise Pickering — Florence 
Sharon Chiles Pickering C. — Flowood 
Stephanie Leah Pickering — Florence 
Teresa A. Pickering — Jackson 
Larry James Pickett — Jackson 
Mary Linda Pickett — Pearl 
P. Kim Pickett — Pearl 
Paul Alan Pickett — Jackson 
Paul Jonathan Pickett — Raymond 
Eric Andre Pickford — Jackson 
Steven Brice Pickle — Clinton 
Brenda Wolf Pierce — Forest 
Charles Michael Pierce — Ridgeland 
Christopher Layton Pierce — Benton 
James D. Pierce — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Lee Pierce — Greenville 
Joanna M. Pierce — Flowood 
Terri Nelson Pierce — Yazoo City 
Terry Dean Pierce — Valley Park 
Kimberly S. Pierson Robin — Jackson 
Ernestine C. Pigg — Lena 
Glen Alec Pigg — Lena 
Kenneth L. Pigg — Lena 
Kevin Lawrence Pigg — Vicksburg 

Kristi G. Pigg — Lena 

Patricia Ann Piggs — Jackson 

Andrea Theresa Pigott — Jackson 

Charles D. Pigott — Vicksburg 

Richard Wurlen Pigott — Sandy Hook 

Heather Pikul — Vicksburg 

Milton Anthony Pilate — Jackson 

Darryl Dwayne Pilgrim — Harperville 

Mary Elizabeth Pilihos — Jackson 

Frank Kenneth Pinkerton — Brandon 

James Earl Pinkey — Vicksburg 

Susan Marie Pinkston — Brandon 

John Dean Pinn — Brandon 

Mark Edward Pinner — Brandon 

Lesley T. Pinter — Pearl 

Rusty Clinton Pinter — Pearl 

Trisha N. Pinter — Jackson 

Faye Phillips Pippen — Bay Springs 

Paulette Pope Pippin — Flowood 

Elizabeth L. Pitcher — Jackson 

Sherrie Kaye Pitchford — Jackson 

Robert Byron Pitman — Brandon 

James Christophe Pittinger — Jackson 

Arriton Damon Pittman — Columbia 

Charlotte Garrett Pittman — Vicksburg 

Jane T. Pittman — Brandon 

Johnna Mae Pittman — Jackson 

Laura Smith Pittman — Jackson 

Melonie Lee Pittman — Mendenhall 

Merchell Eummeka Pittman — Sandy Hook 

Ricardo Pittman — Columbia 

Rockford Millis Pittman — Mendenhall 

Stephen Oliver Pittman — Jackson 

Valerie Evans Pittman — Ridgeland 

Booker T. Pitts III — Vicksburg 

Darrell Ray Pitts — Brandon 

Joseph Hall Pitts — Brandon 

Patricia N. Pitts — Brooklyn 

Therese Lenore Placer — Vicksburg 

Kemberly Kenyatta Pleas — Jackson 

Ernest H. Pleasant — Florence 

Iris Denise Pleasent — Pearl 

Terrance Lee Pleasent — Pearl 

Mike Phillip Pliaconis — Clinton 

Donald J. Plummer — Jackson 

Gary D. Plummer — Jackson 

Robin Nanette Plunkett — Raymond 

Scott Everett Poag — Clinton 

Damelle Rachal Poe — Jackson 

Patricia Fortner Poe — Pearl 

Wayne Trent Poe — Florence 

Amy Jean Pohlman — Jackson 

Byron Christoph Poindexter — Jackson 

Shirley S. Poirrier — Jackson 

Brenda Appling Poitier — Jackson 

Amanda Lee Polk — Prentiss 

Eunice Polk — Vicksburg 

George A. Polk — Jackson 

Grady Martin Polk — Jackson 

Hilda M. Polk — Jackson 

Jason Lane Polk — Terry 

Jennifer Kaye Polk — Jackson 

Linda Wallace Polk — Florence 

Max Edward Polk — Vicksburg 

Michael Wayne Polk — Florence 

Mildred L. Polk — Jackson 

Pamala Sue Polk — Clinton 

Robert Carlton Polk — Ridgeland 

Robert David Polk — Jackson 

Roberta Linda Polk — Vicksburg 

Snetville Polk Jr. — Vicksburg 

Tracy Lynn Polk — Vicksburg 

William Alan Polk — Terry 

Edith Renee Pollard — Washington 

Jeffrey Glenn Pollard — Jackson 

Marilyn Wright Pollard — Jackson 

Vanessa Michelle Pollard — Jackson 

Wesley Darrell Pollard — Florence 

Michael Ray Pollock — Jackson 

Anita E. Ponder Banks — Brandon 

Cynthia Ponder — Jackson 

Dana Michelle Ponder — Clinton 

Paula Renee Ponder Wilso — Brandon 

Teresa Carol Ponder Reeve — Morton 

Melanie Rowell Poole — Vicksburg 

Terri Ann Poole — Brandon 

Edgar Lewallen Poor — Florence 

Crystal Juanita Pope Banks — Vicksburg 

Diane Pope — Jackson 

Eartha M. Pope — Jackson 

Jennifer Kay Pope — Benton 

Joe Ted Pope — Terry 

Leigh Ann Pope — Jackson 

Tony J. Pope — Jackson 

Beverly Ann Porter — Port Gibson 

Catena Rene Porter — Flora 

Constance Dorsey Porter — Jackson 

Craig Lemond Porter — Columbia 

Deborah ONeal Porter — Jackson 

Florence Porter — Richland 

Jennifer Douglas Porter — Jackson 

Marquettia Rena Porter — Jackson 

310 / Directory 

Melissa Irene Porter — Pelahatchie 
Ronald Alto Porter — Clinton 
Sarah Addeal Porter — Morton 
Shirley H. Porter — Vicksburg 
rina Owens Porter — Pearl 
Verlena McLaurin Porter — Jackson 
Veronica Carletta Porter — Jackson 
Etta Belle Porterpan — Port Gibson 
Angela Diane Posey — Morton 
Cheryl Louise Posey — Crystal Springs 
Deborah Crapps Posey — Jackson 
Jeffery Edward Posey — Brandon 
Karen Lynn Posey — Vicksburg 
Willie Davis Posey — Mendenhall 
James Foster Positan — Clinton 
Antonio F. Poston — Canton 
Elbert Potter — Ridgeland 
Willie Ruth Potter — Braxton 
Georgia Mae Potts — Jackson 
Derrell Pough — Jackson 
Deborah Dunaway Pouns — Raymond 
Arthur L. Powell — Vicksburg 
Carl 0. Powell — Jackson 
Cassandra Faye Powell — Jackson 
Christopher Michael Powell — Tougaloo 
Cynthia Dionne Powell — Terry 
Debbie Marie Powell — Jackson 
Denise Miller Powell — Jackson 
Doris Marie Powell Johns — Jackson 
Douglas Wade Powell — Brandon 
Ethel Lee Powell — Jackson 
Hosa Tyrone Powell — Columbia 
Jayce Eric Powell — Clinton 
Jeffery Ted Powell — Jackson 
Joann H. Powell — Clinton 
Kathy Perryman Powell — Crystal Springs 
Linda Marie Powell — Vicksburg 
Michel Powell — Sumrall 
Randall A. Powell — Yazoo City 
Robin Denise Powell — Jackson 
Ronald Edward Powell — Greenville 
Sherry Isaac Powell — Jackson 
Stephanie Ann Powell — Pearl 
Stephanie Joyce Powell — Florence 
Timothy Craig Powell — Florence 
Valerie Rochell Powell — Terry 
Victoria M. Powell — Greenville 
Cheryl Elise Powers — Jackson 
David Annison Powers — Brandon 
Patricia Lynn Powers — Pearl 
Patty Tarver Powers — Jackson 
Gurly West Poynor — Ridgeland 
Lynda T. Poynor — Ridgeland 
John Michael Poythress Jr. — Clinton 
Michele Leblanc Prassel — Ridgeland 
Deidre Kay Prather — Bogue Chitto 
Deborah Lee Pratt — Columbus 
Hazel Arnetta Prentiss — Vicksburg 
David Jerald Presley — Florence 
John R. Presley — Jackson 
Michelle Marie Presley — Florence 
Thomas Jenkins Presley — Florence 
Thomas Wayne Presley — Harrisville 
Timothy Simeon Presley — Jackson 
Stormie Lee Pressley — Terry 
Norman Ivan Presson III — Jackson 
Anthony Lesley Prestage — Lena 
Barbara A. Prestage — Morton 
James William Prestridge — Richland 
Stephen Prestridge — Jackson 
Gentry Heath Prestwood — Pearl 
Leslie Jean Prestwood — Jackson 
Tabitha Darlene Prestwood — Brandon 
Patricia M. Prewitt — Clinton 
Shelly M. Prewitt — Vicksburg 
Trinda Rache Prewitt — Jackson 
Amelia Sue Price — Brandon 
'Christopher S. Price — Brandon 
Deborah Lynn Price — Jackson 
Doris Nell Price — Vicksburg 
Edward Keith Price — Raymond 
Helen M. Price Long — Vicksburg 
Jasper Dewayne Price — Florence 
Jennifer Price — Pearl 
John Hamilton Price — Jackson 
John Kevin Price — Sumrall 
Johnnie Mae Price — Vicksburg 
Jonathan Gifford Price — Pearl 
Larry Darnell Price — Jackson 
M. Todd Price — Jackson 
Melisa Price — Pearl 
Meredith Jo Price — Raleigh 
Penni Leigh Price — Jackson 
Robin Alina Price — Raymond 
Shannon Hope Price — Jackson 
Sharon D. Price — Raymond 
Sonya Saul Price — Ridgeland 
Terecia Jeanette Price — Vicksburg 
Vernon Charles Price — Jackson 
Amy Kay Priddy — Rolling Fork 
Linda Jones Pride — Vicksburg 
Regina A. Pride Store — Jackson 

Robbin Reeder Pridgen — Jackson 

Shenitha A. Pridgen — Jackson 

Cynthia Rochelle Pridgett — Jackson 

Craig H. Priest — Florence 

Dana Deann Priest — Bude 

Sandra Dawn Priest — Jackson 

Adam A. Prim — Raymond 

Lovie C. Primer — Jackson 

Amy Elizabeth Prince — Brandon 

Andrew Ledale Prince — Clinton 

Caren Middleton Prince — Jackson 

Marlene F. Pritchard — Madison 

Peggy Joyce Pritchard Jr. — Vicksburg 

Rebacca A. Pritchard — Jackson 

Karen Lee Prosser — Vicksburg 

Jennifer Denise Prouty — Jackson 

Robert T. Provence — Vicksburg 

Clayton Lee Pruden — Ridgeland 

Samuel Hyram Prudhomme — Vicksburg 

Connie J. Pruitt — Vicksburg 

Derrick M. Pruitt — Baldwyn 

Edna Pruitt — Vicksburg 

Kevin C. Pruitt — Jackson 

Shonna Paige Pruitt — Brandon 

Reginald Demetrius Pryer — Jackson 

Angelia Michelle Pryor — Vicksburg 

Kaye Pryor — Jackson 

Cleveland Daryl Puckett — Jackson 

Dana Renee Puckett — Vicksburg 

Johnnie J. Puckett — Redwood 

Kenneth Brian Puckett — Pearl 

Stephanie Lynn Puckett — Jackson 

Thomas D. Puckett — Lena 

Walter Frederick Puckett — Jackson 

Mimi Puddister — Natchez 

Brian J. Pugh — Vicksburg 

Cabot Jace Pugh — Vicksburg 

Corine Screws Pugh — Vicksburg 

David Pugh — Vicksburg 

Pamela Nevels Pugh — Vicksburg 

Robert Pugh — Jackson 

Hettie Ruth Pullen — Jackson 

James Edward Pulliam Jr. — Clinton 

Jennifer Pulliam — Pearl 

John Stanley Purifoy III — Crystal Springs 

Kimberly A. Purnell — Pearl 

Sylvia Louise Purry — Jackson 

Dale Alan Purser — Magee 

Joseph Crayton Purser — Brandon 

Suzette R. Purser — Brandon 

Terry Joe Purser — Brandon 

Aaron Timothy Purvis — Jackson 

Clifton Earl Purvis — Brandon 

Dewayne W. Purvis — Florence 

Don F. Purvis — Yazoo City 

G. Jane Purvis — Jackson 

Georgia Cassandra Purvis — Brandon 

James Christopher Purvis — Jackson 

Merri J. Purvis Winno — Sondheimer 

Patricia Diana Purvis — Jackson 

Robert Young Purvis — Yazoo City 

Sharron Belle Purvis — Jackson 

Sherian Renia Purvis — Jackson 

Suzette Y. Purvis Bunya — Clinton 

William Henry Purvis — Florence 

Howard Keith Putman — Brandon 

Veronica Lynn Putman — Vicksburg 

James A. Putnam — Brandon 

Patricia Rene Pybas — Vicksburg 

James Isom Pylant — Purvis 

Melanie J. Pyle — Terry 

Mildred Queries Pyle — Vicksburg 

Alan Keith Pyles — Jackson 

David Wayne Pyron — Jackson 

Luler Quails — Vicksburg 
William Joseph Quails — Brandon 
Stephen E. Queries — Jackson 
Alexander Lovell Queen — Vicksburg 
Lori Duke Quick — Clinton 
Brenda Annette Quimby — Jackson 
Kevin Shane Quimby — Vicksburg 
Billy Joe Quinn — Brandon 
Cheryl Suzette Quinn — Jackson 
Cynthia Williams Quinn — Jackson 
Delveta Quinn — Jackson 
Edward L. Quinn — Yazoo City 
Jacqueline King Quinn — Jackson 
Jeffery William Quinn — Yazoo City 
Mary L. Quinn — Brandon 
Maria Jo Quinnelly — Raymond 

Julie R. Rabert — Clinton 
Erik John Rademacher — Brandon 
B. J. Radford — Vicksburg 
Joni Michelle Radosta — Clinton 
Fredrick Ragan Sr. — Vicksburg 
Gregory Barnard Raggard — Vicksburg 
Billy James Ragland — Pearl 
Ryan Kirk Ragland — Bentonia 
Tammy K. Ragland — Lake Providence 
Timothy Eugene Ragland — Jackson 
Helen Bailey Ragsdale — Vicksburg 
Danny Wayne Ragus — Pearl 
Regina Marie Raiford — Hammond 
Glenda Joyce Rainer — Vicksburg 
Jim Raines — Mize 
Katherine M. Raines — Pearl 
Tim Alan Raines — Vicksburg 
Ouida Smith Rainey — Jackson 
PN Raju — Ridgeland 
Michael V. Rail — Pearl 
Alex Erwin Ralston — Brandon 
Janice Herrington Rambo — Flowood 
Chris Lee Ramsey — Jackson 
Doris Lavern Ramsey — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Rand Dixon — Jackson 
George Marvin Randall Jr. — Jackson 
James M. Randall — Roxie 
Michael Ranee Randall — Terry 
Raiford Stigler Randall — Jackson 
Arthur Randell — Jackson 
Mamie Randle — Jackson 
Sandra Gail Randle — Lexington 
John David Randolph — Vicksburg 
Josephine D. Randolph — Jackson 
Kevin D. Raner — Vicksburg 
Mary Katherine Rankin — Raymond 
Stacy Renea Rankin — Magee 
Tina Rena Rankin — Clinton 
Sarah L. Rankins — Mendenhall 
Lorraine Ransom — Flora 
Shannon F. Ransom — Jackson 
Krishna K. Rao — Clinton 
Maya Kudva Rao — Madison 
Marilyn Monroe Rash — Vicksburg 
Terie Robie Rash — Pearl 
Grace Deborah Rass — Brandon 
John H. Rass — Brandon 
Tanya Elise Rass — Brandon 
Christi Jeanette Ratcliff — Florence 
Marticia Lynn Ratcliff — Vidalia 
Michelle Lynn Ratcliff — Jackson 
Carolyn Beth Ratcliffe — Pearl 
Deanna June Ratcliffe Harb — Pearl 
Mark Thomas Ratcliffe — Pearl 
Judy P. Rather — Jackson 
Cynthia Denise Ratliff — Jackson 
Riccardo Salvatore Rausa — Greenwood 
Rhonda Ravenstein — Branson 
Paulette M. Ravesies — Madison 
Damon Rashawn Rawlings — Natchez 
Venny Walcher Rawlinson — Jackson 
Tanya Gail Rawson — Pearl 
Alma Nell Ray — Raymond 
Amanda Baxter Ray — Louisville 
Charles Edly Ray — Vicksburg 
Gary Leo Ray — Vicksburg 
Harlan Wendall Ray — Redwood 
James David Ray — Jackson 
Jamey William Ray — Pearl 
Katina Darlene Ray — Redwood 
Larry L. Ray — Jackson 
Laurie Hobart Ray — Pearl 
Lawrence Murray Ray — Vicksburg 
Leigh Ann Ray — Canton 
Mark Brodie Ray — Jackson 
Mark W. Ray — Terry 
Mary Rebecca Ray — Raymond 
Richard Allen Ray — Richland 
Robert Eugene Ray Jr. — Vicksburg 
Sandra Brown Ray — Vicksburg 
Terrence J. Ray — Vicksburg 
Theresa Yvonne Ray — Jackson 
Victoria Bakarich Ray — Vicksburg 
Wendy K. Ray — Jackson 
Wilfred Alan Ray — Clinton 
Yolanda Alisa Ray — Jackson 
Angela Carpenter Rayborn — Jackson 
Peggy Sue Rayburn — Vicksburg 
Sherilyn N. Rayburn — Clinton 
Henry Leroy Rayford — Jackson 
Elizabeth Raymond — Pearl 
Amanda Lifer Reaves — Clinton 
Karen Mathes Redden — Utica 
Nola Ann Redden — Vicksburg 

Tommy Joe Redden — Vicksburg 

Anne Gwin Redditt — Vicksburg 

Helen Ruth Redditt — Redwood 

Kevin L. Redmond — Jackson 

Alicia Beth Reed — Magee 

Bontine Reed — Jackson 

Calvin E. Reed — Vicksburg 

Cassandra Jefferson Reed — Florence 

Christopher Reed — Vicksburg 

Dianne Larry Reed — Jackson 

Kimberly Dawn Reed — Fayette 

Kimberly Gail Reed — Leland 

Mary Louise Reed — Tallulah 

Melinda Sue Reed — Vicksburg 

Michael H. Reed — Jackson 

Monique Hinzmann Reed — Florence 

Nancy D. Reed — Jackson 

Peggy L. Reed — Clinton 

Raymond Reed — Vicksburg 

Ricky Reed — Braxton 

Robin Clarette Reed — Vicksburg 

Roddy D. Reed — Edwards 

Roxanne Michele Reed — Brandon 

Sean Edward Reed — Jackson 

Shannon D. Reed — Jackson 

Shirley Ann Reed — Vicksburg 

Towanda Reed — Glen Allan 

Claude E. Rees Jr. — Vicksburg 

Kimberly Ann Rees — Jackson 

Corbert Deroy Reese III — Jackson 

Dale Allen Reese — Clinton 

Eugene Reese — Jackson 

Mary Ann Reese — Starkville 

Sheila Faye Reese — Jackson 

Shelia Reese — Jackson 

Christina R. Reever Carr — Clinton 

James Lee Reeves — Jackson 

Kelly Reeves — Jackson 

Mary Ellen Reeves — Brandon 

Michael A. Reeves — Jackson 

Norma Wallace Reeves — Bogue Chitto 

Pamela Eatmon Reeves — Madison 

Ronald Dale Reeves — Pearl 

Stephen Dubose Reeves — Medison 

Paula Ann Regan — Foxworth 

Tommie Lee Reginal — Jackson 

Jimmy Joe Regions — Morton 

Sammy Ray Regions — Jackson 

Susan Richardson Reichert — Jackson 

Anita Lynne Reid Daves — Pearl 

Barbara Boswell Reid G. — Brandon 

James Ray Reid — Pearl 

Jimmy Hugh Reid — Ackerman 

Roy Kenneth Reinhardt — Jackson 

Darren L. Reinhart — Jackson 

Barbara Michelle Reis — Florence 

Donna Lee Reiss — Brandon 

Cathy Dyer Rells — Pearl 

Jerry Lynn Renfroe — Vicksburg 

Stacie Sue Renfroe — Pelahatchie 

Timothy Wayne Renfroe — Florence 

William Don Renfroe — Jackson 

James Daniel Renfrow — Pearl 

Anne Downing Reno — Raymond 

Joseph L. Reno — Jackson 

Mary Katherine Rentschler — Pearl 

Iris Paulette Reppond — Jackson 

Dannette Reuben — Pelahatchie 

James Allen Revis — Brandon 

Antonette Latrice Reynolds — Jackson 

Birdie Clarene Reynolds — Pearl 

Connie P. Reynolds — Jackson 

Kathy Denise Reynolds — Vicksburg 

Lisa Kaye Reynolds — Whitfield 

Sally Rebecca Reynolds — Yazoo City 

Shelia Diane Reynolds — Florence 

Stacey Lamone Reynolds — Lorman 

Steven Thomas Reynolds — Clinton 

Barbara Renee Rheam Morri — Florence 

Amy Elise Rhines — Jackson 

Robert James Rhoads — Ridgeland 

Julia Ruth Rhoden Evans — Mendenhall 

Christina Purser Rhodes — Flowood 

Deborah Ann Rhodes — Pearl 

George C. Rhodes Jr. — Jackson 

Gregory Todd Rhodes — Flowood 

Kristi Annette Rhodes — Pearl 

Patrick Dayton Rhodes — Jackson 

Wendy L. Rhodes — Pelahatchie 

Cebraim Rhymes Jr. — Jackson 

Keyshia Fabre Rhymes — Jackson 

Pamela Jean Rials — Georgetown 

Steven Arthur Rials — Jackson 

Amy Michelle Rice — Pearl 

Lisa Renee Rice Wesel — Jackson 

Martha April Rice — Madison 

Martha S. Rice — Jackson 

Rebekah Rice — Petal 

Roslyne Diane Rice — Florence 

Christopher John Richard — Lake Charles 

Stella D. Richard — Jackson 

Annie Richards — Canton 

James Richards — Vicksburg 

Directory/ 311 

Janet Leigh Richards — Canton 
Joyce Richards — Vicksburg 
Lori Kay Richards Stewa — Lena 
Russell Wayne Richards — Vicksburg 
Velissa Turner Richards — Pearl 
Alvin Lee Richardson — Jackson 
Beverly Richardson — Jackson 
Brenda Duff Richardson — Terry 
Christina Rebec Richardson — Jackson 
Dana Hester Richardson — Ridgeland 
Daryl Keith Richardson — Jackson 
David Ray Richardson — Crystal Springs 
Dora Louise Richardson — Vicksburg 
Felicia Richardson — Flora 
Joseph M. Richardson Jr. — Clinton 
Joshua N. Richardson — Vicksburg 
Patricia Dianne Richardson — Jackson 
Shannon Lynn Richardson — Louisville 
Thomas J. Richardson — Edwards 
Wanda Bloodwort Richardson — Terry 
William Jeffery Richburg — Clinton 
Andrea Richmond — Jackson 
Dana M. Richmond — Madison 
Dorothy Marie Richmond — Pearl 
Gwendolyn Jeffers Richmond — Jackson 
Charlotte K. Richter — Vicksburg 
Rudolf E. Richter — Vicksburg 
Virginia May Rickels — Mendenhall 
Michael Matthew Ricks — Greenwood 
Betty Sue Rico — Jackson 
Glenda Springer Riddle — Jackson 
Kimberly Kaye Riddle — Vicksburg 
William D. Riddle — Vicksburg 
Shelly Rideout — Jackson 
Louis E. Ridgway Jr. — Jackson 
William Edward Riecken — Jackson 
Erich Johann Riede — Florence 
Thomas William Ries — Jackson 
Dianna Theobald Riggenbach — Brandon 
Karen Jenice Riggin — Learned 
James Elliot Riggs — Vicksburg 
Leslie Ann Riggs — Jackson 
Michael Eric Riggs — Brandon 
Ann Wallace Rigney — Ridgeland 
Terizena A. Riles — Vicksburg 
Angela Rachelle Riley — Crystal Springs 
Brian Mitchell Riley — Vicksburg 
Dianne Gatson Riley — Jackson 
Janet Beth Riley Bible — Kosciusko 
Jefferson Miles Riley — Clinton 
Lenell Cliburn Riley — Jackson 
Patricia Cooper Riley — Jackson 
Patrick Newton Riley — Magee 
Paul Allan Riley — Jackson 
Randell Lee Riley — Jackson 
Ann S. Rinehart — Utica 
Thomas Patrick Ring — Vicksburg 
Thomas Patrick Ring II — Vicksburg 
Shirley Martin Ringgold — Jackson 
James Ringo — Vicksburg 
Loise S. Risher — Brandon 
Toria Renee Rivers Bell — Chicago 
Tyrone Rivers — Chicago 
Willie S. Rivers III — Brandon 
Jennifer Patrice Roach — Jackson 
Reena Elizabeth Roach — Jackson 
Sammy Joe Roach — Vicksburg 
Stanley Darnell Roach — Utica 
Willie Earl Roach — Jackson 
Faye Russell Roan — Jackson 
Martha Lynn Roan — Jackson 
Gregory Scott Robbins — Vicksburg 
Jason Bradley Robbins — Pelahatchie 
Jennifer Rebecca Robbins — Florence 
John Richard Robbins — Jackson 
Mary Lee Robbins — Vicksburg 
Michael Todd Robbins — Raymond 
Robert Wesley Robbins — Jackson 
Tisha R. Robbins — Ridgeland 
Tony R. Robbins — Jackson 
Velma Joy Robbins Piatt — Vicksburg 
William Brian Robbins — Vicksburg 
Barbara Ann Roberson — Jackson 
Barbara Roland Roberson — Isola 
Flore Roberson — Vicksburg 
Jason Lamar Roberson — Clinton 
Jennifer Leigh Roberson — Clinton 
Joseph C. Roberson — Tupelo 
Lisa Renee Roberson — Pearl 
Roy Neal Roberson — Vicksburg 
William Edward Roberson — Vicksburg 
James Mitchell Robert — Pearl 
Alice Denise Roberts — Jackson 
Audrey Teresa Roberts — Pearl 
Barry Scott Roberts — Clinton 
Bernie Allen Roberts — Vicksburg 
Candy Roberts — Jackson 
Christine Ellen Roberts — Worthington 
Connie Renee Roberts — Vicksburg 
Danny Ray Roberts — Richland 
Donna Gayle Roberts — Clinton 
Gregory Dean Roberts — Clinton 
James Leonard Roberts Jr. — Florence 

Jamie Denise Roberts — Belden 
John D. Roberts Jr. — Jackson 
Joseph Steven Roberts — Pearl 
Katie M. Roberts — Pickens 
Kenneth C. Roberts — Pearl 
Leroy Roberts — Jackson 
Linda V. Roberts — Jackson 
Loretta Lynn Roberts — Terry 
Marcus J. Roberts — Jackson 
Mary Jo Roberts — Jackson 
Mary Williams Roberts — Flora 
Matthew Shane Roberts — Yazoo City 
Maude Ann Roberts — Jackson 
Pamela Ann Roberts — Pearl 
Patricia Roberts — Vicksburg 
Randall Alan Roberts — Clinton 
Roma Annette Roberts — Vicksburg 
Russell Scott Roberts — Brandon 
Samuel E. Roberts — Jackson 
Sherry Lynette Roberts — Pearl 
Stephanie Crick Roberts — Jackson 
Stewart Sidney Roberts — Pearl 
Terry Houston Roberts — Jackson 
Vickie E. Roberts — Jackson 
Walter Douglas Roberts — Terry 
Wanda Louise Roberts — Mendenhall 
Bruce A. Robertson Jr. — Jackson 
Derin Jerome Robertson — Raymond 
Donnie R. Robertson — Clinton 
Jeffery Wayne Robertson — Morton 
Kathy Nettles Robertson — Jackson 
Kim Lynn Robertson — Brandon 
Morris Clay Robertson — Brandon 
Toni Lynn Robertson — Jackson 
Tresa Lynn Robertson — Philadelphia 
Vicki Lynne Robertson — Pear! 
Adrian C. Robinson — Jackson 
Alice Lynn Robinson — Pearl 
Angela S. Robinson — Pearl 
Antoine S. Robinson — Canton 
Barbara Ann Robinson — Richland 
Barbara Lewis Robinson — Jackson 
Barbara W. Robinson — Braxton 
Beverly Culleen Robinson — Clinton 
Bobbie Nell Robinson — Raymond 
Bonnie E. Robinson — Florence 
Carta Diane Robinson — Yazoo City 
Cedric Robinson — Pearl 
Charlotte L. Robinson — Brandon 
Cheyne Allen Robinson — Jackson 
Christopher ONeal Robinson — Bolton 
Cleo Laverne Robinson — Jackson 
Connie Lynn Robinson — Jackson 
Cynthia Robinson — Lamont 
Darryl Keith Robinson — Jackson 
Deborah Leigh Robinson — West Point 
Deloris Bennett Robinson — Jackson 
Dessie Clinton Robinson — Jackson 
Doris Diane Robinson — Jackson 
Dwayne Anthony Robinson — Jackson 
Dwight Hendrex Robinson — Jackson 
Earline Denise Robinson — Mendenhall 
Eunice L. Robinson — Jackson 
Felicia Janet Robinson — Jackson 
Gloria J. Robinson — Jackson 
Gregory Scott Robinson — Vicksburg 
Harold Dean Robinson Jr. — Brandon 
Harry James Robinson — Forest 
Jacqueline Hunter Robinson — Vicksburg 
James Robinson Jr. — Clinton 
Janice Muriel Robinson — Georgetown 
Jannie Delores Robinson — Jackson 
Jereline W. Robinson — Jackson 
Jonas Earl Robinson — Clinton 
Joseph Robinson — Jackson 
Katharine Terrell Robinson — Jackson 
Katina Lashawn Robinson — Terry 
Kimberly DeLynne Robinson — Brandon 
Linda Bentley Robinson — Vicksburg 
Loretta Ann Robinson McCoy — Jackson 
M. Douglas Robinson — Pearl 
Manuel Gabriel Robinson — Jackson 
Michael S. Robinson — Grenada 
Monee Teresa Robinson — Jackson 
Monica Arree Robinson — Jacksonburg 
Mylissa Dianne Robinson — Brandon 
Pam J. Robinson — Brownsville 
Pamela Michelle Robinson — Steens 
Rachael Lynette Robinson — Vicksburg 
Rayford Charles Robinson — Jackson 
Regina Annette Robinson — Jackson 
Reginald Edward Robinson — Port Gibson 
Robby Lee Robinson — Vicksburg 
Sheila R. Robinson Herri — Pearl 
Stacey C. Robinson — Vicksburg 
Tammy Marie Robinson — Raymond 
Taneda Renee Robinson — Clinton 
Tyra Denise Robinson — Lamont 
Velerie Claybom Robinson — Yazoo City 
Vickie Watson Robinson — Bolton 
W. C. Robinson — Forest 
Wantari Djuan Robinson — Jackson 
Wendy Danien Robinson — Jackson 

Willie Louis Robinson — Jackson 
Wreatha Brooks Robinson — Pascagoula 
Jeffrey W. Robison — Vicksburg 
Scott A. Robison — Lexington 
Shearon Kent Robson — Vicksburg 
Linda H. Roby — Clinton 
Patricia Ann Roby — Clinton 
Nina Dottley Rocconi — Vicksburg 
Denise Rockett — Florence 
Jacqueline M. Rockette — Laurel 
William Toombs Roden — Lexington 
Andrea Michelle Rodgers — Raymond 
Florence Rebecca Rodgers — Florence 
Latika Dramese Rodgers — Jackson 
Lesley Donita Rodgers — Jackson 
Michael Rodgers — Jackson 
Alicia Ann Rodriguez — Independence 
Edna S. Rodriguez — Jackson 
Ricardo Ernesto Rodriguez — Jackson 
Beverly Roebuck — Jackson 
Brian G. Roebuck — Terry 
Helen Christine Roesch — Vicksburg 
Candice Marie Rogers — Florence 
Charles Podesta Rogers — Vicksburg 
Connie Susanna Rogers — Hattiesburg 
Duke Edgar Rogers — Florence 
Geraldine Love Rogers — Vicksburg 
Jimmie E. Rogers White — Jackson 
Jo Ann Rogers — Jackson 
Joe E. Rogers Jr. — Jackson 
Katherine Renee Rogers — Jackson 
Kim Goodnight Rogers — Jackson 
Leland Keith Rogers — Vicksburg 
Lenwood Rogers — Jackson 
Lidia Rogers — Jackson 
Melissa Kaye Rogers — Brandon 
Richard Myer Rogers — Raymond 
Robin Renee Rogers — Crystal Springs 
Stephen Alan Rogers — Vicksburg 
Steven Gary Rogers — Richland 
Tammy Ernesta Rogers — Florence 
Allen Duane Rogillio — Silver Creek 
Donna F. Rogillio — Vicksburg 
Mark Douglas Rohner — Clinton 
Matthew Lane Roland — Mendenhall 
William David Roland — Crystal Springs 
Willie Floyd Rolling — Edwards 
Cheryl Whiting Rollings — Clinton 
Eddie M. Rollins — Jackson 
Honie Ray Rollins — Vicksburg 
Katherine Irene Rollins — Clinton 
Khristie Marie Rollins — Natchez 
Kimberly D. Rollins Watso — Pearl 
Kelly Lee Rollison — Vicksburg 
Randal Herring Romedy — Brandon 
Marilyn Ann Romero Oden — Jackson 
Brenda Myers Romines — Sumrall 
Ricky Everett Romines — Pearl 
Thomas Wayne Roots — Jackson 
Shelia K. Roper Alexa — Pearl 
Stephen Jason Rosa — Jackson 
James Thomas Rosamond — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Gwin Rosamond — Brandon 
James Douglas Rose — Jackson 
Kathryne Jeane Rose — Flora 
Mary A. Rose — Jackson 
Robert Sanders Rosebud — Greenwood 
Robertta Perry Rosenthall — Vicksburg 
Tina Marie Rosetti — Biloxi 
Angela Dennis Ross — Pearl 
Brian David Ross — Jackson 
D. Compton Ross — Jackson 
Deborah Kaye Ross — Jackson 
Dennis J. Ross — Pearl 
Don Joseph Ross — Braxton 
Evelyn Faye Ross — Vicksburg 
Frederick Robert Ross — Utica 
George Ross — Vicksburg 
Jack Edward Ross — Utica 
Kenneth Carl Ross — Vicksburg 
Leslie Burk Ross — Vicksburg 
Maria Nicole Ross — Florence 
Mark Alexander Ross — Ridgeland 
Martha Boggan Ross — Madison 
Michael Joseph Ross — Brandon 
Michael Leroy Ross — Lexington 
Robert B. Ross — Yazoo City 
Rosalind B. Ross — Star 
Shirley Ann Ross Andre — Flora 
Silvanius Lynn Ross — Florence 
Stanley Lamon Ross — Rolling Fork 
Virginia Frances Rosser — Vicksburg 
Karen Wilson Rossie — Ridgeland 
Paul Andrew Rossie — Jackson 
Vaughn M. Roth — Clinton 
David Preston Rouch — Vicksburg 
Charles Edward Rounds Jr. — Jackson 
Kelly Gayle Rountree — Terry 
Carolyn L. Rouse — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Dawn Rouse — Jackson 
Paul Stephen Rouse — Jackson 
William Scott Rouse — Vicksburg 

Allen C. Rouser — Jackson 

John Harold Rousey — Vicksburg 

Crystal Rouster — Clinton 

Jimi Crisler Rovetto — Clinton 

Leonard Floyd Rowe — Jackson 

Freddie Michael Rowell — Pelahatchie 

Larell Delvin Rowell — Vicksburg 

Tina Smithey Rowland — Vicksburg 

Rebecca Ann Rowzee — Jackson 

Susan B. Royals — Jackson 

James Perez Rucker — Jackson 

James Riley Rucker — Vicksburg 

Mark Anthony Rucker — Carthage 

Mary Denise Rucker — Jackson 

Patricia Ann Rucker — Ridgeland 

Sandra Demby Rucker — Raymond 

William Anderson Ruff Jr. — Florence 

Pamela Michelle Ruffin — Jackson 

Jon Michael Ruggles — Vicksburg 

Bonnie June Rule — Vicksburg 

Eugene Rumfelt — Jackson 

Angie Marie Runnels — Pearl 

Chad Runnels — Mt. Olive 

Christopher Clay Runnels — Jackson 

Donna L. Rush — Clinton 

Jarvis Ray Rush — Philadelphia 

Berry Ray Rushing — New Hebron 

Brande Nicole Rushing — Jackson 

Clementine Denise Rushing — Jackson 

Dave Shannon Rushing — Forest 

Hugh J. Rushing — Jackson 

Ira Alan Rushing — Meadville 

Jerry Wayne Rushing — Vicksburg 

L. Michelle Rushing — Pearl 

Shannon Lee Rushing — Vicksburg 

Shellie Jo Rushing — Jackson 

Stanley M. Rushing — Carthage 

Tamara L. Rushing — Jackson 

Tracie L. Rushing Runne — Crystal Springs 

Janet M. Rusling — Jackson 

Drucilla Russ — Utica 

Angela Faye Russell — Clinton 

Brenda K. Russell — Guntown 

Christopher Lee Russell — New Hebron 

Dale Gibson Russell — Brandon 

Daniel Jerome Russell — Jackson 

Donna Carol Russell — Brandon 

J. W. Russell — Raymond 

Jason Scott Russell — Crystal Springs 

John Richard Russell — Raymond 

Mary Ann Russell Bolto — Brandon 

Neil Pete Russell — Magee 

Stacy Boykin Russell — Jackson 

Tabetha Lean Russell — Tougaloo 

Vanessa Gale Russell — Vicksburg 

Almeric Micheal Russum — Vicksburg 

Celia Renee Russum — Port Gibson 

Stephanie Gale Russum — Brandon 

Rita H. Rutland — Jackson 

Timothy Earl Rutland — Jackson 

Joe A. Rutledge — Jackson 

Debra Southworth Ruzensky — Brandon 

Sharon Zordan Ryan — Ridgeland 

Rustom Ishak Saad — Clinton 
Thomas Owen Saffle Jr. — Terry 
Stephanie Renee Sago — Natchez 
Linda Faye Saik — Clinton 
Michael Edward Saik — Jackson 
Robert Saints — Vicksburg 
Santiago Saldana — Vicksburg 
Naheed Saleh — Jackson 
Nameh Yacoub Salem — Jackson 
Laurie Lynn Salers — Jackson 
Mark D. Salina — Clinton 
Elizabeth Ann Salley — Clarksdale 
Diane Sue Salmons — Brandon 
Hugh I. Salmons — Brandon 
Jennifer Ann Salmons — Jackson 
Larry Keith Salter Jr. — Brandon 
Ellis James Sam — Jackson 
Angela Lorraine Sampson — Jackson 
Bobby Lyndale Sampson — Greenville 
Sandra Anderson Sampson — Fayette 
Sonya Coleman Samuel — Jackson 
Ted Alan Sanches — Vicksburg 
P. Hendrick Sanchez — Jackson 
Karen Diane Sandell — Jackson 
Melissa Lea Sanderford — Vicksburg 
Beverly Jean Sanders — Vicksburg 
Billy Martin Sanders — Brandon 
Carl D. Sanders — Madison 
Claire Thompson Sanders — Brandon 

312/ Directory 


Clara Mae Sanders — Jackson 
Curby Sanders — Jackson 
Donna Eresa Sanders — Jackson 
Fannie Mae Sanders — Jackson 
Frances A. Sanders — Jackson 
Gloria Mae Sanders — Jackson 
Grace Sanders — Jackson 
Jacqueline Kay Sanders — Jackson 
James Edward Sanders — Canton 
Janice Renee Sanders — Flora 
John Christopher Sanders — Vicksburg 
Kristy Ann Sanders — Jackson 
Larry Shannon Sanders — Jackson 
Leester Osborne Sanders — Jackson 
Lillie Denise Sanders — Bolton 
Lisa Ann Sanders — Clinton 
Martha Ann Sanders — Yazoo City 
Michael Allen Sanders — Hattiesburg 
Pamela Jones Sanders — Vicksburg 
Patrick Darnell Sanders — Jackson 
Rosie Marie Sanders — Vicksburg 
Shane James Sanders — Florence 
Theresa Lynn Sanders — Vicksburg 
Vernell Rohello Sanders — Fayette 
Wilbur J. Sanders — Jackson 
Willie Anthony Sanders — Jackson 
Guy Sandidge — Clinton 
Mitchell Scott Sandidge — Natchez 
Angi M. Sandifer — Clinton 
Carthal E. Sandifer — Florence 
Charlene Gunnell Sandifer — Jackson 
Edwin O. Sandifer — Florence 
Joseph Allen Sandifer — Clinton 
Gregory Todd Sandridge — Brandon 
Kathryn Sanford — Jackson 
Michael Dewayne Sanford — Jackson 
Bryan Ashley Sensing — Brandon 
Luis A. Santana — Jackson 
Rhonda C. Santucci — Brandon 
Jeanette Sarrett — Clinton 
Christopher W. Sartin — Brandon 
Barbara McCulley Sartor — Vicksburg 
Benjamin Scott Sartor — Clinton 
Cylde F. Sartor Jr. — Vicksburg 
Paula Scarbrough Sartor — Clinton 
Angela Dionne Satcher — Jackson 
llona Wendolyn Satcher — Jackson 
Lawrence Clarence Satcher — Jackson 
Roger K. Satcher — Jackson 
Kristi A. Sathersmith — Raymond 
Vyshnavi Satishchandar — Jackson 
Travis Kirk Satterfield — Benoit 
Stanley Eugene Saucier — Jackson 
James T. Saunders Jr. — Vidalia 
Kathy Davis Saunier — Tallulah 
Selena Inez Saved — Jackson 
Kathryn Saikley Saway — Vicksburg 
Debra McCollum Sawyer — Jackson 
Patrich Ann Sawyer Bolde — Jackson 
Ivy McGinty Saxton — Yazoo City 
Roxann Hickey Saxton — Richland 
Lura Scales — Jackson 
Marklin J. Scalisi — Clinton 
Samuel Matthew Scarber — Vicksburg 
Brian Lee Scarborough — Jackson 
Mary Margaret Scarborough — Jackson 
Leonard Bedna Schaefer — Jackson 
Charles Wade Schaeffer — Vicksburg 
Dianna Kay Scharwath — Magee 
Shannon H. Scharwath — Hattiesburg 
Myra Ann Schaufele — Delhi 
Tina Marie Scheafer — Jackson 
Jennifer Susanne Scheiman — Brandon 
Anastasia Schellinger — Raymond 
Lori Lynne Schevers — Jackson 
Michelle R. Schillinger — Jackson 
James W. Schimpf Jr. — Clinton 
William H. Schmidt — Madison 
Stephanie Suzann Schneider — Vicksburg 
Edward Charles Schnell — Jackson 
Andrew Edward Scholl — Brandon 
Lester Roy Schommer — Jackson 
Philip Schrader — Vicksburg 
Gus O. Schreiber Jr. — Jackson 
Shannon Lynn Schreiner — Vicksburg 
Christopher Lynn Schultz — Vicksburg 
Donna Folse Schultz — Vicksburg 
Martha Flowers Schuster — Brandon 
George James Schwendner — Vicksburg 
Virginia King Schwendner — Vicksburg 
Denise L. Scifres — Pearl 
Christy Ann Scoggins — Ridgeland 
John Patrick Scoggins — Clinton 
Kathy Lynn Scoggins — Raymond 
Maude Cleveland Scoggins — Florence 
Pam Trantham Scoggins — Clinton 
Allen Montaque Scott — Greenville 
Amelia Scott — Vicksburg 
Andrew Lee Scott — Jackson 
Anna Paulette Scott — Terry 
Barbara Dean Scott Atwoo — Jackson 
Barbara Wheaton Scott — Raymond 

Betty J. Scott — Vicksburg 
Betty L. Scott — Vicksburg 
Beverly Jean Scott — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Rogers Scott — Vicksburg 
Christopher Roudolph Scott — DeKalb 
Curtis Steven Scott — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Ann Scott — Clinton 
David Benard Scott — Tallulah 
Delia Paulette Scott — Vicksburg 
Iris Benitha Scott — Yazoo City 
James Bill Scott — Vicksburg 
James Lee Scott — Jackson 
John Keith Scott — Canton 
Kendra Michelle Scott — Jackson 
Ladana L. Scott — Terry 
Linda Marlene Scott — Yazoo City 
Lorrie Deanna Scott — Jackson 
Marilyn Lavoria Scott — Sondheimer 
Mary Jane Scott Rawls — Hattiesburg 
Mattie Joyce Scott — Vicksburg 
Richard Allen Scott — Raymond 
Richard Wayne Scott — Vicksburg 
Rita Ann Scott — Natchez 
Roger Scott — Camden 
Ruby J. Scott — Jackson 
Sean Barnard Scott — Jackson 
Todd Allen Scott — Jackson 
Vincent Tyrone Scott — Jackson 
Willielean G. Scott — Jackson 
Barney Ray Scroggins Jr. — Bentonia 
Roland B. Scroggins — Brandon 
Dana Michelle Scudder — Florence 

Allene Marie Sculthorpe Jackson 

Howard J. Sculthorpe — Jackson 
Vanessa E. Scurria — Tallulah 
David B. Seal Jr. — Florence 
Melissa Susan Seal — Jackson 
Gregory Lamar Seale — Jackson 
Shaun T. Seales — Philadelphia 
Koality Diana Seals — Jackson 
Wardell Seals Jr. — Jackson 
Damon Edward Searcy — Jackson 
Larona Rachelle Searcy — Jackson 
Regina Rae Searcy — Morton 
Betty M. Sears — Pearl 
Joseph Todd Sears — Clinton 
Lizzie Ricks Sears — Jackson 
Lisa Johnson Seaton — Raymond 
James David Sebren — Jackson 
Norma Jean Sebren — Jackson 
Dennis Rogers Segrest — Utica 
Benjamin Edward Selby — Jackson 
Deborah Rihner Selby — Vicksburg 
Helen Vicent Selby — Vicksburg 
June Applin Selby — Vicksburg 
Lynn H. Selden — Port Gibson 
Denise Downing Self — Jackson 
Ina Ray Self — Jackson 
Lillian Jeanette Self Jan — Jackson 
Linda Diane Self Kinge — Jackson 
James Earl Sellers — Jackson 
Kathy Holley Sellers — Clinton 
Mary Stegall Sellers — Vicksburg 
Melissa Leigh Sellers — Pearl 
Regina A. Sellers — Utica 
Samuel Semi — Vicksburg 
Wayne Andrew Semi — Vicksburg 
Lois D. Senger — Clinton 
Susan Bagent Senseman — Edwards 
Susan Michelle Sensing — Pearl 
Andre Justin Sentif — Clinton 
Marion Daniel Sephton Jr. — Jackson 
Dennis Odell Session — Jackson 
Joelee Duane Sessions — Brandon 
Tammy Michele Sessions — Vicksburg 
Gregory Allen Sessum — Vicksburg 
Artis Earl Sessums — Jackson 
Beverly Tucker Sessums — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth C. Sessums — Vicksburg 
Santosh Kumari Sethi — Jackson 
Nancy Janeen Settlemir — Carthage 
Frances Louise Severt Thorn — Brandon 
Candace Thomas Seward — Raymond 
Lois Seymour — Jackson 
Tammy Seymour — D'lberville 
Gabriel Shack — Meridian 
Julie Ann Shackleford — Terry MS 
Linda Shade — Carthage 
Barbara Tillman Shafer — Brandon 
Deborah Ragsdale Shafer — Vicksburg 
Stephen Christophe Shaffer — Terry 
Sommer Cherelle Shanahan — Jackson 
John Marcus Shanks — Jackson 
Christopher Wade Shannon — Crystal 

Helen M. Shannon — Jackson 
Mary Ella Shannon — Raymond 
Teresa Michele Shannon — Lake 
Tracey E. Shannon — Jackson 
Melanie Faye Sharkey — Jackson 
Catherine Sanders Sharp — Jackson 
David Mark Sharp — Forest 
Deborah Ann Sharp Johns — Ridgeland 

Jesse E. Sharp — Clinton 
Mary Jo Sharp — Jackson 
Travis G. Sharp — Woodville 
Trisha Beth Sharp — West Point 
Sabreen Fatima Sharrief — Jackson 
Mable L. Shavers — Jackson 
Tracey Lavette Shavers — Canton 
Bertha Webb Shaw — Jackson 
Cassandra Denise Shaw — Jackson 
Cindy Lynn Shaw — Raymond 
David Anthony Shaw — Violet 
Doris Welch Shaw — Jackson 
Geneva Shaw — Jackson 
Juanita Lewis Shaw — Vicksburg 
Linda Steward Shaw — Jackson 
Melicia Tartillia Shaw — Laurel 
Melissa Diana Shaw — Jackson 
Pamela Renee Shaw — Brandon 
Phillip Brian Shaw — Jackson 
Randolph Todd Shaw — Vicksburg 
Susan Cribbs Shaw — Brandon 
Tess H. Shaw — Jackson 
Luvenia Williams Shay — Jackson 
Daniel Donovan Shearer Jr. — Raymond 
Wanda Lavonne Shears — Jackson 
Kimberly Dawn Shedd — Jackson 
Michael David Shedd — Jackson 
Richard Daniel Shedd — Vicksburg 
Roger William Shedd — Clinton 
Christopher Paul Sheffield — Jackson 
Julie Anne Sheffield — Pearl 
Karen Leah Sheffield — Clinton 
William Talmage Sheffield — Vicksburg 
Carnette Shelby — Bolton 
Johnnie Mar Shelby — Jackson 
Julia Wynne Shelby — Terry 
Raquel Monique Shelby — Jackson 
Albert Thomas Sheldon — Madison 
Brenda Renita Shelley — Florence 
Tina Renee Shelley — Florence 
Gregory Scott Shelton — Jackson 
Jason Bradley Shelton — N. Carrollton 
Kristy Lynn Shelton — Florence 
Lisa Joy Shelton — Utica 
Lori Jo Shelton — Petal 
Marrinia A. Shelton — Jackson 
Deneen Tanner Shepard — Clinton 
Christopher Adam Shepherd — 

James N. Sheppard — Jackson 
Lori C. Sheppard — Jackson 
Patrick D. Sheppard — Florence 
Patrick Joseph Sheppard — Clinton 
Paul Justin Sherer — Raymond 
Kennith Lurone Sheriff — Jackson 
Linda Sheriff — Jackson 
Steve Wendell Sheriff — Raymond 
Cynthia A. Sherman — Clinton 
Dene Sherman — Mendenhall 
Denmon Virgil Sherman — Mendenhall 
Rhonda Sue Sherman — Pinola 
Sissy Darlene Sherman — Vicksburg 
Thomas E. Sherman Jr. — Vicksburg 
Tiffanye Dawn Sherman — New Hebron 
Virginia Ashley Sherman — Clinton 
Jeannie L. Sherrill Palme — Jackson 
Dianne Marie Sherrod Wedor — Brandon 
Tammy Estelle Sherwin — Raymond 
Ben Shields — Ridgeland 
Betty Marie Shields — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Harlan Shields — Jackson 
Resa Gale Shields — Jackson 
Cedric Wardell Shinard — Bolton 
Patricia Hart Shines — Jackson 
Sandra Ann Shines — Jackson 
Dana A. Shipp Neely — Bentonia 
Tammy I. Shipp — Jackson 
Bradley Shirley — Vicksburg 
Janean Gauger Shirley — Vicksburg 
Judy Elizabeth Shirley — Jackson 
Marsha Pettway Shirley — Jackson 
Robert Bard Shirley — Madison 
Tammy Shirley — Laurel 
Teresa Sprouse Shirley — Vicksburg 
Bennett Charles Shivers — Jackson 
Charles Leslie Shivers — Magee 
Gary Webber Shivers — New Hebron 
Jason Todd Shivers — Clinton 
Joyce C. Shivers — New Hebron 
Lynda P. Shivers — Magee 
Paul Wayne Shivers — Indianola 
Jo Michelle Shoemaker — Morton 
Michael Scott Shoemaker — Laurel 
Tony Shoemaker — Morton 
Anastasia Shook — Jackson 
Roy Eldridge Shook — Cascilla 
Larry Sack Shoops — Vicksburg 
Annie Lucy Shores — Jackson 
John Douglas Shores — Jackson 
Vera L. Short — Pelahatchie 
William M. Short — Jackson 
Patti Gail Shorter — Braxton 
Effie M. Shoto — Jackson 

Wanda Shoto — Pearl 
Mary Hampton Shoulders — Jackson 
Mitchell Gene Shoup — Pearl 
Thomas Henry Showers Jr. — Jackson 
Ava Melissa Shows Yates — Pearl 
Beverly Dean Shows — Vicksburg 
Charles Lewis Shows — Magee 
David G. Shows — Vicksburg 
Deborah C. Shows Hart — Brandon 
Hazel B. Shows — Brandon 
Ken K. Shows — Brandon 
Renee Lingle Shows — Florence 
Tanya Lynn Shows — Mendenhall 
Richard D. Shropshire — Brandon 
Phillip D. Shuffield — Clinton 
Robin Dyess Shuler — Jackson 
Susan L. Shull — Hattiesburg 
David Carl Shumaker — Brandon 
Amanda Gail Shurden — Jackson 
Debra Taye Shurden — Brandon 
John Shurlds — Braxton 
Ashley Raye Shutze — Raymond 
Sharon Chaney Sibert — Ridgeland 
Catherine Carpenter Sibley — Clinton 
Amy Head Siegal — Ridgeland 
Donna E. Siegel — Jackson 
Amy C. Sierra — Jackson 
Johnnie Sifford — Clinton 
Susan Elaine Sifford — Jackson 
Martha Williams Signa — Vicksburg 
Stephen Kyle Signa — Vicksburg 
Judy Anne Sikes — Jackson 
Kathy L. Sikes Harri — Clinton 
Jodi Beth Silberman — Jackson 
James Mitchell Sills — Pearl 
Mary Shivers Sills — Jackson 
Nan B. Sills — Clinton 
Steven Louis Simbles — Jackson 
Ada Veronica Simmons — Jackson 
Agnes L. Simmons — Florence 
Bryant Keith Simmons — Jackson 
Caprice Michealle Simmons — Jackson 
Chelle Rene Simmons — Pearl 
Claude Earl Simmons — Jackson 
Elizabeth Lynn Simmons — Crystal 

Gabriel Leonard Simmons — Jackson 
Georgia McLaurin Simmons — Jackson 
Kathy Stennett Simmons — Brandon 
Kristie Lea Simmons — Pearl 
Lynda Faye Simmons — Brandon 
Martin E. Simmons — Jackson 
Mary Joyce Simmons — Jackson 
Michael Wayne Simmons Sr. — Jackson 
Mitchell A. Simmons — Vicksburg 
Nojanka R. Simmons Westm — Jackson 
Pamela Stone Simmons — Jackson 
Rhonda Suzanne Simmons — Ridgeland 
Sidney Scott Simmons — Jackson 
Sonya Faye Simmons — Jackson 
Sylvia Diane Simmons — Jackson 
Traci Lynn Simmons — Ridgeland 
William Edwin Simmons — Jackson 
Charles Rodney Simon — Flowood 
Mariella Hodges Simons — Brandon 
Hayward Matt Simonton E. — Natchez 
Orgus L. Simpkins — Jackson 
Catheryn P. Simpson Smith — 

David Lawrence Simpson — Clinton 
Henry D. Simpson — Vicksburg 
James Clayton Simpson — Morton 
James Daniel Simpson — Brookhaven 
Janie Nutt Simpson — Morton 
Kristen Elane Simpson — Jackson 
Leah Faith Simpson — Morton 
Linda Simpson — Jackson 
Peggy Ruth Simpson — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Samuel Simpson — Jackson 
Stephen Richard Simpson — Canton 
William Douglas Simpson — Pearl 
Demetra Simrall — Vicksburg 
Sonia C. Simrall — Vicksburg 
Alice Mae Sims — Jackson 
Catina Rena Sims — Vicksburg 
Charles Edward Sims — Jackson 
David Lanier Sims — Jackson 
Elois Sims — Jackson 
Evelyn Demetria Sims — Jackson 
Heather Noree Sims — Richland 
Irvin E. Sims — Jackson 
James Randle Sims — Jackson 
Joel Anthony Sims — Richland 
Kendra Sims — Greenwood Springs 
Lillie Mae Sims — Jackson 
Ralph P. Sims — Ridgeland 
Ruth B. Sims — Pearl 
Tonya Renee Sims — Star 
Yvonne Sims — Clinton 
Dwayne Singletary — Pearl 
Sean Christian Singletary — Jackson 
Bobby Dean Singleton — Watervalley 
Gene Wilford Singleton — Florence 

Directory / 313 

Qeorgie Mae Singleton — Pearl 
Gregory Brian Slrmon — Brandon 
June Klser Sisk — Raymond 
Lawerence Raybum Sisson — Pearl 
Marica Ann Sisson Dearm — Richland 
Tobi Christine Sisson — Jackson 
Cynthia Calhoun Sistrunk — Florence 
Q. Brent Sistrunk — Jackson 
Jody Vernon Sistrunk — Jackson 
Marsha Dariene Sistrunk — Jackson 
Michael Clinton Sistrunk — Pelahatchie 
Tina Elizabeth Skaggs — Pascagoula 
Jerry Dean Skelton — Utica 
Mary Emily Skelton — Jackson 
Scott Maxwell Skelton — Jackson 
Benny Ray Skinner — Kosciusko 
William Louis Skinner II — Jackson 
Jeff Lynn Skipper — Vicksburg 
Jerry Duane Skipper — Brandon 
Jennifer H. Skirtech — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Slack — Jackson 
Susan Annette Slade — Purvis 
Paulette N. Slater — Jackson 
Trina Shanter Slator — Jackson 
Agnes Theresa Slaughter — Vicksburg 
Bernard Slaughter — Jackson 
Jacqueline D. Slaughter — Vicksburg 
John M. Slaughter — Vicksburg 
William Alexande Slaughter — Brandon 
Jesse Otis Slaven — Clinton 
Cheryl Slawson — Pearl 
Robert L. Slay — Jackson 
Rosalee M. Slay — Jackson 
Sheila Slay — Mendenhall 
Shirley Slaymaker — Jackson 
Jan Jordan Slayton — Port Gibson 
Raymond Frederic Sledge — Philadelphia 
Rhenae Keeton Sledge — Morton 
Darren Sloan — Yazoo City 
Vickie Shears Smalls — Jackson 
James Kevin Smallwood — Clinton 
Katharine Maureen Smart — Vicksburg 
Adrienne Paige Smith — Jackson 
Alene Haywood Smith — Pearl 
Alexelisha Dishaye Smith — Vicksburg 
Alfred Ray Smith — Jackson 
Alicia Diane Smith — Pelahatchie 
Alisa Alley Smith — Jackson 
Alycia Rose Smith — Jackson 
Amy Patricia Smith — Brandon 
Andre Emil Smith — Jackson 
Andrea Leigh Smith — Brandon 
Andrew L. Smith — Jackson 
Angela Carolyn Smith — Magee 
Angela R. Smith — Jackson 
Aretha Elaine Smith — Vicksburg 
Arutha A. Smith Lundy — Bolton 
Audrey Laquita Smith — Harrisville 
Barry Wilson Smith — Brandon 
Beth M. Smith — Jackson 
Beverly Jean Smith — Brandon 
Beverly McGee Smith — Jackson 
Beverly Renea Smith — Jackson 
Bille Sue Smith — Vicksburg 
Billy Joe Smith — Vicksburg 
Bobby Jean Smith Carte — Vicksburg 
Boncile Lyle Smith — Tougaloo 
Brad W. Smith — Brandon 
Bradley W. Smith — Jackson 
Brenda Lynn Smith — Clinton 
Brian Tawayne Smith — Edwards 
Carolyn Gilkey Smith — Jackson 
Carolyn Theresa Smith — Clinton 
Cassandra Fernette Smith — Carthage 
Cephus James Smith Jr. — Jackson 
Chad Shannon Smith — Mendenhall 
Chanda Smith — Jackson 
Charles Brad Smith — Brandon 
Charles Lee Smith III — Vicksburg 
Charles Lee Smith Jr. — Vicksburg 
Charles Q. Smith — Clinton 
Cheryl Evelyn Smith — Jackson 
Chiquita M. Smith Patte — Jackson 
Christopher Todd Smith — Laurel 
Clifford Adam Smith — Clinton 
Connie Purvis Smith — Yazoo City 
Daniel David Smith — Brandon 
David Allen Smith — Yazoo City 
David Ashley Smith — Vicksburg 
David Gaines Smith — Jackson 
David Michael Smith — Brandon 
Davion Terrell Smith — Jackson 
Deaunza Pheniese Smith — Hazlehurst 
Deidra Dishell Smith — Vicksburg 
Delbralean Fleming Smith — Yazoo City 
Diane Wright Smith — Vicksburg 
Don Terrlal Smith — Canton 
Donna Annice Smith Brown — Brandon 
Donna Mitchell Smith — Jackson 
Dora Y. Smith — Brandon 
Dorothy Jean Smith — Jackson 
Douglas Leon Smith — Crystal Springs 

Dustin David Smith — Learned 
Ellen Buckley Smith — Prentiss 
Emma Jean Smith — Jackson 
Engia Hull Smith — Jackson 
Eric Eugene Smith — Florence 
Eric Michael Smith — Pearl 
Eric Wayne Smith — Vicksburg 
Erica Lynn Smith — Jackson 
Ernie Wayne Smith — Forest 
Ethel P. Smith — Vicksburg 
Eugelnia Kaiser Smith — Jackson 
Evette Shante Smith — Jackson 
Frances Harrington Smith — Clinton 
Francia McDonald Smith — Jackson 
Frank Andrew Smith — Jackson 
Frank James Smith — Utica 
G. Wilburn Smith — Yazoo City 
Gary Smith — Ridgeland 
Gary Nelson Smith — Jackson 
Genea Nicole Smith — San Jose 
George Donnie Smith — Vicksburg 
George Michael Smith — Jackson 
George S. Smith — Jackson 
Gerald Max Smith — Richland 
Gerald Max Smith Jr. — Richland 
Graylyn Mills Smith — Vicksburg 
Gregory Andrae Smith — Lexington 
Harry M. Smith — Pearl 
Heather S. Smith — Magee 
Holly Alyssa Smith — Clinton 
Houston Allen Smith IV — Clinton 
Icarus Smith — Jackson 
Inez H. Smith — Jackson 
Iris Janice Smith — Jackson 
Isaac Smith III — Vicksburg 
Jackie Smith — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Smith — Jackson 
Jacqueline Denise Smith — Jackson 
James D. Smith — Jackson 
James Ronald Smith — Raleigh 
Jason Rentz Smith — Clinton 
Jay Robin Smith — Jackson 
Jean Clark Smith — Jackson 
Jean M. Smith — Vicksburg 
Jeff N. Smith — Pelahatchie 
Jefferson L. Smith — Jackson 
Jena Naomi Smith — Crystal Springs 
Jeremy Kent Smith — Brandon 
Jeremy Lane Smith — Vicksburg 
Jerry Lee Smith — Vicksburg 
Jimmy Kevin Smith — Jackson 
Joann Gaylor Smith — Natchez 
John Chad Smith — Monticello 
John Dennis Smith — Brandon 
Jonathan Layne Smith — Natchez 
Joseph Allen Smith — Vicksburg 
Judie Bean Smith — Learned 
Judy Ann Smith Quick — Jackson 
Judye Brooks Smith — Brandon 
Keith Dewayne Smith — Jackson 
Kenneth King Smith — Vicksburg 
Kenny Smith — Brandon 
Kevin Niall Smith Shane — Rolling Fork 
Kimela Deloise Smith — Jackson 
Lance B. Smith — Jackson 
Laurie Nicole Smith — Terry 
Lee H. Smith — Jackson 
Lee Patrick Smith — Vicksburg 
Lela Stiles Smith — Vicksburg 
Leslie Hal Smith — Jackson 
Linda F. Smith — Jackson 
Linda Outlaw Smith — Jackson 
Lisel Anyanna Smith — Magee 
Malynda B. Smith — Picayune 
Margaret F. Smith — Jackson 
Marilyn Brown Smith — Jackson 
Marisa Kathleen Smith — Brandon 
Mark Ashton Smith — Jackson 
Mary Alice Smith — Yazoo City 
Mary Ann Smith — Terry 
Mary Carolyn Smith — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Smith — Jackson 
Mary McNealy Smith — Jackson 
Mary R. Smith — Jackson 
Mary Ruth Smith — Jackson 
Marye Elizabeth Smith — Yazoo City 
Mavis L. Smith — Crystal Springs 
Melinda Grantham Smith — Jackson 
Melissa A. Smith Tedde — Vicksburg 
Melissa Lee Smith — Morton 
Melvin Eric Smith — Canton 
Michael Smith — Redwood 
Michael Gustave Smith — Pearl 
Michelle Ann Smith — Vicksburg 
Mildred Ann Smith — Raymond 
Minnie P. Smith — Jackson 
Nancy Lynn Smith — Jackson 
Nelva Cecila Smith — Moss Point 
Nikicha Lashon Smith — Oakvale 
Noah Dale Smith — Jackson 
Norman Robert Smith — New Orleans 
Ondrea Smith — Sharon 

Pamela Kay Smith — Jackson 
Pamela Keyes Smith — Ridgeland 
Pamela Michelle Smith — Clinton 
Pamela Sue Smith — Ridgeland 
Patricia Louise Smith — Vicksburg 
Patrick Lynn Smith — Utica 
Patrick Raymond Smith — Vicksburg 
Patrick Rene Smith — Jackson 
Pauline C. Smith — Jackson 
Pearlie Hodge Smith — Jackson 
Peggy J. Smith — Jackson 
Peggy Lefort Smith — Jackson 
Percy Clayton Smith — Tallulah 
Phillip Anthony Smith — Vicksburg 
Phillip James Smith — Jackson 
Phyllis Gail Smith — Florence 
Rachael DeJean Smith — Brandon 
Rachel Renee Smith — Bentonia 
Randall Eric Smith — Florence 
Randall Mark Smith — Brandon 
Ray Anthony Smith — Jackson 
Ray L. Smith — Jackson 
Rebecca Ann Smith — Vicksburg 
Rebecca G. Smith Gallo — Jackson 
Rebecca H. Smith — Brandon 
Rebecca Marie Smith — Clinton 
Redic Nathaniel Smith — Jackson 
Regina Jeanette Smith — Yazoo City 
Renita Latreace Smith — Jackson 
Rhonda Ritz Smith — Sontag 
Richard Ray Smith — Harrisville 
Ricky Allen Smith — Brandon 
Ricky L. Smith — Tinsley 
Robert Anthony Smith — Jackson 
Robert B. Smith — Clinton 
Robert D. Smith — Jackson 
Robert Earl Smith — Clinton 
Robert Lee Smith III — Clinton 
Robin B. Smith — Jackson 
Robin Michele Smith — Natchez 
Rodney Wendall Smith — Clinton 
Roma Carol Smith — Florence 
Ronnie Wesley Smith — Pearl 
Russell Lydell Smith — Jackson 
Ryan Anthony Smith — Clinton 
S. Michael Smith — Terry 
Shannon Lee Smith — Jackson 
Shantaye D. Smith — Jackson 
Sharetta Lynette Smith — Brandon 
Sharron Sue Smith — Jackson 
Shirley Henderson Smith — Raymond 
Shirion Bilbrew Smith — Jackson 
Shonda Felicia Smith — Jackson 
Sophia S. Smith — Jackson 
Stacy Amanda Smith — Jackson 
Stanley Gordon Smith — Jackson 
Steven Craig Smith — Brandon 
Susan A. Smith — Port Gibson 
Susan Dene Smith — Yazoo City 
Sylvester Leon Smith — Vicksburg 
Tammara Gayle Smith — Whitfield 
Tanya Marie Smith — Vicksburg 
Ted Dennis Smith — Pearl 
Teresa Ann Smith — Pearl 
Teresa Frances Smith — Philadelphia 
Terri Leah Smith Powel — Madison 
Theresa Marie Smith — Jackson 
Thomas J. Smith Jr. — Brandon 
Thomas Marion Smith — Crystal Springs 
Tonya Marie Smith — Forest 
Tonya Michelle Smith — Jackson 
Tracey Michele Smith — Vicksburg 
Troy Lee Smith — Vicksburg 
Vernon Smith — Canton 
Vickie Lee Smith — Vicksburg 
Vincent Smith — Vicksburg 
Walter Berry Smith Jr. — Jackson 
Walter Ray Smith — Magee 
William B. Smith — Redwood 
William C. Smith — Jackson 
William David Smith — Pearl 
Zandra V. Smith — Vicksburg 
Anthony Keith Smithey — Vicksburg 
Paula Ann Smithhart Barne — Brandon 
Vanessa Ann Smithhart — Jackson 
Jennifer Lynn Smithshoetan — Jackson 
Cathy Renee Smothers — Vicksburg 
Inez Smothers — Vicksburg 
Edward Blaine Snazelle — Clinton 
Carl Emanuel Snell — Jackson 
Rodney Lydell Snow — Edwards 
Amber Renea Snowden — Meridian 
Diana Sodachanh — Yazoo City 
Somphet Sodachanh — Yazoo City 
Anna Catherine Sojourner — Vicksburg 
Barbara Young Sojourner — Jackson 
Shelley Denise Sojourner — Georgetown 
Lisa Carol Sokolsky — Ridgeland 
Janet L. Solis — Jackson 
Stephanie Rene Solomon — Vicksburg 
Richard Theodore Somers — Jackson 
N. A. Soneson — Columbia 

Jon Douglas Sorey — Pearl 
Susan M. Sosebee — Clinton 
Lee Ann Southertand — Vicksburg 
Freddie Douglas Southwell — Jackson 
Jeffery Scott southworth — Richland 
Steven Joseph Soverns — Vicksburg 
Ronnie L. Sowell — Senatobia 
Traci Blackwell Sowell — Brandon 
Carolyn A. Spann — Jackson 
Cynthia Rene Spann — Brandon 
Demond L. Spann — Clinton 
Gerilyn Lawanda Spann — Jackson 
Kerry Lashon Spann — Brandon 
Lowranzo Spann — Pearl 
Marilyn Denise Spann — Bolton 
Monica Trechele Spann — Clinton 
Paula Arlington Spann — Jackson 
Tara Vanrena Spann — Jackson 
Tora Raschelle Spann — Jackson 
Melissa Ann Sparks — Mendenhall 
Rusty Matas Sparks — Forest 
Henrietta Mayfield Spates — Vicksburg 
Leroy Spates — Vicksburg 
Robin Patricia Spaulding — Raymond 
Connie P. Spears — Kosciusko 
Frances Carr Spears — Brandon 
Joy Langston Spears — Jackson 
Lynndell Burkett Spears — Brandon 
Sandon Slay Speedling — Jackson 
Michael Lee Speer — Pearl 
Mike W. Speights — Pearl 
Rick J. Speights — Brandon 
Angela Luper Spell — Terry 
Glennis E. Spell — Clinton 
Laura Lowry Spell — Jackson 
William Thomas Spell — Jackson 
Jane Breazeale Spence — Jackson 
Kristin Lee Spencer — Ridgeland 
Phoebe Loche Spencer — Jackson 
Regina Lynn Spencer — Pearl 
Deborah D. Sperandeo Walke — Jackson 
Paul Davis Speyercr — Vicksburg 
Brenda Price Spiers — Brandon 
Daniel Lamont Spider — Jackson 
Erskine T. Spiller — Jackson 
Wondalon M. Spivey — Philadelphia 
Laurie Ann Spreafico — Brandon 
Julia Kelly Spring — Meadville 
Chris David Springer — Clinton 
Kelli Cameron Sprouse — Vicksburg 
Lisa Taylor Spruiell — Terry 
Thomas Robertson Stabler — Vicksburg 
Denise Ware Stacho — Brandon 
Monica Leigh Stack — Clinton 
Conrad R. Stacks — Brandon 
Cynthia G. Stacy — Jackson 
Greogry Wendell Stafford — Jackson 
Mary McDonald Stafford — Jackson 
Patricia Dyne Stafford — Brandon 
Deborah Gale Staggs — Redwood 
Rhonda Sheree Staggs — Vicksburg 
Willetta Beauchamp Stair — Tallulah 
Derrick Stalling — Jackson 
Lucile M. Stallings — Pearl 
Robin Paige Stallings — Pearl 
Valarie G. Stallworth Evans — Jackson 
Christy K. Stamper — Ridgeland 
Christy Shea Stamper — Jackson 
Henry Jones Stampley — Vicksburg 
Charles Earl Stamps — Vicksburg 
Charlie Stamps Jr. — Vicksburg 
Franz Stamps — Jackson 
Linda Ann Stamps — Vicksburg 
Luticia D. Stamps — Edwards 
Norman Kenneth Stamps — Madison 
Stephanie Jeanne Stamps — Jackson 
Victoria Denise Stamps — Cary 
Cory Thomas Stanford — Brandon 
Donna Graham Stanford — Florence 
Linda Merchant Stanford — Clinton 
Angela Kay Stanley — Jackson 
Myrna Stanley — Jackson 
Shannon Leigh Stanley — Sandhill 
Shirley T. Stanley — Clarksdale 
Virginia Stanley — Jackson 
William Ormsby Stanley — Terry 
Raecheal Elizabeth Stanton — Jackson 
Trina Patrice Stanton — Clinton 
Debbie Sue Stapleton — Wesson 
James Houston Staring — Jackson 
Rebecca Weeks Starita — Clinton 
Melody Velvet Starks — Jackson 
Beverly Geraldine Starnes — Vicksburg 
Greg Price Starnes — Vicksburg 
Michael Dale Starnes — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Dlynn Starnes — Vicksburg 
Lannie Andrew Staten — Terry 
Suzanne Celeste Staten — Hattiesburg 
Kathi Keen Statham — Jackson 
James Kenneth Staton — Brandon 
Tiffiney D. Staton — Brandon 
David Lee Stauts — Vicksburg 

314 / Directory 

Billy Gentry Steadman — Morton 
Nancy Poole Steed — Brandon 
Raybon L. Steed — Vicksburg 
Richard W. Steed — Florence 
Susie Jacks Steed — Clinton 
Wilbur Steed — Vicksburg 
Yvonne Rainer Steel — Jackson 
Anna M. Steele — Jackson 
Felicia Denise Steele — Vicksburg 
Jeff Scott Steele — Jackson 
Melanie Lanie Steele — Richton 
Ken Michael Steen — Richland 
Linda Roark Steen — Yazoo City 
Sandra Laverne Steen — Brandon 
Ronald Lee Steensland — Jackson 
Anthony Paul Stegall — Jackson 
Curtis Allen Stegall — Morton 
Cynthia Stegall — Jackson 
Danny Paul Stegall — Jackson 
Estelle Phillips Stegall — Crystal Springs 
Donna Theresa Steinriede — Vicksburg 
Annie Cheri Stephens — Clinton 
Ashlee Brooke Stephens — Richland 
Kathy H. Stephens — Utica 
Laura Rather Stephens — Vicksburg 
Mae Catherine Stephens — Prentiss 
Terri Monique Stephens — Jackson 
Carole Jean Stephenson — Vicksburg 
Jeffery Wade Stephenson — Florence 
Michael C. Stephenson — Jackson 
Emanuel Sterling Jr. — Jackson 
Phillip L. Sterling — Brookhaven 
Alan W. Stevens — Vicksburg 
Bradley Scott Stevens — Jackson 
Brian Nathan Stevens — Braxton 
Charles Thomas Stevens — Utica 
Cheryl Faye Stevens — Jackson 
Damon W. Stevens — Braxton 
Dawn Elise Stevens — Jackson 
Gene Stevens — Bentonia 
Gween Ella Stevens — Jackson 
Joy Ellise Stevens — Jackson 
Karlynne Jennifer Stevens — Jackson 
Leo R. Stevens — Jackson 
Louis Chuck Stevens — Braxton 
Marybeth Stevens — Brandon 
Rhoda A. Stevens — Richland 
Roger Willis Stevens — Pearl 
Stacy Eugene Stevens — Braxton 
V. 0. Stevens — Vicksburg 
William Earl Stevens — Coffeeville 
Annette Macklin Stevenson — Jackson 
Brian R. Stevenson — Vicksburg 
Cindy Elaine Stevenson — Jackson 
Debra Elaine Stevenson — Florence 
Julie Ann Stevenson — Morton 
Katherlene Darby Stevenson — Jackson 
Latanya Reena Stevenson — Pearl 
Nathan Ray Stevenson — Pearl 
Patricia A. Stevenson — Brandon 
Terrie Ann Stevenson — Jackson 
Penni Lynn Stevensonlopez — Brandon 
Allen Lee Steverson — Brandon 
Kristi Rachell Steverson — New Hebron 
Annie Steward — Pearl 
Alex Sam Stewart — Brandon 
Alyssa Dione Stewart — Sallis 
Angela M. Stewart — Jackson 
Annie Rochell Stewart — Terry 
Barbara Gail Stewart — Vicksburg 
Beverly Regina Stewart — Braxton 
Bob M. Stewart — Pearl 
Carolyn Sue Stewart — Pearl 
Chad Yuri Stewart — Pelahatchie 
Diana Dixon Stewart — Crystal Springs 
Earnestine M. Stewart — Jackson 
Gary Christopher Stewart — Forest 
Gordon Gerard Stewart — Ridgeland 
Jacquelyn Kay Stewart — Jackson 
Jerome Stewart — Jackson 
Jerry Thomas Stewart — Vicksburg 
John Roger Stewart — Yazoo City 
Kimberly Meshelle Stewart — Jackson 
I Linda Stewart — Terry 
I Lisa M. Stewart — Pearl 
i Mary Vedros Stewart — Vicksburg 
Merry Brooklyn Stewart — Greenwood 
Pam Stewart — Tylertown 
Rhonda Faye Stewart — Pearl 
Robert A. Stewart — McComb 
Rosamay Smith Stewart — Jackson 
Ruby Fizer Stewart — Jackson 
Stephanie Marie Stewart — Jackson 
j Stephanie Michelle Stewart — Vicksburg 
T. Gary Stewart — Jackson 
Terry Stewart — Sallis 
Thomas J. Stewart — Clinton 
i Van Edwin Stewart Sr. — Vicksburg 
Verna Jean Stewart — Jackson 
Victor Lynn Stewart — Flowood 
Tracy Jennifer Stidham — Pearl 
Katherine Stierle — Terry 

Melissa Anne Stierle — Terry 
Dianne S. Still — Vicksburg 
Kristi Dawn Still — Vicksburg 
Pamela D. Still — Pearl 
Rushton Molloy Stinson III — Columbus 
Aleisha Paige Stockman — Clinton 
Chad Lamar Stocks — Raymond 
Jacqueline Stokes — Canton 
Janet Levette Stokes — Utica 
Leah Carol Stokes — Clinton 
Paul H. Stokes — Vicksburg 
Pierre Stokes — Canton 
Sharon Short Stokes — Vicksburg 
Sonya Latreshia Stokes — Carthage 
Dana M. Stokley — Ocean Springs 
Cindy M. Stoll — Raymond 
Melinda Stone — Sulligent 
Rubel ONeal Story — Vicksburg 
Cindy Bonita Stough — Jackson 
Elizabeth Suzanne Stout — Vicksburg 
William Clay Stout — Vicksburg 
Carolyn A. Stovall — Jackson 
George Lee Stovall — Jackson 
Jimmie Fitzgerald Stovall — Crystal 

Laurie Lumpkin Stovall — Jackson 
Steve D. Stovall — Jackson 
William Ratliff Stovall — Jackson 
Jill Merritt Stover — Brandon 
Michael Chad Strahan — Brookhaven 
Jacob F. Strait — Vicksburg 
Tyrone Stratton — Jackson 
Nona Jeanette Strauss — Pearl 
Carol Roberts Strawder — Jackson 
James David Street Jr. — Vicksburg 
Scott Lewis Street — Clinton 
Cheri A. Streetman — Jackson 
John Michael Stribling — Brandon 
William Jacob Stribling — Brandon 
Barbara Pettway Strickland — Vicksburg 
Clyatt Gerald Strickland — Winona 
Deborah C. Strickland — Jackson 
Glenda Lee Strickland — Raymond 
Tiffany Lynn Strickland — Vicksburg 
Mack Neal Stridor — Ridgeland 
Barbara M. Stringer — Jackson 
Darlene Stringer — Crystal Springs 
Gregory F. Stringer — Terry 
Jamie Melissa Stringer May — Jackson 
Jason Stringer — Laurel 
Robert T. Stringer — Brandon 
Stephanie J. Stringfellow — Jackson 
Brenda Denise Strong — Jackson 
Carlene Soap Strong — Vicksburg 
Cathy Jo Strong — Pearl 
Clifton Strong — Edwards 
David Lenton Strong — Clinton 
Thomas Alan Strong — Vicksburg 
Timothy Franklin Strong — Vicksburg 
Joel Dwayne Stroud — Vicksburg 
Chadwick Euborn Stuart — Brandon 
Debbie Ann Stuart — Ridgeland 
Hubert Denon Stuart Jr. — Crystal Springs 
James Kevin Stuart — Vicksburg 
William Roger Stuart — Vicksburg 
Dawn Renee Stubblefield — Jackson 
Neil Branning Stubblefield — Jackson 
Hugh C. Stubbs Jr. — Brandon 
Sandra Marie Stubbs — Magee 
Thomas E. Stubbs — Florence 
Ton! L. Stubbs — Vicksburg 
David Gerald Stuckey — Brandon 
James Daryl Stuckey — Jackson 
Ozell Deniese Stuckey — Jackson 
Stacy Michelle Stuckey — Jackson 
Shawn Christopher Stump — Vicksburg 
Michael Stupica — Jackson 
Cameron Leigh Sturdivant — Brandon 
Christopher Tod Sturdivant — Jackson 
Hiram Evan Sturgeon — Jackson 
Cecil Daniel Sturgis — Crystal Springs 
Christopher Eugene Sturgis — Clinton 
Pamela D. Sturgis — Jackson 
Sheila Renee Sturgis — Jackson 
Caroll Mangum Stutts — Jackson 
Robert Leonard Styron — Jackson 
Cheryl Ann Sudbeck — Pearl 
Lindy T. Sudduth — Madison 
Vivian Sudduth — Pearl 
Sampath Kumar Sudharshanam — 

Laurie Angelia Sugg — Morton 
Robert C. Sullender — Vicksburg 
Angela Leigh Sullivan — Mize 
Barbara Garner Sullivan — Mt. Olive 
Barry Scott Sullivan — Jackson 
Bill Sullivan — Jackson 
Billy Mitchell Sullivan — Forest 
Brenda G. Sullivan Ogwyn — Clinton 
Charmane Julia Sullivan — Brandon 
Christopher Todd Sullivan — Vicksburg 
Demetres Sullivan — Pelahatchie 
Donna Kaye Sullivan — Mendenhall 

Fred Michael Sullivan — Jackson 
Jack Sullivan Jr. — Mendenhall 
James Robert Sullivan — Pearl 
Jean Elizabeth Sullivan — Jackson 
Kimberly Renea Sullivan — Clinton 
Larry Dewayne Sullivan — Braxton 
Mary Estell Sullivan Bryan — Jackson 
Nancy Kay Sullivan — Jackson 
Nanette Jorgenson Sullivan — Jackson 
Randy Brent Sullivan — Jackson 
Robert Earl Sullivan — Pearl 
Sandra L. Sullivan — Pearl 
Sean Alanson Sullivan — Jackson 
Shirley Ann Sullivan — Brandon 
Stephanie Loyce Sullivan — Mendenhall 
Tommie E. Sullivan — Florence 
Virginia Carol Sullivan — Jackson 
William Shane Sullivan — Vicksburg 
Ametra Lynette Sulton — Jackson 
James Philip Summerlin — Jackson 
Jonathan Keith Summerlin — Jackson 
Robert Earll Summerlin — Clinton 
Todd Lee Summerlin — Jackson 
Charles Edmond Summers — Jackson 
Gordon Lane Summers — Brandon 
Jo Diann Summers Welch — Jackson 
Marilyn Summers — Terry 
Pamala Summers — Terry 
Steven Alan Summers — Clinton 
Jennifer Paige Sumners — Vicksburg 
Susan Rene Sumners — Jackson 
Angela Dennis Sumrall — Richland 
Arthur Timothy Sumrall — Vicksburg 
Bradley Wade Sumrall — Edwards 
Deana Martinez Sumrall — Ridgeland 
Debbie Cothernendp Sumrall — Harrisville 
Heather Michelle Sumrall — Jackson 
Helen Michelle Sumrall — Terry 
Michael Lenfeild Sumrall — Clinton 
Tina Leigh Sumrall — Clinton 
April Dianne Suomi — Vicksburg 
Sandy B. Supinger — Brandon 
Hoianne Surghnor — Jackson 
Connie Lou Suse — Brandon 
Ashley Leigh Sutherland — Jackson 
Cathy Lynn Sutherland — Jackson 
Roxanne Nicole Sutherland — Brandon 
Barbara D. Sutton — New Hebron 
Barbara Lynn Sutton — Jackson 
James Ray Sutton — Pearl 
Jane Rucker Sutton — Brandon 
John Howard Sutton Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Terrell Sutton — Jackson 
Marci Delise Sutton — Pearl 
Patsy Ann Sutton — Jackson 
Sophia Annette Sutton — Canton 
Angela Swan — Jackson 
Bertha Raynes Swan — Jackson 
Dedric Ladonte Swan — Jackson 
Felicia Marie Swan — Forest 
Shavodkay M. Swan — Jackson 
Scott Daniel Swanner — Sandhill 
W. Geneva Swanson — Ridgecrest 
Angela Edwards Swartz — Jackson 
Johnny Lee Swartz — Vicksburg 
Phillemeon Demby Swartz — Vicksburg 
Shirley G. Swartz — Vicksburg 
Rhonda L. Swayze — Vicksburg 
Janne P. Swearengen — Jackson 
Gordon L. Sweeney — Brookhaven 
Kevin Luke Sweeney — Edwards 
Robert Ray Sweeney — Vicksburg 
Albert Lee Sweet — Vicksburg 
Janice Audrey Sweet — Jackson 
Daniel Clayton Swilley — Jackson 
Mattie R. Swilley — Hazlehurst 
Michael Anthony Swilley — Brandon 
Alice Saulter Swindle — Jackson 
Wendy Gail Swindoll — Carrollton 
Dennis Larone Swisher — Clinton 
Danny Hall Switzer II — Florence 
Kenneth Ray Switzer — Vicksburg 
Sammie J. Swofford Lewis — Pearl 
Barbara Joyce Sykes — Clinton 
Russell Carl Sykes — Clinton 
Thomas Ralph Sykes — Jackson 
Allison Michelle Sylvester — Clinton 
Herman Lee Sylvester — Jackson 
Julie Kay Sylvester — Madison 
Margaret Sylvester — Clinton 
Sharron Denise Sylvester — Redwood 
Ricky Glenn Sypert — Jackson 
Lucinda Allen Szpak — Clinton 

Jesse A. Tabor — Pearl 
Tia Lyn Tabor — Pearl 
Paul Anthony Taccarino — Vicksburg 
Mancel Wayne Tackett — Hattiesburg 
Mary Annette Tadlock Huff — Morton 
Brian Joseph Taggart — Brandon 
Rodney Dale Taliaferro — Jackson 
Katrina Dawn Talley — Pearl 
Mahalia Talton — Jackson 
Rachel Dorchell Talton — Jackson 
Jovonda Lynette Tangle — Jackson 
Tom Wayne Tanguay — Brandon 
Charlotte O. Tankesly — Vicksburg 
Glenn Allen Tannehill — Jackson 
Eric Wilson Tanner — Brandon 
Kathy McKay Tanner — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Chalise Tanner — Jackson 
Richard Flynn Tanner — Brandon 
John Wayne Tapp Jr. — Vicksburg 
Carol Ann Tard — Jackson 
Earnest Larmond Tarleton — Port Gibson 
Kimberly Michelle Tarver — Jackson 
Arnold Carey Tate — Jackson 
Brenda White Tate — Jackson 
Charlene Tate — Carthage 
Dale I. Tate — Raymond 
Kojo Nantambu Tate — Jackson 
Lisa Cannaday Tate — Richland 
Nathalene Tate — Jackson 
Sheron D. Tate — Brandon 
Yolanda M. Tate — Jackson 
Michael Tatum — Vicksburg 
Robert L. Tatum — Duck Hill 
Addie M. Taylor — Jackson 
Afferteen Winder Taylor — Jackson 
Albert Dean Taylor — Jackson 
Angel Jean Taylor — Jackson 
Annie Jean Taylor Willi — Pearl 
Annie Marie Taylor — Brandon 
Antonio Lefredrick Taylor — Jackson 
Bertinna Rochel Taylor — Jackson 
Beverly M. Taylor — Jackson 
Billy W. Taylor — Brandon 
Carl Barrett Taylor — Clinton 
Carolyn Ann Taylor — Jackson 
Carolyn Applewhite Taylor — Jackson 
Catherine Wilson Taylor — Jackson 
Charlene Kenny Taylor — Jackson 
Christain Little Taylor — Jackson 
Christopher Neal Taylor — Jackson 
Clyde Edwin Taylor Jr. — Jackson 
Daniel Joseph Taylor — Brandon 
Deborah K. Taylor Whitn — Florence 
Deborah Stokes Taylor — Utica 
Deirdre Lynn Taylor — Florence 
Denise Ann Taylor — Georgetown 
Donald Earl Taylor — Raymond 
Donna Bairfield Taylor — Mendenhall 
Donna Hall Taylor — Vicksburg 
Esther Victoria Taylor — Jackson 
Felicia Dianne Taylor — Canton 
Frederick DeJuan Taylor — Jackson 
Gary El Taylor Jr. — Jackson 
Glenn Taylor — Jackson 
Gloria K. Taylor — Vicksburg 
Gwendolyn Simona Taylor — Vicksburg 
Herman Taylor Jr. — Pearl 
Herticine Sheriff Taylor — Raymond 
Howard Levon Taylor — Jackson 
James Michael Taylor — Jackson 
James Wesley Taylor — Vicksburg 
Jessie Marie Taylor Johns — Jackson 
Jo Ethel Taylor — Jackson 
John Cox Taylor — Jackson 
Kelvin Taylor — Raymond 
Kenya Taylor — Jackson 
Larry Wayne Taylor Jr. — Braxton 
Lauren Anderson Taylor — Vicksburg 
Lawrence K. Taylor Jr. — Richland 
Lizzie Taylor — Jackson 
Lola Jones Taylor — Vicksburg 
Lynda Virginia Taylor — Ridgeland 
Marilyn Beach Taylor — Mendenhall 
Matrivee Taylor — Flora 
Maurice Ivory Taylor — Jackson 
Mavis McCoy Taylor — Brandon 
Michael Gordon Taylor — Jackson 
Nancy Taylor — Laurel 
Priscilla Cotton Taylor — Jackson 
Rachel A. Taylor Humph — Jackson 
Randy Lee Taylor — Vicksburg 
Reginald A. Taylor — Jackson 
Richard C. Taylor Jr. — Vicksburg 
Robert Taylor — Vicksburg 
Robert L. Taylor — Bolton 
Rowan Hurt Taylor — Jackson 
Rubin N. Taylor — Jackson 
Russell Lee Taylor — Florence 
Sadie Mae Taylor — Brandon 
Sandra Ann Taylor — Clinton 
Shannon Dolores Taylor — Clinton 
Shirley Michelle Taylor — Crystal Springs 
Sidney Ross Taylor Jr. — Brandon 

Directory / 315 

Stanton Wells Taylor — Baton Rouge 
Stephanie M. Taylor — Jackson 
Steven D. Taylor — Ridgeland 
Suzanne Waren Taylor — Raymond 
Suzy K. Taylor — Jackson 
Tabuta Teniae Taylor — Jackson 
Tammy Puckett Taylor — Redwood 
Tammy Terry Taylor — Vicksburg 
Velma Louise Taylor — Raymond 
Vincent Taylor — Brandon 
William Edward Taylor — Jackson 
Willie Earl Taylor — Bolton 
Winnie Nanette Taylor — D'Lo 
Zregory Carl Taylor — Jackson 
Derrick Raymond Teague — Jackson 
Teresa Kay Teague — Clinton 
Regina Carol Teasley — Clinton 
Debbie Tecker — Schlater 
Nancy Anderson Tedder — Vicksburg 
Danyelle Dee Tedford — Raymond 
Marjorie Janet Temple — Brandon 
Samuel Lamar Temple — Vicksburg 
Gloria Darlene Tenney — Raymond 
Bob Michael Tennon — Jackson 
Latham Tenort — Jackson 
Derek Eugene Terrell — Pearl 
Eddie Rogers Terrell — Montery 
James Carlton Terrell — Clinton 
Onnie Denise Terrell — Jackson 
Shelia Terrell — Raymond 
Shirley Lott Terrell — Clinton 
Angela Darlene Terry — Jackson 
Derek Wayne Terry — Jackson 
Douglas Trey Terry — Brandon 
Eva Renee Terry — Bolton 
Gayle Bridges Terry — Jackson 
J. C. Terry — Raymond 
Margaret Maris Terry — Canton 
Maurita Nicole Terry — Jackson 
Sharon Denette Terry — Ridgeland 
Sharon Denise Terry — Jackson 
Martha Beasley Terwilliger — Terry 
Kenneth David Tew — Jackson 
Kathy Lynn Thaggard — Madden 
Michael Scott Thaggard — Wayside 
Patricia Dillard Thaggard — Jackson 
Clinton H. Thames Tim — Pearl 
Dawn Phyliss Thames — Brandon 
Gerald Thames — Brandon 
Kim Mathis Thames — Magee 
Lisa Michelle Thames — Pearl 
Shelia Yvonne Thames — Florence 
Stephanie Lynn Thames — Jackson 
Nell Davis Tharp — Madison 
Jeffrey David Tharpe — Pearl 
Kristy Anne Tharpe — Jackson 
Paige Eileen Thaxton — Brandon 
Cletus George Thayer — Jackson 
William Lewis Thayer — Jackson 
Brenda T. Theriot — Vicksburg 
Craig T. Theriot — Vicksburg 
Connie Louise Thigpen — Florence 
Agazine Renee Thomas — Vicksburg 
Allen Jeff Thomas — Redwood 
Alton Kirk Thomas — Jackson 
Anita Hill Thomas — Richland 
Ann Blair Thomas — Ridgeland 
Barbara J. Thomas — Jackson 
Barbara J. Thomas Washi — Jackson 
Bethany Lynnette Thomas — Jackson 
Bill Parker Thomas — Clinton 
Billy C. Thomas — Ridgeland 
Cassandra D. Thomas Gray — Jackson 
Catena Roneika Thomas — Rolling Fork 
Charles Darrell Thomas — Florence 
Chris Gage Thomas — Vicksburg 
Curtis Keith Thomas — Raymond 
Debra Thomas — Hermanville 
Dedra D. Thomas — Tallulah 
Diane Meekins Thomas — Vicksburg 
Eric Lamar Thomas — Jackson 
Ernestine Williams Thomas — Vicksburg 
Gary Lee Thomas — Jackson 
George Thomas — Vicksburg 
Gertrude Thomas — Vicksburg 
Hosie Thomas Jr. — Redwood 
Janet Isonhood Thomas — Terry 
Janna Elizabeth Thomas — Jackson 
Jebba Thomas — Edwards 
Jerry Wayne Thomas — Mayersville 
Jimmy R. Thomas — Bolton 
John William Thomas — Jackson 
Jonathn C. Thomas — Bolton 
Joyce A. Thomas — Vicksburg 
Kathy Evonne Thomas — Bolton 
Kelvin Fitzgerald Thomas — Port Gibson 
Kenneth Jay Thomas — Clinton 
Kimberly A. Thomas — Jackson 
Lenora Thomas — Jackson 
Leonette Jean Thomas — Vicksburg 
Lester G. Thomas — Jackson 
Linda Sue Thomas Smith — Brandon 
Lutrenda Tarita Thomas — Jackson 

Maggie B. Thomas — Jackson 
Marshall Prince Thomas — Vicksburg 
Maude West Thomas — Raymond 
Maxine Thomas — Vicksburg 
Michelle Lynn Thomas — Pearl 
Obannon Thomas — Vicksburg 
Ola Thomas — Crystal Springs 
Patricia A. Thomas — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ellen Thomas — Philadelphia 
Patricia Jenkins Thomas — Jackson 
Peggy Jean Thomas — Natchez 
Phyllis Ann Thomas — Jackson 
Rhoda Moore Thomas — Jackson 
Ronnie Wyatt Thomas — Edwards 
Rosemary Manze Thomas — Jackson 
Rosie Lee Thomas Davis — Jackson 
Samuel Thomas — Jackson 
Sandra D. Thomas — Jackson 
Schelerrie A. Thomas — Jackson 
Sharon Denice Thomas — Edwards 
Shelisa Chantee Thomas — Jackson 
Sherrie Maria Thomas — Jackson 
Stephen Wayne Thomas — Jackson 
Tammy Michele Thomas — Terry 
Teresa Thomas — Jackson 
Teresa Elaine Thomas — Jackson 
Tracy Ladeatrice Thomas — Jackson 
William C. Thomas — Jackson 
William Michael Thomas — Jackson 
Zandra Denise Thomas — Vicksburg 
LaDonna Allison Thomason — Vicksburg 
Patricia Ann Thomasson — Ridgeland 
Alsie Lewis Thompson — Jackson 
Angela Denise Thompson — Jackson 
Avery Rondez Thompson — Columbia 
Becky Jane Thompson — Jackson 
Bertha Maie Thompson — West 
Billy Euell Thompson — Pearl 
Billy Gene Thompson — Vicksburg 
Bobby Terrell Thompson — Bassfield 
Carolyn McElroy Thompson — Madison 
Cassandra Denise Thompson — Terry 
Charlie Glenn Thompson — Jackson 
Charlotte J. Thompson Neese — 

Clarissa Rena Thompson — Jackson 
Deborah Thompson — Terry 
Deborah Ann Thompson — Jackson 
Dwayne Eddie Thompson — Jackson 
Elond Morstez Thompson — Flora 
Eric Christian Thompson — Jackson 
Felix Leonard Thompson — Flora 
Gary Dale Thompson — Ferriday 
Gregory Pernell Thompson — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Denise Thompson — Jackson 
Herman Lynn Thompson — Morton 
Hezetine Thompson — Magee 
Imogens Keys Thompson — Jackson 
Jacqueline Denise Thompson — Jackson 
Janet Dillon Thompson — Jackson 
Janis Elaine Thompson — Jackson 
John Chris Thompson — Jackson 
Justin Thompson — Brandon 
Karen Elaine Thompson — Mendenhall 
Kimberley Anne Thompson — Brookhaven 
Kimberly Renee Thompson — Jackson 
Kristi Ann Thompson — Morton 
Latecia P. Thompson — Florence 
Leanne Thompson — Morton 
Marcia Lynette Thompson — Jackson 
Melinda Elaine Thompson — Jackson 
Michael Herman Thompson — Morton 
Michelle Denise Thompson — Mt. Olive 
Mildred Rena Thompson — Jackson 
Pamela William Thompson — Jackson 
Patricia A. Thompson — Forest 
Patricia C. Thompson — Terry 
Rex Norman Thompson — Flora 
Robert Brent Thompson — Morton 
Rodney L. Thompson — Jackson 
Ronnie A. Thompson — Port Gibson 
Sandra Myers Thompson — Jackson 
Shanta Leshea Thompson — Florence 
Sonia Danette Thompson — Jackson 
Stacy Marie Thompson — Jackson 
Sylvester J. Thompson — Jackson 
Timothy L. Thompson — Jackson 
Toni Joyce Thompson — Brandon 
Tracy Denise Thompson — Vicksburg 
Tracy Lavette Thompson — Jackson 
Ursula L. Thompson — Edwards 
Valarie Lachon Thompson — Clinton 
Wanda Sue Thompson — Pelahatchie 
Wayne Earl Thompson — Edwards 
Peggy Sue Thorne — Vicksburg 
Harvey Gene Thornell — Vicksburg 
Kelly A. Thornell — Vicksburg 
Jerry Thornhill — Clinton 
Billy Thornton — Jackson 
Carolyn Rives Thornton — Pelahatchie 
Charles L. Thornton — Jackson 
Charlotte Elliott Thornton — Vicksburg 
David Timothy Thornton — Clinton 

Denise Condon Thornton — Richland 
Dianna Lynn Thornton — Flowood 
Dion Thornton — Brandon 
Donald Franklin Thornton — Pearl 
Hope Tracie Thornton — Jackson 
Joyce G. Thornton — Brandon 
Kathy Eyler Thornton — Pearl 
Margie Jean Thornton — Jackson 
Michael Todd Thornton — Brandon 
Nathan Dale Thornton — Raleigh 
Rebecca Davis Thornton — Vicksburg 
Ricky Clyde Thornton — Pearl 
Robert Wayne Thornton — Jackson 
Shannon Lori Thornton — Florence 
Sharon Lynn Thornton — Jackson 
Tanya L. Thornton — Pearl 
Tiffany Nicole Thornton — Clinton 
Tina Bishop Thornton — Florence 
Victor Thornton — Jackson 
Virginia Gail Thornton — Pearl 
William Kevin Thrailkill — Jackson 
George Earl Thrash — Raymond 
Jon D. Thrash — Vicksburg 
Jena Renee Thurman — Vicksburg 
Recquel Cameron Thurman — Jackson 
Rita Ann Thurman — Bentonia 
Jennifer Ellen Thweatt — Jackson 
B. Jane Tidwell — Ridgeland 
Malinda Gail Tidwell — Kilmichael 
Joanna Grace Tiebe — Jackson 
Nhung Thi Tieu — Jackson 
Tissan Tilden — Jackson 
Wiley Eugene Tilden — Vicksburg 
Mildred Ann Tilgham — Bolton 
Roy Gary Tilghman — Bolton 
Vicki Williamson Tiller — Jackson 
Cory Durant Tillman — Vicksburg 
Cory Ramon Tillman — Jackson 
Crystal Denise Tillman — Jackson 
Donna Linson Tillman — Hazlehurst 
Jennifer Marie Tillman — Crystal Springs 
Laura Ann Tillman — Brandon 
Lawrence Daniel Tillman — Florence 
Stanley Tillman — Jackson 
Steven K. Tillman — Meridian 
Robert Earl Tillmon — Jackson 
Christopher Todd Tillotson — Vicksburg 
Tammy Kay Tillotson — Vicksburg 
Mamie Alaine Tillson — Crystal Springs 
Trudy Timmons — Florence 
John Tindall — Ridgeland 
Debra Lynn Tingle — Vicksburg 
Honor Mae Tingle — Pearl 
Jenny Marie Tingle — Vicksburg 
Marjorie A. Tingle — Vicksburg 
Roger M. Tingle — Ridgeland 
Caroline Salazar Tinney — Brandon 
Harold Gene Tinnin — Utica 
Janice Nicholson Tinnin — Jackson 
Marjolyn Tinsley — Jackson 
Trudy Griffin Tinsley — Utica 
Brenda Fay Tipton — Jackson 
Kathleen May Tipton — Jackson 
Kathleen Merritt Tipton — Natchez 
Shirley J. Tipton — Jackson 
Clara C. Tisdale — Brandon 
John Alan Tisdale — Clinton 
Patricia D. Tisdale — Ellisville 
Hong Thorn To — Jackson 
Yvonne Harris Toaster — Jackson 
Glenda Gail Tobias — Jackson 
Betty G. Todd — Brandon 
Danny Wilson Todd — Clinton 
Kimberly Ann Todd — Jackson 
Mitzy J. Todd — Clinton 
Susan Leigh Todd — Clinton 
Elizabeth L. Tohill — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Bernard Toland — Brandon 
Darrin Paul Tolar — Pearl 
Dale T. Tolbert — Vicksburg 
Debbie Ann Tolbert — Vicksburg 
Linda Bounds Tolbert — Pearl 
Melissa Lynn Tolbert — Jackson 
Sue B. Tolbert — Vicksburg 
Art J. Toles II — Jackson 
Walter Grant Toles — Jackson 
Annia Sue Tolible — Brandon 
Barbara Ann Tolleson — Pearl 
Curtis Wayne Tollison — Jackson 
Jawan Renee Tolliver — Clinton 
Jacquelyn Jenni Tomasovsky — Brandon 
Elizabeth A. Tominey — Vicksburg 
Paul Walker Tomlinson — Jackson 
Tim Tompkins — Edwards 
Annie Jewel Toney Cotto — Jackson 
Edith Charlene Toney — Vicksburg 
Melanie Jo Toole — Clinton 
Jonathan Tobias Torjusen — Ridgeland 
Charles Tomes — Jackson 
Amanda R. Torrence — Jackson 
Shawn G. Torrence — Jackson 
Tanya Ann Torrence — Clinton 
Lisa F. Torrey McDou — Jackson 

Hamilton Leroy Tory — Hermanville 
Larry Toston — West Monroe 
Shelley Desha Toth Ellis — Brandon 
Jeannette Towers — Jackson 
Scott Patrick Towne — Vicksburg 
Shelinda Towner — Lake 
Christopher David Towns — Jackson 
Bessie Kelsay Townsend — Brandon 
Dale Stegall Townsend — Pelahatchie 
Kevin Wade Townsend — Vicksburg 
Kimberly G. Townsend — Jackson 
Latreece Townsend — Lena 
Phillip T. Townsend — Vicksburg 
Ray Wood Townsend — Pelahatchie 
Robert J. Townsend — Clinton 
Yolanda Katrina Townsend — Jackson 
Arthur Robert Townsley — Jackson 
Etienne Trahan Jr. — Vicksburg 
Guy W. Trahan — Pearl 
Rene M. Trahan Burd — Pearl 
Virginia F. Trainor — Clinton 
Richard J. Tramel — Jackson 
James Stephen Trammell Jr. — Clinton 
Jeb Stuart Trammell — Clinton 
Joseph Christophe Trammell — Clinton 
Robert Mayes Trammell — Clinton 
Chan Lap Tran — Ridgeland 
Thanh Lap Tran — Jackson 
Howard Travis — Jackson 
Marguerite L. Travis Rasco — Jackson 
Omar AM Travis — Jackson 
Sharon Govan Travis — Jackson 
Yvonne Lomax Travis — Jackson 
Sherry Lynn Traweek — Raymond 
James Alton Trawick — Jackson 
Billy Traxler F. — Crystal Springs 
Jon Douglas Traxler — Vicksburg 
Paula J. Traxler — Vicksburg 
Virginia Leigh Traylor — Vicksburg 
Annette H. Treadway — Pearl 
Ryon Jon Treubel — Vicksburg 
Lauriellen Trevilion — Vicksburg 
Renee Trevillion — Vicksburg 
Thomasine Trevillion — Clinton 
Darron Tribble — Jackson 
Kenne Burdette Tribble — Jackson 
Rebecca J. Tribble — Jackson 
Sheri Lynn Trichell — Vicksburg 
Phyllis Kay Trigg — Jackson 
Radley Delwin Trigg — Brandon 
Shirley Elaine Trigg — Jackson 
Ramona Gay Trim — Jackson 
Dathan Joel Triplett — Jackson 
Edna Triplett — Vicksburg 
Margo Yvette Triplett — Jackson 
Mark L. Triplett — Clinton 
Mary M. Triplett — Jackson 
Mildred Grace Triplett — Clinton 
Nathan Harold Triplett — Jackson 
Robert Lee Triplett — Jackson 
Archie Shears Tripp — Jackson 
Jennifer Nell Tripp — Bolton 
Dyrk Joseph Trosclair — Jackson 
Tanya Shearer Trosclair — Madison 
Bernardine Trotter — Jackson 
Sherry L. Truesdill — Jackson 
Frances Vaughn Trunnel — Jackson 
Phuong T. Truong — Pearl 
Robert David Trussell — Jackson 
Robert Kelly Trussell — Vicksburg 
Travis M. Trussell — Raymond 
Persephoni Tsui Tsin Ping — Raymond 
Lee Tubbs — Jackson 
Thomas Edward Tubbs — Vicksburg 
Kenny Lane Tubby — Pearl 
Ambrose James Tucker — Jackson 
Annette Tucker — Edwards 
Carolyn Pennington Tucker — Jackson 
Catherine Denise Tucker — Canton 
Cheryl Lavem Tucker — Brandon 
Derrel Quinn Tucker — Jackson 
Jacqueline Rocheal Tucker — Clinton 
Justin Edward Tucker — Jackson 
Lisa Beth Tucker — Jackson 
Lisa Denna Tucker — Vicksburg 
Michael Tucker — Edwards 
Myles Tucker Jr. — Raymond 
Nancy Tucker — Jackson 
Pamela Horn Tucker — Carthage 
Ramona Gale Tucker — Florence 
Shannon Lang Tucker — Madison 
Shanta N. Tucker — Jackson 
Sophila Ann Tucker — Jackson 
Tonya Lashelle Tucker — Jackson 
Wanda Lynn Tucker — Madison 
William Scott Tucker — Jackson 
Kenneth F. Tullis — Jackson 
Richard D. Tullius — Jackson 
Tammie Lynn Tullius — Pearl 
Cynthia Carol Tullos — Jackson 
David Tullos — Brandon 
Gene Mitchell Tullos — Jackson 

316 /Directory 

Pam S. Tullos — Magee 
Rebecca Lynn Tullos — Pearl 
Trad Ann Tullos — Jackson 
Tracy Michelle Tullos — Jackson 
Julie Mitchell Tunnello — Brandon 
James Robert Turbeville Jr. — Jackson 
Susan L. Turbeville — Jackson 
Carta Gwen Turbville — Crystal Springs 
Jeff Ken Turbville — Florence 
Stephen E. Turcotte — Vicksburg 
Grady Oneil Turman — Clinton 
Mary Roxanne Turnage — Brandon 
Alfred Markeitric Turner — Fayette 
Bernard Hal Turner — Grenada 
Carta Elaine Turner — Vicksburg 
Carolyn 0. Turner — Jackson 
David William Turner — Clinton 
Faye P. Turner — Jackson 
Gloria Ann Turner Bates — Morton 
Jackie Cooper Turner — Pearl 
Jacqueline Rhea Turner — Jackson 
James M. Turner — Houston 
James Warren Turner — Clinton 
Janice Maria Turner Allen — Vicksburg 
John Alexander Turner — Raymond 
John Ed Turner — Clinton 
Johnnie Wayne Turner — Richland 
Joni Sheree Turner — Brandon 
Joseph Tate Turner — Ridgeland 
Karen Lanette Turner — Clinton 
Kimberly Rena Turner — Vicksburg 
Kimberly S. Turner Gardn — Jackson 
Lisa Inez Turner — Greenville 
Matrice L. Turner — Jackson 
Mickey Harris Turner — Jackson 
Otelia Maria Turner — Jackson 
Penny J. Turner — Jackson 
Sharon Eileen Turner — Terryon 
Shirley A. Turner Pace — Jackson 
Veronica Jean Turner — Jackson 
Zina Bethune Turner — Silver City 
Stephen Larue Tuttle — Vicksburg 
Tammy Dawn Twiner — Yazoo City 
Alexander Tyler — Sontag 
Chad Russell Tyler — Jackson 
Henry Fletcher Tyler — Tallulah 
Inocia Annise Tyler — Harrisville 
Kelvin Renardo Tyler — Fayette 
Lynn Tyler — Madison 
Nathaniel Tyler Sr. — Vicksburg 
Patricia Taylor Tyler — Vicksburg 
Wanda J. Tyler — Madison 
Fred Lewis Tyner — Clinton 
George Barry Tyner — Poplarville 
Paul Edward Tyner — Jackson 
Michael Anthoney Tynes — Jackson 
Sharada Tynes — Clinton 
Denise Burcombe Tyrone — Brandon 
Kimberly Michelle Tyrone — New Hebron 
M. Kathleen Tyson — Jackson 
Pamela Evon Tyson — Jackson 
Robert Joseph Tyson — Clinton 
Shane F. Tyson — Terry 
Steven George Tzotzolas — Vicksburg 

Mike Shane Uzzle — Vicksburg 
Sheila Baker Uzzle — Crystal Springs 

Sarah Elaine Ugwu Horto — Jackson 
Susan Claire Ulery — Vicksburg 
J. B. Ulmer — Vicksburg 
Robert Glenn Ulmer — Vicksburg 
Scott Geoffrey Ulrich — Brandon 
Faith C. Umeofia — Jackson 
Chad Eric Underdown — Brandon 
Charles Ambrose Underdown — Brandon 
Liddell Deweun Underwood — Jackson 
Michelle Unger — Jackson 
Anthony David Upchurch — Vicksburg 
Patsy McLaurin Upchurch — Jackson 
Jodie Leanne Upshaw — Clinton 
Kenneth Bryce Upshaw — Yazoo City 
Shannon Scott Upshaw — Guntersville 
Craig William Upton — Vicksburg 
Doug W. Upton — Edwards 
Kerry R. Upton — Crystal Springs 
Krisina Miley Upton — Clinton 
Mary A. Upton — Jackson 
Nickie Dell Upton — Jackson 
Stephen Dale Upton — Prentiss 
Wanda Ann Upton — Jackson 
Douglas Courtney Usry — Jackson 
Jane Ramsey Usry — Clinton 
Michael Wayne Ussery — Jackson 
Monica Lynn Ussery — Jackson 
Gregory Coleman Utz — Vicksburg 

Lori Lynn Valentine — Vicksburg 
Brocklin Jackie Van Faye — Ridgeland 
Lisa Amelia Vanburen — Jackson 
Billy Dean Vance — Pearl 
Brenda McAnally Vance — Elliott 
Janet D. Vance — Philadelphia 
Jeff Scott Vance — Forest 
Kimberly MacDayle Vance — Brandon 
Michele Rene Vance Grigs — Raymond 
Tonia Vance — Jackson 
Tonya Nichole Vance — Raymond 
William G. Vance — Brandon 
Frederick Thanh Vancleave — Raymond 
William Everette Vancor — Pelahatchie 
Amy Lynn Vandahl — Flora 
Jamie P. Vandamme — Brandon 
Craig Dennis Vanderford — Mendenhall 
Nancy Elizabeth Vanderford — Brandon 
Laura Susan Vandevender M. — Madison 
Thomas Milton Vandevender — Biloxi 
Eddie B. Vandiver — Jackson 
Nurit Tabitha Vangemeren — Clinton 
Tina Goff Vangordon — Florence 
Cynthia M. Vanlandingham — Pearl 
Lee Anthony Vanlandingham — Jackson 
Anthony Reid Vannorman — Vicksburg 
Raymond E. Vannorman — Ridgeland 
Wendy Carol Vardaman — Hermanville 
Ludivina Varela — Pearl 
Elicia Ann Varnado — New Orleans 
Cynthia Varnell — Jackson 
Annette Stewart Varner — Jackson 
Betty Goldman Varner — Pelahatchie 
Christ! James Varner — Florence 
Jack M. Varner Jr. — Tallulah 
Karen Moberley Varner — Tallulah 
Judy R. Varney — Madison 
Karen Irene Varney — Brandon 
Indumati Vasappa — Pearl 
Donna Michelle Vaughan — Pearl 
Mona Lee Vaughan — Vicksburg 
Angela Marie Vaughn — Clinton 
Annette Vaughn — Jackson 
Cynthia Banes Vaughn — Jackson 
Desonna Lynette Vaughn — Cleveland 
Eric D. Vaughn — Jackson 
Henry Thomas Vaughn — Jackson 
Howard W. Vaughn — Ridgeland 
John Phillip Vaughn — Jackson 
Martin Allen Vaughn — Pearl 
Mary Elizabeth Vaughn — Brandon 
Phoebe Nicole Vaughn — Flora 
Richard Wayne Vaughn — Brandon 
Rosie Mae Vaughn — Tallulah 
Suzanne Michelle Vaughn — Taylorsville 
Linda Ferrier Vaught — Brandon 
Daisy Lee Veal — Jackson 
Mildred S. Veal Davis — Jackson 
Sentoria Antronet Veal — Jackson 
Sharon Ann Veazey — Vicksburg 
Robin Smith Vedros — Vicksburg 
Stephen Michael Vedros — Vicksburg 
Mollis M. Venable — Brandon 
Jezy Jacob Verghese — Jackson 
Laurie Ann Verney — Brandon 
Jeffrey Scott Vernon — Richland 
Stefan! Leanne Vernon — Clinton 
Timothy Alan Vernon — Jackson 
Daphne M. Vick Palme — Louisville 
Glenda Ruth Vickers Latha — Pearl 
Kitsy Frances Vickers — Pearl 
Tracy Hegar Vickers — Edwards 
Nikki Elane Villeneure — Pearl 
Elaine Williams Vincent — Florence 
Jackie Joe Vincent — Belzoni 
Rhea Cecil Vincent — Brandon 
April Michelle Vines — Jackson 
Gary K. Vines — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline M. Vines Woodb — Vicksburg 
Kurt Allen Vines — Vicksburg 
Neal Ray Vines — Jackson 
Robin Dawn Vines — Jackson 
Danny Vining — Vicksburg 
Karen L. Vining — Clinton 
Mischelle C. Vining Ross — Flowood 
David Bane Vinson — Jackson 
Doris Thibodeaux Vinson — Jackson 
Gena Michelle Vinson Long — Brandon 
Linda Dees Vinson — Brandon 
Ronnie J. Vinson — Jackson 

Shelia Ann Vinson Smith — Raymond 
Troy Michael Vinson — Jackson 
Wanda Thornton Vinson — Brandon 
Douglas H. Vinzant — Raymond 
Nancy Pauline Vinzant — Vicksburg 
Veronica Leigh Vinzant — Terry 
William Shane Vinzant — Terry 
Peter L. Virden — Jackson 
Tonia Brenee Virgil — Crystal Springs 
Ken P. Vitayaudom — Vicksburg 
Malida Vitayaudom — Vicksburg 
Vanillife Vivians Denie — Carthage 
Justin Ashley Vlach — Jackson 
Margaret llene Vogel — Jackson 
Robert Voiles — Vicksburg 
James Robert Volz Jr. — Jackson 
Harry Kent Voorhees — Madison 
Henry E. Vortice — Lyon 
Robert Stanley Vowell — Georgetown 

Mary Alice Wachtstetter — Clinton 
James T. Waddell Jr. — Jackson 
Sherry Ann Waddell — Clinton 
Stephen Douglas Waddell — Jackson 
Tracey Maj Waddell — Vicksburg 
Charles Robert Wade — Hermanville 
Deborah Dale Wade — Yazoo City 
Helena Barros Wade — Florence 
J. Michelle Wade — Clinton 
John Alexander Wade Jr. — Brandon 
Lawrence Thompson Wade — Rolling Fork 
Morris B. Wade — Florence 
Natonia Lattice Wade — Chicago 
Sandra Lynette Wade — Jackson 
Sara Cameron Wade Criss — Jackson 
Tracey Lenore Wade — Jackson 
Jim E. Wadlington III — Magee 
Jonathan David Waggoner — Carthage 
Kerry S. Waggoner — Brandon 
Melissa Ann Waggoner — Florence 
Tiffany Scarlett Waggoner — Pearl 
Adolph Wagner III — Church Hill 
Corrine Elaine Wagner — Brandon 
Kenneth T. Wagner — Jackson 
Linda Lewis Wainright — Tallulah 
Kathryn E. Waites — Brandon 
Van V. Waites — Woodville 
Ara J. Waits Singl — Raymond 
Kathryn Beth Wakeam — Jackson 
William Keith Walden — Jackson 
Lori Prewitt Waldon — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Alford Waldrop — Jackson 
Marcus Daniel Waldrop — Jackson 
Roger W. Waldrop — Jackson 
Angela Gayle Walk — Jackson 
Albert James Walker — Jackson 
Allen Ray Walker — Terry 
Angela D. Walker — Jackson 
Annette G. Walker — Jackson 
Aron Clayton Walker — Terry 
Becky Rounsavall Walker — Greenville 
Bennie M. Walker — Jackson 
Beulah Crumedy Walker — Florence 
Bobby Lee Walker — Pelahatchie 
Brenda Renee Walker — Jackson 
Candice Rebecca Walker — Mendenhall 
Carla Katte Walker — Pearl 
Carol McRaney Walker — Jackson 
Carolyn Jean Walker — New Hebron 
Cathy Sue Walker — Jackson 
Charlene Smith Walker — Jackson 
Charles Dale Walker — Jackson 
Charlotte Beth Walker — Vicksburg 
Christina C. Walker — Clinton 
Christine Walker — Florence 
Cynthia Burks Walker — Pearl 
Cynthia Diane Walker — Jackson 
David W. Walker — Jackson 
Debbie Walker — Pheba 
Deborah Thompson Walker — Jackson 
Donald R. Walker — Madison 
Donna Hill Walker — Magee 
Dorothy Barlow Walker — Pearl 
Dorothy Moody Walker — Jackson 
Elaine Walker — Pearl 
Elizabeth Lyle Walker — Vicksburg 
Evelyn D. Walker Hatch — Jackson 
Jackie Allgood Walker — Crystal Springs 
James Daniel Walker — Morton 
James Q. Walker — Jackson 
Janet Lynn Walker — Clinton 
Jason Kendall Walker — Raymond 
Jeanetta Walker — Jackson 

Jeromy Gene Walker — Vicksburg 
Jo Evelyn Walker — Vicksburg 
Joel Scott Walker — Raymond 
John Andrew Walker — Jackson 
John Curtis Walker — Florence 
Jopatrick Leron Walker — Jackson 
Judy Carol Walker — Clinton 
Karl Andre Walker — Brandon 
Katina Annette Walker — Brandon 
Kecia Lynette Walker — Brandon 
Kelley E. Walker — Pelahatchie 
Kenneth A. Walker — Brandon 
Kenneth Ray Walker — Florence 
Kimberly Denice Walker — Mendenhall 
Kimberly Sloan Walker — Clinton 
Kinberly B. Walker — Brandon 
Kretonia Walker — Vicksburg 
Larry D. Walker — Jackson 
Lewis Maurice Walker — Brandon 
Lillie L. Walker — Vicksburg 
Lisa A. Walker — Jackson 
Lynn Marie Walker — Brandon 
Malinda Carol Walker — Clinton 
Mamie Ruth Walker — Jackson 
Marcus B. Walker — Jackson 
Mark Lowrey Walker — Jackson 
Mary J. Walker Gill — Jackson 
Mary L. Walker — Jackson 
Mary Lee Walker — Oakvale 
Mary Teresa Walker Welch — Crystal 

Mattie Lene Walker — Raymond 
Michael Lewis Walker — Vicksburg 
Mishael Remon Walker — Jackson 
Pamela Walker — Starkville 
Patrick Walker — Vicksburg 
Randy Craig Walker — Jackson 
Raymond Leo Walker Jr. — Yazoo City 
Rebecca Kaye Walker — Wesson 
Rhonda Ann Walker — Tallulah 
Rhonda Leigh Walker — Pearl 
Rudolph Walker — Vicksburg 
Sandra L. Walker Thoma — Vicksburg 
Sheryl Monique Walker — Kosciusko 
Susan Winstead Walker — Florence 
Suzy H. Walker — Florence 
Sylvia L. Walker Stall — Vicksburg 
Terrell Anthony Walker — Carthage 
Terry Ann Walker — Richland 
Tracey M. Walker — Flora 
Troy Alex Walker — Vicksburg 
Tynette Walker — Jackson 
Vanessa McDonald Walker — Mendenhall 
Virgie Lee Walker Scott — Terry 
Washena Lamaria Walker — Vicksburg 
Wendi Walker — Terry 
William Michael Walker — Raymond 
William Shane Walker — Crystal Springs 
James Alan Wall — Jackson 
Nancy H. Wall — Jackson 
A. Wallace — Vicksburg 
Bennie R. Wallace — Pearl 
Burt Walter Wallace — Whitfield 
C. Wallace — Vicksburg 
David Ray Wallace — Pearl 
Debra Ann Wallace — Vicksburg 
Donnie L. Wallace Jr. — Monroe 
Elizabeth Anne Wallace — Jackson D 
Gary Alan Wallace — Whitfield 
Gayla Michelle Wallace — Brandon 
Gracie Wallace — Terry 
Gregory Alan Wallace — Vicksburg 
Jason Fredrick Wallace — Jackson 
Larry Bert Wallace — Jackson 
Lashunda Renee Wallace — Ridgeland 
Mark Garrison Wallace — Mendenhall 
Merelene Harding Wallace — Jackson 
Nannie Bernice Wallace — Jackson 
Robert Eugene Wallace — Clinton 
Robin Kelly Wallace — Clinton 
Scott Wayne Wallace — Magee 
Sherry Lois Wallace — Jackson 
Tony Dwight Wallace — Mendenhall 
Virginia Vance Wallace — Pearl 
Carolyn Stokes Walley — Vicksburg 
Bettie J. Walls — Jackson 
Beverly A. Walls — Vicksburg 
Laura E. Walsh — Clinton 
Rebie Willis Walsh — Brandon 
Charlotte Parker Walstad — Jackson 
Patricia Peden Walter — Jackson 
Beverly Walters — Jackson 
Daron Scott Walters — Vicksburg 
Earnest Walters — Brandon 
Elizabeth M. Walters — Vicksburg 
Jeannine B. Walters — Jackson 
Jeffrey Lee Walters — Brandon 
Jeffry Scott Walters — Jackson 
Kerry Wayne Walters — Vicksburg 
Kevin Lea Walters — Vicksburg 
Michael Edwin Waiters — Jackson 
Michael Gregory Walters — Jackson 
Michael Todd Walters — Clinton 

Directory / 317 

Sheila Walters — Florence 
Chad Neal Waltman — Clinton 
Gary Waltman — Vicksburg 
Gary G. Waltman Jr. — Vicksburg 
Mark Stacy Waltman — Terry 
Rebecca Ruth Waltman — Jackson 
Richlynn Faire Waltman — Jackson 
Cheryl Jeanette Walton — Jackson 
Cynthia Lyna Walton — Jackson 
John A. Walton Jr. — Vicksburg 
Marty Lee Walton — Nettleton 
Patrick Terrence Walton — Vicksburg 
Rico L. Walton — Jackson 
William D. Waltz — Jackson 
Kathy Lynn Walworth — Florence 
Melissa Wang — Vicksburg 
Cynthia Diane Wann — Vicksburg 
Diane Long Wann — Jackson 
Lisa Marie Wann — Jackson 
Staci Leigh Wann — Jackson 
Alfred Charles Wansley Jr. — Jackson 
Hilda Jean Wansley — Jackson 
Jacquelyn Thompson Wansley — Jackson 
Michael David Wansley — Jackson 
Alesa R. Ward — Pearl 
Angela Ward — Laurel 
April Montgomery Ward — Benton 
April Shante Ward — Jackson 
Barbara Jean Ward — Jackson 
Charlotte Krushette Ward — Bolton 
Christopher Scott Ward — Long Beach 
Danielle Sue Ward Owens — Clinton 
Deborah Elaine Ward — Clinton 
Dennis Stacy Ward — Jackson 
Djuna Tineice Ward — Bolton 
Dorothy B. Ward — Jackson 
Evelina Williams Ward — Jackson 
Garland Jerome Ward — McComb 
George Luckett Ward — Vicksburg 
James Eugene Ward — Vicksburg 
Joy M. Ward Green — Jackson 
Kelly Fielder Ward — Yazoo City 
Kenyon Lavoy Ward — Jackson 
Lisa Diane Ward — Jackson 
Mary Virginia Ward — Brandon 
Michael V. Ward — Clinton 
Odell Ward — Union Church 
Pamela Jean Ward — Prentiss 
Richard B. Ward — Brandon 
Robert Glen Ward — Vicksburg 
Roberta Montgomery Ward — Jackson 
Sandra N. Ward — Jackson 
Timothy Deyan Ward — Bolton 
Timothy Douglas Ward — Florence 
Wade Embry Ward — Jackson 
Yolanda Ward — Jackson 
Pamela Cates Wardlaw — Clinton 
Betty C. Ware Swann — Jackson 
Bobby Lee Ware Jr. — Jackson 
D. Walker Ware II — Ridgeland 
Debbie Inice Ware — Canton 
James Richard Ware — Jackson 
Joseph Ballard Ware — Vicksburg 
Sheila Marie Ware — Clinton 
Sonja Shaunta Ware — Clinton 
Stephanie D. Ware — Meridian 
Timothy Allen Ware — Pearl 
Shirley Beckham Waring — Vicksburg 
Thomas Asa Warned — Ridgeland 
Gregg Preston Warner — Prentiss 
Greg Darrell Warnock — Vicksburg 
Laura Dian Warnock — Vicksburg 
Rudolph M. Warnock — Vicksburg 
Shera Lynette Warnock — Vicksburg 
Annie Marie Warren — Jackson 
Benjamin Casey Warren — Pearl 
Cynthia Williams Warren — Jackson 
Danita Leigh Warren — Jackson 
Danny Lamar Warren Jr. — Jackson 
Davis E. Warren — Vicksburg 
Dinah Sanders Warren — Brandon 
George Michael Warren — Mendenhall 
Helen W. Warren — Brandon 
Hugh W. Warren — Jackson 
Jason R. Warren — Brandon 
Phillip Chase Warren — Vicksburg 
Rory Allen Warren — Ridgeland 
Solomon Warren — Jackson 
Stephanie Lucinda Warren — Clinton 
Sylvia Diane Warren — Hernando 
Tracy Lee Warren — Brandon 
Vickie Carlean Warren — Jackson 
Vickie Carlene Warren — Canton 
Winfield Scott Warren — Pelahatchie 
Michael David Warriner — Pearl 
Robin Elizabeth Warriner — Madison 
Sharyl Leigh Warrington — Clinton 
Dexter Earl Wash — Forest 
Wanda Chlorisa Wash — Forest 
Diann Banks Washington — Jackson 
Early Washington — Jackson 
Eugene Washington — Jackson 

Felicia A. Washington — Jackson 
Flora M. Washington Long — Vicksburg 
Gail Marie Washington Berr — Yazoo City 
J. C. Washington Jr. — Natchez 
Juanita Battle Washington — Jackson 
Kimberly Michel Washington — Jackson 
Lawanda Michell Washington — Jackson 
Milton Washington — Chicago 
Mona R. Washington — Jackson 
Renea Washington — Jackson 
Rita Brown Washington — Jackson 
Robin Dee Washington — Terry 
Sonya Michelle Washington — Vicksburg 
Tammy Wynette Washington — Brandon 
Yvonne Denise Washington — Crystal 

Tommy Lee Wesson — Jackson 
W. W. Wasson — Vicksburg 
Timtico Carnell Waterman — Jackson 
Carey Lynn Watkins — Dst 
Carolyn T. Watkins — Florence 
Christina C. Watkins — Vicksburg 
Francis Stewart Watkins — Jackson 
Glenda Watkins — Jackson 
Harold Blaine Watkins Jr. — Vicksburg 
Jack Keith Watkins — Jackson 
Jerrery Lamar Watkins — Forest 
Joan Sistrunk Watkins — Pearl 
John Parham Watkins — Port Gibson 
Leonard Earl Watkins — Vicksburg 
Lester L. Watkins — Ridgeland 
Michael Wayne Watkins — Vicksburg 
Quentin Ramon Watkins — Jackson 
Ronald Curtis Watkins — Tillatoba 
Shelia Rebecca Watkins — Jackson 
Sherry Lynn Watkins — Port Gibson 
Tammy Gail Watkins — Jackson 
William W. Watkins — Vicksburg 
Willie E. Watkins — Jackson 
Herman Watley — Jackson 
Alice Elaine Watson — Jackson 
Charles William Watson — Vicksburg 
Connie Lucille Watson — Jackson 
Daphne Marie Watson — Bolton 
Dianne Darnell Watson — Clinton 
Eddie R. Watson — Jackson 
Emma Sue Watson — Jackson 
Hazel Ellis Watson — Jackson 
Henry Schaefer Watson — Benton 
John J. Watson — Brandon 
Joseph Sherman Watson — Brandon 
Katherine Gilbert Watson — Jackson 
Kelly Jo Watson — Brandon 
Kellye McCall Watson — Florence 
Kevin W. Watson — Vicksburg 
Kim Chunn Watson — Brandon 
Kinya Michele Watson — Bolton 
Melvin Leon Watson — Terry 
Owen Watson III — Clinton 
Samantha Arlene Watson — Jackson 
Taheti M. Watson — Clinton 
Toby Wayne Watson — Jackson 
Toni Jo Watson — Natchez 
Tracie Elizabeth Watson — Clinton 
Valeria Gezell Watson — Hazlehurst 
Willa McChelle Watson — Jackson 
Janice Marie Watsonwaters — Vicksburg 
Daniel Wayne Watt — Vicksburg 
Barry Dean Watts — Morton 
Betty L. Watts — Vicksburg 
Cristie Lynn Watts — Jackson 
Edward Glenn Watts — Madison 
Eva L. Watts — Utica 
Garland L. Watts — Vicksburg 
James Lee Watts Sr. — Vicksburg 
Karla Bayhi Watts — Brandon 
Lawander Ann Watts — Jackson 
Pamela Renee Watts — Jackson 
Penny Dorene Watts Aycoc — Morton 
Rita Arlene Watts — Jackson 
Robert Lee Watts — Raleigh 
Shannon Dale Watts — Brandon 
Stacey Denise Watts — Jackson 
Thomas Watts — Port Gibson 
Wendell Everette Watts — Jackson 
Louise Wattsknox — Canton 
Angela Carroll Way — Vicksburg 
Melisa Dawn Waycaster — Vicksburg 
Shondra Kaye Wayland — Vicksburg 
Richard James Weachter — Brandon 
Charles Weatherford — Jackson 
Jonnie A. Weatherford — Jackson 
Tiffany Louise Weatherly — Palmdale 
Alex Vernell Weathers Jr. — Port Gibson 
Margaret Burks Weathers — Jackson 
Aaron Durand Weathersby — Jackson 
Brenda Lee Weathersby — Jackson 
Harrell Weathersby — Jackson 
Mary Ann Weathersby Noel — Jackson 
Michael Weathersby — Jackson 
Vivian Louise Weathersby — Jackson 
Kenya Delisa Weatherspoon — Jackson 
Vanessa Marie Weatherspoon — Jackson 

Barry Eugene Weaver — Jackson 

Connie Weaver — Jackson 

Hope B. Weaver — Clinton 

Vickie G. Weaver — Pearl 

Bob Webb — Forest 

Elizabeth Buehrle Webb — Florence 

Gary Scott Webb — Jackson 

Kelly Dawn Webb — Jackson 

Kelly Gene Webb — Florene 

Maria Dawn Webb — Brandon 

Pamela L. Webb — Vicksburg 

Patti Crum Webb — Ridgeland 

Sheldon Magruder Webb Jr. — Pearl 

Terrie Elizabeth Webb — Jackson 

Traci Lamar Webb — Jackson 

Mary McGraw Weber — Ridgeland 

Eloise Webster — Lexington 

Newman B. Webster — Redwood 

Thelma S. Wedgeable — Flora 

Jeffery Vander Wedgeworth — Clinton 

Jennifer L. Wedgeworth — Florence 

Donald Weed — Clinton 

Jeanette Tucker Weeden — Edwards 

Elizabeth Weekly — Jackson 

Clayborn Harold Weeks Jr. — Brandon 

Creighton Augustus Weeks — Clinton 

Freddie Lee Weeks — Jackson 

Kelly Deanna Weeks — Jackson 

Mary Elizabeth Weeks — Hazlehurst 

Sandra Herrington Weeks — Mendenhall 

Marilyn Denise Weems — Meridian 

Celia Kyle Weidner — Pearl 

Stephanie Lynn Weir — Clinton 

Thomas Leland Weissinger — Jackson 

Johnny Hrold Welborn — Utica 

Alvis Gerald Welch — Canton 

Bryan Ray Welch — Prentiss 

Carol Tyson Welch — Crystal Springs 

Charles M. Welch — Flowood 

Chris Olin Welch — Vicksburg 

Cynthia Leigh Welch — Vicksburg 

Cynthia Marie Welch — Pelahatchie 

David Doug Welch — Vicksburg 

David Walter Welch — Vicksburg 

Dewayne Bernard Welch — Louisville 

Donna M. Welch — Jackson 

Elizabeth Cockrell Welch — Harrisville 

Ida Thomas Welch — Tougaloo 

Jackie Bufkin Welch — Ridgeland 

Joann Welch — Vicksburg 

Joel Alan Welch — Clinton 

John Allen Welch — Brandon 

Johnny Joseph Welch — Harrisville 

Julia Kay Welch — Brandon 

Julie Patricia Welch — Brandon 

M. Frances Welch — Jackson 

Paula Schroeder Welch — Jackson 

Prudence Regina Welch — Harrisville 

Sarah Christina Welch — Clinton 

Scott Eric Welch — Flora 

Steve Welch — Raymond 

Terry S. Welch — Pearl 

Jimmie Evaloyd Weldon — Pearl 

Amy Marie Wells — Jackson 

Anthony T. Wells — Jackson 

Becky M. Wells — Clinton 

Bobbi Leigh Wells — Yazoo City 

Carla Crawford Wells — Jackson 

Diane Hathorn Wells — Jackson 

Jacqueline Wells — Richland 

Jodi Lynne Wells — Clinton 

Joy M. Wells — Vicksburg 

Kimberly Anne Wells — Vicksburg 

Linda Robinson Wells — Jackson 

Lisa Ellen Wells — Jackson 

Marie Carr Wells — Brandon 

Michael Wells — Fayette 

Michael Lovent Wells — Port Gibson 

Patricia Diane Wells — Redwood 

Porter Wells — Jackson 

Robert Mitchell Wells — Raleigh 

Ronald H. Wells — Florence 

Tiffany Dawn Wells — Jackson 

Tiffany Michelle Wells — Jackson 

Warren Davis Wells — Raleigh 

Lisa Gay Welshans — Vicksburg 

Ronnie Carrol Wesberry — Jonesville 

Amanda Ann West — Pearl 

June Arlene West — Raymond 

Larry Vardaman West — Jackson 

Melissa Lynn West — Vicksburg 

Neil Johnson West — Vicksburg 

Pamela Lachelle West — Georgetown 

Patricia F. West — Jackson 

Patricia Menier West — Jackson 

Plez West Jr. — Natchez 

Rodney D. West — Jackson 

Ronald Douglas West Jr. — Aberdeen 

Roosevelt West — Jackson 

Sharon Rose West — Jackson 

Stuart West — Jackson 

Peggy Ann Westberry — Pearl 

Brian Hilary Westbrook — Vicksburg 
Dee Ann Westbrook — Jackson 
Dianne M. Westbrook — Clinton 
Gayle Vanderford Westbrook — 

Jim Westbrook — Vicksburg 
Lisa Batte Westbrook — Pulaski 
Lorrie Ann Westbrook — Pearl 
Dana Suzette Westbrooks — Pelahatchie 
Alvin P. Westcott — Vicksburg 
Scott D. Westcott — Vicksburg 
Toby M. Westcott — Vicksburg 
Barbara M. Westerfield — Richland 
Steve Westerfield — Richland 
Mary Eloise Western — Clinton 
Lori Ann Westling — Jackson 
John Thomas Westmoreland — 

L. Ann Westmoreland — Natchez 
Debra Weston — Jackson 
Kesha Monet Weston — Jackson 
Vallie M. Westrope — Lorman 
Carolyn V. Whalen — Vicksburg 
Mark Fitzgerald Whalen — Vicksburg 
Paula Frances Whalen — Vicksburg 
Shirley Ann Whatley — Puckett 
Tammy Whatley — Puckett 
Angela Marie Wheatley — Jackson 
Mary Elaine Wheatley — Jackson 
Shelly Marie Wheatley — VanCleave 
Diana Evans Wheeler — Jackson 
Edward E. Wheeler — Vicksburg 
Linda Marie Wheeler — Vicksburg 
Melissa Lynette Wheeler — Crosby 
Stanley Lacarl Wheeler — Crystal Springs 
Douglas R. Wheeless — Brandon 
James H. Whelan — Jackson 
Scott Donnell Whigham — Brandon 
Christie Suzanne Whirlow — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynne Whirlow — Jackson 
Dan George Whitaker — Clinton 
Ira B. Whitaker — Florence 
Wesley C. Whitaker — Vicksburg 
Dawn Rene Whitby — Jackson 
Robert Eugene Whitby — Jackson 
Alisa Machelle White — Jackson 
Amy Annette White — Pelahatchie 
Anderson White — Vicksburg 
Angela Dawn White — Mendenhall 
Angela Michelle White — Taylorsville 
Angelia Christine White — Pearl 
Antonio Lavon White — Bolton 
Carol A. White — Florence 
Carolyn Hutton White — Raymond 
Carolyn June White — Jackson 
Cassandra Louise White — Jackson 
Cathie White — Crystal Springs 
Charles Thomas White — Prentiss 
Clarence Ramon White — Terry 
Coretta Macha White — Canton 
Debbie P. White — Jackson 
Debra Bledsoe White — Jackson 
Douglas M. White — Vicksburg 
Gail Annice White — Crystal Springs 
Greg Stephen White — Bolton 
Gwendolyn K. White — Canton 
Jennifer Tate White — Jackson 
Jenny R. White Fugua — Pearl 
John H. White III — Jackson 
Johnnie Laverne White — Jackson 
Joseph Daniel White — Pelahatchie 
Julia M. White — Jackson 
Kelly J. White — Edwards 
Kelvin Roy White — Natchez 
Kenneth John White — Brandon 
Kenneth Wayne White — Natchez 
Kenny W. White — Louisville 
Laney McDavid White — Brandon 
Larry Dean White — Jackson 
Linda M. White — Mendenhall 
Lisa Michelle White — Florence 
Mardeico White — Canton 
Marketta Sellers White — Pearl 
Martha Jean White — Brandon 
Martin Allan White — Jackson 
Mary Elizabethann White — Jackson 
Mary Ellen White L. — Jackson 
Mary Kay White — Vicksburg 
Melissa Leigh White — Clinton 
Michael Dewayne White — Louisville 
Mickey C. White — Yazoo City 
Ozell White — Prentiss 
Pamela Harris White — Jackson 
Pamela W. White — Vicksburg 
Percy L. White — Jackson 
Richard G. White — Terry 
Richard White Jr. — Jackson 
Sanchez Thomas White — Jackson 
Shun D. White — Jackson 
Smith Eugene White — Clinton 
Stacy Lynn White — Richland 
Susan White — Brandon 
Susan J. White — Star 

318 / Directory 




Thomas Larry White — Terry 
Thurston Josh White — Mendenhall 
Tiffany Neilani White — Crystal Springs 
Timothy White — Forest 
Trina Renee White — Vicksburg 
William C. White Jr. — Clinton 
William Franklin White — Terry 
Willie Lee White — Jackson 
Deberal Denell Whitehead — Jackson 
Carrline Sue Whitfield — Jackson 
Curtis Todd Whitfield — Jackson 
Gretchen Michell Whitfield — Jackson 
Vickie Williams Whitfield — Florence 
Linda Davis Whitley — Jackson 
Nick Claudell Whitley — Jackson 
Dora Whitlock — Pearl 
Melvin Whitlock — Jackson 
Pamela Lisa Whitlock Necot — Jackson 
Bettye Bruton Whitney — Vicksburg 
Clifford C. Whitney Jr. — Vicksburg 
Eunice G. Whittaker — Jackson 
Kimberly Laine Whitten — Clinton 
Martha Charlene Whitten — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Dewayne Whittfield — Pearl 
Kevin Calatan Whittington — Pearl 
Mary Edith Whittington — Vicksburg 
Nancy Whittington — Jackson 
Norman Bruce Whittington — Jackson 
Royyetta Whittington — Clinton 
Scott Keith Whittington — Pearl 
William Richar Whittington — Summit 
Julie Lynn Whyte — Clinton 
Robert Martin Wicha — Jackson 
Andrew Wayne Wicker — Pulaski 
Gerald Ford Wicker — Smithdale 
Jeffrey G. Wicker — Washington 
Memory Lynn Wicker — Jackson 
Susan Wickert — Slide!! 
Rita C. Wigal — Pearl 
Cynthia L. Wiggins Jacks — Jackson 
Rhonda Elayne Wiggins — Vicksburg 
Richard K. Wiggins — Raleigh 
Tabitha Machelle Wiggins — Jackson 
Billy Ray Wigley Jr. — Vicksburg 
Edgar Lamar Wigley — Clinton 
Walter David Wigley — Vicksburg 
Sherry Jenkins Wilbanks — Carthage 
Susan Lane Wilbanks — Clinton 
Amanda Lynnette Wilborn — Pearl 
Linda G. Wilborn — Mendenhall 
Heather Dawn Wilbourn — Brandon 
Robin McKenzie Wilbourn — Jackson 
Jacouelyn Wilburn — Tupelo 
Michael Terrell Wilburn — Jackson 
Zerlina Faye Wilburn — Jackson 
Pamela Haralson Wilcher — Walnut Grove 
Andrew Gordon Wilder — Jackson 
Andrew Jobe Wilder — Jackson 
Joseph Leon Wilder — Atlanta 
Odessie Wilder — Jackson 
Susannah Caroline Wilder — Clinton 
Vanessa Nicole Wilder — Florence 
Robert Gerald Wilderson — Lake 
Robin Wilds — Vicksburg 
David Austin Wiley — Brandon 
Doretha Diaine Wiley — Jackson 
Mary Cobum Wiley — Jackson 
Ryan Duane Wiley — Canton 
Bert Spencer Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
Bobby S. Wilkerson — Jackson 
Douglas B. Wilkerson — Pearl 
Jimmie Ann Wilkerson — Raymond 
Patricia P. Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
Sharon Janette Wilkerson — Ridgeland 
Tommy Bruce Wilkerson — Vicksburg 
Rodney Wilkes — Port Gibson 
Fred Clayton Wiikins — Brandon 
Greg Wiikins — Jackson 
Jessica Jo Wiikins — Pearl 
Angela Marie Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Deborah A. Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Donald Ray Wilkinson — Terry 
John A. Wilkinson — Vicksburg 
Karen Leigh Wilkinson — Jackson 
Mary F. Wilkinson Swind — Pearl 
Milton Wayne Wilkinson — Jackson 
Misty Michelle Wilkinson — Yazoo City 
Myron Leroy Wilkinson Jr. — Pearl 
Richard Scott Wilkinson — Florence 
Stacey Lynn Wilkinson — Yazoo City 
Aaron Lerone Williams — Jackson 
Alfred Williams — Redwood 
Alice Faye Williams — Jackson 
Alice Obeirne Williams — Jackson 
Alice V. Williams — Jackson 
Alicia Danielle Williams — Jackson 
Allen Donnell Williams — Vaughan 
Alonzo Williams — Greenville 
Aloysius Bernard Williams — Clinton 
Angela Dorene Williams — Richland 
Angela Kay Williams — Jackson 
Anna Williams — Grenada 

Annie L. Williams Ellis — Flora 
Anthony Williams — Vicksburg 
Antis Marlon Williams — Vicksburg 
Barbara Ann Williams — Jackson 
Bobby Eugene Williams — Richland 
Brenda Minor Williams — Jackson 
Brian Neil Williams — Vicksburg 
Brian Virgil Williams — Jackson 
Bridgett Fay Williams — Pelahatchie 
Bridgette Yvette Williams — Vicksburg 
Buford Wayne Williams — Long Beach 
Cajan Ann Williams — Jackson 
Calvin Lee Williams — Pearl 
Caroline Faye Williams — Jackson 
Cedric Jerome Williams — Jackson 
Charlotte Ann Williams — Jackson 
Charlottie Marie Williams — Jackson 
Christine Faith Williams — Jackson 
Christopher C. Williams — Vicksburg 
Clarence L. Williams — Jackson 
Colisa Renee Williams — Jackson 
David Alan Williams — Pearl 
David Jerome Williams — Jackson 
Debra Barlow Williams — Brandon 
Debra Harmon Williams — Vicksburg 
Delia Stuart Williams — Laurel 
Derone Williams — Jackson 
Dionne Pleshette Williams — Clinton 
Donna Marie Williams — Utica 
Dora D. Williams — Pattison 
Doris C. Williams — Jackson 
Doris Jean Williams — Vicksburg 
Edward Lee Williams Jr. — Brandon 
Ellen Fox Williams — Ridgeland 
Elmira Williams — Jackson 
Ethel Lee Williams — Raymond 
Freddy Edward Williams — Madison 
George Thomas Williams — Vicksburg 
Gloria L. Williams Morri — Magee 
Gordon B. Williams Jr. — Vicksburg 
Gwendolyn Louise Williams — Vicksburg 
Harry Marcell Williams — Braxton 
Houston Williams — Vicksburg 
Howard Williams — Utica 
Iris Michelle Williams — Jackson 
Isabel Kotlarski Williams — Vicksburg 
Issac Williams — Vicksburg 
Jacqueline Renee Williams — Jackson 
Jacqueline Rouson Williams — Jackson 
James Allen Williams — Vicksburg 
James Arthur Williams — Jackson 
James Tyrone Williams — Jackson 
Janice Williams — Jackson 
Jeffery Tyrone Williams — Jackson 
Jeffrey Wayne Williams — Jackson 
Jimmy M. Williams — Jackson 
Joel Noland Williams — Brandon 
John James Williams — Jackson 
John Jason Williams — Harrisville 
Jonathan David Williams — Clinton 
Joyce Ann Williams — Pearl 
Joyce Grubbs Williams — Mendenhall 
Joyce M. Williams — Vicksburg 
Kay Roshelle Williams — Jackson 
Kimberly Kaye Williams — Jackson 
Laverne Blackmon Williams — Jackson 
Lee Arthur Williams — Raymond 
Leisa Luke Williams — Flora 
Lillie Imelda Williams — Glen Allan 
Linda Darcel Williams — Florence 
Linda Faye Williams Seay — Jackson 
Linda K. Williams Perry — Jackson 
Lisa Williams — Jackson 
Lisa Darlene Williams — Jackson 
Lisa Rena Williams — Vicksburg 
Livia L. Williams — Jackson 
Lonnie Maurice Williams — Brandon 
Lowanda Williams — Jackson 
Lydia Etta Williams — Vicksburg 
Lynn Michelle Williams — Jackson 
Marguitta Charett Williams — Magee 
Mark Lane Williams — Jackson 
Martin A. Williams — Jackson 
Marvin Williams — Jackson 
Marvin Atwyne Williams — Raymond 
Mary A. Williams — Crystal Springs 
Mary C. Williams — Jackson 
Mary Jean Williams — Jackson 
Mary Louise Williams — Tallulah 
Mary S. Williams — Hattiesburg 
Melissa Dawn Williams — Smithdale 
Merwyn R. Williams — Clinton 
Meshell Brenett Williams — Lorman 
Michael David Williams — Jackson 
Michael Ray Williams — Jackson 
Michele Meek Williams — Clinton 
Michelle Williams — Brandon 
Misti Ann Williams — Brandon 
Monica Michelle Williams — Pearl 
Navarro Williams — Edwards 
Nicole J. Williams Sauci — Vicksburg 
Odis Williams — Bolton 

Ollie Pharr Williams — Jackson 
Ora Jean Williams — Jackson 
Pam Williams — Mendenhall 
Pamela Dianne Williams — Jackson 
Pamela Renee Williams — Bolton 
Patricia Dianne Williams — Jackson 
Patrick G. Williams — Clinton 
Philvester Williams — Lorman 
Rachelie Yolanda Williams — Jackson 
Ray Williams — D'Lo 

Regina Dianne Williams — Crystal Springs 
Reginald Eugene Williams — Jackson 
Robert E. Williams — Jackson 
Robert Frances Williams — Jackson 
Rose Mary Williams — Jackson 
Roxie Lawman Williams — Tallulah 
Royce Ervin Williams — Jackson 
Sabrina Stroud Williams — Jackson 
Sadie Irene Williams — Jackson 
Sam L. Williams — Jackson 
Samuel Jerome Williams — Lake Wales 
Sarah B. Williams — Pearl 
Shane Vance Williams — Raymond 
Shanta Matrice Williams — Jackson 
Sharon Ann Williams — Port Gibson 
Sharon McGee Williams — Yazoo City 
Sheila M. Williams — Jackson 
Shelia Dian Williams — Jackson 
Sherrie E. Williams — Vicksburg 
Shuna Watkins Williams — Jackson 
Sonia S. Williams — Jackson 
Sonya Jeanice Williams — Learned 
Stacy Denese Williams — Jackson 
Standley Ray Williams — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Lyn Williams — Magee 
Stephanie Renee Williams — Jackson 
Stephen Alexander Williams — Mobile 
Surrenthia Katric Williams — Jackson 
Tammy Lynn Williams — Clinton 
Tammy T. Williams — Forest 
Tamriel Lagale Williams — Vicksburg 
Teresa C. Williams — Richland 
Teresa Joyce Williams Kidd — Jackson 
Teresa Rena Williams — Jackson 
Terry Leon Williams — Vicksburg 
Thurman Eugene Williams — Jackson 
Tiffany Chanta Williams — Jackson 
Towana Rene Williams — Florence 
Tyrone A. Williams — Florence 
Tyshia Lashundra Williams — Jackson 
Vanessa Veal Williams — Jackson 
Velma P. Williams Berry — Jackson 
Vera Mae Williams — Jackson 
Verdonna A. Williams — Tupelo 
Victor A. Williams — Grenada 
Wilena Madgalene Williams — Jackson 
Woodie Keith Williams — Terry 
Yolanda Yvette Williams — Laurel 
Zenola Williams — Vicksburg 
Annie Mae Williamson — Tallulah 
Brian Lavon Williamson — Brandon 
Daniel Tedford Williamson — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Williamson — Jackson 
Jeffery Curtis Williamson — Jackson 
Jeffrey Lamar Williamson — Pearl 
Jennifer D. Williamson — Mendenhall 
Jenny Michele Williamsson — Vicksburg 
Karen Williamson — Tallulah 
Steven Fredrick Williamsson — Florence 
Steven Paul Williamson — Clinton 
Walter Carroll Williamson — Brandon 
Christpher Jack Willing — Florence 
Michael Erich Willing — Florence 
Beatrice Lynette Willis — Jackson 
Belinda Craft Willis — Pelahatchie 
Catherine Taylor Willis — Raymond 
Charles Willis — Jackson 
Cherri Y. Willis Willi — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Willis — Braxton 
James Charles Willis — Jackson 
Joy Holloway Willis — Jackson 
Kendall Ray Willis — Lake 
Kimberly Renee Willis — Brandon 
Michelle Lea Willis — Braxton 
Willie Ray Willis — Mendenhall 
John G. Willoughby — Ridgeland 
Lisa Renee Willoughby L. — Ridgeland 
Peggy W. Willoughby — Brandon 
W. David Willoughby — Vicksburg 
Betty Wilson Wilmoth — Jackson 
Charlotte Elaine Wilmoth — Pearl 
Jack Edward Wilmoth — Richland 
James Russell Wilmoth — Pearl 
Linda Joyce Wilmoth — Richland 
Andrea Revonne Wilson — Vicksburg 
Anthony M. Wilson — Jackson 
Bennie Donnel Wilson — Vicksburg 
Bertrand Felon Wilson — Jackson 
Beverly A. Wilson — Clinton 
Bobbie J. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Boris Alexander Wilson — Jackson 
Cantrell A. Wilson — Yazoo City 

Carol Ann Wilson — Vicksburg 
Carolyn D. Wilson — Jackson 
Cassandra Ann Wilson — Clinton 
Charles Thomas Wilson — Newellton 
Clifford Eugene Wilson — Jackson 
Cotina Denise Wilson — Jackson 
Cynthia Louise Wilson — Jackson 
Cynthia Saale Wilson — Brandon 
David Michael Wilson — Brandon 
David Ray Wilson — Rolling Fork 
Delaney Jeanett Wilson — Jackson 
Demetrius Wilson — Terry 
Dennis Charles Wilson — Jackson 
Edward Anthony Wilson — Jackson 
Elijah Wilson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Frances Wilson — Jackson 
Ernest Lee Wilson — Jonesville 
Eva M. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Everlyn Wilson — Jackson 
Fay Shannon Wilson — Jackson 
James Davis Wilson — Pearl 
Janell Wilson — Jackson 
Jeff Jerom Wilson — Jackson 
Jeffrey Scott Wilson — Vicksburg 
John Grayland Wilson — Jackson 
Jonathon Jay Wilson — Brandon 
Joseph Franklin Wilson — Vicksburg 
Joseph Wesley Wilson — Richland 
Judd Wilson — Vicksburg 
Kenneth E. Wilson Jr. — Crystal Springs 
Kimberly Brewer Wilson — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Nicole Wilson — Clinton 
Kirby Michael Wilson Jr. — Richland 
Laura M. Wilson Fletc — Jackson 
Leslie Arnold Wilson — Terry 
Leslie Wayne Wilson — Jackson 
Linda Grogan Wilson — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Wilson — Brandon 
Lisa Michelle Wilson — Edwards 
Lonnie Robert Wilson — Jackson 
Mary Barksdale Wilson — Jackson 
Mary Brannan Wilson — Jackson 
Matthew Reigh Wilson — Brandon 
Melvin Gerone Wilson — Jackson 
Michael J. Wilson — Flora 
Michele G. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Nancy Ann Wilson — D. Iberville 
Patricia E. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Parti Jeanine Wilson — Richland 
Richard Leon Wilson II — Brandon 
Ritchie Anne Wilson — Vicksburg 
Robert W. Wilson — Jackson 
Sammy Lee Wilson — Jackson 
Sandra Gail Wilson — Vicksburg 
Sharlette Renee Wilson — Ridgeland 
Shirley Wilson — Crystal Springs 
Stephanie Rae Wilson — Jackson 
Steve M. Wilson — Vicksburg 
Steve Scott Wilson — Jackson 
Steven Ray Wilson — Florence 
Tawanda Renee Wilson — Woodville 
Thomas Rodriguez Wilson — Satsoma 
Tina Vanessa Wilson — Jackson 
Todd Robert Wilson — Jackson 
Tommye G. Wilson — Jackson 
Tommye Sene Wilson — Jackson 
Velma Evers Wilson — Fayette 
Victoria Wilson — Vicksburg 
Viola H. Wilson — Brookhaven 
Buffie Melissa Wiltcher — Canton 
Kimberly Renea Wiltcher — Vicksburg 
Dana M. Wiman — Brandon 
Clara Kennedy Wimberly — Brandon 
Sammy W. Wimberly — Florence 
Helen Robinson Wimbley — Jackson 
Timothy C. Winborne — Mt. Olive 
Donell Wince — Vicksburg 
Johnnye Phelps Winder — Jackson 
Craig Bernell Windham — Clinton 
James Michael Windham — Vicksburg 
Jerry Marlin Windham — Jackson 
Linda Emfinger Windham — Vicksburg 
Marilyn T. Windham Bolew — Vicksburg 
Ruby Michelle Windham — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Windham — Pearl 
Sybil Denise Windham Rice — Florence 
Walter Ryan Windham — Terry 
Bernard Windom — Crystal Springs 
Debra Windom — Madison 
Gary Ray Windom — Jackson 
Paul Timothy Windom — Ft. Payne 
Toeshia Shanta Winfield — Jackson 
Katrina Lashun Winford — Jackson 
Regina Richardson Winger — Vicksburg 
Burley Michael Wingo — Jackson 
Angela Darlene Winstead — Mendenhall 
Frances Bailey Winstead — Forest 
James Richard Winstead — Jackson 
John Billy Winstead Jr. — Forest 
Gale C. Winston — Jackson 
Gary Travis Winter — Jackson 
Douglas H. Winters — Jackson 

Directory / 319 

. . . . 

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Virginia Elian Winters — Canton 
Reese Marshall Wise — Vlcksburg 
Pattl Richards Withers — Vlcksburg 
Robin Denise Witherspoon — Chicago 
Okyul Witt — Jackson 
Julius Steven Wlygul — Raymond 
Mark D. Wlygul — Raymond 
Linda Mary Woelfle — Brandon 
Andrew Alan Wogoman — Brandon 
Brands Wallace Wolf — Richland 
Tina Renee Wolf Neal — Jackson 
Cassandra J. Wolfe — Jackson 
Marvin Terrell Wolfe — Jackson 
Randy S. Wolfe — Jackson 
Alois A. Wolverton — Jackson 
Craig A. Wolverton — Jackson 
Daniel Otis Womack — Jackson 
Joeanne Womack — Jackson 
Joyce Ann Womack Lee — Utica 
Kay Marbury Womack — Jackson 
Lisa Marie Womack — Jackson 
Lori Ann Womack — Jackson 
Lori Elisabeth Womack — Clinton 
Robert Wayne Womack — Utica 
Rosiland Loetta Womack — Utica 
Sherryl Elizabeth Womack — Magee 
Thomas R. Womack — Mendenhall 
Yvette N. Womack — Mendenhall 
Albert Dale Wood — Jackson 
Andrea Lee Wood — Vlcksburg 
Bonnye Kay Wood McDon — Jackson 
Celia Frances Wood Farr — Jackson 
Georgia Ann Wood — Edwards 
Glenn David Wood — Jackson 
Heather Linn Wood — Ridgeland 
Martha Nelson Wood — Jackson 
Martha Stephens Wood — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Beeman Wood — Brandon 
Sonya Kay Wood — Vlcksburg 
Stefanle A, Wood — Jackson 
Betty Marie Woodall — Jackson 
Ervin Sharrod Woodall — Jackson 
Joycelyn Jones Woodall — Terry 
Lynette Rochelle Woodall — Jackson 
Christopher Jay Woodard — Raymond 
Marjorie Dianne Woodard — Pearl 
Robbin Washington Woodard — Jackson 
Willie C. Woodard — Jackson 
Jason Kenneth Woodcock — Yazoo City 
Rosie Lee Woodcock Barne — Yazoo City 
Chauncey Wooden — Greenwood 
David Harold Woodfield — Jackson 
Allen S. Woodham — Jackson 
Mary Tims Woodham — Pearl 
Michael Bradley Woodrick — Vlcksburg 
Clifton David Woodruff — Jackson 
Susan Perry Woodruff — Jackson 
Augusta Marie Woods — Florence 
Barry Scott Woods — Jackson 
Bruce Eugene Woods Jr. — Florence 
Charles H. Woods — Jackson 
David Joel Woods — Brandon 
Debra Woods — Raymond 
Gladys F. Woods Jones — Terry 
James Woods — Vlcksburg 
John Alvin Woods Jr. — Jackson 

Linda Faye Woods — D. Iberville 
Markley Ann Woods — Jackson 
Mathew Woods — Vlcksburg 
Matthew Myles Woods — Jackson 
Robert David Woods Jr. — Jackson 
Vincent D. Woods — Vlcksburg 
Shelia Marie Woodson — Vlcksburg 
Dejuana Joy Woodward — Vlcksburg 
Diane Haugh Woodward — Florence 
Elizabeth Ginger Woodward — Vlcksburg 
Gary Lynn Woodward — Jackson 
Michael Woodward — Jackson 
Scott Lamar Woodward — Clinton 
Gerald Lamar Woolfolk — Jackson 
Stella Tate Woolfolk — Yazoo City 
Scott Douglas Woolley — Jackson 
Mickle Foster Wooten — Morton 
Martha R. Woriey — Jackson 
David James Worrell — Raymond 
Jennifer Jo Worrell — Clinton 
Lisa Anne Worrell — Pearl 
Melody Anne Worrell — Crystal Springs 
Angela Dawn Worsham — Oxford 
Charlotte Anne Worthington — Vicksburg 
Kimberly Renee Worthy — Bentonia 
Jean A. Wray — Jackson 
Kristie Danniene Wray — Greenville 
Bessie L. Wren Wrigh — Jackson 
Alice Fisher Wright — Belmont 
Angela Rena Wright — Pearl 
Annie Ruth Wright — Jackson 
B. Diane Wright — Hattiesburg 
Barbara Jeanette Wright — Bentonia 
Brandon Scott Wright — Vicksburg 
Cecil E. Wright — Jackson 
Dale Lowery Wright — Pearl 
Debra Dobbins Wright — Vicksburg 
Dennis Wright — Jackson 
Eariina R. Wright — Vicksburg 
Glenn Carey Wright — Jackson 
James Walton Wright — Terry 
James William Wright — Vicksburg 
Jennifer Dianne Wright — Jackson 
Joanne Vedros Wright — Vicksburg 
Kenneth D. Wright — Vicksburg 
Kevin Michael Wright — Jackson 
Kimberly M. Wright — Jackson 
Margaret Gayle Wright — Jackson 
Mary Angela Wright — Vicksburg 
Patricia A. Wright — Vicksburg 
Phil L. Wright — Brandon 
Rebel Trent Wright — Jackson 
Richard Wayne Wright — Brandon 
Roy Dean Wright Jr. — Jackson 
Sarah Wright — Jackson 
Shawn Gregory Wright — Raymond 
Sherry Youlanda Wright — Florence 
Stanley Edward Wright — Jackson 
Tara Amanda Wright — Pearl 
Uneka Johnson Wright — Tougaloo 
Vanessa F. Wright — Jackson 
Veronica Pericelia Wright — Bentonia 
William Alan Wright — Pearl 
William Hillory Wright — Jackson 
Yana F. Wright — Jackson 
Mark Wroten — Clinton 

John Kevin Wyatt — Jackson 
Larry Joe Wyatt — Clinton 
Patrick Lavell Wyatt — Jackson 
Sarah Wyatt — Starkville 
Tina Simpson Wyatt — Vicksburg 
Tonya Treveria Wyatt — Fayette 
Alva Lewis Wylie — Brandon 
Cline Houston Wyman — Canton 
Darius L. Wynn — Vicksburg 
Julie King Wynn — Clinton 
Michael Lee Wynne — Richland 

Denita Denise Yancy — Flora 
Thelma Lee Yarbor — Jackson 
Donna K. Yarborough — Jackson 
Jacqueline S. Yarborough — Jackson 
Katrina Lynn Yarborough — Raymond 
Nell Varner Yarborough — Raymond 
Billie Joe Yarbrough Swann — Jackson 
David Lee Yarbrough — Clinton 
Kenneth Michael Yarbrough — Vicksburg 
Kim Yarbrough — Laurel 
Albert Lee Yates — Brandon 
Anita Hammonds Yates — Jackson 
Eric Lee Yates — Louisville 
Jamie Anne Yates — Magee 
Johnnie Lee Yates — Jackson 
Kimberley Renee Yates — Pearl 
Kristie Ellen Yates — Jackson 
Patty Shurley Yates — Jackson 
Byron Forrest Yawn — Terry 
Sarah Carolyn Yeates — Clinton 
Patricia Reed Yelder — Vicksburg 
Aileen Ruth Yelle Robin — Jackson 
Cheryl Clayton Yelverton — Clinton 
Christie B. Yelverton — Clinton 
Gina Denise Yelverton — Jackson 
Janice Lee Yelverton — Jackson 
Latricia Leigh Yelverton — Pearl 
Jerry H. Yeoman — Brandon 
Lydia Hoffman Yerger — Tallulah 
John Elwood Yingling III — Raymond 
Edwin Douglas Yoakum — Florence 
Karen Grubbs Yoakum — Jackson 
Richard W. Yoakum — Jackson 
Stacey Lynn Yonce — Clinton 
Nancy Jean Youmans — Vicksburg 
Authurine Graham Young — Jackson 
Barbara Massey Young — Forest 
Beverly Ann Young — Jackson 
Camisha Odette Young — Durant 
Carolyn Frances Young — Jackson 
Cecila Denise Young — Jackson 
Christopher Bernard Young — Jackson 
David Malcolm Young — Jackson 
Donald Ashley Young — Clinton 
Erma Mallory Young — Vicksburg 

J. David Young — Jackson 
James Grady Young — Tupelo 
Janice Elizabeth Young — Starkville 
Jeraldine Young — Jackson 
Kimberly Mechelle Young — Canton 
Lewanda Patrice Young — Jackson 
Lucella Young — Braxton 
Mary John Young — Raymond 
Melissa Joann Young — Prentiss 
Michelle Young — Purvis 
Myra T. Young — Jackson 
Nancy Dunaway Young — Brandon 
Olivia Young — Jackson 
Paige Young — Vicksburg 
Paul F. Young — Jackson 
Pricilla Elaine Young — Jackson 
Rachel E. Young — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Denise Young — Vicksburg 
Rhonda Lynn Young — Jackson 
Roger Dale Young — Pearl 
Ronie Lee Young — Vicksburg 
Sandra Brinkley Young — Vicksburg 
Sherelondia Young — Forest 
Suzanne L. Young — Clinton 
Teresa Young — Jackson 
Tonya Yvette Young — Jackson 
Treena F. Young Maddo — Florence 
Willie Earl Young — Vicksburg 
Willie Lee Young — Jackson 
Zachary Young — Vicksburg 
Harold Lindsey Youngblood — Vickst 
Kimberly Gail Youngblood — Clinton 
Madeline Hartle Youngblood — Vicks 
Shane L. Youngblood — Vicksburg 
Alice Marie Younger — Bolton 
Christopher Younger — Jackson 
Tracy Dianne Younger — Bolton 

Sherry Bowser Zadrozny — Clinton 
Allan Dale Zebert — Pearl 
David Anthony Ziccardi — Pearl 
Charlotte A. Ziegler — Tallulah 
Deborah Anne Ziegler — Florence 
Susan Darlene Ziegler — Florence 
Tres Marie Ziegler — Mendenhall 
David S. Zimmerman — Jackson 
Melissa Zimmerman — Washington 
Tasha Kristen Zuccaro — Jackson 
Christopher Andrew Zuga — Jackson 
Charles D. Zumwalt — Magee 

320 / Directory